[AEW: Rampage Spoilers] TBS Women's Championship Bracket, with the first round byes and first round matchups set

[AEW: Rampage Spoilers] TBS Women's Championship Bracket, with the first round byes and first round matchups set


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Literally no fucking clue where they’re gonna go with this.


Isn’t it great?


Rosa vs Soho. Start printing the posters.


They teased that match in the casino royale and I would love to see it.


Yup. Very likely


If the TBS title is like the TNT title, it'll be the workhorse title for the women's division. So I'm looking at whoever comes out of that bottom bracket between Statlander/Deeb/Shida/Soho. I love Anna as a future champion but I don't think she's there yet, and Hayter just seems like an odd choice even though she's super talented. I think Rosa/Baker is gonna happen for the main title soon, so I don't see Rosa winning.


Hayter in the final so Britt starts crowing about having all the gold before it happens would be cool


That's also a reason for Hayter to win it. She's clearly not gonna be Britt's sidekick forever. Could further establish herself as her equal and then some


Ruby definitely seems to be wrestling quite bit so far and is also a big name in the division. Could see her winning it since she won't be back in the World Title scene anytime soon


Ruby seems like the right choice to me. I'd have her go over Hayter in the finals after the latter advances past Thunder Rosa with help from Britt and/or Rebel and Cargill/Red Velvet in the semis. It's a great opportunity to build up a new talent who is already a really solid worker.


Yup. Sounds good to me. Ruby gets some revenge on Hayter in the finals too after her match with Britt. Gets Titles on two of the top Women in the division and wrestlers in AEW period


Yeah I feel like if there is anyone that should have the main title, it's Rosa so I wouldn't pick her as the winner here. Statlander/Deen/Shira/Soho would all make great champs, though I'm a bit afraid they'll push Cargill into it.


I would love to have an alien champion


I mean they could have arguably had more people in the tournament but after the complaints about the men's bracket they at least did a bracket where reasonably everyone should be in and everyone has at least a dark horse case as to why they could win the whole thing (plus It's clearly follows the rankings almost perfectly assuming Tay is busy with Britt now).


Shida vs Deeb let's gooo


I have a feeling whoever wins the Shida vs Deeb match is gonna win the whole thing. Both have proven that they're reliable champions on TV that can have great matches with anyone.


I want Deeb to win the tourney so bad. She’s easily in my top 3 wrestlers atm.


There's absolutely no way. I think it's between Jamie Hayter, Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander and Thunder Rosa. I kinda doubt Rosa tho cause I don't believe she'll take the Title from Britt


Jade Cargill might have something to say about all of that.


The woman who's so green she hasn't had a one on one match longer than 5 minutes? I don't think so. I'm a Jade fan myself but she's not ready to be any sort if work horse champion putting on good matches. Her biggest test is gonna be against Rosa in this tourney who gives Jade her first loss


I’ll take that bet. You don’t build Jade up this much, have her be undefeated, and just have her lose a tournament match. MAYBE in the finals, but even then… I just don’t see it happening.


Point is what do you do with Jade as TBS Champ? Just does more squash matches for a few months? She's simply not ready and if this title is anything like the TNT one then it's a work horse type of champion that's gonna be putting on good matches as AEW champions do. I also just don't see it happening. She's losing somewhere in this somehow to somebody, and there's no better person to give her a true test in the ring and give her first loss then Rosa. Great in ring, can carry most the match for her, keeps her strong by losing to one of the top Women in the division and they've already been slightly building a story between the two of them. It's all right there


I agree that she shouldn't be a champ yet, but she's gone 7:34 with Velvet, 5:32 with Kilynn King, and went 6:09 with Leyla Hirsch. That's half of her 6 cable singles matches. Still got a ways to grow, but she's had a few chances to stretch beyond the YouTube Special three-move squashes.


She was carried in all 3 of those matches too for the most part, until she hits her big moves and eventually gets the pin. I really just don't see a scenario where she's a capable champion putting on solid matches against a variety of opponents. I think she loses to Rosa who eventually goes on to face Ruby in the finals


I completely agree on assessment of her current prospects, she’s def green. Just had a few matches above five minutes.


Shida’s gonna lose again but it’ll play out in the end with her getting her 50th win


Personally, I can't see them doing that. I can see Deeb costing Shida a future tourney match to set up a trilogy match, but I just can't see them pushing Deeb at the expense of Shida that way unless they've got a really solid story to tell. I could be wrong, but I just don't see Deeb winning this.


The solid story is easy. Deeb wins match one because Shida was looking past her. Match two both talk a big game, Shida is about to win, and Deeb resorts to heel tactics to steal the win despite her trash talk. Sets up a third match, maybe with a stip, where Shida whips her ass once and for all and stands tall.


If Deeb goes all the way to win the TBS title it would be cool for Shida to challenge her for the title and her 50th win, would show that anybody can lose the title on any given night but then idk if that makes deeb look weak maybe she should have a couple defences first


Wouldn't that mean that either Deeb loses the Title on her first defense, or Shida has to wait like 3-4 months to challenge her again? With all due respect, I'm not sure that works story wise.


I read someone on here mention that Nyla Rose is also closing in on 50 wins. It'd make a lot of sense for Deeb to win the tournament while Shida feuds with Nyla over the 50 win claim. Then afterward, we get Deeb/Shida III at some point


Nyla currently has 46 wins, so she's definitely right on Shida's heels.


There's absolutely no way Deeb is winning this tournament




Same reason people care about any other non-title feuds




Thunder Rosa gets some of the biggest pops of the night, male or female. When was her title match again?




I couldn’t disagree more.


Nyla is at 47 according to cagematch, and unlike Shida, I think they're counting all of hers. (Shida's match against Nevaeh never aired, so they aren't counting it).


I would love it if Shida refused to fight anyone but Deeb for her 50th win.


Don't put that out into the world. Khan might snatch on it as an excuse to ignore her until her contract is up.


Skye Blue got squashed by Jade and they said nah you good


Before anyone asks, the reason Thunder Rosa, Jade Cargill, Nyla Rose, and Kris Statlander are getting byes is because they are in the top 5 of the rankings.


Jade being in the top 5 makes sense in kayfabe. Less sense outside because she's mostly squashed nobodies.


She just won a triple threat over Rose and Rosa.


I could've sworn that was a #1 contenders match, but, obviously it wasn't.


Nah it was just a grudge match to pay off the story going from the Casino Battle Royal.


I thought the same too at the time.


How have I never noticed they have the same name


Every wrestler in the rankings has scored lots of wins over enhancement talent. Tay Conti is #1 in the rankings and most of her wins were on Dark and Elevation too. Lance Archer is 25:4 and I bet 90% of those wins were against jobbers. That's how AEW wins/losses work.


Jungle Boy has ended up on the L column in most of his big name feuds, but is somehow the 1st AEW wrestler to reach 40 wins.


That's mainly due to him being AEW's workhorse. Even before the pandemic, he was, to steal a line from Christian, "outworking everybody".


Yeah, I'm not questioning. Just reinforcing the post above that most AEW stars W/L records are inflated by wins vs enhancement talents.


I love that they gave independent wrestlers some income during the pandemic, but the fact that everyone's W/L record consists mostly of matches against "enhancement talent" has completely fucked the rankings.


It really hasn't though, the rankings were always artificial right from the beginning. Initially guys like Nakazawa, Peter Avalon, Cutler and TH2 took the majority of the losses for the top guys to have 75% or 80% win rates, while Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc etc got wins over the bottom guys but consistently lost to Omega/Pac/Moxley. They really just shifted who takes the pins away from the signed wrestlers to independent talent and in doing so improved the stats of the lower card wrestlers because they didn't need to lose every match anymore.


>Jade being in the top 5 makes sense in kayfabe. Less sense outside because she's mostly squashed nobodies. That's how the current champion got her #1 ranking and title shot. AEW threw away "strength of competition" a while ago, at least in the afterthought division.


Who gets the byes makes sense, I just don't like that there are byes at all. Riho, Emi Sakura, Leyla Hirsch for example should all replace byes and I also expected a forbidden door wrestler (somebody from Impact probably because they have awesome women) to be in the tournament.


Riho is in Japan


Honestly, I'm not sure if I would feel any great pull to return if I was her.


That eventual Thunder vs Jade match is a big test for Jade.


Rosa being the one to give Jade her first loss protects Jade pretty nicely imo. Hopefully Jade can hang with Rosa one on one. Also gives Rosa revenge for that 3 way match with Nyla.


I think they can also play up the lack of experience aspect with a Jade also, I think they did that in NXT with Shayna at some point. Or I think Jade beats Rosa and then looses to Deeb in the finals and you can really play up the lack of experience aspect.


This is my dipshit internet fantasy booking idea. Jade loses. Next week Sterling starts to cut a promo making excuses but Jade cuts him off. "You think I became what I am by lying to myself? I dont ignore my weaknesses, I work on them until they become strengths" You keep her heel, but add in a swlf awareness that can be used for future storylines. Have her become a student--scouting Deeb and Emi matchss. Hell even Danielson and Pac. Learning. Becoming more dangerous. Slowly adding to her repetoir.


Can't think of a better person to test her though.


Every one on one match longer than 5 minutes is a test for Jade. She´s a star but at some point it´s still wrestling.


So hyped for this. 85% (don't check my Steiner math) of the contestants would be great choices for the winner and first TBS champion. I really have no clue who it could be But, I'm rooting for Hayter


I’m taking Serena to win the whole thing My other prediction? Ruby, Jamie, and Red will all win their matches in the first round


I really want Deeb to win it.


Shida is going to get her win back...so I don't think that's happening. I could be wrong, but I can't see Shida losing twice back-to-back to Serena. This does mean we'll probably get Shida v. Deeb III so, silver lining.


Shida wins their first round match, Deeb costs Shida in the next round and then Shida v. Deeb III at Full Gear?


My guess... Deeb beats shida. Shida looses her shit, turns heel, and either injures Deeb or costs her the win to nyla. Keeps the 50th win out of the tournament and sets up a continued feud with deeb. I think this tournament overall is set up to have Soho vs Rosa at the end. No idea who they'd book to win.


I mean they just turned Deeb heel a couple weeks ago, feels weird to have Shida turn heel on her now.


I think it will come down to Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb and with Deeb getting the win. She has good matches with everyone and as a trainer she can help elevate talent as well in real time situations. Valuable learning experience from the best possible teacher. You can also use this as a way to build Thunder Rosa up even more as a credible threat to Britt Baker's belt. I know that I personally cant wait for that program.


Can we do a fun run like Cody did for the TNT title and have Deeb with an open challenge for a while? Maybe see some random fun forbidden door stuff? Someone from Impact or NWA or get way crazy with like Stardom?


You read my mind friend. Mayu vs Deeb has all the ingredients for an instant classic. Edit: You could get Deeb vs Miyu Yamashita, Deeb vs Utami, Deeb vs Starlight Kid. There are so many great matchups.


Yes. Random dark wrestlers and random forbidden door wrestlers.


Deeb vs Hayashishita or Syuri. PLEASE.


This looks all kinds of great. Cool that we're getting the result of a bunch of feuds as the first round.


I can't lie this is a hard Tournament to predict, especially given how many of the top women are in this Tournament and how Aew avoids loses for the top women.




I know Dogu, I'm gutted that Emi isn't on the list either.


That bracket made it clear that Tay Conti will be feuding with Britt Baker for the title at Full Gear.


Well Tay holding up the Title on Rampage truly made it clear


No Emi Sakura!? I'm disappointed.


Hopefully she gets that faction soon


No thanks. I wouldn't swap her with anybody on this list imo


Don't have to swap anyone, remove the byes and add Sakura, Hirsch, Mizunami and Blue or someone from Dark.


Ah I see. Just more matches. Sure why not yeah


Thunder Rosa vs Serena Deeb finals would be the best possible match I think


Rosa vs Soho


So I guess Tay is next for the main title at Full Gear.


Ideal final 4 would be Rosa v. Jade and Serena v. Ruby. Rosa vs either of the other two could be a 20 min classic to win it. And do the opposite of the E's queen tourney. Also lots of side feuds can come out of it. I love the idea of Shida vs Nyla..but this time with 50 wins on the line.


Leyla Hirsh, Ryo Mizunami, Riho and Skye Blue could have given the byes some matches.


Riho has been in Japan for like two months


Not to mention Big Swole, Diamante, Emi Sakura or Abadon


Yup. There is no shortage of good options.


mizunami is the Seadlinnng champ so theres no way shes losing while shes wrestling in aew.


I think it will be Soho v. Cargill in the final


I definitely don't see then trusting Jade enough yet to go that far. I think Rosa gives her first loss. She's yet to show she can wrestle in a one on one match longer than 5 minutes


I was expecting Shida-Deeb final, not right off the bat damn This probably means Deeb wins the whole thing


Or deeb wins first round, then shida snaps and costs her the next match. Removes both from the tournament and sets up a continued feud. I think finals will be Soho and Rosa.


I just find it weird both Deeb-Shida and Penelope-Soho, both feud matches, are right away I can def see Ruby or Rosa win it specially if it's a "workhorse" title


YOOOO Shida/Deeb rematch? 50 wins and advancing to the next round? The stakes have never been higher.


Skye Blue fan section demands an ALLELITE graphic and a place in the tournament


So the only one of the top 5 contenders free is Tay, it's more than official Britt's next oponent


I am expecting Emi-backed shenanigans at some point.


I think Britt Vs Anna Jay was longer than every match in WWEs queen of the ring combined


Assuming there's no tomfoolery against Penelope, Soho v Statlander in the second round is gonna slap


Hey a tournament that’s not predictable!!!! Wish the men’s tournament felt that way, but I’ll take this!!!


wtf! why was skye in the promo for the thing yet isnt actually in it!


They've been playing up a lot of the recent women's matches as having TBS tournament implications. Maybe losing in 1 minute to Jade cost her a spot?


Jade beat Skye Blue in a minute and dropped from #1 rank to #2, so she lost a Full Gear title shot for a bye in the TBS tournament. Not exactly the tournament implications anyone expected, lol.


They could have easily just had that match be in the tournament instead of being before the tournament. It can even be the same result if they want. But it seems odd for them to put her in the announcement promo for the tourney and then cut her from the tourney.


Yes but I would have liked them to at least say that when she lost


Hey wait, wasn't Skye Blue in this?


No Riho…………


is it because of COVID protocol? she was just in Japan for Wrestle Princess


There's no quarantine for flying from Japan to the USA. She could fly over next Tuesday and wrestle on Wednesday. Must be something else keeping her away.


Probably the fact that this is her first time home in a year?


They could have easily added 4 women and made this a 16 women tournament.


Probably didn't have the time for that. I don't see them doing 2 minute match like WWE.


Why not? AEW put out hours of content every week, no reason a few first round matches can't end up on Rampage or main eventing Dark.


Shida vs Deeb first round seems a bit brutal. Really hoping they go with Deeb to win the whole thing


Soo many potential bangers


Thunder Rosa on course to end Cargill’s winning streak; Rosa/Shida finals is my guess.


I think Rosa wins this tournament


Calling Runy vs Rosa in the finals. Jade getting beat by Rosa for her first loss. Ruby beating Shida in the semis.


No Skye Blue :(


First Round * Jamie Hayter beats Anna Jay * Red Velvet beats The Bunny * Hikaru Shida beats Serena Deeb * Penelope Ford beats Ruby Soho Quarter Finals * Thunder Rosa beats Jamie Hayter * Jade Cargill beats Red Velvet * Hikaru Shida beats Nyla Rose * Kris Statlander beats Penelope Ford Semi Finals * Thunder Rosa beats Jade Cargill * Hikaru Shida beats Kris Statlander Finals * Thunder Rosa beats Hikaru Shida --- I'm really torn on the Shida/Deeb match, as I could easily see it going either way. I think whoever wins makes it to the finals. I'm gonna go with Shida, just because I think it's a fitting opponent for her to get her 50th win from, and if she doesn't get it then, does she just get it on a random episode of Dark? Also, having Ruby lose in the first round is tough, but I think it plays into her needing to find some friends (as she would lose due to The Bunny's interference).


I see NO WAY of Penelope getting a win over Ruby Soho at all, especially in the first round of this tourney. Absolutely not


Can't see Thunder Rosa winning it, reason being I firmly believe she'll beat Britt for the aew women's title as her ultimate pay off but guess we'll see..


I thought Skye Blue was going to be in this this. Kiera Hogan? Abandon? Diamanté? It’s fine how it’s set up and who’s featured id just more people to be featured. Also I didn’t watch rampage yet. I get AEW uses all this ranking nonsense, but why another Tay Conti title program?


My prediction is either Rosa vs Deeb final or Ruby vs Jade final. Both would be fine with me!


I'm pulling for Serena now. Wanted Tay in it. I guess the consolation prize is she gets a title match at Full Gear. This is why she rose to #1 in the rankings. My ideal final is Rosa v Deeb, with Rosa/Ruby a close second, and I could def. see Jade vs Nyla, but I just think it's too early for Jade.


Jade will win. She has been built up as a dominate force, she will get to the finals, against Soho, and most likely win.


Hate the byes, partially because I hate Jade and partially because it feels none of the other three really earned them. Plus they are deciding to just not highlight other talent despite the amount of time they have to do this tournament. The rest seems solid. Im hoping for Deeb or Rosa to take I think.


Shida… a former champ and a top 5 ranked didn’t get a bye…. My girl isn’t getting out of round 1 is she :(


I want Jade to win so badly. Build her up and make her eventual loss huge.




r/wrestlinghumiliation is probably having a field day with Baker applying the Lockjaw on Anna right now.


"Penolope Ford battles her bitter rival, Ruby Soho" since when have they been bitter rivals.


Since she smacked Ruby in the head with a pair of BK's and then Ruby attacked her the next show.


I don't know if that's enough to be considered a bitter rival


Someone hits me in the head with brass knucks, they're my mortal enemy for life


My brain is racked, I want Statlander to win it... But I want Ruby vs Serena..


Thunder Rosa vs Ruby Soho is my prediction.


I'm guessing Jade over Ruby in the finals but I really hope I'm wrong. I don't want this belt to exist simply because they don't want to beat Jade.


Can't wait for Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida to go 20 minutes.


No Tay Conti?


Looks like she's Britt's title match at Full Gear.


Hayter over Anna Red over Bunny Deeb over Shida Soho over Ford Hayter over Rosa (Britt interferes heating that feud up) Jade over Red Deeb over Nyla Soho over Statlander Jade over Hayter Soho over Deeb Jade over Soho Winning the title keeps Jade undefeated but away from the World Title.


Exactly how I see it. I think Thunder Rosa will beat Jamie but will lose against Jade because of Britt. I don´t see them doing Jade vs. Jamie, heel vs. heel.


I thought we were definitely seeing Jade vs Rosa in the final, but now it's wide open


Deeb, Jade, or Soho are the most likely winners IMO.


Part of me wonders if Deeb and Shida draw in round 1. It means Nyla doesn’t fight until the semi’s, but arguably she is one of the performers that already has the most credibility. You also get the option, if matches are in short succession, that you have the story of whoever wins the match to face Nyla is coming off a war, while the former champion is fresh and ready to go.


Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter potentially in the second round? Oh yes! Great match on paper and the storyline aspect of the match with Britt outside is really interesting. Good way to foreshadow the Britt/Thunder Rosa match for Revolution.


Not the biggest fan of the byes. Would have preferred a 16 women tournament with some other aew women (Emi for example) or some forbidden door kinda thing. Having said that, I appreciate the logic of the byes being the top ranked women.


Really unpredictable field which is exciting. Hoping for a Serena/Ruby finals, but I think we’ll get Jade/Ruby.


The first match is going to go longer than the entire queens tournament, isnt it? I'm down for that, I didn't expect them to get much time but I also didn't expect the huge level of disregard they received.


WHERE'S EMI SAKURA?!?! This is an outrage! #EmiTakesAEW


I need more Abadon for spooky season.


Not a fan of 1st round byes, but im sure I'll enjoy it. Kinda wish Shida and Deeb could meet in the semi finals amd not the 1st round


I definitely see Statlander being the big 'early upset" loss here. They could def do it with jade as well, but considering the options are Velvet and bunny, I doubt it.


Thunder Rosa doesn't need this, Shida should have gotten that bye and faced Seen in the semis


Shida isn't ranked.


Former champ though, 49 wins, etc.


The byes all went to the ranked competitors though.




Deeb vs Rosa in the final. Britt costs Rosa the match. Britt vs Rosa at Revolution. Edit: This bracket looks stacked too. So many great potential matchups, Hayter vs Rosa, Deeb vs Shida and Statlander vs Soho could all be fantastic.


if statlander doesnt get this belt im just gonna give up


We know Velvet won't advance, you can't let her AND Cargill alone in a ring.


Velvet was Jades first couple of matches