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ChocoPro USA is officially a thing.


We'll know for sure when Aubrey declares "if it's cute, it's legal!"


Great news. Mei is super impressive for someone so young. Big future ahead of her. Glad to see her wrestle whilst she’s in the states.


**OH SHIT** This is like best case scenario for it too.


This is dope ... as someone who became a fan of ChocoPro and Tokyo Joshi Pro because of the Japan Bracket of the Eliminator Tournament earlier this year, ... It's gonna be extremely fun to watch Mei have an Aew match in the US .


I'm glad she had November to rest up but I'm very gald to finally see Mei in ring in the states. It would have been a shame for her to not wrestle while she was here


I wonder if this is a Ben Carter thing and she's working "for free", or if they handled whatever legal hurdles they needed to allow her to wrestle while she's here. US govt doesn't really fuck around.


Yeah I'm thinking they made sure they got everything in order first to do this legally, because something happening to Mei would probably jeopardize Emi and anybody else that Emi might try to bring over. I honestly would not be surprised if both Lulu and Mei coming over was just something Emi did without explicitly running it by TK first.


That makes sense. Then he had to decide whether to put them on TV or face Lulu's wrath. He chose correctly.


My head canon is that Emi went to Tony and presented him with two options. * Mei Suruga gets to wrestle at least one match in AEW. * Emi tells Lulu Pencil that Tony's favorite cocaine dealer doesn't think she's a wrestler. Tony, being the shrewd businessman that he is, selected the first option.


That is 100% an Emi Sakura thing to do. Asking forgiveness is easier than permission.


Damn right. The US government really needs to crack down on this. Goblins are an invasive species, and can cause untold damage on the native ecosystem.


Would you please explain the goblin thing to me? I keep seeing all the references, but I don’t understand it.


It started eons ago, during the First Age. Melkor was the first to learn of the Awakening of the Elves. He soon began sending evil spirits among the Elves, who planted seeds of doubt against the Valar. It is also rumoured that some of the elves were being captured by a "Rider" if they strayed too far, and the elves later believed these lies were brought to Utumno, where they were cruelly tortured and twisted into Orcs. 'Goblin' is another name for Orcs. One of those orcs ended up getting trained as a joshi wrestler by Emi Sakura and started a blood feud with a giraffe. That's Mei Suruga. Jokes aside, AFAIK someone in ChocoPro just started calling Mei a goblin and the name stuck around. She's short and mischievous and I don't really think there's much more to it.


Mei (and the various iterations of Mei) tends to exhibit [goblin-esque](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goblin) qualities and [actions](https://youtu.be/lja4H24Ytmk?t=2947) The only one that doesn't think Mei is a goblin [is Mei](https://youtu.be/ej0kcvhKVYU?t=247).


They probably just needed to double and triple check every paperwork. The best way to set this up might be to just do a development contract with Gatoh. So AEW pays them and they pay their wrestlers for working the tapings. But that's probably a lot of legalise to get through. The law would never actually believe someone was just working for free when it comes to it. They'll either get on the company for unpaid labour or on the tourist for illegal earnings. That's from my experience in the UK, US is probably even more strict.


The inevitable singles match between Mei and Riho will be awesome and fraught with emotion.


You mean the two never really fought before even in Japan?


Riho beat a rookie Mei, I think. Mei's been living under Riho's shadow since.


Per Cagematch, Riho has beaten Mei in a singles match twice Gatoh Move 359 https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=205109 Gatoh Move 432 (in a Super Asia Title Match) https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=231669


And, Mei never won the Super Asia belt, meaning she never managed to take Riho's mantle.


Let’s not bury the lede here: DID RIHO DYE HER HAIR, or is that just a trick of the light?


:( https://twitter.com/JJWilliamsWON/status/1466881007949389827


Awesome! Better late than never! I'm so happy they are giving her a chance to wrestle in an AEW ring Stateside. She's probably eating the pin but I don't care! It's BIG apple time. The wrath of the gobblin in AEW is upon us!


She deserves this. Throughout the pandemic her and the rest of the people at ChocoPro have done something almost everyday to bring a bit of fun and positivity to a lot of people. I’m happy she is getting the chance to live her dream.


Mei is a seriously good young talent and would automatically be in the bracket underneath the top level of Shida, Riho, Thunder and Deeb. She's that good.


I would hope she is in the class of Anna Jay, Red Velvet, Tay Conti, Abadon etc as the next group when Britt, Shida, Nyla etc move out of the top of the women's division. It's quite obvious that Mei wants to be in AEW badly and she works really hard on her English.


Please let us see her kill someone with Lucifer on AEW [Sell your soul to the Goblin Queen](https://twitter.com/JJWilliamsWON/status/1466880919302725644?t=ZTrbxYgRP9DqL6CynimRgQ&s=19) ( She's wearing her Best Bros gear, designed by u/Tapla! )


Considering the other match participants, I think she's eating a pin


Probably. Mei has never won a singles match against either Riho or Aniki from what I can gather, and in other match variations (tags, trios, whatever other wacky shit she gets involved in) has mostly lost against teams with Riho in them.


She actually pinned Shida funnily enough.


At Shida's own show, even!


A lot of japanese wrestlers get pinned on their own shows. I have to imagine it might be seen as a little... gauche, to always go over on shows you've booked.


The people just need to see it locked in, even if they are saved~


And Riho is getting that pin considering that the air date is just before Winter is Coming.


I love Ryo Mizunami's style. It's super punishing if you're at all sloppy with your moves; I remember someone kicking out by pushing their arm across, which she immediately grabbed and turned into an arm submission.


Mei Suruga is a megastar in the making. I have been saying this since I watched a joshi show on Jan 3 2021 (forgive my ignorance) while getting hype for Jan 4 Tokyo dome. My friends who tolerate most wrestling were totally captivated by Mei and Sakisama. Her spots with the serving tray... almost instantly everybody's favorite. I am telling you these 3 (Emi, Lulu, Mei) just get it on a level we arent seeing yet Stateside. Notice (via twitter and stuff) how people like Eddie, Punk, Henry... they see it. These girls absolutely rule. Can't wait to see what 2022 holds for ChocoPro alumni


I kind of figured once she physically got involved with interference on Dark this week.


Omg, this might be two weeks away before we see this? Wahhhhh


We'll probably see Mei in an Elevation match before we see this.


Aggressively hype for this. Mei could legit get over huge if they let her go out there and tear it up in a smarky city


When is Sakisama showing up?


Saki Sama has nothing to do with Mei Suruga. People need to stop confusing Mei Suruga with Mei St Michael, totally different individuals.


It's because Mei Suruga fought Sakisama in a tag match a few years back, that's what is causing the confusion


Asking the real questions!


Excited to see Mei. And Riho looks good with that hair.


Omg I’m like giddy schoolgirl here I’m so hyped!!!! Lol


HERE FOR IT. Now add Miyu Yamashita and Maki next time.




But people on here told me she can't wrestle because of visa issues. edit: well it seems my comment meant to discourage passing off speculation as fact has backfired


There's a couple ways to circumvent the visa issue. 1) She does it completely for free (doubtful). 2) She does it for "free" but Tony pays ChocoPro & ChocoPro pays her. But it could also be a case of she was waiting for a work visa to be approved & was just on a visitor visa until then (visa issues have been chaotic since covid).


I mean they could literally have Emi cash the check and then give it directly to Mei


Technically she can wrestle, if she does it for free


From what I understand, this isn't necessarily the case. Technically, if your work provides value, you have to be compensated for it.


It's what she had said when people kept asking her why she or Lulu weren't wrestling. Lulu just left after ~90 days, which lines up with a tourist visa.


To be fair, I'm pretty sure most of us thought so. I certainly did. And it's possible that it just took a while for said visa to get resolved.


This means that the issues were probably resolved.


...and what if they solved those issues? lmao


Wow, I didn't think she was getting in the ring this trip.




It was a real fun match, a highlight of 1st set of tapings