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I feel like they booked Marshall for his match as an actual cool down match for the opening segment lmao. Has that ever happened before.


PPV before last, Marshall and Paul Wight were booked to go before the main event, and I read somewhere that it was because those two could wrestle for three minutes or twenty, depending on what you needed to get the show back on schedule. I imagine that they booked Marshall and Punk here for the same reason -- if the promo ran too short or too long, QT could fix it.


This is a common strategy used with indie shows I've worked on before - you know exactly how long your main event needs to be, so your second to last match is two veterans who you know you can say "exactly 6 minutes 19 seconds" as they're walking out and they'll hit it down to the millisecond with no prep time.


Yep, I was once booked before the main in a 10-12 minute singles match. The segment before our match the GM got fired in a 20+ minute segement, which the crowd were hot for. The show had already run close to 3 hours and it was 10 minutes to 10 with 2 matches to go. We had a 2 and a half minute match. I'm not even certain I took a bump 🤣🦀


I'm not sure a Big Show match is going 20 mins in 2021


I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened before. Then again, I'm pretty sure this is the first time a company treated a promo segment like a legitimate wrestling match, so that accounts for something I guess.


Y'all are talking about the Miz line, I'm still recovering from "replaced by Britt Baker"


I thought the sneaky best line was the "My Jealous Fan" reference. That's the one that cut deepest.


Yeah, that was a jab that landed like an uppercut


Nah the one was the (when Tony has a daughter) like for sure lmao


That was great line too, just for the fact CM got Trips and MJF with that one.


That was savage af




My favorite was the hustle loyalty respect line


If this promo was in WWE, they would've cut to his meet-and-greet photo just to tell us SEEE? THIS IS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. LOOK. I like how AEW doesn't treat its audience like idiots.


I had to pause to recover from that line.


If punk did the dmd thing oh man


Missed opportunity


Max Caster: so I’ll just sit this week out


Nah wait until Elevation. He told Varsity Blues they’ll never get a shot like Aaron Rodgers.


For fuck's sake...


lol omg. Platinum Max is the best.


We got Varsity Blondes vs The Acclaimed again? fuck yeah!


It was an 8-Man: Blondes, Silver and Reynolds vs The Acclaimed and Chaos Project










"The only way you'll be #1 is if Tony has a daughter for you to marry." Got. Dayum. That was, what, about 20 minutes of a verbal war of attrition to kick off the festivities. Holy shit.


MJF thought he was smug pulling the WWE references and then Punk somhow gets a hotter comeback. Fucking insane.


Just like that, the best WWE storyline is in AEW


for real. I remember people remarking in July when Aleister Black debuted in AEW, that it was as if WWE had been doing hype vignettes for his debut in AEW since he essentially was just continuing the same exact character down to the makeup and outfit. As far as WWE, the most exciting thing that happened on Raw was a fan spearing Seth Rollins. They thought some goofy Netflix storyline about Vince's stolen "Golden egg" was going to be a winner, like the year is 1990 or something.


OMG Tony Khan. I’m sitting here for the last 20 minutes trying to figure out the significance of Tony Schiavone having a daughter. Fuck that was brutal lol.


Not gonna lie, for a split second, I thought Punk mentioned Schiavone at first.


Just like Thanksgiving itself, but with less drunk aunts and uncles.


Also HHH probably the best performer in the US in late 99-00 before he got hurt. Wrestling forums used to love him lol. Was never the same when he came back. But even before then his feuds with Rocky and Mankind were awesome.


As an old (36) man I can confirm. Us smart marks were way into heel Triple H back in 99/00.


He has an incredible match with Benoit as a semi-face around that time as well. Absolutely elite performer


By all accounts Benoit was having an even better year in ring but after that match, triple H went back and said Benoit "Doesn't wrestle the main event style".


That's how you play the game-uh


That promo had everything: Miz shoutouts, John Cena references, MTV's Dan Cortese


Chicago's hottest club is "BAH GAWD HE KILLED HIM!"


"Opened in Parts Unknown by Infamous Wrestling Booker and Crime Scene Investigator Vince Caruso this club has everything, low blows, high spots, midcards, and even Stone Cold Creameries" "...what's a Stone Cold Creamery?" "It's that thing, where a bald, drunk little person in a leather vest pours melted ice cream over his face and then shouts *In a perfect Steve Austin impression* 'GIVE ME A HELL YEAH'"


*covers mouth to hide corpsing*


HHH dig


Couple of them even. Trips just catching strays.


Man gets out of the hospital and is immediately run over by WWE and AEW.


And A midget handing out fun sized gift bags with flavored lube and vibrators sitting on the back of a min dressed in a dinosaur costume shouting " MEEEEEEOOOOW" every thirty seconds


In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, come again?






This was AEW's first "opening 20 minute promo" Totally unexpected, totally awesome (shout out to Miz)


Shout out to Miz, may he rest in peace.


My man better tease leaving WWE so he gets that bigger check. He deserves it


I tuned in late and thought CM Punk had beaten QT Marshall already. It blew my mind when we hit the 20 minute mark and they revealed that match was still to come. I was convinced there was some kind of 3 minute match before, no way would they do a 20 minute promo segment. But by god they did it.


20 minutes that felt like 5.


>**Punk:** *"You talk too much!"* [Botchamania Intensifies] AEW never opens Dynamite with a promo, so when they do, they sure know when to make it count.


They gave Chicago exactly what they wanted by giving them an entire opening segment playing to Punk’s greatest strength against one of the most unlikeable characters in wrestling today. They couldn’t have started this show any better if they tried.


What if they added Big Poppa Pump to the mix?


Then MJF’s chances of surviving go drastically down!


Honest to God, my favorite thing about wrestling Reddit is that if someone invokes the name of the GENETIC FREAK, you can bet yo damn biddie that the sirens are gonna hit lol.


Cause normally when you invoke big poppa pump you got a 50/50 chance of sirens, but SiphenPrax is a Karma freak, and he’s not normal. So you got a 20% at best at no sirens. Then you add chi-zuru to the mix? You odds of no sirens, drastically go down!






And he says it twice, just to be sure 😂


A nice birthday present for u/maffewgregg for sure


For many years, we've been used to a wrestling show opening up with 20 minutes of boring shit that drained our interest before the first bell rung. Now AEW's come along and reminded us that an opening promo can feel more satisfying than a main event if done right.


u/Maffewgregg please tell us you're ready


That'll definitely be on next week's episode


Honestly, my favorite part Crowd-“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” MJF- “No” MJF rules


Fr everyone talking about Punk's digs is underselling how MJF held his own. Favorite part was how he set up "I'm better than you" The only reason the guy is not more over is because he doesn't have more screentime because the man is amazing on the mic


>The only reason the guy is not more over Um excuse me?? Do we watch the same show? He's one of the most over heels in decades. ("Over" in the sense of "you want to see him get punched in his stupid dumb face so fucking hard" - I.e. the heel's job)


straight edger who looks like a meth head is probably the most brutal dig of the night.


Fine speech.


Between the glaringly obvious Cena references by MJF and Punk doing 4/5 Moves of Doom at Full Gear I honestly expected him to start his rebuttal with this line.


removes cap, scratches bold spot


I am absolutely shocked MJF didn't bring up Colt Cabana


I think that's how you know that the Punk/Colt relationship isn't healed.


I can’t imagine this is the only promo left in the feud, got to save some shock value for the next one


Eh, Colt Cabana was wrestling a match on the same show...probably dropped any reference to that to not muddy those waters. You need the heat to still be D-Bry kicking Cabana's head in and not the fans thinking about Punk at all


That's why I feel like MJF held back on some of the punches while still delivering some big time blows.


MJF the kinda guy who will fund his own series of straight to DVD movies to prove punk wrong


I'll buy them. Well, OK, stream them wherever they show up, but same thing.


Miz at home pleased with himself.


MJF has to have a "Miz main evented wrestlemania" line coming up in the next week or two. Especially if that Miz line sticks with the crowd.


Miz at home pleasing himself




Not for at least 18 mins. Lemme get another squiz.


His wife is hotter than yours, and he knows it.


**Eddie Kingston:** Yo Punk let's go have the promo segment of the year **CM Punk:** Yeah sure **MJF:** Yo Punk let's go have the promo segment of the year **CM Punk:** Yeah sure **Eddie:** hey wtf


Eddie inserts himself into the next promo, triple threat match.


Wait I actually want that…


I would love if Eddie hosted a talk show segment like pipers Pitt with mjf and punk in the go home before their match


King's Court. book it Tony.


Major props to the Chicago crowd, I didn't hear a single 'What?' chant during that.


They went from full on chanting to silent the second Punk brought the mic up to his face. I don't think anyone in wrestling has as much command of a crowd as Punk does in Chicago.


Lol I noticed the same thing. You could just tell they all simultaneously decided they needed to be quiet and pay attention.


I didn’t even think about that before I read this.


Everyone at the arena and at home was captivated.


Ethan Page pretty much killed the 'What?' chants. They haven't come back since.


He'll be the goat just for that alone.


What was his reply?




Part of the reason is that most AEW wrestlers don't have the WWE cadence that allows it. They usually just talk like regular people.


I mean when people are that good on the mic that’s the last thing the crowd would think of chanting


This what happens the fans respect the product.


And when the product respects the fans.


I don't think there's a crowd in the world that wouldn't hang on every word coming out of those guys' mouths. Zero chance you're getting a "What?" chant when they're talking.


May that chant go the way of Wade Boggs (may he rest in peace)


they both went blow for fucking blow. absolutely amazing.


Triple H caught so many strays lmao


Seemed necessary since that segment was kind of a tribute to his well documented "we're opening raw with a 30 minute promo" tendencies.


Triple's 20-minute opening promos were rambling, meandering affairs that happened on a weekly basis. This promo was like a match: it was a back-and-forth exchange where the momentum shifted a few times, and it clearly told a story. It added context and story layers to this beef that's brewing; it wasn't a one-sided rant at the audience. It had a purpose, and it achieved it. Not all long promos are alike.


I was hoping one of them busted out “you see, the fact of the matter is, ah…”


MJF got a majority of the speaking time, but I feel like Punk murdered him in half the amount of time.


If you treat it like a match, MJF got the hear segment where he dragged a tiny bit in the middle to set Punk up for his bangers


Perfect way to put it, laid out just like a typical face-heel match.


Before punk’s last section I thought MJF murdered him, but much like a match he made a huge comeback


I think it’s a great way to show the difference in their experience levels when it comes to mic work. MJF is a top tier promo, but he *does* tend to take a long time to make his points. I’d argue it’s his weakest point when it comes to promos, but it’s definitely something that can and likely will be fixed with time.


Punk used to do it too in his SES days. Sometime being an asshole on the mic for an interminable amount of time works, sometimes it makes people change the channel (yes, another HHH jab).


"You know, it's funny..."


We need absolute respect for MJF. That man was in there with PUNK and was able to hold his own and make it an all time promo segment. Punk couldn't have done this with just anyone. MJF is special


Here’s the thing…I always hate heels, always. But I fucking love MJF and can’t wait to see him get a world title reign


I would kill to see him and Paul Heyman have a casual conversation.


If MJF isn’t the biggest star in the world by the time his career is over, something had to have seriously gone wrong.


No it means Tony never had a daughter.


I knew MJF was good but from Full Gear he's really gone above and beyond. He's not just a smarmy heel, he's a natural talent that takes influences from the very best we've ever seen. There's bits of Flair, Perfect, Piper, Punk, and probably way more that go over my head. He's already so polished, it's nuts


I can’t believe the dude is 25. He’s already so damn good and he has even tons of time get even better.


Talk about potential. He channels so many of the best talkers from Paul Heyman to Bobby Heenan, he can work his ass off, and he looks like a million bucks. I can't imagine Punk doesn't absolutely LOVE this kid.


I find it funny that people can't really talk up MJF because of his commitment to kayfabe. Like Eddie Kingston: > I don't like the kid. What's his name? MJF? He's an assh--e. He hasn't messed with me yet. I have known him for a very long time and he knows how I am. I'll give the devil his due. He is definitely the future of AEW. Hope we eventually get a feud between those two. MJF in there with Punk has clearly shown he can hang.


That’s why I’m laughing at the people saying ‘oh MJF is good but Punk really showed his weak points’ blah Like yeah, MJF isn’t as good as Punk on the stick (who is?!) but the guy is TWENTY FIVE years old. He’s not even in his physical prime, it’s nuts that he’s this good. The guy was barely 18 when Punk left wrestling and now he’s standing toe to toe with him. Besides I’m sure that MJF talking too much was a key point of the entire segment


And CM Punk *in Chicago.*


I'll always boo him and chant "asshole" but (unlike his family) man do I love when he shows up.


MJF started low so Punk could look better than him so when MJF got "real" it stung allowing punk to let go leading to MJF actually swinging. That was beautiful. It felt like an actual vocal match. Loved it.


Thank you for this comment. I notice too many people thinking that these two improvised all the lines, and that MJF came off looking desperate in the beginning when he went for low-hanging fruit. That was the *point*. This whole thing is intentional. This story has clearly been laid out months in advance: Punk views MJF as "my jealous fan" who picks at low-hanging fruit and can't back up shit-talk, and MJF views Punk as an aging veteran who's lost his edge, and is just happy to soak in the adoration of the crowd. Even the Miz/Cena shit was intentional and planned out; Punk cut two months of deliberately Cena-esque promos, and even directly referenced Cena in his match with Kingston. MJF being a knock-off Miz has always been the go-to diss that MJF haters reach for. While none of it was scripted, the basic storyline was definitely agreed upon in advance. And they delivered on it masterfully.


MJF’s low hanging fruit could have just been copy/pasted from all the CM Punk criticisms written on Reddit since he returned.


Hopefully this feud we get more of MJF's mask slipping and we get more of his psychopathic self coming through. He's got a Patrick Bateman side to him.


Chicago is no more. There is only the crater left by these promos.


..The third city


See?! It was educational, too! I had no idea that was why Chicago is called The Second City.


Mrs. O'Leary's cow was going over at any cost.


The Tony's daughter line. My God.


Maxwell. Murdered.


Should've dialed 9-9-9


No, they've changed it. It's 0118 999 881 999 119 7253 now!


Well that's easy to remember!


Mentioning Miz makes me want to see MJF vs. A non-micromanaged Miz in a promo.


"Seriousl Pro Wrestling TV" is the perfect way to describe that. That was fantastic from start to finish


Absolute masterclass, we just watched pro wrestling history.


This is Promo Class 101. They murdered each other without undervaluing each other.


And put over two other Stars not involved in the feud.


And took a giant shit on 3 stars not even in the company.


Honestly the only dude that got shit was HHH. Both Cena and Miz were kinda put over in that segment imo


Miz was called more famous than MJF (which is true). Cena and Triple H were called better than Punk. Of course Punk then said Triple H was only in power because of his wife, but they still put all three over as talent.


CM Punk hasn't lost a single step, MJF started slow but held his own. This was my segment of the year 100%, and all timer for sure.


I think that honestly topped the iconic Kingston/Moxley promo


Depends what you value. That segment managed to be an all-timer in only four minutes.


This segment went 20 minutes, didn't feel like 20 minutes and I wanted it to be longer so I'm voting this one


MJF is great and this segment elevated his stock, but when Punk is on, HE’S ON! It’s ridiculously hard for anyone in the business today to beat him in a promo battle.


This and Eddie/Punk are some of the best promos in AEW's short history, all within a span of a month. I can't wait for the eventual MJF/Eddie mic battles.


10-9 Punk. MJF didn't win but he survived.


Yo shoutout Miz he must be happy as rn


Weird hearing Punk mention Miz without shitting on him.


I need the whole thing up on YouTube immediately so I can watch it over and over forever.


Fuck a match, give me a best out of 7 promo series


All timer segment, holy shit LMAO


I’ve never had a promo give me the same high that I get watching a 30+ minute 6 star match. Fucking goosebumps all the way through


I'm loving these references. They're not shots against WWE in this case, they're references to a wrestler's past. And I like that we're acknowledging it while also using it effectively


Yes! My favourite thing about AEW is it treats wrester’s pasts as one continuous history. The viewers are rewarded for their years of being a wrestling fan


This and the Punk/Kingston segment are masterclasses in promo. *chef's kiss*


One of the segments of the year. Both men absolutely unbelievable, I feel like Punk almost won that but man MJF was incredible too. Pro Wrestling is magic


HHH got buried and he's not even in this company lol


If you are an advertiser on YouTube, you want to be in the middle of this vid once AEW posts it.


Fuck me, MJF is so goddamn amazing. I've been watching wrestling over 30 years, and I dont believe I've ever seen anyone like him. His cadence, volume changes, facial expressions, etc, Jesus man. I'm so excited to watch his career and I hope he's around forever.


He's just so smooth and... he has a really good sounding voice, as weird as that sounds. Punk might be better (right now, due to his experience) at telling a concise story and making every word count, but MJF is such a naturally gifted talker.


> I hope he's around forever. He's only 25 years old, for the record. He won't be around forever, but he's going to be hanging around at the top of the food chain for a long, *long* time.


Yep, that's more what I meant. I also hope that once his active career is over, he slides into more of a Bobby Heenan role. This kid is fucking killing it.


So that was 100% the longest promo segment in AEW history right? 15+ mins of non stop talking. I loved it.


Legitimately one of the greatest segments I’ve ever seen. Honestly think that will hold up as an all-timer


Does Meltzer give promos star ratings? 6.25 stars on this one


Can this be an entry in MOTY contender lists?


It’s a testament to MJF’s talent that he’ll come back from this. Less famous Miz and the line about MJF only becoming a top guy if Tony Khan has a daughter and he sticks around long enough to marry her were cold blooded.


What a fucking promo


*Has pro wrestling peaked*


I haven't even begun to peak. And when I do peak, you'll know. Because I'm gonna peak so hard that everybody in Chicago's gonna feel it.


Holy fucking shit, I didn’t even notice it was 20 minutes. I was fully ready for that segment to take up the whole show !!


AEW never starts with a 20 minute promo... but when they do, they don't fucking miss.


If you're going to open the show with fifteen minutes of talking then this is how you do it.


CM Punk is an absolute visceral monster on the mic. MJF came off very cheap heat in the beginning but once he turned it up a notch he showed be belonged in the promo battle. That was tv gold.


I feel like this is one of the best opening segments to a show in years. My god it was Earth shatteringly good.


Maybe it was because he's the face & he had the hometown crowd cheering him on but I feel like Punk got the best of MJF here by quite a bit.


I'm pretty sure that was by design, but at the same time it's a very predictable outcome. Punk is a pretty seasoned vet well known for how damn well he talks on the mic. Compared to him, MJF is still the suburban rich kid asshole that *just* talks shit *(and also maybe is a serial murderer but hey that's just me)*. Even in any other city, Punk is almost always gonna win by experience alone.


Oh it’s not just you. MJF gives me serious Patrick Bateman vibes. Just barely keeping that mask of sanity on.


I think that's supposed to be what the character is: suburban douchebag who's definitely hiding a level of psychosis underneath the mask. It makes me slightly sad that we're probably never gonna get a plot point where it turned out MJF tried to murder a wrestler *(ie whoever he's feuding with at the time)* and bury him in some random ditch in the arena because he got **THAT** mad.


MJF had a few misses and, really, Punk just came off a MOTY contender so no one was convinced when he tried the “washed up soft guy” bit. Punk just hit everything on the fucking button.


MJF had some HARD lines, but he never let them sink in. It was one after another. Punk’s set up and delivery seemed so much wiser and more strategic. MJF talked too much and CM Punk is the vet here. It even played into the angle. Just fucking hell that was the best back and forth I’ve ever seen. No kayfabe needed


That's 100% by design. I'm not sure that MJF *could* take Punk on the mic if they were both going for the throat, but if AEW wanted MJF to get the better of Punk, they would have booked it that way. They were getting the Chicago crowd hot for the rest of the show by giving Punk the W.