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I can see an annual AEW, NJPW and maybe Impact supershow in a stadium becoming part of the wrestling calendar


I would love an annual “rising tides raise all ships” super show The industry would be so much better off if there was more team work between promotions.


"Rising Tide" isn't a bad name. Though "Forbidden War" as someone else suggested isn't either. Though I'd probably go every two years maybe.


World Wrestling Classic


I think it would be better off called All In. It's already an established name and has that crossover history behind it.


Definitely the better idea if everyone would be good with it.


Forbidden Tide and Rising War also work. Also War Tide. Even Forbidden Rising. Fuck it - Forbidden Rising War Tide!


Forbidden War: Rising Tide


I want it to be called the Forbidden War! Hopefully Impact bounces back so that it won't look bush league compared to AEW and NJPW.


Damn. That’s a great name! I always imagined comic book titles when thinking of cross promotional wrestling. Titles like Secret Wars, Infinity Wars, and Secret Invasion. My favorite is When Worlds Collide which I think NXT actually used. But Forbidden War man … somebody call Rocky and Tony!


Secret Invasion can be used if we do an ROH invades AEW angle. Sample card of the Forbidden War can be like this: * Main Event: Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega V * Co-Main Event: CM Punk vs KENTA * Battle of the Dragons: Bryan Danielson vs Shingo Takagi * Death Triangle vs Los Ingobernables [Internacional?] (Andrade El Idolo, Tetsuya Naito and RUSH) * Bullet Club (Jay White and the Guerillas of Destiny) vs the Elite (Adam Cole and the Young Bucks) * Britt Baker vs Mickie James * Thunder Rosa vs Deonna Purrazzo * Battle of the True Aces: Orange Cassidy vs Toru Yano * Big Sweaty Men Battle: Jonah vs Jeff Cobb * Women's Tag Team Match: Tay-Jay vs the Iinspiration * Opening Match: The Future of Prowrestling Ladder Match (winner can challenge any champion in any company): Dante Martin vs Daniel Garcia vs Lee Moriarty vs Shota Umino vs Ren Narita vs Yuya Uemura


Seconded. Forbidden War is a great name for the PPV.


I wish they'd do something massive like that but every 4 years like the Olympics. Something even bigger then the usual annual shows.


Something like All In II.


I don’t need it to be annual, I have PTSD for battles of brand supremacy


It's kind of what All In was, a Woodstock of wrestling. A celebration not of one company, but the artform itself. It's one of the most bittersweet parts of the forming of AEW for me, and if they could somehow incorporate a super show to fill that it would be really special.


So kinda like an annual "All In" but bigger and two nights. I'd dig it.


Hopefully it goes better than the last time three promotions tried to do a supercard.


> “With AEW, they have a true understanding of New Japan and what the product is and have a complete respect for the history of the product for what the product is, for the wrestlers and how they do it. Obviously because New Japan wrestlers kind of leaving New Japan helped start AEW. So there’s always been that crossover connection. It just seems to make sense in the grand scheme of things with both companies working together. And I think it’s been, obviously, it’s just been the beginning of it. And I think that this is going to be like the Hangman Page-Kenny Omega feud. This is going to be a long term thing, so I think people are excited of course. And they’re ready for Okada to show up and fight Kenny at Full Gear or something. But I think this is going to be a long term thing, because both companies are building themselves up right now.” audio: [Battleground Podcast](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rocky-romero-2-the-sequel/id1337888247?i=1000542818132)


Case in point, AEW asked him for some Forbidden Door action for Danielson on Dynamite and Rocky offered Juice or Finlay but they wanted Rocky instead for the original LA Dojo history between him and Danielson.


I can rock with Hangman/Okada. I don’t ever have to see Okada/Omega again. If they’re going to do the partnership, give me completely new stories. I can do without the extra chapters of stories I’ve seen before.


I want to see Okada/Miro, he needs to pay for what he did to Trent?


See? I can rock with Okada/Miro. I don’t give a shit about Trent or his mom’s van though. Give me Miro in the G1. Give me Miro/Cobb. Hell, I might be convinced to suffer through Miro/EVIL. I want shit I haven’t seen 4 times already.


>I don’t give a shit about Trent or his mom’s van though. Scandalous!


If there's two that could pull out new shit from an old matchup, it's these two. That being said, I'm good on a 5th I don't need to see that over other very interesting matchups that haven't happened yet.


I mean I’ve seen the time limit draw, the 2/3 falls, the title win for Omega. What’s left for them to do? Nothing, in my eyes. Give me Okada/MJF. Shingo/Miro. Okada/Miro. Goto/Dustin. GOD/FTR. Tekkers/FTR. Taichi/Danielson. ZSJ/Danielson. Punk/Okada. Danielson/Shingo. SANADA/Miro. I want shit that I haven’t even thought of before.


I'd be happy just to see weirdo Okada with Best Friends.


Scooby dooby dooo


Give me Okada/Omega vs Naito/Andrade. Ibushi vs Hangman for the love of Kenny. Give me ZSJ talking shit to the entire roster until Danielson comes out. Give me CM Punk in Korukuen staring down Tanahashi. Give me Miro and Shingo beating the piss out each other.


I get it. But also imagine Omega and Okada in front of like the Arthur Ashe crowd or something? 💦


Okada vs Omega V has to happen in American soil. That is a money match that can draw at least 30K in a stadium.


A big Okada match could be the first big AEW stadium show Okada vs Kenny, Danielson or CM Punk


Has AEW had a show where they sold 30,000 tickets yet? I’m supposed to believe that Okada is what gets them to 30,000?


People would fly from all over the country for Okada/Omega 5, they wouldn't have to rely on one market like Grand Slam. They'd get a solid amount of fly ins just for a match of this magnitude on American soil for the first time.


That's the next threshold, they sold 20k on a Wednesday. Having the Okada vs Kenny match in America would attract alot of westerners who could not attend the previous 4 matches in Japan. Of course the world would need to open up first in order to get people into the US.


So, the fifth match needs access to the entire globe to break 30,000? I know I’m probably alone in this, but the world does not need another Okada/Omega match. They’ve done every possible thing they could do to each other up to this point, including 2/3 Falls. They’ve gone 60 minutes twice. The only appeal of one more match between the two on US soil is that the majority of the crowd won’t be Japanese. I absolutely don’t want to see that. Give me the new shit. Give me Shingo/MJF. Or something like SHO/Jungle Boy. GOD/FTR. I can do without Okada/Omega going out there for another hour. Actually, if they were to do another one, the best story they could tell is the match ends up being less than 15 minutes. Otherwise, there’s no way a crowd is going to sit through a 2 hour AEW show knowing that there’s still at least an hour of Okada and Omega doing the same stuff to each other that they’ve already done.


The world may not need it but Okada v Omega started this modern era of pro wrestling. It made Omega a star. Six star match. Put NJPW on the map. First western IWGP champ. MSG/ROH show with the belief they were going to be there. All In. AEW. Your point doesn’t make sense. Okada is a superstar to the hardcore. You can fill a stadium with hardcores from around the world on an event weekend. This isn’t a midwest Dynamite being talked about.


The first Western IWGP champ was Big Van Vader. Omega was the first western G1 winner though.


Oh that’s cool, thanks!


WrestleKingdom 9 started this modern era. People left that show talking about Nakamura/Ibushi and Tanahashi/Okada. JR called it live. And then a year later, Nakamura and AJ Styles got signed by WWE. That’s what started this.


I think that’s what lit the flame, but the uproar over Okada Omega was *significant* compared to WK9


Dude, two friends of mine who had previously only been wrestling fans for a couple of years in the Attitude era, like everyone our age was, made me realise that the first Omega/Okada match buzz had really reached a lot of people. Sitting in the pub with them, one of them just casually says "did you see Omega vs Okada at WrestleKingdom". My jaw all but hit the floor hearing these guys talking about NJPW to me. We went back to their house after the pub and watched the match again.


There is no Okada/Omega is WK9 doesn’t do major business. There’s also no Okada/Omega is Nakamura and AJ stay in New Japan. I get that Omega is everyone’s favorite now. Cool. I don’t need to see him and Okada go out there for another hour. Not when I can see Shingo go out there with Punk and Danielson.


And if AEW could get either of those two, it'd be a massive boost too


WrestleKingdom 7 was really the timeframe when New Japan started to properly recover and become what it now is. Inokism was finally dying, Tanahashi was champ, and foreign acts weren’t being relied on.


Remind me of the main event from that show, please?


Yeah Aew doesn’t need okada to do 30k lol.


AEW by itself could sell 30k tickets (and more) without Okada.


I don’t doubt that they can. I’m just waiting to see what the matchup is that moves 30k tickets for them. It ain’t Okada/Omega.


Yes you're expecting to believe that booking one of the greatest wrestlers of our time who is universally adored by the "smart" fans AEW mostly caters to is supposed to shift a few thousand more tickets.


They signed Punk and Danielson too.


I got it 4 times in front of packed houses. I don’t need to see it in front of a crowd of people that might or bathe, according to reports I’ve read here.


Okada and Omega vs Ibushi and Hangman


Thank you! I wish more wrestling fans had that mindset


There’s nothing new that can be told via Okada/Omega. Give me Shingo/Hangman or Shingo/Omega.


I love NEW stuff. 9 times out of 10, I don’t want to see something great again. Especially if many years have passed.


I want new things. I get that a lot of people would’ve never heard of New Japan had AJ Styles and Shinsuke not gotten signed by WWE. But I’m over Okada/Omega. I’m over Ibushi/Omega. I want something different.


The wrestling world is a better place after NJPW determined that AEW was more a shot at ROH than them.