NBA Insiders Think Nets Could Trade Kyrie Irving to This Western Conference Team

NBA Insiders Think Nets Could Trade Kyrie Irving to This Western Conference Team


>Thunder makes a lot of sense They mean we're the only team with cap space and assets. But WHY in this flat world would we want a player who wouldn't play at all and still absorb his salary? We already did that with Kemba but we got the 16th pick out of it. Nets should give teams *their* assets if they want to offload Kyrie lmao


Yeah. Ownership would (and should) absolutely not pay out $145M for nothing just because they can. And I’m uncertain they’d do it for a single first give how far back it’s going to be in the first round.


This makes no sense. Presti would not want Kyrie on the team as it ruins the teams culture. We don't need him anyway as we already have our future backcourt in Giddey and SGA. And what on earth would we give the Nets. We have no assets that they would want. The article is incredibly stupid.


I think the writer of the article stated that we wouldn't be giving assets so much as helping alleviate the Nets luxury tax situation. But I do agree with you that the culture aspect would be a huge NO.


Kyrie would probably never set foot on Oklahoma red dirt. He'd come here to take up salary until he decides to retire early or become a FA, imo


Before I get heavily downvoted, just know I don't in the least want this! But I saw this hypothesis not only in this article but also on First Things First so was curious what people thought...


Thanks for posting.


He is gonna retire if hes traded to us


Ha ha ha ha NO


This is pretty unrealistic.


Only reason why columnists are pointing to the Thunder is because we’re the only team with cap space. Won’t happen. Even if the Nets were willing to give us assets, it still won’t happen. A lot of better deals available. We’d buy him out and that’s a big burden to take on.


I love how the article thinks we would actually give up an asset for Kyrie Irving


Bobby Marks just a spigot of nonsense


Here is my dream: Russell + whatever to the Nets and Irving to LA. We have the OG thunder in the Nets 10 years later to finally win a ring together while Kyrie get reunited with LeBron like a prodigal son


Kyrie faces the same vaccine mandates in LA that he does in Brooklyn


Please keel him away from okc.


NO. FUCK NO Unless Nets give us Firsts and we waive him.