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**OP needs help. Also, they hate it because...** >!Some poor grandma is working hard at dipping huge tips. And I also hate that she has to wear a hairnet.!< ***** **Do you hate it as well? Do you think their hate is reasonable? (I don't think so tbh)** **Then upvote this comment, otherwise downvote it.** ***** [*Look at my source code on Github*](https://github.com/Artraxon/tihibot)


To be fair, of the hundred shittiest jobs imaginable, dildo dipping probably isn't even on the list. In saying that, I don't think I'll be applying for the position of Chief Shaft Dipper any time soon...


“Probably”? Dildo dipping isn’t even in the same stratosphere as the 100 shittiest jobs


No, but I think it's a terrible job anyway. And it's not because of the dildos, but because how repetitive that job seems to be. Jobs like that tend to get exhausting really quickly.


Depends how many they expect you to dip in a shift. If I only have to do like 100 per day and it's more about making sure I get it jussssst right.. that doesn't sound so bad


So I noticed you're falling behind on your dips, Gilda. If we can't get these numbers up, we're gonna have to let you go. Remember, don't overthink it, just moist and hoist, Gilda, moist and hoist.


Yeah, but I don't think that's how it works, though I've never worked in a dildo factory so idk, lol


There are a shit ton of repetitive jobs - isn't every job in a way repetitive - that are way worse, basically every job at a sorting facility were people have to stare for hours on that transportation line, spotting stuff that shouldn't be there and most of them might have a way worse smell. Just if you think about a used glas sorting facility, the smell,... ew.... and no, not all can be done via machines, there are still people standing on those lines and picking out stuff that shouldn't be there, and be it just colored glass or empty food cans,...


Looks unhealthy too, constantly breathing in paint


Depends on the type of paint probably


The paint would need to be safe for consumption




It says a lot when "dildo dipping" is probably a better job position than working in retail or any big fast food chain restaurant


Ever work an assembly line factory job? I'd flip burgers again in a heartbeat before I'd do that again.


Current factory worker here. Even though some aspects of electronics manufacturing is repetitive and stressful (monthly quotas, last minute orders from customers, quality alerts because some dingus didn't follow SOP), I'd still take it over retail/fast-food *even if customer service offered slightly higher pay*. I did a small stint in retail and fast-food, and even though I'm not an introvert, I hated interacting with disgruntled people all day in a public setting.


Yeah, factory work is dull but it pays well and it is kind of neat Retail is exciting because your next customer might be fucking insane but overall it is the same joke everyday, the same smile, the same interest in a product, etc. And the pay is shit.


I have the opposite experience. The assembly line jobs I worked at least paid decently and appreciated the work I did. The fast-food jobs I worked were the closest thing to slavery the companies could get away with, and all being a good worker got me was longer shifts.


I've worked on a factory line. One day and I quit. I was already skeptical when I got there and recognized some students from my high school who were in special classes. You know Italian sausages packages with multiple kind in them? My job was to put 2 sausage in it. For fucking 8 hours. I just didn't show up the day after, I think I never got my pay.


I worked in a foundry grinding steel castings for years and aside from the air quality and sore body, it was somewhat peaceful to just work on something and see your work progress. But I also worked at an automotive manufacturer spot welding nuts to sheet metal in one spot 8 hours a day. It was terrible. I will say the M-F 40 hr weeks were more dependable than the haphazard schedules of retail and fast-food. Had the most fun in fast-food though.


Eh, I work at a manufacturing plant, and our assembly line workers are mostly very happy. Ours are a bit more diverse than many though.


I've worked in multiple food service jobs, a few other minimum wage jobs, and I've worked as an assembly line operator, an assembly line lead operator, a shift supervisor, and finally an assembly department manager. The assembly line operator job was probably the easiest job I've had out of all of those. Managing the department is extremely easy physically, but it can get very stressful. It all hinges on how you manage the mess you have. The worst for the work vs the pay was probably the line lead position. The only good reason I could come up with on why food service would be the better gig is the free food and alcohol. At least as an assembly operator I made more than $16 an hour. It's repetitive, and with no oversight of rotating jobs, fatigue really kicks in, yet it's still better than dealing with customers. Also, everyone is high or drunk in food service or assembly lines it seems. Much of that is because it is repetitive and physically, well, sometimes you might just need a percocet to get up and do it again.


>It all hinges on how you manage the mess you have. My dad does maintenance management in a factory. Hearing him complain about his team when he first hired on to hearing that he is taking them out for steak dinners for Christmas has been entertaining.


My guess is that it's closer to top 100 most comfy than top 100 most shitty tbh


If I didn’t see it on Dirty Jobs I don’t even wanna hear about it!


Next week., Mike Rowe and crew casts rubber fists


You would be handling bigger dildos daily in any retail job anywhere.


Would rather dip dildos that do retail or fast food.


It probably pays more than my Walmart janitor job. Where do I sign up for this?


Hello sir, I would like to apply for the chief shaft tester position. Here is my resume.


that is one wide CV you got there.


This actually seems rather artistic. And I don't see an automated line moving, or anything with a time constraint built in. It doesn't look too bad, maybe rough to describe at parties, or perhaps just a great story to have! Worst job I ever had was working in a commercial laundry feeding wet sheets and scrubs into a gigantic heated mangle/dryer, in the summer, in an unairconditioned airplane hanger. Most of the women there (all women) were permanent temps who got no benefits, or even sick days. It was literally hellish.


Oh yeah, i would think cleaning in the hospital in full isolation clothes, bleach fumes, in the summer, and having to clean the ceiling twice and everything else twice or thrice is pretty bad too. And was done by grandma's too, for a bit more than minimum wage and not allowed to work fulltime for anyone because of the physical demands (but ofcourse also not getting not pay for fulltime minimum wage). No airco btw, isn't allowed because of the germ growth, just a few degrees of cooling. So 37 degrees celcius with 98% moisture in the air outside made cleaning 34 degrees in 98% moisture with uniform and then isolation clothing over it, a very fun time. And ofcourse you cannot drink during it, because contamination danger. I'm so glad to have a desk job now


You'd need some relevant experience to apply for Chief Shaft Dipper though


Debra probably be there in no time I bet she's great at her job


That was my initial reaction, and in a well regulated place it's probably true. But this picture they all have no masks, and there doesn't appear to be any kind of special ventilation around them, no hood or anything at least. And they're dipping fresh plastic/rubber compounds into a chemical dye meant to stay on through extensive friction in a moist environment. Nope. Nopenopenope.


I had a whole bunch of friends who worked at a dildo factory in Texas and they loved it. Every time one friend in particular came to visit he always brought a whole suitcase of “mess-up” dildos to give out to friends lol


Chief shaft dipper isn't even on the table until you been assistant dipper, trainee dipper, and shaft dipper I-IV. Thinking you're gonna be some kinda dildo dippin big shot on day one...SMH


Imagine working in the quality control department of a dildo factory.




Bro it's a dildo. Yoh aren't somehow tarnished for touching one.


>Bro it's a dildo. Yoh aren't somehow tarnished for touching one. Unexpected r/ELDENRING


Yea but that rod is fucking big. Bet she has some at home that she uses as like doorsteps and shit.


The hugging grandkids wouldn’t matter because before they’re used they’re just suggestively shaped hunks of rubber


we still are talking about the kids, right?




You say that as if dildos were something really bad?


It makes me wonder what sort of image of themselves men have, who think that women, who come in contact with male genitals in any way of form, are somehow tarnished by it. Do they think of their dicks or themselves as something dirty?


Yeah her hands must be so filthy from all that unused silicon


Found the mormon


I bought a dildo today OP. Does that intimidate you?


Why does it have to be so big?


The thing is, this isn’t even that big. It’s like on the far end of normal toys before you get to size queen but it’s nothing compared to the monsters I’ve seen




She hugs her grandkids with hands that earn her a wage doing something that isn't even remotely shameful. Grow up and spare us the pearl clutching. Shouldn't you be harassing innocent women outside a clinic somewhere?


Men who can handle toys are honestly the most secure and confident mofos around - and are also aware that sexual connection is often more than just dick size. Plus yeah.. she hugs her potential grandkids with hands that touched unused plastic. OP don't fuck apparently


In all seriousness, why are her hands contaminated by touching plastic (or silicone/rubber)? Separate issue, but she isn't necessarily married or straight, and she doesn't necessarily have children or grandchildren, haha.


They're fresh from factory. Nobodys stuck them up any shitter or pinkhole yet.




And yet dildos are sold. Don't judge others based on your tiny... standards.


im laughing at my "tiny" standards. most of yall haven't worked an ER rotation where you have to remove large items from someone's rectum and it shows T.T


No need to job shame Debra. Dildos need dipping.


A job is a job. Debra gets a paycheck for working at a job.


I'm sure all the jokes stop after the first day and it's just work


They probably all still think "uhnn" every time it goes on.


We know *you* do at least r/suddenlygay


Are you asking me out? 😉


He's not but I AM !!


Probably has great benefits as well. 1 free dildo of your choice a week plus discounts!


If the company had the same HR as my last job, the free dildo would be undipped


Ahh, the Rough Rider


I don’t think benefits come from HR, but a free dildo is a few dildo.


Ideally, no. But my last job had the HR, which consisted of 2 people to decide the benefits for the whole company. Brazilian companies can be funny


a job well dipped


Job, Debra, job!


Yeah, least she isn't working in the product testing department. Or maybe she hates that she has to work in dipping and not product testing.


Yep. Better than working at Amazon.




Looks like for painting the tip a different colour?




>but why not the whole thing? If you Google image search the relevent keywords, you'll see why they paint the tip a different colour to the shaft... :D


It’s a shame that a random redditor has to educate kids on human reproductive anatomy.


Especially since Reddit is not exactly short of graphic depictions of any part of the Human anatomy you might wish to see...!


To make the head look like a penis head, clearly.


How about Sara Strokes there in the middle too? Lovingly stroking that big cock quality check, eating the thick industrial loads it spews, nursing it as it fully matures, grows legs arms a mini penis to attach to its regular penis and sentience genius


I know a guy who works 8 hours in a giant freezer chopping up meat refuse for *artisan dogfood* ... this job doesn't look that shitty tbh


I imagine the freezer mitigates the smell, but that sounds cold and boring af


Honestly I'd love this job. I'd probably get fired for making so many "just the tip" jokes though.


I’d probably get fired for stroking too many shafts during the day


I'd take turns stroking shafts during the night shift


I’d get fired for using them on the spot


Wait, is a sex toy tester a job?


I mean, how else are they testing them?


Consensually, I hope


Actually, yes it is, saw an interview with one a bit ago


You were told that we'd inform you when a position opens up at QA. You're no good to the company starting off all sore.


I'd be sword fghtin' all day


Gotta test them just to be sure


Dude. Every person who works there has to have a sense of humor. It's probably a hilarious work environment. I want to visit a dildo factory just to meet the people.


My biz tried to do a promo deal once with Bad Dragon because the Fetish Awards were coming to town and it'd be a funny gag at an event to have Bad Dragon swag. IDK if it was just the reps we talked to, but those specialty dildo sales representatives were some of the happiest people I've ever seen. They were laughing and giggling with each other, they made crude jokes with us, it was amazing. If I were to work a factory job, "dildo dipper" would be top of the list just for the name alone, but I don't know if it's possible to be a dour jerk when your job is handling toy genitals all day. You'd be guaranteed to have a more easygoing break room, at the very least.


Honestly looks more fun than my job


Let me guess: You're the one getting dipped on your job too?


I'd take dildo dipping to my job any day. What's wrong with it? It's diping a piece of rubber into tinted water. If it was something like cleaning a used one, yeah, no. But just dipping brand new never used ones? What's wrong with it?


Right? You're sitting down, doing a relatively simple and non dangerous task, you can chat with your coworkers... As far as jobs go, Debra could be doing a lot worse


I work in a call centre. I think Debra's job would be better for my mental health


It's a job making a product for personal use. I don't really see an issue with her doing that as long as she isn't unhappy. There is the issue of whoever is ripping themselves in half with that thing. Holy fuck.(I'll see myself out)


I wonder if anyone who works in a similar factory has watched one of those emergency surgery videos where a similar product is being removed due to misadventure and said: "Oh, Hey!! That's one of ours! Hey, honey! Honey! Come watch this! We made this model last year - remember how I had to work back because of that huge order? Yeah, that's one of them. They had a lot less muck on them when *I* was handling them, of course... Yikes"


This [doc](https://youtu.be/6kCxvbBsv00) about bead factory workers in China has that kind of energy.


>as long as she isn't unhappy. No one in manufacturing is happy. Imagine doing one thing which takes 3 seconds, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 365 weeks a year, for years until you die or get carpal tunnel.


Confirmed. I worked for J&J.


I paid college tuition by running an aluminum press. It was great for reinforcing the need for a degree.


>There is the issue of whoever is ripping themselves in half with that thing. Hey, don't kink shame me and your mamma.


Dad enters.


Right?? That’s a dildoNT. I mean, how? Ouch


My doctor said I should stretch daily.


With your username you should switch your PFP to the Zulu signal flag, which when flown from the mast means "I require a tug"


Typically those types of dildos are made to be quite soft and malleable. The smaller ones are the ones that are more firm and more prone to "ripping yourself in half." Course, you can't just go all in to using a maximum size dong for a dildo. But if the person using it understands their limits they'd be fine.


If you loved this size you'll probably love "Moby huge"


okay, but who the **FUCK** needs one that large?? a mare?


People have died trying to fuck actual horses, so there's probably a market for that.


wait WHAT


google mr hands


what the ACTUAL FUCK


A true internet classic.


There absolutely is. There are probably more horse dildos available online than human looking dildos lol


It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Besides, we have a right to keep and to bear dildos.


What does a bear dildo even look like?


Furry, with sharp claws.


Guess im a mare


giddy up


Go girl! Neigh!!


Nah, they'd all be sourcing from Bad Dragon.


_XL Chance enters the room_


Flaired, obviously.


This time "just the tip" actually applies. Well maybe it's still hyperbole, but nobody takes the entire thing inside lmao


why not just make shorter dildos then? save on materials


If you think that’s bad you should see the incredible dong




they never take the entire thing


You've not found the right videos yet


Yeah I've seen enough Bad Dragon videos to know people do in fact take the entire thing


Taking it up the ass is the answer my friend.


It's either men or HKJ


Oh you sweet summer child...


2 questions, 1. Do they have a product tester? And 2. Are they hiring?








From a customer point of view.. she isn't wearing gloves


Always wash your dildos before use


This doesn't even seem like that bad of a job. Certainly no worse than any other manufacturing or warehouse job. Plus it would be funny to say where you work when people ask.


I’d rather dip dildos than have to deal with people in a customer service capacity


Honestly seems like an easy job


She just has to relax and breathe through it.


#NSFW : https://youtu.be/j8FXC9fODQs


Ben Schwartz in the video! Where's this from?


Someone’s gotta do it


Is this suppose to be marked nsfw?


She's literally *at* work.


So are porn stars though


OSHA approves, this is SFW


Love a job where helmets are provided.


meh thats probably a pretty chill work environment. "omg you have to touch dildos? ewwwy" sounds like something a middle schooler would say


Not a bad job. Maybe OP has never had a job?


This woman is gainfully employed and internet assholes feel the need to make fun of her?


Does it pay well? A job is a job.


Hair nets but no gloves?


No one goes out of their way looking for prints on a dildo. A hair, tho... "Babe, I found this black hair on your dildo, but yours are gray. Who you been sharing your dildo with?!"


It's easier to wash your hands, than to untangle stray dildos from your hair, tbf.


Eye protection is a must at that fuctory.


What do you do for a living? It’s…complicated.


I'm in the business of dying Low-Density Polyethylene appendages


What’s the pay?


Dick all


There was a comedy bit I heard years ago. Something like "it's somebody's job to make dildos. They wake up in the morning, stretch and yawn, and say, 'well, time to make the dildos!'" To this day, whenever I have something to do at work that I don't want to, I say that line.


I very much remember this but for the life of me I cant remember who it was. Need to put this out on a standup reddit and figure it out


I feel bad for poor Debra having her face posted on the internet like this. Hey, a job's a job, and someone has to make the toys your mom buys.


Why do they need to dip them


Because a Caucasian penis has a pink tip. Although, do correct me if I'm wrong, I only know from experience.


How much experience? 👀


I don't know, I think it would be fun lol




Takes getting shafted at your job to a whole other level. However, if she gets paid well, enjoys her job, means she doesn’t have to struggle financially and gets health insurance (assuming this is America ) then fair play to her.


Nothing wrong with this job, if the pay is decent.


This would actually be more fun that my job… I’m a stay at home mom 😅


Debra's feeding her kids.


Ya know, I always thought being quality control for a sex toy factory would be funny, because it's not like they're actually testing them in the way they'll be used. It's probably like testing density, color, stuff like that. Boring stuff. But it would be fun to see the look on people's faces when you tell them that you're quality control for a dildo factory.


testing and quality control for that factory must be a real pain...


Glizzy glazer


Dude id trade my shitty min wage no benefits cashier job for this in a heartbeat


Debra is most honored in the crevasse enthusiast community.


Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.


I wonder what quality assurance looks like?


Lots of unpopular opinions popping in this subreddit. Also what’s with that mod post? Should I upvote if I dislike it. TIHI the mods first comment


Debra is probably Isamara, here working her ass off as an immigrant grandma and MAGAs are claiming she stole their job, which in this situation I will grant them as true. Every MAGA I’ve met seems like they’d be more comfortable with both hands gripping a stranger’s cock and balls.


Any job on this factory floor is a fuckd job


🤦🏼‍♂️😆 Poor dear. 😏 I hope those ladies are making a halfway decent wage, at least!


yes, more irritating than getting told you have cancer. for sure.


she probably shoves one up when she goes home most nights


Poor thing, that dye probably messes up skin so bad when it’s liquid. She’s not even wearing gloves!! I mean, even INK that’s supposed to be used can burn your skin off or cause rashes, who knows what this does?