Education Ministry panel to check every novel, comic book for misleading content

Education Ministry panel to check every novel, comic book for misleading content


Forget novels, comics and other fiction publishings. Start with the textbooks used to teach Thai history.


Next up, they’re going to read the entire internet to make sure they is no misleading content.


I mena they tried to take on pornhub to stop the certain video from spreading. Didn't work, think I've seen it more because of their attempt at banning pornhub ha. Also something the old dudes in governments have never heard of...VPNs.


You didn't even need a VPN, all you needed to do was type an 'm' in the address to access the mobile version of the porn site from your browser. That's how dumb they were. I believe online poker was also technically illegal yet extremely easy to access and play for real money.


It's even easier, tho I don't know why. Using the same WiFi, PornHub works normally from my phone, but not computer. It could be Blokada's adblock blocks the govt's redirect lol


Thanks. Didn’t know that. 🙏


Actually, years ago, they blocked all of YouTube due to YT refusing to take down a video that they felt was defamatory to the monarchy. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-youtube-idUSBKK526820070901


Also, to your comment about old dudes and VPNs, Thailand has openly discussed having a great firewall similar to China’s. They’ve even asked for China’s help in exploring that option. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-thailand-internet-idUSKCN0S916I20151015 Don’t think just because they publicly dropped the idea that it’s dead.


Man I always wondered when China would start franchising the great Wall to other illiberal regimes. Seems like a great business (and intelligence!) opportunity for them.


I didn’t hear about this can you DM me the story lol


Ask any Thai person you're friends with 'video' 'pornhub' and 99% chance they'll know it or even have a copy to show you on their phone!




Okay ty I did know about this just not the pornhub aspect


Well of course, after all there is no longer any prostitution in Pattaya, all gamboling centers have been removed, and we all know there is no longer any piracy. Police have a lot of time on their hands.


Where are these "gamboling centers"? I like a good gambol.


Actually, this is misleading statement please take daowwn




Thai government trying so hard to be like China. Fortunately for us, they're not even the slightest bit as competent as the CCP.


All because of a dog's birthday party.


Oh I get it! It always is about that. It's time they moved on. Really. I think most reasonable Thais are absolutely over the whole circus.


Yeah, problem is unreasonable ones have all the power and all the guns.




[Saved by sheer incompetence](https://youtu.be/K9uXLzZyucI?t=121). That's an irony as old as time itself.


Yup. My Chinese students online bitching about gaming restrictions 😂. Suddenly they all into books..


You dont need to look to China, US tech companies like FB and Goog are good at censoring and "fact checking" too.


Maybe they'll learn a few things in the process.


Instead of checking books, they should just check the misleading nonsense that comes out of most politicians' mouths.


That would land you with a defamation suit really fast. Telling the truth is literally a crime here if it makes someone look bad.


Now, start with their own text book


The part that pissed them off probably when, the publisher say: 'For age 5 to 112'


We are going to burn these books. #becausefascism


Readers are gonna read whatever they wanna read, but this is proof why Thailand's education is going downhill.


It was never "uphill" to begin with 555.


Well, at least there used to be some freedom. I was part of the system, someone I made it out (I think).


The only freedom I see in the Thai system, and ever did, is the freedom to institutionally mistreat the kids. Sure there are thousands of decent ajarns, but the bad ones rule by terror. How about the facist royalists videoing kids who were protesting last year, are they educators, or secret police?


>but the bad ones rule by terror I fought back these teachers. I went to a public school where they had corporal punishment like hitting you with sticks before the govt issued a nationwide ban. I left my first secondary school because I couldn't stand old-fashioned, ruling by terror teachers -- one threatened to suspend me because I didn't just sit still and shut up and let her make me an example for 'a mistake' that's not my doing. ​ >How about the facist royalists videoing kids who were protesting last year, are they educators, or secret police? I'm not denying this didn't happen as of late. Just that back in the day (I'm in my early 30's now), I still had a chance to study what I was curious about and some of my krus/ajarns were still able to work and they let us discuss freely within the academic setting before the spying and sit-in vigilance. I agree that things are VERY different now -- heck, it started back when I was still a student. Some very outspoken ones had to go in exile after being witch-hunted, some of them were jailed or threatened by authorities, only a few remain active. I'm making my point that before it wasn't this bad (it was bad, but not THIS bad). I had little hope and expectation for Thai education to begin with. I mostly learned stuff on my own before they could teach me (or tried to) at school (history, programming, languages, etc.) I used the internet to my advantage and there was *some* freedom back then.


Thanks for your reply. Upvoted. Foreigners cannot march in support of Thais who want a freely elected and honest government, and other seriously needed changes to many institutions in the Kingdom, but we are with you in spirit. These criminals also impact our lives now, such as giving us no rights even as we raise and support many Thai families and love this country. I love Thailand. Every glorious sunset a reminder of how beautiful it is to live here. I don't want a revolution, I just want Thai people to get a decent government, and for the army to worry about defence, not who is the Prime Minister. It's not their business! Stay safe. Chok Dee Khap! Suu suu!


Thanks, man. It's the best you can do as a foreigner. Spread the word about the injustices that Thais face every day. I had to witness the bloodshed of red-shirt protestors back in 2010 -- not many around me stood by the injustice, unfortunately -- they were indifferent (fuck their 'Big Cleaning Day' event) and some even joked (and still do) about it. I'm glad that we have the current generation of young people as our allies.


What the fuck is going on here lately? I saw a video of prayuths convoy in a flood area yesterday. People were openly yelling "hia" and flipping the bird. This place is one bad call away from total eruption.


Wait until they discover a little thing called the internet.


So when do they start burning them?