The trilogy was done by Grove Street games, which is the people that made the mobile ports of certain GTA properties. And from what I heard, those were shit too.


You'd think there would be quality control for a mainline entry. You'd be wrong of course, but they really should have had it.


i vaguely remember playing vice city on my phone like 10 years ago. i dont think it was that bad, but again this was forever ago.


San Andreas was the real fucked one they did. Pretty much everything about it was fundamentally broken.


They were literally incompletable. Zero actual play testing.


Reminder that GTA V is one of the most profitable entertainment products of all time but this embarrassing remaster was the best Rockstar was willing to do.


Makes you wonder what happened to the $6.4 billion that GTAV made since it launched? so many yachts for the executives


probably drugs




Looks like we wont get a patchie. Devs spent the money on prostitute snatchie.




Cocaine and hookers, maybe some blackjack in between.


There's an island south of Florida where they all hang out if you know what I mean.....


Oh shit, *Brazil.*


People just shouldn't buy this. Don't support low effort.


Thankfully they’re making it really easy to just not buy it because it looks kind of shit anyway.


Really? I thought they took down all ways to purchase the originals and are pushing this version.


Good thing theres an option that doesnt require buying it.


You can still buy it on ebay. They cant take away your physical copy.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say the incredibly popular game released 17 years ago on the PC is probably pretty easy to get online somehow. You know, if you get creative.




Real Blizzard Hours


Don't you love companies having the ability to take single player games offline on a whim?


I sure miss the days we could buy a product instead of loan it.


Rockstar waged war on modders and removed the original games from all storefronts just to scam people. It doesn’t stop


Apparently people datamined the modders files from the remaster


Don't forget removing significant parts of the game and making the remainder ugly as sin, charging $60 for it, forcing players to use a different and inferior PC launcher, and needing an internet connection to play for the broken DRM


What parts did they cut?


Music, at least. And don't give me any licesing bullshit, they are R\*. They have the money


You know, I'd accept the license excuse, if The Game felt like a quality product that they invested money on. It doesn't.


Right, like with the THPS1+2 thing. Sure, it didn't have the music, but it was a quality product made from the ground up, a true remake


Except even that had pretty much 90% of the music, and added several more songs in the game that fit the feel they were going for. It's so lazy for original songs to get cut and then not add different songs in.


Considering how much GTA V online is making I'm surprised they didn't add a music purchase option. Hide it behind an excuse for the cost and make each player pay for the songs they want.


y'see the music one is at least excusable. That stuff requires legal rights with labels and artists and I can buy them simply not having that anymore.


It's not excusable, Rockstar execs spend more a month on blow alone than what those licenses cost.


They removed the co-op 2 player in San Andreas, which was my favorite part of the game as a kid. Put in a couple of weapon cheats and jetpacks, fly up a mountain, spawn a hydra, die, repeat.


Maybe it was the wrong wording to use, but on top of the music I was a bit more upset that the old textures were just ripped out of the game. When there's modern remasters that give you the options to switch between graphical styles, why does this one (with such drastic and unfortunate changes) lack one? They certainly had the budget for these things and they knew old fans would prefer the classic look they've played with for about two decades. If they knew this would replace the old ports on everything, it's such an additionally fucked up move to take away any option for the old look.


And yet, we never learn our lessons. Tomorrow, everyone will forgive and forget, and Rockstar does it all over again next month.


I mean, I haven't bought a rockstar game since... I'm not sure if I bought L.A. Noire or GTA 4 last, but it was one of those. Not recently.


It's cuz of shit like this I have grown increasing indifferent if not outrightly supportive of video game piracy. If you're not going to sell a product that just works, and in fact taking away ones that DO work to replace them with said non-functional products, fuck it, yar har time boys, raise the fkn anchor ahaha.


I feel like piracy against Activision, EA, UbiSoft and 2K is more morally correct than buying games from them at this point. The most moral thing would to be just not to play their games, though.


And Nintendo, don’t forget Nintendo.


only the old shit you just can't get your hands on anymore, not the new shit available on current hardware


Nintendo has made bad choices but has never done anything unethical, it’s only morally correct in the “they aren’t selling it” sense not the “fuck them for making horrible products and abusing employees” sense


i feel like dooming the F zero gx devs to the Other Games Mines for like 20 years was kinda fucked up, but other than just dumb shit like that most of their fuckups are just being stupid, not being evil


Weren't the F-Zero GX devs from Sega and just the Monkey Ball/modern Yakuza team?


pretty sure even if f zero hasint gotten a new game in years there are RELITIVLY recent ways to play it. or were (nintendo e shop was the big one) I don't consider getting roms for anything as old as the GBA theft just to be clear.


...they made Yakuza?


They tried to make video game rentals illegal in the US just like they did in Japan.


Oh then nevermind


Whatever Nintendo has done is nowhere on the same level as those companies, bud.


Whatever Nintendo has done probably doesn't track locally because Japanese work culture.


IIRC by Japanese work standards they are actually super lenient and considered one of the better domestic companies to work for.


Not saying anything that they did anything as terrible. Just referencing that’s it’s morally okay to pirate Nintendo games. That’s it


Just in case you're trying to get at emulation: People often refer to emulation as its own thing, while piracy tends to refer to current gen games.


Hey, I'm fine with it as long as it's one of the many games not really available otherwise; Nintendo has a *massive* library of games from over the years that they refuse to re-release, or require you to do stuff like buy a Wii U just to play the GBA Metroid games since they can't be assed to bring GBA to Switch. Feel free to pirate some of those, just don't come in proudly saying "haha I can play Breath of the Wild and Metroid Dread in HD 8000p 120FPS on my PC emulator, so I didn't buy the game". That's when you cross in my mind into very clearly just being an entitled thieving asshole who thinks they should never have to pay for their entertainment. (Though that said, feel free to emulate those games in higher definition or for modding or whatever else if you *did* purchase them; at that point you're still supporting the official release).


Nintendo has never done something on this level.


It's like if a store decided they were gonna replace all their headphones with a new, shittier model, and throw out the old stuff. Is it really immoral to steal the old stuff from the bin at that point? Once you start fucking with existing product you basically give up any moral claims against theft.


I buy my headphones by the literal bucketload just in case that happens


how many headphones fit in said bucket?


10 packs at a time


Well don't tell Rockstar I told you this, but there are ports of the GTA trilogy on Vita with graphics mods that look better than the official remasters.


Just to remind people, there are still places to sail the high seas if that's what you wanna do. Not that I'm promoting it or anything....


"still" places? I'm not in the loop, Who got whacked?


Pirates Bay got seized by the polish FBI or something and then supposedly became turbo malware hell, never used it but thats what the reports say


Since when. Haven't used it in a few months but i don't recall this happening


at least more than a year ago, probably like 3, was a while


thats the pirate lifestyle. pirate a game and pay for it if you like it. of course there are people who just use it for free games but meh. I stopped giving a shit after the first time they jacked up the prices with the "we dont make enough" excuse.


Matt will have a field day with this one


The wha happun is writing itself as we speak


What kind of cucked consumer mindset in this twitter thread. They forced a launcher no one wanted onto a single player game that requires you to be online to play it then removed the ability to play the classic versions. Then also made you unable to play the game you paid for by simply taking it away from you to further remove content from it. And there are people in that thread making excuses for rockstar, the billion dollar video game company. Like are you forreal ? The game product is already poor quality but have some respect for the money you paid for Jesus Christ. Alot of Video game consumers are the ones that are making games shit, they simply let companies get away with ridiculous practices because muh nostalgia, muh disposable income. Not a single thought into what they're supporting. Whether its Nintendo , Rockstar, Epic games, EA. It just keeps getting worse with dumb shit


If a game came out that killed people IRL when they die in the game, there would still be keyboard warriors defending it to hell and back "Its an integral part of the experience! No other game is as immersive! It was the devs vision NOT a bug!"


"Don't like it don't buy it"


Jeezus, this is like fucking Warcraft Reforged all over again


The release is so authentic to the original releases, they're emulating the "hot coffee" incident, but instead of dipshit parents and politicians doing their best Helen Lovejoy impression, R* pissed off the cold and unforgiving arm of music copyright holders.


Rockstar doesn’t get enough shit for the stuff they pull.


This is Rockstar. They're as anticonsumer as it gets.


...is it wrong that my only reaction was to burst out into an insane, unhinged laughter? Like, I get that this is shit... but the level of corporate schadenfreude on display here is like something out of a fucking **parody** at this point.


It's playing out like one of the skits from a GTA radio station.


*"Live from Liberty, it's Saturday night!"*


I was right to not give my fucking money to Rockstar anymore.


"remove files unintentionally included in these versions" Yea. Like the games themselves.


Is this shit even legal?


Distributing music that you don't have a license for will cause that. Also leaving in coding, Dev tools and other stuff from the OG release isn't great for R*... Fantastic for the modding community though!




Called it, Rockstar is done as a developer that makes good polished products, the success of GTA online has made them into Activision.


Eh, red dead 2 turned out ok ignoring that crunch culture sucks, I think they'll pour money into new releases


My memory is shit but wasn't there word that R\* expected another GTA online and was pissed that people were just bouncing off of ED2's?


Only as a vehicle for a crappy multiplayer mode made for milking whales


"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, Mikey..."


The PC port is shit tho.


We just wanted a remaster that makes it as close as the console versions (The original PC vers where full of issues that modders carried and fixed it), why was that so hard? Is it just cause you want this on Mobile? Is it TRULY worth it Rockstar? Guess so, its sad being a VC fan :/


Because they made a cheap ass port with no budget at all?


Clearly, even tho they have infinite money. Or maybe they spent on casinos and parties irl alongside the horse's balls.


Rockstar hasn't had my money since LA Noire. Stop buying games associated with them, they are just valve but instead of relying off of steam they rely off gtav. Play something else.


Lazy remasters are going to be the MTX of the 2020s. For every RE2 Remake or FF7R masterpiece, we'll get some kind of AI up-res GTA that still looks like old crusty butt, even though it looks way better than the original.


Garry, did you forget to remove the hot coffee mode *again*? Urgh!


cool fact, for like, less than $100, you can buy an OG Xbox and the trilogy!


You either die a satire of capitalism or live long enough to become the satire.


I am baffled at how botched up this remaster turned out to be after recalling how well done the PS4 port of GTA 5 had been.


I hear Mat furiously typing the script for another "Wah Happun?".


Yaaarrrr matey