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Ya I realize now that if I had watched BTE I would've understood it better which is fine....BUT if trying to hook new viewers and get them to understand a story than you can't make the storyline tie into a YouTube show or if you do show a clip of it before the match. I follow aew weekly but don't watch BTE and I had no clue what it was referencing and I follow the show weekly but something that important should have been played for the whole crowd before the match or somewhere during the show to get everyone up to speed. Just my opinion though 🤷


So much to say so instead I'll keep it short and sweet....what a PPV!!!


Show of hands: who here expected something longer from punk and kingston? I know i did.


Old dogs can’t run that fast bro


Neither of them are exactly cardio machines


Not sure what the Lucha Bros entrance was about 😂


Just catching up now. MJF vs Derby - Hated the small package spot and the apron tombstone spot didn’t get the time it needed to breath. Otherwise great opener


Thanks Vince


Ok pal


Ftr and Lucha bros had one of the worst endings to a match I’ve ever seen


MJF and Darby doesn’t need much said about it. It was great. FTR vs The Lucha Bros was solid action and it also continues the fued. Bryan and Miro just didn’t mesh for me. I loved the six man. I’ve been wanting to rewatch it all night. The tag match wasn’t bad at all. In fact, i think i liked it a hell of a lot more than a lot of people on this sub. Just should have been on Dynamite instead. Women’s title was okay, Britt needs more credible challengers though. Punk and Eddie fucked each other up. Is it just me or does blood look different now than it did 20 years ago? I had a lot typed out explaining why i wondered this but i deleted it when i realized how stupid i was for wondering that. I jumped out of my seat and said “what the fuck” when i heard Lethal’s name. That street fight had no place on the show. The rules were inconsistent and it was slow, and nobody asked for Jake Hager to wrestle MMA fighters. Again, Dynamite match, didn’t belong here. Sammy’s spot was cool. Hangman vs Omega was good stuff, I don’t think it was bad, and this was the first AEW show I’ve ever bought specifically for this story, but honestly after watching the match before this, my heart wanted to be into the match, but my mind just kept wishing they would just hurry the fuck up and put the strap on Hangman.


Thanks James E Cornette!!


I dont think you actually like wrestling


What here implies I don’t actually like wrestling? I loved the show, i just got tired after the unnecessary ass street fight


Glad everyone had fun. Haven't seen it yet due to timezone differences but am looking very forward to it


When hangman looked at matt and got the nod that was 2 year of story telling coming to an end perfectly. That's one of greatest thing I've seen in this business.


I honestly feel bad for anyone that had to go after the MJF vs Darby Allin match. I felt like those two set the bar for the PPV. Match of the night for me


What an event! Invited some friends over and they loved the PPV! Worth every penny!


Today was a shitty day for me, but this ppv turned it around. So thankfully AEW exists.


Hope tomorrow is a better one.


Hope so! Thank you. Hope your day is also good


How long does it take Bleacher Report to get the damn replay up?


I've never cried after or even during a wrestling match. Ever. That all changed on November 13th 2021 after the main event. Call me stupid or dramatic, tell me how much of a mark I am or haven't seen this match,or this segment, this storyline etc.I don't give a shit. Omega vs Paige was incredible and I didn't expect it to end the way it did. Overall the show was great. Not perfect mind you:the tag match had decent action but was ultimately pointless and kinda boring, the street fight was meh and Conti vs Baker was decent but the crowd was basically dead for it(also Tay looked surprisingly better than Britt imo). Everything else was pretty damn good. Darby vs MJF was MUCH better than I expected. Lucha Bros vs FTR was brilliant and super fun.Bryan vs Miro was great ,though it was placed way too early in the card imo. The 6 man tag was a lot of fun. Punk vs Kingston was short but VERY sweet and I popped HARD when I saw Punk's crazy look on his blood covered face. As for Kingston, you know how good you are when you can make people boo CM Fucking Punk. 8/10 overall. Not as consistent or ground breaking as All Out, but it had more highlights imo.






Good for you man




Good show, but I'm a bit underwhelmed. Lot of matches were sloppy and overbooked, specifically FTR/LB. Also thought they really missed the boat on having Hangman kick out of the OWA. Really would have made the win even bigger.


I would've agreed with you except for the fact Kenny being the first person to actually kick out of it (actual kick out notbfoot on rope) is pretty awesome when u think about it


Kenny took his own OWA, and kicked out of it? 🤔 Kicking out of anyone else’s attempt at it isn’t ever considered the same as kicking out of the master’s move.


Well no one ever even kicked out of that


Exactly. No one’s kicked out of Kenny’s OWA, not even Kenny. Not counting before it became OWA.


One Winged Angel is one of the true finishers in the business. Even Hangman kicking out of it would have devalued it.


Lol you act as if wrestling is real and it matters. Having one person kick out one time only makes the move that much bigger


I use the same logic in comics and anime. "Real" has nothing to do with it. And your point doesn't make sense, someone escaping making it "bigger" is just nonsense.






Ok. Do you have a time machine? Gotta kill past Ibushi.


Ibushi does that himself every time he takes a neck bump


Nah, he kills FUTURE Ibushi.




I've been watching wrestling since I was like 10, i'm 24 now. Nothing has ever felt more rewarding as a wrestling fan than this. This is awesome.


Cowboy shit! Gotta give props to Kenny too. He was an amazing heel champ and put on a good show tonight.


Yeah let’s thank the heel 🙄


I hate that the announcers don't really get loud or show a whole lot of emotion. Excalibur will when calling big moves but ideally Hangman's win would have evoked some prime JR emotion instead of basically just "Hangman did it! he won the title!" type stuff. I get that they're older and I guess JR was the best for a reason, but it would be nice if someone could make me feel something instead of just saying what's happening on the screen, you know?


Well Jim is half dead Escalator escbulibar is on meth Tony, is well….. his voice still sends me to Sleep 40 years later


Excalibur can have different volumes but he's basically emotionless. It's great he knows the names of all the moves but he doesn't help when it comes to emotional scenarios.


I think that's the reason why there's normally a colour commentator and a play-by-play commentator. Excalibur is definitely a play-by-play, but for some reason Jim Ross -- who used to be an immensely gifted colour commentator -- has assumed a play-by-play role with a grumpier, curmudgeonly approach.


I don't think that's true


Maybe a top 3 omega match


Personally, I think his top three matches consist only of Naito and Okada.


Maybe of the last month....It's not even top 3 of this year, let alone his time in AEW and again let alone his time in NJPW. And don't get me wrong I am not saying it was a bad match at all but not even in my top 10 I don't think. But that's just my opinion. If you thought it was then that's all that matters.


Not even remotely.


The most important lower third “New AEW World Champion”


That was an amazing PPV.


Best PPV in ages.


Crown jewel: "am i some sort of a tasteless joke to you or what...?"


The show was good, if not a little sloppy. A lot of rushed story lines led to matches having to make up for it, like Punk vs Kingston, Conti vs Baker. Match times also felt weird, giving Page vs Omega less time than FTR vs Lucha Bros. At the end of the day tho, the story told in Page Vs Omega was worth it, and that alone elevates this show to the same level of shows like All Out 2021 or DON 2019


Those are very fickle complaints bro. Especially the kingston and punk build. They had no idea it was gonna get this buzz it was just suppose to be another "tune up" for punk


I legit cried 2 and a half years of investment in a wrestling show and I got what I wanted no bullshit for heat no screwy finish just the right ending


thats been my favorite thing about aew. they dont force weird endings


I cried during Hangman's intro video. Amazing stuff!


Mostly good show. Some matches were bad and killed the crowd though.


Yeah a few matches in the middle were amazing with bad finishes (lucha/FTR, BD/Miro) and some were sloppy with ok finishes (Jurassic/Elite, Cody match). Punk/Eddie and Hangman/Kenny more than made up for it tho. Throw is an awesome opener in Darby/MJF and Tay Conti looking like a star and, agreed, mostly good show.


I was there and the crowd got quite for Conti/Baker and the Street fight and then picked back up for the main event.


Hey question about that: was the crowd really as dead as they sounded in the middle of the show? Seemed like it from shortly after the Darby match all the way to the Punk match. Was that just bad TV audio?


No didn't seem dead at all to me from the opening match until the woman's title match. Maybe the Cody match got a bit quite but i was in the bathroom for some of that. It was certainly better then TLC 2019 I went to.


I just decided to quit drinking about two weeks ago, after a few years worth of using it as an unhealthy coping mechanism. I decided to check this out after reading the articles on Hangman and Kingston this week. Seeing Page knock away the beer for a hug was so affirming, damn. Wrestling hasn’t made me feel anything like this in a long time.




Strong work! You will dominate this 🤘


Fuck comparing companies right now, AEW just put on a great fucking show. All except Cody "lolcodywinslolbigpyro #ownentrance" Rhodes. The rest was SUCH a great wrestling show. Looking forward to Miro's Redeeming of His God or His Answer Me or Stay Silent While I Crush Skulls Beneath My Feet character.


There's actually a story there with Cody that's been carrying on over multiple shows. I know y'all have always hated Cody, but at least give AEW credit for the story that's being told. Are y'all not paying attention to what's being said, how they're selling it on commentary, (I know you didn't watch the show but) how they've sold it on the reality show, etc.? How about trusting AEW to tell more than one story?


For me, the Codyverse sucks as bad as Baron Corbin's Midcard Vortex


>Baron Corbin's Midcard Vortex .... it sounds like a carnival attraction of some kind...


You can thank Oli Davis for that


What Codyverse? Y'all are missing the story.


Bloody Junior Dos Santos put on a great performance!


Dos Santos looks great, Arlovski....yikes


He was having a great time and really made an effort to add onto his moveset. I can respect that.


JDS definitely looked like he wanted to be there


Wasn't it iMPACT where he amazed people with his lucha skills? People keep wondering why people like Brock, JDS, Riddle, Rhonda, Tay Conti (how the fuck did WWE waste her) translate so well. They're already legit athletic real street fighters. Joe ROGAN could probably whip the ass of 90% of men on the planet, he could do the shit if he wanted to with minimal training and look good. I think Dolph has always been a great wrestler, pro and am, and doesn't get enough credit, mainly due to gatekeeper of NXT and being held down by shit booking. I want to see him eat a Kenny jump-halfway-across-the-ring V-Trigger, that sell would be legendary.


Hangman’s post ppv speech was so meaningful


Dang it. You there?!


Yeah it was such a weird atmosphere compared to all out. Took like 2 hours for everyone to come alive.


Loved everything except for the bucks coming out to not interfere then why come out and before someone answers with a this is why I don’t care they just needed it be about them letting him win allowing him whatever I dunno j


Seemed to me as though they thought about it and decided not to. This whole story has been about Hangman and the Elite, not just Hangman & Omega. Made sense for them to be involved in some capacity.


100% agree. Made 0 sense. They were full fledged heels 2 hours ago doing extremely violent and dirty things and for some reason their attitude changed miraculously??? Would have meant more if they gave him nod after he won or better yet not even be around.


Almost like this was a bit more personal or something.




To be in hangman corner unlike when he took on Jericho came full circle it’s like Bucks telling Hangman Sorry we were assholes


They were kneeing someone with thumb tack knee pads an hour before


Idk one doesn't exclude the other to me. These characters aren't black and white which is what makes it compelling.


That was basically the bucks accepting hangmans apology.


It was a story point, to not help Kenny or interfere means that Hangman's apology was accepted.


​ ![gif](giphy|ft2C2l1bBuXyo)


I was just watching TV for 4 hours, how is it possible I'm this tired? That PPV *delivered*, man! But goodnight!


I'm crying here. Perfect way to end a Fantastic PPV.


When your mom starts using netflix so the internet goes out literally just for the wholeass moment he wins the title :( Still happy tho :)


I think something happened on a few of the streaming services. I bought it through bleacher report and had to reload towards the end of the main event and when it reloaded Hangman's music was playing. Like you though I was still happy though!


Ohhhhh okay, i feel way better now lol thank you. And yes same!! Honestly, the way I had booked the ending in my head was very different, but I still loved this ending, especially the bucks nodding, perfect in my opinion :)


Almost 24 hours later and still loving that ending!


god damn i feel you so much. missed the ending to Punk vs Kingston and the whole main was choppy for me


Oh yeah fr. I hope Punk vs kingston goes on longer in story.


I'm literally in fucking tears right now after that main event. The nod of approval by Matt and the buckshot right after made me break down. I love this company so much.


That was 2 years of storytelling ended with a nod.


We are all cowboys and cowgirls on this blessed night!


Cowboy SHIT


I ain’t even gonna lie that was the first wrestling show I’ve watched in a few years. They had me hyped pretty much the whole show. AEW is dopamine hit after dopamine hit. It feels good to know wrestling can still be that satisfying to watch.


All Out and Full Gear 2021 are the first two PPV's I've ever bought. And both were perfect. Two very amazing and very different endings. Knocking the beer out of Reynolds' hand is the best moment I've ever witnessed though. Just so many feels.


Do us all a favour and keep buying them! Clearly a good luck charm


Well that was worth my 50 bucks. 4 hours of solid wrestling. Barely any time wasted on video packages. So good.


Accept for entrance opening ones which I kinda like..


Hangman's was awesome. That part with Dark Order was magnificent.


First PPV I have bought in over 10 years. Agree 100%. Excellent PPV. Amazing show.


Same here. For me it's actually longer than 10 years.


Likewise...I did not want to out my age lol!


Me, in the moment: “Omg Hangman won! I am so happy!” Me, two seconds after the event ends: “Oh fuck. How the hell is he going to beat Danielson?”


Giving hangman clean wins over Danielson and Omega would put rocket on dude back Danielson vs Hangman at New Years Dynamite Revolution : Adam Cole? Double or Nothing : loses to MJF MJF beats Punk at All Out


I'm crying at the club rn




Man, that was such a good match. Wednesday is going to be fucking great.


I swear I've never seen a company hit a fucking Home Run on literally every PPV like them.


I’m fighting tears over here. Since the beginning of AEW the story of Hangman has been one of the deepest. So happy for him to win the title.


I was sports entertained. Well worth my hard earned money! Cowboy Shiznit!!!


I dont get it, why did the bucks disapprove of kenny?


I don't think they disapprove of Kenny. They just weren't gonna stand in their old friend's way. "Go ahead. Win fairly. We won't stop you."


They knew Hangman beat him fair and square and that nod was their way of accepting the apology.


That's my problem too. It made 0 sense. They were full heels 2 hours ago and absolutely nothing changed in that time or was shown to the fans to think something had changed. Them being there took away from the match.


I got alot of response explaining what happen but ngl i didnt understand it at face value for the same reasons as you. Really felt like the young bucks just wanting to be in every storyline.


Following the story from start to finish. The relationship has always been complicated (and stated so many times). There's no real history with Jurassic Express. Hence, pure heels. Nothing needed to change in 2 hours. The difference was the opponent. The Hangman story goes much deeper than he's face and they are heels. He's their lost family, the one who screwed up and the one they didn't believe in enough.


Because AEW constantly shows that it's talent can be more than "faces" or "heels". Sure, they are absolutely heels, but they also have history with Page, a lot, and this was a moment of closure that they needed with their friend after a hell of a ride. It was for them as much as it was for him. A reluctant nod of acceptance that they know he isn't the man he was when he walked away. It also helps prep for the collapse of Kenny, likely with Cole and The Bucks continuing to edge him out of the group.


Possibly going to ditch Omega and stay with the super klick.


They didn't disapprove of Kenny. They approved of Hangman.


That was their way of accepting Hangman's apology I think


So happy to see hangman with the title. Wish it would have been a longer victory celebration before going off air.


I’ve never been a big Bucks fan but I loved that ending. And I loved Hangman tossing the beer aside for the hug. That match was everything I hoped it would be and more.


Throwing the beer away was so good. He doesn’t need alcohol as a crutch anymore because he believes in himself


Kinda makes two years of that drunk gimmick feel okay too. He found something better.


Hangman and (when he comes back) Mox need to tour schools after this. Telling kids that alcohol won't solve your problems.


That was storytelling. That was why we are all wrestling fans. A two year storyline just climaxed in the perfect way. Brilliant PPV and excellent main event.


"You kicking out of the One Winged Angel doesn't work for me, brother!" - Kenny Omega


That's being saved for when Ibushi comes walking through the door.


SO waiting for this! Also... Ishii on AEW!!!!


I haven't shed a tear watching wrestling since Kofi beat Bryan... Now I've enough of the fuckers to fill an ocean!


Really good show


My first ever AEW PPV, and it was fucking incredible! Great experience tonight with the movie theatre crowd!


So ibushi is the only one that can kick out of OWA neat


He didn't kick out. He put his foot on the rope. Kenny is the only person to kick out of a OWA


No, Ibushi (and Kenny) are the only ones to kick out. Ibushi did in 2012


See WWE? Sometimes the logical and expected outcome fucking works!


Exactly dude. Hell, WWE should know this. Hunter-Batista was 2-3 year arc that everyone could predict the result of, but it was still one of the best angles they ever did in making a new star in the last 20 years.


I genuinely wish they did something like that for Seth & Murphy with that whole “Revelation” faction. They split that group up way too soon. If not AOP & Theory, they could’ve added some other guys like Dijakovic, Dom Mysterio, Roode, Cesaro, and/or Ruby Riott. Have them rule over Monday Nights & declare it the RAW Testament. After a couple years, they slowly disband leading to a Rollins/Murphy WM feud, but they threw that potential away for that awkward telenovela storyline.


No Swerve Necessary


Fantastic PPV from top to bottom!


Nothing makes me more emotional than a great wrestling storyline...


probably the best aew ppv thus far


They have saved the One Winged Angel again. Wonder if they are waiting for Okada or Ibushi to come and kick out of it.


At this point I think they're saving it for either a Pillar or for Ibushi. And if Ibushi retires before they can finish that story, Kenny may very well protect it to his own retirement. ...watch it be Alan Angels next year.


Just Ibushi at this point. If Hangman didn't kick out of it, Okada won't.


Anna Jay would show up to congratulate Page but not help Tay. She's a terrible friend.


Tay will remember that


Wonder where the Elite go from here? They all lost tonight but the Young Bucks kinda seemed like they were remorseful for their treatment of Hangman


Much more importantly, They just turned face again


I think Matt was too concussed to do anything from earlier, that’s my story, thought it was two years ago.


Man, didn’t expect Bray to debut his new “big sexy naked Santa Claus” gimmick to over shadow Hangman’s title win but I trust Tony Khan


I know, right?! Never did I think that Santa could be so damn erotic!


Legit teared up


I loved all of that match. From the nameplate from the graphics team to the DO at the end. Only thing that would have popped me harder is if page had kicked out of OWA. It’s been a long time since wrestling has evoked any real emotion out of me but damn I’m happy for hangman. COWBOY SHIT!


I thought we would've gotten Omega turning on the elite since Cole's arrival, but. not the other way around.


Where does Omega go now?


Rest and heal up for Wrestle Kingdom?


Honestly, even though a forgone conclusion, seeing Hangman win was incredible.


I teared up at the nod from Matt. What a story!


That match got the biggest reaction i've ever had in any match. Hangman is the champion.


Such a satisfying ending!!! Wholesome AF.


I shed a tear


Fuck it, I'm crying. I'm so proud of our confident millennial cowboy.


I'm so happy right now!


I think I was maybe a bit too tired to truly enjoy that match. I should rewatch it later.




He’s making a movie




sadly Tony Khan recently said he hasn't even spoken to him in over a year at Jericho's b-day party ...


He did it, my cowboy actually did it


4.25 Star Match 5.25 Star storytelling


Interesting, so what's your total rating?


"Glad I got to see it live/5"


Yep, heard the pop when he won all the way down here in New Prague!