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This is less a Big E problem than a RAW problem


Spoiler alert: Nobody will work out as world champ outside of Roman because the entire promotion is booked like complete shit, and has been for a long time now.


But he’ll get crap on for being to goofy if he’s new day big e


No he wouldn’t, people loved Kenny being a clown every week and he’s a heel.


Kenny got heat from a certain section of ~~losers~~ fans that thought he wasn't serious enough.


What are you talking about lol? One of the biggest complaints around here is that Kenny and The Elite are too goofy.


There's literally people saying Big E is a big goofball and he is tainting the prestige of the title in other threads on the subs. People definitely would shit on goofy Big E. That's just how it works. There will be people who love it and people who hate on it.


I’m going to be honest, I have seen a trillion “wwe bad” takes, hell I’ve contributed a lot myself. But I have never seen anyone say Big E is currently too goofy.


There's always a first time https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/r02q75/the_universal_championship_is_worth_more_than_the/hlpy8h8?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


>people saying Big E is a big goofball and he is tainting the prestige of the title These people have never heard of John Cena I guess.


I feel that he was much better when he could play off of his 2 best friends. He is just bland as a solo act. His natural charisma just don't come out.


Big E just won that title not long ago. He is currently stuck with the 2 most conniving and manipulative guys to take him to his breaking point. Just a little bit if patience wouldn't hurt. Also Big E clearly said his character is the guy who doesn't get mad, he gets even. Meaning he will hand out ass whooping with a smile.


I have enjoyed his run a lot honestly


Are we watching the same product???? Coz guy is oozing charisma, but I guess he is not from that B grade show, people have a problem.


I am really enjoying Big E as WWE Champion. And absolutely loved Drew McIntyre with the Title. To each their own.


Strong disagree. I’m enjoying him a lot


It is never a good look to have a subjective opinion, but treat it as fact.


the crowd was dead for a match tonight. That's an objective fact.


It's wwe, the crowd is always dead because the product sucks. If the entire product is terrible, it's more likely a booking problem that a problem with the talent.


The product just isn't giving him enough to do. Not his fault as he's been super visible outside of wwe programming.


I honestly feel different. Big E is a ball of charisma and his matches are fun and hard hitting. I don't feel the WWE anymore and I've moved on the AEW but I watched the last PPV and Big E just felt like a big deal and the match on his end was great.


Big E can work. He has not a bad move set. He has pretty good ring IQ and has above average storytelling abilities (in-ring). He is also freakishly strong. Hs promos have been consistent and each time he has held is own against proven promo masters. I am liking this story of Big E having multiple threats for his championship and having to fend them all off at once. I wish Lashley would also get back in the fold. It would allow E to be booked strong yet still be compelling if he is facing multiple legit contenders at the same time.


I think his move-set is bland: A big splash, A big splash on the apron, a uranagi and a big ending. That would explain the numerous superman punches he took because he doesn't have any other offense and the Big Ending is so lame that the worker taking it has to oversell the effects of being dropped on their stomach with so much force Kevin Dunn has to zoom in to make it look effective. He's a good worker, he can promo but if you put him on the mic against Rollins or KO, it's a no-win battle and the crowd knows it. If he does get past KO and Rollins, I think you have to consider the possibility of turning him heel, maybe bringing along Kofi and Woods. A heel group with the top prize of the game. It's not exactly fresh ala Hurt Business and Bloodline but if you can freshen up the New Day into a more heel-centric role, there's a lot of possibilities there as opposed to having Big E just lose and return to the mid-card.


I agree but to be fair, I never wanted Big E as champion especially not over Bobby Lashley. I didn't find his intercontinental title run to be impressive especially when he got outshine by Apollo Crews. I do like him in the new day, but I always found Kofi and Xavier more entertaining. The allmighty era should have never end in my opinion.


The problem is with you mate. Would I have booked the Survivor Series match a bit different? Sure. But it's you


I'm just an observer that watches it on tv. If the crowd seems dead to me, then that takes my person enjoyment out of a match. If you liked it cool. But he isn't getting main event reactions from the live crowd. I'm not hating, as I'm just stating facts.


Xavier feels more believable at this point.


yeah I think Xavier has done a great job this past month. I could see him being built up to win the Royal Rumble actually.


Well, yea. They only put the belt on him cause it was close to black history month.


Because there's only one WWE Champion that WWE will book strong and it's Reigns. No one else is allowed to look remotely good in comparison, hence Reigns has lost 2* in the last two years and Big E has lost 5 since becoming champion.