Cave explorer gets stuck alone

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My heartrate steadily increased throughout the minute that I was watching this video. This guy was inching closer and closer to my worst nightmare.


Action Adventure Twins on YouTube. I'm pretty sure that's this guy, him and his brother. [This is the video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-XA2BRLgg). SPOILER: He makes it. These guys find some spectacular places. I love watching their videos.


Great l, he makes it. But how is he going to help me with my new onset of anxiety??


Avoid crawling in a cave?


Tell *him* that


Hey you're the one with the anxiety. He's just chilling 😂


Don’t go places you don’t belong.


Avoid fancy restaurants, got it.


Don't fly Spirit Airlines


They give me anxiety lol


I watched their vids around quarantine and would watch through my VR...you think this is anxiety you should watch through Occulus it's sweat-tastic


Thank you, that video gave me some serious anxiety. At the same time it looks pretty exciting to do stuff like that I can see why people do it.


idk how you came away with that idea i just wanna somehow make it a law no one ever allowed in spaces like that


Adrenaline is a helluva drug. Also, crawling through fearful passages to find some undiscovered or unique chamber is a driving factor for spelunkers. Me? No thank you.


I had a chance to go rappelling when I was a kid. Looking at these videos makes me regret having not taken that opportunity. At that time, I had zero experience and was really scared of what the guide was explaining we'd be going through. If I had been trained to use the equipment, I think I'd have done it.


Same with me, maybe I'm claustrophobic or something, but watching these vids hurts my brain and impacts my heartbeat. plot twist - I still like to watch urbex vids and tried a couple of times. fellow redditors, please suggest some terrifying urbex videos/channels.


I am not claustrophobic. I have a healthy instinct for self-preservation.


List of channels you can check out - Urbex hill, Darkness prevails, Insomniak, Exploring with Angelo.


Thankfully your worst nightmare is probably the easiest thing in the world to avoid.


As long as there aren't any random old mines under where you live. I say this because my uncle died farming one day when he went out into the fields and an old mine shaft below his field collapsed. They tried for days to rescue him, but it was too little too late. My poor aunt has never been the same since.


Sorry that happened man


That's such a horrific accident, I'm so sorry! I'm assuming it was on the east coast? I've heard that the colonial states are riddled with illegal, abandoned mines that are completely unmarked until someone finds them - usually in the worst way.


South Dakota actually. And sadly, my aunt and uncle bought the farm to retire early on. They figured it was big enough for any of us kids should we need to stay and that they'd always have a bit extra money and food. My understanding was that the farm had been abandoned nearly a century before, but someone had made a huge home on the land. So they figured they could resurrect the old farming fields since they were still fenced. The first few years they just enjoyed their new home and did a few upgrades to it and some outbuildings. By year 5 in the house, Fred finally got some old equipment cheap and decided to finally plow the fields and plant some stuff. That was when it happened. I'm sure my mom and cousins know more details, but it was shocking to us all. We had no idea there was anything underneath, and AFAIK, no one else did either. They never found him. At first we thought it was some kind of sinkhole, but in trying to rescue him, they found remnants of the mine and then it took a week or more to get someone knowledgeable enough to come see if any kind of rescue was possible/safe to do. It was declared too dangerous by some engineer or something like that and that was it. I think the fact that he was just gone in such an instantaneous manner made it that much harder for my family (especially my aunt). And Fred was so awesome. Just to give him a tiny bit of internet immortality: both he and my aunt had amazing wit. They were the kind of people that you always had a good time around. When I first met him, he offered me a "barley pop" and as a kid of about 10, that was the coolest thing anyone had ever said to me haha. And he was just so kind and always willing to help someone out. He was one of those people that could just set you at ease and seemed to be infinitely wise. The kind of man that you could see the kindness in his eyes always. Never yelled or got upset, only serious. But you knew you could count on him for anything.


Sinkholes. I grew up in a forest that's on a thin layer of soil over an ancient seabed. When my parents explained that the random low spots all over the place were because the ground had suddenly caved in, it triggered years of vivid nightmares of our house collapsing into the earth. The imagery was helped because our house was literally built into the side of a huge depression. When [this poor man disappeared in Florida in 2013](https://www.cnn.com/2013/03/01/us/florida-sinkhole/index.html), it really was my nightmare come to life.


My heart was racing at the end of the clip. A big NOPE for me on cave diving!


I didn't even finish watching, nope nope nope.


This is what people do when they want to die


In probably the most terrifying and agonising way possible!


Nah, getting steamed alive takes the cake. It’s tied with regular fire in 1st place when it comes to pain but fire destroys your nerves so you don’t feel it the whole way through. Steam doesn’t. Steam takes longer to kill you and you feel it the whole time.


“What’s the worst way to die?” is the next most-asked question, to which Melinek usually replies, “You don’t want to know.” When people insist, however, she tells them about Sean Doyle. Around Christmas 2002, bartender Doyle went out drinking with pal Michael Wright and Wright’s girlfriend. As they all walked home, Wright thought Doyle was hitting on his girlfriend, and witnesses later told cops they saw a man getting “the s–t beat out of him.” He was heard screaming, “No, don’t break my legs!” and another witness said he saw someone throw Doyle down an open manhole. The drop was 18 feet (5,5 m). At the bottom was a pool of boiling ­water, from a broken main. Doyle didn’t die instantly — in fact, as first responders arrived, he was standing below, reaching up and screaming for help. No paramedic or firefighter could climb down to help — it was, a Con Ed supervisor said, 300 degrees (150 °C) in the steam tunnel. Four hours later, Sean Doyle’s body was finally recovered. Its temperature was 125 degrees (over 51 °C) — the medical examiners thought it was likely way higher, but thermometers don’t read any higher than that. When Melinek saw the body on her autopsy table, she writes, she thought he’d “been steamed like a lobster.” His entire outer layer of skin had peeled off, and his internal organs were literally cooked. “Doyle’s body was leathery to the touch, twisted and glistening with beads of clear water,” she later wrote. “The outer layer of his epidermis was peeling off his hands, feet, shoulders and legs. His mouth was a black-lined ‘O’ of burned tissue, his eyes cloudy.” He otherwise had no broken bones and no head trauma, which meant he was fully conscious as he boiled to death. “The worst nightmares I ever had in my two years at OCME,” Melinek writes, “came after I performed the postmortem examination of Sean Doyle.” NY Post: [The most insane deaths seen by an NYC medical examiner](http://nypost.com/2014/08/03/a-million-ways-to-die-in-new-york-medical-examiners-days-of-gory/), August 3, 2014 Mirror: [Bodies of evidence: Boiled, burned and eaten by the cat - New York pathologist reveals Big Apple's oddest deaths](https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/bodies-evidence-boiled-burned-eaten-4148402), September 2, 2014 [Edited to add more details]


Even the Tudors couldn't stomach boiling someone to death and they were hardcore when it came to execution and punishment. Apparently Henry VIII had a particular fear of being poisoned to death by a cook , and so he introduced a law whereby any cook found guilty of poisoning their Master was sentenced to death by being boiled alive. I think they only did it once to some poor cook, against whom the evidence was shaky as hell, and it was so gruesome the law was repealed.


The real guy this story is based off is named Sean McGarity from Holland Ohio


As horrific as that is, and we choose to boil animals alive to eat them.


Oh yeah I’ve heard that one! Another instance I know of was a lady who got locked in a massive machine meant for cleaning large medical machines using steam. She got blasted by steam in there for a long time before she passed away.


I think I remember seeing that on 1000 Ways To Die


I thought that was a big dishwasher or something?


If it's really for sterilising equipment, then it's probably an autoclave. An autoclave functions like a big pressure cooker. You can go much higher with the temperature, before the water boils off due to the pressure inside. It basically kills everything, not only living bacterias but also spores.


Those articles were absolutely fascinating. Thank you, for sharing.


That's a myth. Any part of your body underneath that isn't fully cooked still has functioning nerves. You feel being on fire the entire time you're dying. There is no point in which you stop feeling pain.


Yeah. The lungs can feel pain. The heart can feel pain. Hopefully the nerves that transmit the information to your brain via the spinal cord get destroyed quickly so that you won't even perceive all those pain receptors firing.


I don't know the stories about people doing this and then being slowly crushed by a cave in scare me more than a faster death. Sometimes it takes weeks


Like the tuna can guy?


The only hope is that your brain says "nah fuck this, too much going on" and checks out.


Id take a steam death over the guy that was in contact with insanely high radiation and they kept him alive to do tests while his skin was melting off and his insides cooked themselves.


It's a myth that evil doctors kept him alive to do tests. His family believed he could recover (and for some time it seemed possible). I'll link a video I've watched about it if I find it. https://youtu.be/X1FbwooXssQ by Wendigoon


A person recently got stuck in the mud flats in the Turnagain Arm in Alaska this week. The mud acts like quicksand and it’s impossible to get out of without the proper help. This area also has some of the biggest tide swings in the world. This poor 20 year old man was stuck in the mud as the tide came in and he slowly drowned as his friends and rescue personnel could only watch. I feel like this is one of the worse ways to die. His body was recovered when the tide dropped again.


Same thing happened to a woman in Jacksonville, Florida on the tidal mud flats of the St. John's river. Stuck in the mud and drowned as the tide came up. edit https://www.jacksonville.com/story/news/crime/2010/06/11/1-woman-dead-others-safe-daring-rescue-mission-rising-tide-heckscher/15942519007/


I remember reading about a woman who died the same way in the mud flats in Alaska, I think it was back in the 90s. Tide came back in and she drowned. Horrible way to go...


Well no. Cause at least he could drown himself. Starving to death would be worse.


Also in this situation, he has water so in theory as he starves, he’ll get thinner and loosen. Perhaps freeing himself.


Straight up.


He looks pretty prone to me dude


Why do people do this?




Do they crave them?


No silly, they cave them :)


God dammit lol.




Jesus christ


They’re just rocks!


Jesus christ Marie ! They are minerals!




Rock and stone brother!




**Jesus Christ Marie!! They’re stones!!!** Oh … wait … ???


They yearn for the mine


Because they know the hole was made for them


Incan matrimonial head masks


any money in those?


There's some.


If you can move them.


This specific guy it's a tiktoker, his ig is "cave explorer" or something like that. In the complete video he starts to pushing out, and ends with the Tiktok label


“It’s getting lower” *keeps going* “I feel like I’m gonna get stuck” ***keeps going***


You can’t go back. That’s almost the sadistic nature of caving; if you’re inevitably going to get stuck in 10 meters from where you’re already struggling, you may as well just proceed, basically crawling to your death.


Luckily dude did inch back and get out


He turned around and went back tho...


I promise you it is not often people are able to carefully manoeuvre themselves back and think coherently once panic and claustrophobia kicks in. There are people, though, who get off to the fear like the guy in the video.


Claustrophobia? I'd think that'd kick in wayyy before it got to this


Caving is the dumbest hobby ever you can't change my mind


Alot of people will rightly mention the nutty putty cave. But the Cave City situation from the early 1900s creeps me out even more. The guy who got stuck had basically a national level attempt to rescue him (the amount of people who showed up actually may have doomed him as their fires/movement melted frozen ground into the cave he was stuck in) but both situations show that in caves you May literally just get yourself into such a predicament no effort can save you


If my choices are extreme caving or wingsuit proximity flying, wingsuit every time. At least you'd likely die quickly. I have a buddy who caves as a hobby. I won't even listen to the stories.


What if it's normal walking caving. With a guide rope to get out. I might do that


We have some local caves that I can stand in. There are stairs and railings for the first part. A few single-file area, but not bad by any standards. I hated it. Surrounded by people on the tour though. Wouldn't have been half as bad with a couple friends alone on a tour. Still, the very best it could be is worse than my average dental appointment. Pass


That sounds like a gateway to being a spelunker haha


Some people are out there living your dreams. Some your nightmares- like this guy


How do you even get rescued like this? providing people are even aware you're down there doing this etc (I'm aware or the nutty putty cave thing or whatever before someone mentions it lol)


Don't worry, his stepbrother saved him. Jokes aside, he was lucky he went with a buddy that stayed behind. He survived. Why people do this is beyond me, I know of a million things more thrilling that don't end in death.


I'd rather stick my dick in a hornets nest than go induce claustrophobia underground.


There's probably a sub for that , r/stick-your-in-a-hornets-nest


I'm an eyeblech member, I'm not falling for that.


I just found that sub. Got any other suggestions?


Nope, they the darkest I've seen, do you have any suggestions?






Yea people are fucking weird. What part of this is fun


I never thought I'd agree with a statement like this, but here I am. I honestly would pick this over this very situation. I'm terrified of heights, but I would rather parachute than do this. At least if I die jumping, it's fast and not agonizing days like this. Death like this would be endless hours w8th no sleep and most of your time all alone. All Left to your thoughts.


Honestly I've come to the point where I hate spelunkers. I know part of it is me projecting my claustrophobia onto their "adventures" but man do these videos freak me the fuck out.


Same with free climbers.


At least free climbers are going to get a quick death, falling for 10-20 seconds, then dying is much superior to suffocating or dying of dehydration over a few days imo. You also get to practice a route as much as you want before free climbing, not so much with caving.


And Russian dudes who jump rooftop to rooftop hundreds of feet in the air.


hahaha, I would probably guess they're just as scared as everyone else but being out of your comfort zone is probably part of the appeal. ​ But yeah, not for me...


“What are you doing stepbrother?”


"Step-bro I'm stuck"


> How do you even beg rescued like that? Oh that’s simple. You don’t ⚰️


Sometimes they don’t. Look up John Edward Jones and Nutty Puddy Cave. What this guy is doing here is absolutely stupid.


Why. How is this in any way fun? Is it actually an adrenaline rush for some people? Like I get it if you're rewarded with an amazing view or something on the other side, but how do you even know if there is something on the other side? How do you even know if you can make it though all the way? How do you reverse yourself out of it leads nowhere? Like what the fuck. You can be like I'ma squeeze myself in this random crevice until I get to the "potential" other side and maybe for nothing but a dead end.


Yeah man, I honestly am too scared to even do this in a Lucid dream


Some people enjoy the up close brush with oblivion. I'm convinced of it. Same with scuba cave divers, wing suit gliders, etc. They want to get as close to the edge of death as they can. Obviously I'm speculating but I cannot fathom any other reason to put yourself in this position except to flirt w death for the thrill.


Scuba diving: cool sea creatures and the freedom to swim freely. Wing divers: feels like you're flying and like a bird. Spelunkers: crawling on rocks...


I feel like i'm gonna get stuck, let's move a but further....🫥


Obligatory [Nutty Putty cave incident](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1nuqpAULpE&ab_channel=RealHorror) mention. Quite possibly one of the worst deaths any human could face. Tldr for people who don't want to watch the video: A guy got stuck upside down in a crevice while trying to enter an unexplored area of a cave. He was so far wedged in that only his legs were visible which made all attempts at rescuing him unsuccessful and he eventually died due to blood pooling in his brain.


If I remember correctly this is not true. He did not try to enter an unexplored area, he thought he was going into a previously explored area but made a mistake and by accident went into a different section. Also I think he died of a heart attack


Yeah, he thought he was going the right way so kept going forward until he was absolutely fucked. They considered breaking his legs to get him out, but thought you the shock would kill him in his already weak state. Fuck all of that.


Good thing they didn't try cause they weren't even able to get his body out. They just cemented him in.


That was because it wasn't worth putting people down there for a body, not because it was impossible to get the body yk


They tried pulling him but he went further in in that attempt. Now they would have to break his leg bones to get out of there. They felt was unsafe given he was upside down like that for over 10 hours dying from shock. They provided oxygen through small tube and some liquid until he passed away. They filled it up with cement with his body in there as they couldn’t take it out.


So like his bones are just stuck in there now or probably fell deeper into the cave? Fuck that's depressing as hell.


Spelunking really affirms Freud’s notion of the death drive


I have a bit of a death drive, I think, but also claustrophobia strong enough to greatly overcome that drive, so that while I will surf in storms, snowboard fast, drive fast, love scary carnival rides, etc, I would never, ever end up like the guy in the video.


> I would never, ever end up like the guy in the video. But like, imagine if you did? Wouldn't that suck?


Well this is a strange hobby


Again and again, per se terrifying as fuck


There is absolutely no reason in life to do this.


He didn’t get stuck. That’s one of the guys from Adventure Twins YouTube channel. He managed to turn around and make it out. This isn’t the first insanely claustrophobic experience he’s had either…they upload content a lot and they definitely go into some absolutely confined spaces.


Fuuuuuck thaaaat


I have an irrational fear that when we die we reincarnate as another person in a different time so that we essentially experience the life of every person that ever exists and one day I'm going to be that guy in nutty putty cave.


Awesome, thanks, new existential terror unlocked.


Seems like click bait, dude pretending he’s stuck for views. Maybe im wrong and just feeling Like everything is fake these days.


You definitely aren’t wrong. People do it for the upvotes


I've never ever wanted to quit a hobby I've never even started....until now.


Does anybody know how they properly scout ahead to make sure they CAN go forward? Fucking around and finding out seems primitive, like there's better ways. General knowledge of how caves are typically shaped?


Is that Edward Norton?


I skipped directly to the comments and paused the video, I saved myself from anxiety attack 😂😂😂🙃 Glad he makes it 😉😉


Who is this man? Is there an article or youtube page about this guy?


I’m surprised there’s not an obituary


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us-XA2BRLgg this is his full vid. He’s fine


My God, does shotgun to the face is not an option? Who would choose to die this way?


Why do this? You put your life in danger along with those who have to rescue you, if a rescue is even possible.


I may be dumb but I have avoided drugs, falling though thin ice into water and this.


No proper light? No helmet? No wetsuit? Caving alone? A novel enough way to commit suicide.


Yep, no, fuck that. You die slowly and alone.




Why do people do this shit???


This is the type of person to enjoy the act of being birthed.


You may have read of a similar case, but that time there was no happy ending. The guy squeezed in the wrong "tight passage" that had him nearly upside down. Paramedics were able to give calming medications, but could not extricate him. These stories, and those of lost cave scuba divers are nightmare fuel. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/wbna34157005


One million times, NOPE. Fuck that.


I hated every second of this, I got an ugly chill throughout my body!!🤣UGH!!! Fuck That!!😱😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫


You know I somehow actually wish that he dies there, my dude is literally fucking asking to get stuck Pushes forward “It’s getting lower” Pushes forward “Might get stuck” Pushes forward..


If i was stuck like that i'd respectfully breakdown


So what happened to the homie?




This is the most Caucasian activity.


i got stuck between my bed and wall the other day whilst i was moving it and let me tell ya i was crying so FUCK THAT hard pass


Nope nope nope nope. Literally my worst nightmare, can’t imagine why anyone would want to do this.


Whenever I see something like this, I genuinely don't know if they want to end up like John Jones. For context, John Jones was a cave explorer. Got stuck upside down in a 15 cm wide drop in the Nutty Putty caves. Long story short: he died, caves were sealed, body was deemed too risky to be recovered. He is still down there ever since 2009.


and here I thought that burning or drowning would be the worst ways to go


he should have just kept being a doctor in Alaska.


Ed misses him


My anxiety just peaked…


Its getting lower he says as he keeps going


Can everybody please just stop “caving”? There is literally no worse way to die…


You can take this claustrophobic horse shit and you can use the incredibly detailed, well thought out, and cartographic map I'm going to draw you that you can use to determine whete I want you to shove this video.


This is worse than a cartel video.




Caver here, won't catch me going in any cave alone nomatter how well I know it. Three people at a minimum. No helmet either...


Nutty Putty cave anyone?


Maybe someone might correct me, but didn't a cave explorer get stuck and was left to die a few years ago? Unless I'm getting it muddled.


It's a cave called Nutty Putty that you are thinking of. Here's a video about it https://youtu.be/WaIoXN-7FjM


Good thing is he has water, so he might be able to lose enough weight from lack of food to get unstuck but still survive because he can stay hydrated.


It's moments like these you realize how heavy your head actually is


Clearly bro is still alive since this was posted.


Did he get out?


Dude has no business being in there


Looks fake, made by drama queen for internet karma. It's no Nutty Putty.


Man, Why ?? Just.. Why ??? You could stay at home, play a game, stay with your friends at night and go to a party, but nah, this guy just wake up and say: -I have to go to a cave and stuck myself Crazy MTF


Jesus christ I gotta know… did he get out?!


Didn't he die?


Cavers are different.


Literally my worst nightmare


No matter how bad my day is going at least I’m not stuck in a cave


These people are just straight up idiots


The video is scary and all, but am I the only one seeing an uncanny resemblance between him and Edward Norton?


Absolutely fucking not!!!!😱😱😱😱


Why? This has to be one of the stupidest things to do on purpose, right up there with meth


My claustrophobia just gave birth


Bro, respectfully, why would you even?!?


You see, I guess I just don't really understand why someone would get themselves into that situation when you could always just **not** get yourself into that situation. You know?


I will never ever for the rest of time understand why people do this. Especially alone.


I never understood cave diving. You’re essentially relying on random chance that the structure of the cave is going to allow you through. Even if you’re fine one moment…you’re just a few belly shimmies away from disaster. Hell I would absolutely lose my shit if only like half my body was In something like that while my legs were sticking out in the sunshine. Brave people….but a little crazy imo


since the video survived i assume he escaped


Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die...


This is where the phrase " white people smh" comes from


Ask my why I don’t cave dive.


I have shortness of breath watching this shit. Like why do this to yourself? Seems more like mental torture than actual fun.


This literally is my biggest fear. I couldn’t watch the video without having a panic attack. I wouldn’t do this for a trillion dollars.


These people deserve all the pleasantries of spelunking and cave diving.


No fucking way in all hell. I would rather have a tarantula crawl all over me or eat cockroaches


Probably the most terrifying video I've seen on here