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I want so badly to sub to RevPro. And I did. But I cannot *stand* the screaming, blown mic commentary sound. It grates on me so badly I just stopped watching and unsubbed after my first event. I'm not happy because I really, really wanted to keep track of Ospreay's home promotion and see how what he's doing ties into NJPW. But I can't stand the sound. It is so jarring and grating. It's 2021. Damn near 2022. How the fuck have people not figured out how to mix audio yet? Or talk into a mic without blowing it out? It's so goddamned easy. You can fix this with a couple hundred dollars of consumer-grade gear. PROGRESS had the same problem for 5 years. I just don't get it. They have to know it sounds awful.


Yeah I feel ya. Old ROH is impossible to watch sometimes.


And the constant unnecessary zooming like a proud mum at a football game


That's WWE's influence, and it's awful.


You're getting downvotes but it's true, fucking hate the camera zoom on every other move these days. It's always disorienting as hell.


I guess I'm just getting downvoted for calling it awful. Because otherwise I can't see where else people would think that camerawork comes from - it's a trademark of WWE's style for years now and their influence is omnipresent in wrestling.


Was wearing headphones and had my audio up when I unmuted this clip, you can't imagine how much I feel you on this.


For real. I do very very amateur music recording and this is almost unacceptably bad.


I call that the Lenny Leonard/Dave Prazak sound effect.


Shota is fucking jacked now


This is the real story here Shooter is ready to return from excursion.


no he definitely aint trust me the lad is good but he aint NJPW material yet


Depends what you want from him, he would be fine to come back in a minor role in mostly tags and the occasional singles, and build his confidence and experience up from there. But if he's to meet the pretty high expectations people have then I think he should stay on excursion for a little longer


Yeah if NJPW are willing to put him in a low key position for another year that'd be fine for sure. But I worry if he comes back now he'd end up in a similar state to Wato, where he gets thust into the limelight wayyy too soon


Yeah I’m not saying shotgun him to the top right away, I’m sure he needs more seasoning in ring, but he’s got the look ready. He’s handsome AF so a lot of fans will be into him plus with foreigners he’s already over thanks to Moxley so I think he has a leg up in Wato.


He doesn't just need 'more seasoning' in the ring though, like he legitimately cannot wrestle very well. He whiffs his strikes more often than not, he takes much longer than he should to set up moves or get in position and he can't flow smoothly between spots and moves. His very fundamentals are just not up to snuff at all, unlike his peers in Tsuji and Narita.


I have a feeling he's going straight to the top a la Jay White


I don't see him being quite as big as White, but yeah I do think he'll be getting big wins and maybe winning one of the lesser titles pretty soon


His excursion has been pretty whatever unfortunately, if there's anyone to watch out for on excursion in RevPro it's Yota Tsuiji.


Oh yeah, yota is great and very over with fans


Oh jeezus, he's even wearing the Okada shorts too


I didn’t read the title of this and had no clue this was Ospreay for a good few seconds.


Dude if I didn't read it it would have taken me some time too haha


Anytime Ospreay does the Hidden Blade finisher I wince. Shit looks painful everytime.


Almost didn't recognize him because of the new hair & gear.


[From his Twitter](https://twitter.com/WillOspreay/status/1463597781772390419): >The Blade can kill dragons. The Blade can cut the rain. >Doesn’t matter which one it is. I’m winning the main event of Wrestle Kingdom, January 5th.


Haven't watched the match yet but heard it was good. For someone like Shota though having a near 30 minute main event, for the title against one of the biggest stars against New Japan is probably the best bit of experience you can hope for on excursion.


The fact that it’s become trendy on wrestling communities to say Ospreay can’t wrestle & his matches suck baffle me. When Ospreay is at top level he’s putting on match of the year contenders.


That was the cleanest rainmaker I’ve ever seen


I was at the event, and I really recommend watching it if you are subscribed to rev pro. This was a great match, motn was michael oku vs speedball mike bailey. The latter signed recently with impact, so I recommend watching it If you want know more about him.


Yeah the Speedball match was defo best of the night. Love me some Speedball!


Enjoying the Speedball love, one of my favourites.


Shota’s already got some of the best tights in the biz.


Makes me think of Tanahashi's tights


That backhand looked stiffer than a Japanese table


The Hidden Blade is even more violent in kayfabe, it's supposed to be a back elbow. It always looks brutal as hell but I think he makes it safe by moving quickly and hitting people with his tricep mainly closer to the shoulder and really selling the follow-through.


I'll give ospreay credit he's a good heel, I genuinely want to see him get his face smashed in


Damn, that ring looked like it had zero give.


That last hit! Dude, I've never seen that before.


Oh shit when Mox comes back, Will's fucked, only Mox gets to beat the boy like that.


I do not understand the appeal of this guy or his style. Every clip I see of him is him doing seemingly every move he's ever heard of inside of 11 seconds or less.


He used the finishers of his potential opponents, what's so hard to understand?


Other than this clip where he was sending a message, he has actually grounded his style quite a bit to drive home being a heel and not wanting us to cheer him. He removed a lot of the flash after betraying Okada and starting the United Empire.


Watch any of his matches against Shingo Takagi. Then you'll get it.


I do not enjoy his work is what I’m saying. I’m not being literal in that I don’t UNDERSTAND his work, I’m saying I don’t identify with it. I’m glad getting downvoted which is fine. I shared an opinion. I didn’t say he sucks, lol


You literally didn't understand that he was using the finishers of his upcoming world title opponents to set up his upcoming match and asked why he was spamming moves. Might be time to wind your neck in


You’re telling me what I meant now? Get a grip.


He completely whiffed on that Hidden Blade lmao


Hitting that inverted “You can’t see me”


Yeah, we totally want him to give Shota CTE for real. /s


Because hitting someone full force with your elbow is preferable lol