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There’s nothing more “real sports feel” then calling your ranking system bullshit. Go check out r/cfb for two seconds and you’ll see what I mean.


Also, "The ref screwed up and made a wrong call! They're terrible!" is pretty "real sports feel" too, for better or for worse.


This is also every day in the UFC sub.


Personally, I think having a ranking system is different than a legitimate sport. Wrestling has things like storylines to consider.


It does hence why AEW uses the rankings follow along with the storylines


The way they've used the rankings system has been phenomenal. I wasn't convinced at first, I thought it'd make stories so difficult to tell but it's made every match feel important.


how is that different? every real sport i can think of has rankings


Well she got moved down because Riho won the defacto #1 Contendership, then it’s virtually impossible to pass Jade unless someone beats her.


Yeah, Riho got the top spot, because she earned the #1 contender spot last week on Rampage. Jade is ahead of Rosa because she also pinned Rosa on Rampage a month or so ago.


When in doubt, strength of schedule Edit: Rosa's 3 losses bring down her winning percentage.


I'm pretty sure this isn't a legitimate concern of Thunder Rosa.


Yea its clearly in character


She deleted the tweet so I wouldn't bet on it


Probably because she realized trolls would try to use it as "proof" that backstage is toxic at AEW.


As someone who follows the W/L records pretty closely. Whoever is in charge of their rankings and roster page on their website.... they have no clue what they are doing. They don't update W/L weekly like they claim to do. It's really done half-ass.


The ranking system is fine. The issue is that Thunder Rosa has mostly been facing jobbers lately, and thus her wins aren't as significant as those of Riho (who pinned the champ and became number one contender in the process). The rankings are fudged based on what makes for a better storyline, but roughly the math usually works out, we've had people here do their own math and see that it's not that far off.


sky is ranked 3rd for facing jobbers too. What happened here


Honestly, that's an example of "The rankings are fudged based on what makes for a better storyline." They want Scorpio Sky to be relevant in singles competition again. \*shrug\*


I think the thing I disagree with is Thunder not getting that Riho spot when the last time Thunder faced Britt, she won. Thunder has been leading the rankings and I don’t see why Riho would get that match over her.


Officially, the last time Thunder and Britt had a match, Britt won.


I mean, from a kayfabe side of things, Riho didn't actually get eliminated at the Battle Royal back at All Out, and Eddie Kingston set up a precedent that if you were wrongfully eliminated from a Battle Royal, you get a title shot as well. But also, from a production side of things, AEW doesn't want to have Thunder Rosa actually face Britt yet. We all know that Thunder Rosa will win that match, and they're not ready to end Britt's reign as champion yet, so they're finding ways to get other opponents for Britt to face before Rosa.


Lights Out didn't count, and the Riho match was a kayfabe make good for the officials' error at All Out.


Was that for her fake elimination?


Yes, during the Friendsgiving segment, Schiavone showed the clip and said Riho would have a Black Friday Deal match to earn a title shot since she was never eliminated. Then Britt bullied him some more.


Britt wasn't the champ when Rosa won Lights Out. Getting a pin over the current champ SHOULD mean more than getting a pin 6 months ago against someone who would later become champ.


I really like the ranking system in concept, but in execution I feel like Dark/Elevation really make it sort of pointless. Ultimately, the rankings are going to shift based around storylines and not actual win/loss, so there isn't much point to it.


I agree. When I see these records it makes me think of Goldbergs undefeated streak when it would randomly jump. It could be a good soft guideline that fans can follow but it shouldn’t be as pronounced as it is imo.


It's good, easy to add into storylines but it's a very basic reason. Riho moves up to number 1 because shes' no.1 contender.


Don't work yourself into a shoot, brother.


Lol this isn't the first time people on the roster have laughed at the rankings system.


Who else did?


Pretty sure Britt has made cracks about it.


She did, right up until she was ranked as the number-one contender. Then it was an awesome system.


I think you’re working yourself into a shoot, brother.


So far it seems pretty solid. And where it lacks, they have seemed to start capitalizing by incorporating it into story lines. However, I also don’t know the entire setup of the ranking system. So take my uninformed opinion for what it is


Reads like kayfabe to me. I can't imagine the performers of the fake sport are getting real upset about the fake rankings.


It was a misunderstanding.


How was it a misunderstanding? He has the highest win loss percentage on the top 5 by far.


Riho moved up because she beat Britt in a "Beat Britt and you get a title shot", so she's de-facto #1 contender.


That makes sense, but why wouldn’t Thunder Rosa be in that match instead of Riho since she was running the rankings for a while?


Because they were tying up loose ends. Riho had never been eliminated from the last Battle Royale that would have given her a title shot had she won. AEW doesn't forget things.


Because Riho was unfairly eliminated in the Casino Battle Royal. It's not really fair for her to get a title shot like she won it, but a match against Britt for a title shot is a fair way to make up for it.


As I mentioned the other day in that days daily "AEW Ranking system good or bad" thread, the Ranking system is a mistake, was always a mistake and will continue to be a mistake, with more and more people calling it out, because it keeps getting in the way of good booking. Christian cut the line, Danielson cut the line. Gunn Club went unfeated for over a year, had the best record in their division, and got a grand total of no title shots. Then Scorpio Sky gets ranked up to #3 by beating jobbers but Thunder Rosa is ranked down for the same reason. Then of course you have Cody, a man for whom the Ranking System doesn't apply anyways since he's not allowed to benefit from it thanks to the incredibly dumb "No world title match ever" stipulation. Now, again from a booking point of view, having Christian and Danielson cut the line, and not giving the incredibly green Gunn Club get title shots all make sense....but you can't really justify any if it as long as theirs a ranking system that's supposed to work a certain way. And to be honest, unless Thunder Rosa calling out the ranking system is the start of an angle to abolish the ranking system, it's a bad thing for AEW Either she shoot doesn't understand how the ranking system works. And it's no different than JR on his podcast calling out AEW for inconsistent enforcement of the rules, in that if the people who work for AEW do not understand why/how things work, you be 100% assured the fans don't either. Or she's kayfabe complaining about the rankings, which if it's not part of an angle, is pretty much rhe same thing WWE does referencing their firings and thinking sounding "aware of the criticism" actually fixes the issue. Either way, if AEW isn't going to be consistent about their rankings, then your just gonna see more and more of these problems, meaning the ranking system is detracting from the product and not helping it, so it's time for it to go.


Danielson didn’t cut any lines. He wrestled to a draw with the world champion in his first match and then won like 12 in a row including a number one contender tournament. You fail to grasp the concept of strength of schedule.


The rankings aren't really aggressive, nor does AEW really put a ton of focus on them anymore. Its just an easy way to get over a challenger for any casual viewers who might not watch consistently. Why is Riho challenging for the title? well she beat Britt Baker to move to the #1 ranking. AEW doesn't really put more effort into it, but they also don't really need to. Christian didn't cut the line. Kayfabe-wise he tried to, Kenny told him to earn it, so Christian did. Colten Gunn still has the best W/L record of anyone in the company, and its weird that the Gunn Club doesn't get like, a random title loss on Rampage or something. Its not like The Lucha Bros can't fit in an extra match and make the green guys look good. Thunder Rosa won the feud with Britt Baker, but Britt Baker earned the title shot (fun fact: Britt Baker had one dirty victory over Thunder Rosa months earlier, but nobody else besides random Dark jobbers since she returned from injury the previous August and still became #1 contender)


I think the rankings are fine for the most part , some questionable things here and there but as someone that watches dark ,elevation , Rampage and Dynamite its easier for me too see why the rankings make sense. Most people's "solution " to the rankings seems to be not to make dark matter and I think that's B.S. it's cool that AEW rewards watchers for following these wrestlers journeys and momentum swings .


Because Rio won a number one contenders match to jump the line and Jade Cargill has literally never lost to anyone. Win this week and she’ll be number 2. It actually makes a lot of sense.


All in character