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Court says this is the first example of MLW's "Open Door Policy" which is just their way to brand one off dates and crossovers. I'd be shocked if MLW actually locks her into a real contract


Can't wait to see her against their deep women's division


A lot of quality womens talent who are unsigned (or will be) right now.


AEW needs to scoop up a lot of these women. Their division needs more bodies in general.


It was pretty barren at the start with a lot of talent being elsewhere, but a lot of major cuts from WWE over the past 2 years on top of ROH news and indie stars gaining traction, they could really bolster their division into something special. Honestly hoping that the TBS title is just an excuse to introduce a whole bunch of awesome women competitors to come in and challenge for the title and join the fold.


Good for her. I’ve been really impressed by Rok-C, i saw a New Texas pro match against Killer Kelly which was great.


I saw her at Mission Pro, it was comically good her level of selling. It's like old school southern Ricky Morton. Probably because she was trained by Booker T, that Paul Bosch influence, over selling getting your ass kicked still works.


Was really hoping she'd show up in AEW, but this is really good for MLW.


I don't think her showing up on MLW is a barrier for her signing with AEW more than her being ROH women's champion. If she drops the belt at Final Battle I can see her showing up in AEW but not before that.


Doesn't mean she won't unless it's announced she signed a MLW deal... she's just taking a booking in her home state of Texas. Lee Moriarty worked a couple MLW tapings and then signed with AEW after that. Edit: [MLW's article on its website says she's a free agent](https://mlw.com/2021/11/30/rok-c-makes-dallas-debut-as-first-open-door-entrant-in-mlw/) and working the show as part of their "open door policy".


AEW tried to book her for Dark but she had already signed to ROH at the time.