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That match with Kenta, Mox, Archer, and Kenny was nuts. So much fun.


KENTA's debut on Dynamite is my *Holy Shit!* moment of the year in a year where CM Punk returned to wrestling and Danielson and Cole debuted on the same segment.


Because of the implication


Are these men in danger?


You’re not understanding me bro, he wouldn’t say no.


Now you've said that word "implication" a couple of times. Wha-what implication?


Think about it. Kenta is out here in the middle of America with some company he barely knows. He looks around, what does she see? Nothing but open ocean. “Oh, there’s nowhere for me to run, what am I gonna do, say no?”


But it sounds like he doesn't wanna job for you.


Why are you understanding this , he doesn’t know he doesn’t want to job to me, that’s not the issue here.


KENTA certainly wouldn’t be in danger


The implication was that the 2-year long animosity between AEW and NJPW was finally over.




Now if we can get that KENTA vs. CM Punk match that'll be great.


I was hoping that Kenta would show up at Full Gear after Punk defeated Eddie Kingston, hopefully he'll turn up sooner or later on AEW again to fight Punk.


I refuse to believe that was all in the same year.


Mox potatoed a guy! literally!


Mox talked about a bunch of people texting him jealous that he gets to wrestle Yuji Nagata back when that was happening and you just *know* one of them was Danielson.


Wouldn't be surprised. Danielson wants to wrestle new and interesting opponents, he's wrestled everyone in WWE that he could. What more was there for him to do?


And of the people he hadn't wrestled they were booking him against guys like big cass


Put over Sheamus at Mania. Obviously.


Those matches with Nagata and Kojima were so good. Especially the Kojima one, I thought it a was a class. Mox just feels like one of those guys too, they could totally be a tag team and real life drinking buddies.


In my head mox called bryan to tease him about it. " oh did you just wrestle yuji nagata?, oh no that was me, too bad. "


Rocky must low-key be the real forbidden door. NJPW seems to have a lot of trust in him.


Rocky's definitely US Talent Relations for them. Not sure if he books Strong or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.


He directed the last ppv, according to Kevin Kelly during the show. I also don't know about him booking, but even without doing that he's one of the highest ranking guys in NJPW.


Hope he gets paid handsomely for it. He’s helped open the forbidden door.


Tiger Hattori retired and Rocky took over his role in Talent Relations


It's amazing how Romero was trained by Inoki(in part) and is now running the US side of the company Inoki started.


rockyism is strong


Rocky bullshit magic, but you gotta go with it...


Bix once tweet about the Rocky vs Bryan match "One of the most powerfull people in American wrestling vs Bryan Danielson"


He must lift quite heavy.




NJPW Office Stooge Rocky Romero


He needs to ask if he can get Tanahashi, Okada or White onto AEW because they’re the company that’s bending backwards to have there own top talent on NJPW but AEW gets the 50+ veterans


Ehhn... I rather see Mox beating Kojima and Suzuki than Jay White beating Darby. If they can do a meaningful story and guys can stay a little while... like Tanahashi vs Kenny having an actual closure... awesome... but I've seen those one offs in RoH and it doesn't do anything for me anymore and it doesn't help the talent. However, I would throw everything I said here in the trash immediately if I could get Osprey vs Dante Martin. I think that could put him over even in defeat.


You say that like Nagata, Kojima, Ishii, Suzuki aren't fun as hell to watch, though. Also AEW got KENTA and Narita and Hikuleo.


When they showed him in the crowd during Moxley/Nagata, I said "That's actually the most important man in this building" because he's the talent liaison and office guy for NJPW. He was the one facilitating the Impact/NJPW stuff by having them mention NJPW World/Strong on the Good Brothers show, and obviously they are tight. He was also there to shepherd Nagata and Narita while they were there. I believe Rocky also speaks Japanese so he really is the gateway through which NJPW/US relations flow.


It's cool when he walks about choosing between working with WWE or AEW and how WWE wouldn't have understood NJPW's product or respected the promotion's history. You contrast that with how he talks about AEW setting up a forbidden door match with Danielson vs. Rocky which is a match-up that has a lot of history going back to the original LA Dojo days. Rocky was offering Juice or Finlay but AEW knew the history of Danielson and Romero and choosing to go that route is really cool for fans and probably pretty meaningful for the wrestlers themselves.


Full transcript: “It kind of started with [Chris] Jericho [AEW/NJPW crossover], obviously [Jon] Moxley being a guy who’s important to both companies and Moxley always wanting to do something and kind of being that main focal point because obviously, he wasn’t really mixed up into the drama of what was going on between AEW and New Japan and wrestlers, whatever and then the third big component I feel like besides Tony [Khan] was obviously Kenny [Omega]. Kenny being a part of it and kind of Kenny — Kenny was one of the ones who reached out first and just said, ‘Hey, I know Moxley and KENTA have this thing and I’m doing this…’ Obviously he had a big rivalry with Moxley as well so you know, Moxley being the focal point… so you know, obviously Kenny and New Japan had their issues as he left New Japan to join AEW and I think — so that was a big step in the right direction and obviously Kenny is incredible at what he does. He’s literally one of the best, he’s a true pro and obviously to see the grand picture, he was the one that kind of who helped facilitate that amongst, I guess, probably at least the EVPs, you know?”


Obviously. EDIT - lol he kept saying obviously.


Also in this article, Melissa Santos talking about Brian Cage and the drama she accidentally started a couple of months ago. > I got really spicy about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have. But then he got all the heat. He didn’t even say anything. I know, I know. He got all the heat. I do feel bad about that because he loves wrestling, he loves AEW, absolutely adores Tony [Khan], loves being there and I feel like all of it came from the love of wanting [Brian Cage] to be more involved and that’s really it. It was just from a passionate place and because I’m all loud, loud, loud, I got him in trouble and I do feel bad for that because that wasn’t my intention, even though when I look back at the videos I’m like, ‘Damn, I should have just not been as spicy,’ but damn, it’s hard. It’s hard man. I get myself in trouble. I gotta sugarcoat things a little bit. > Yeah, and I feel like it was the impatient kind of my just — I was like, ‘Man, I just want to see more of him.’ I miss seeing my husband [on TV]. I’m a fan, right? I miss seeing my husband. > But yeah, so hopefully I can see my husband killing it a little bit more now that, you know, hopefully some of the heat falls off because I feel like in wrestling, there’s always something new that’s happening that’s like the talk of the town and so, you know, I’m sorry babe. I didn’t mean to get you all the heat. I just miss seeing you on TV, that’s really what it is and you know, AEW’s dope. I love more wrestling on TV. I love more of my husband on TV too. That’s really what it is.


I still don't understand the point of her going off like that. The dude came in, won a big match at a ppv and got an early title shot right away, got into a forever feud with Darby and fucking Sting, was featured damn near every week during that time, started a Team Taz split storyline, one of 5 people to pin Hangman one on one (the others are Jericho, Pac, MJF and Kenny) then started a feud with Ricky Starks after that. Cage was out for a bit because he got hurt or sick or something and then Ricky broke his neck. AEW rotates their roster and since Cage and Starks had to be put on hold they probably decided to let him rest too. He's pretty fragile after all.


It's really not complicated. She likes and misses seeing her husband on TV, and she's very passionate about it. It's an open and shut case.


The Reby Hardy school of booking


She just gets really spicy, you know


He was literally having a TV feud when she said that, then he (surprise surprise) got injured


He hasn’t been injured for a while


Problem seemed to be Cage had an injury then Starks had a big ol concussion so that kind of iced that fued... still seems like Starks is being careful, mostly doing commentary here and there.


Maybe they could've moved on then? They could've put Brian in another program while Starks healed up but they didn't.


Yeah I don't know. I want to see him have a clean break from the Taz stuff and move on to fighting other guys. I am sorta bummed we didn't see a Cage vs Miro TNT title match to be honest.


That really doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand, when she made her comments he was on TV every week feuding with Ricky. Then he got hurt.


Being on TV doesn't mean much when the program they are in is shit. They kept on having him pick up losses. While he was protected in each one of them, it came of as stupid when done in succession. He's been cleared for a while and I would love for him to move on from this never ending rivalry. He gets way too much heat for wanting more for himself. If that's not your goal in the first place, why be a wrestler lol.


I’m really not sure why you’re telling me this. Her exact words were “I missed seeing him on TV”. He was on TV.


I saw the video which got the heat originally. All she said was that he was being misused which is true.


So you skipped reading the top comment in this chain, scrolled down, and replied to me?


helped too that harold was gone from njpw, the relationship between aew/njpw became a real thing once that guy finally left


He did so much damage in such a short time


Why? What did he do?


I don’t think he actually did anything unless I missed something. As I understood it, he was just the one who held a grudge against AEW, presumably because he was also the one pushing for NJPW’s US expansion.


I'm pretty sure Harold Meij was credited for the two night Wrestle Kingdom (I think it's one of the last things he did before leaving his position) so he's not all negative. NJPW's US expansion had a lot of problems though, not sure if that was Meij's fault as well.


NJPW went from a golden era where they were a solid worldwide #2 to WWE, with a very good western expansion...to a mess


NJPW was awesome in 2018-2019 imo. COVID and the bad booking decisions that came from it are what's hurt it more than anything.


NJPW in 2018 and 2019 was amazing! And it seemed like 2020 was going to continue their incredible hot-streak based on the WK and New Beginning shows. But yeah, Covid really fucked them over big time and the questionable booking didn't help much.


The new World Heavyweight Championship belt is ugly. Not related to the big issues, but it's ugly as sin.


The rapid turn over of AEW and pro wrestling makes it feel like this happened ages ago...


Fun article. Kenta should of beat Mox and I wish it would have been on an AEW stage in front of ppl


I think this really speaks volumes of what a professional Kenny is. Let's be honest, based on the stuff we have been told, njpw was rather disrespectful to him on his way out, not allowing him to take part in new year's dash so he could, in a way, say goodbye to the fans etc. It's big of him to still, for his part, help make all of this happen.


Can someone more informed on it tell me if Rocky has a NJPW office job? I know he’s basically the US middle man at this point. With NJPWUS I’d think he’s earned the title, not the belt.


As far as we are aware, yes. He basically took over Tiger Hattori's job as a talent liaison.


And what an amazing stint it was! I thank the wrestling gods I was alive to see it. Epic.


Based Andrew Thompson and POST Wrestling