[Smackdown Spoilers] Hit Row's entrance

[Smackdown Spoilers] Hit Row's entrance

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Sheamus should be in Hit Row.


Tbt to when ECW Christian was on a survivor series team with all black wrestlers and he rapped.


"Team Kofi Kingston Looking for a fight Four of us are black and one of us is white! What's up?!"


For some reason that just makes me think of Tank Abott trying to be with 3 Count in WCW


We can only dream of Sheamus bobbing around to Hit Row coming to the ring while wearing a shirt with the nipples cut out.


Holy fuck lmfao, I never knew Tank was a wrestler


He barely was, to be fair


And one of the reasons Vince Russo was removed as booker was because he was pushing to have Tank Abbott beat Sid Vicious for the World Title.


Goddamn I love Vince Russo


Weird how some people on this sub weren’t even alive when that happened


I see no lies


My biggest sigh of relief tonight was Hit Row being exactly the same as in NXT.


Second biggest sigh was feeding jobbers to them. Haven’t seen them do that in awhile


I definitely popped seeing local talent in the ring. it was like 2019 all over again.


The one good thing about touring returning: local jobbers


"sigh" as in negative or "sigh of relief" as in positive? Cause to me that was a good thing.


Sigh of relief for sure


Sweet. Same.


Jobber #1 looks 50


"Jobber" 1 was on a long winning streak before this match,he was clearly off his game.I think a rematch is in order,but next time remove B-Fab from ringside because it's likely her beauty was far too distracting.


I loved pat’s line about him having an win streak at the rodeo


half this sub doesnt watch NXT so they wouldnt know the difference


You damn right


I've never seen these guys before but they seem good on the mic


Totally thought they’d put a $ at the beginning of their logo


whats the over-under on WWE randomly disbanding this faction?


Depends on if they get over. If they get over 100%


Wouldn't shock me if they were broken up by this time next year. At best, they'll definitely be broken up by this time in 2023.


I'd be surprised if they last 6 months together.


Clown behavior Remind me! 6 months


For me, quite high. And I kinda see what's gonna happen. Swerve will turn on Top Dolla which will recieve a babyface push, Swerve will be a heel that get used some times, and Ashante will be lost in the shuffle. I hope I'm wrong though, because I like the Hit Row act and it feels they're just getting started with what they can do.


No chance they're still together in a year. Probably more like six months, but I'm factoring in six months of WWE forgetting they exist before breaking them up


Remindme! 6 months


Freaking Michael Cole. "And now know this...it's Money Time"


I died laughing, he sounded dead inside 0 enthusiasm just "it's money time"


Picturing Vince in Cole's ear right before that "SAY THE FUCKING LINE COLE. SAY THE FUCKING LINE RIGHT NOW"


The fuck was going on in the very very first couple of frames where Sheamus was in an incredibly green hallway? Why was that hallway so green? I don't think I've EVER been in a hallway that green.


Ireland, innit


Good hallway that


> Good ~~hallway~~ that Good Galway that.


The Luck of the Irish


what Americans think Ireland b like look at Finley and Hornswoggle lmao


**B R A N D I N G**




I always enjoy their promos purely because of how different they are from everyone elses


Remind me a little of the old Enzo and Cass promos


Yeah because they don’t code switch.


That was pretty good. Why they never cut the music though


Especially since she specifically said to cut the music


My only nitpick. Everything else was exactly what I've come to expect from Hit Row promos: excellence.


Tbf it added to it


Their hits play in the background while they hit in the ring.


“Cut the music” *proceeds to not cut the music, leaving the volume to drown out the promo*


Cover thr crowd not reacting.


They did her dirty by not only ignoring her request to cut the music but by then keeping it going the entire fucking time




They should just have that song play for their entire match, New Jack style.


That was excellent.


They come off as stars. Given promo time and a squash. The last faction to get that was The Shield.


I just hope they don't break them up to soon or really ever break them up.


Never seen these guys before. Love the theme. Excellent promo, I’ll remember all their names as an infrequent watcher


Yep. Shock Collar, Shan't Be The Adderal, Beef Abs, and Sir Scoff. Inforgettable.


Thank you so much for beef abs


Hit Row has always been hit or miss for me but this was great. Knocked it out of the park when it mattered most. Great first impression on the main roster.


Their name is Hit Row and they're here to say they're gonna sports entertain all over U-S-of-A


Vince: I *get* hip-hop. I'm good friends with Kevin Nash.


He also wore a durag one time


And said the N-word, so I guess he is hip-hop.


How he got away with that..


Vince “Murda Mook” McMahon


Solid debut. First time ive seen jobbers on live SD getting squashed for some time(that i can remember). Seems like they getting the push. Good. WWE needs some new wrestlers.


live thread was so fucking bad during this, it's always pretty horrible but during this it was more bad


Not shocking. From what I recall, when they did the cypher in NXT there were similar issues with the NXT live chat. Big yikes.


What is a cypher? EDIT: googled and turns out its some rap battle of some sort?. Also funny story, yesterday I was browsing through random subreddits and came across NYstateofmind or something like that. It was filled with posts about black culture in NY (or at least that's what I inferred). I legit didn't understand what the fuck they were talking about 99% of the time. Had to check in urban dictionary every post. Odee, ock, woo Lmao. I properly feel like an old person now.


Has there genuinely been a gimmick involving black culture that the live thread hasn’t shit on when it was first introduced From Naomi, to the Street Profits, to Bianca to now Hit Row.


I think people actually got into the Private Party gimmick when it debuted but tbf I rarely do the live threads so the energy might not have same there.


The worst I remember is Private Party getting called Street Profits rip-offs, which... I can at least understand thinking at first glance, even if they're not.


Nope. Same shit every time in there.


They try and say it’s racist and stereotypical but I mean: that’s just our culture. It’s who we are you know


I’m not even black and I see the obvious differences between this and fucking Cryme Tyme.


Yeah but this is literally a company that currently has a phenomenal Asian wrestler portraying a comedy FUCKING NINJA. They have two "ladies man" latinos. They've got a GIGANTIC tank of a woman's wrestle who's gimmick right now is that SHE'S THE UNDERDOG BECAUSE SHE'S FAT. Despite that being the stupidest in the world that a huge powerhouse is THE UNDERDOG because she's not what the people in charge of the company think is sexy and hot which is STILL the #1 thing a woman needs to be a star. There's a FUCKING NIGERIAN WARLORD on this show. They have a history of pairing up wrestlers of the same ethnicity to either have to be a team or have to only feud with one another. I don't get why people don't see why when they debut a group of four black rappers that some people are going to just assume this is more forced upon stereotypes.


Folks argued with me that Apollo Crews with the African warlord Commander Aziz in the Nigerian Drum match, wasn't WWE leaning into stereotypes. So yeah, lots of folks shutting their eyes to truth. It is entirely possible to be a legit group of people involved in rap while also behaving like stereotypes. See Hit Row. WWE's issue is that I can't think of a Black wrestler they have had, who hasn't had the gimmick of being "Black" to paraphrase the high ranking creative team member Michael Hayes.


Huh? What kinda phrase is “a gimmick of being black” Why to you or Hayes since you paraphrased him being black is a gimmick in wrestling. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt on this one and hoping you worded that wrong or didn’t think it through. There are plenty of black wrestlers whose gimmicks aren’t related to rap or street life, or other “stereotypes” that you said such as: Lashley, Ricochet, Booker T/King Booker, Mace, Cedric, Shelton, Big E before New Day, Ember Moon, Naomi, etc And even for the others who you’d say lean into a “rap stereotype” rap and music are huge to us it’s not a stereotype or gimmick, it’s our culture it’s us. Nothing wrong with it being a huge inspiration for a lot of black wrestlers to draw from.


I don't need the benefit of the doubt because they aren't my words or belief. There have been several accounts of Michael Hayes saying Black wrestlers didn't need a gimmick because being black was their gimmick. It isn't my phrase, it is a very, very problematic phrase attributed to him. It was to illustrate the racism at play in WWE and what is accepted there. Of your examples, only one has completely avoided a negative, prejudiced or stereotypical gimmick and she was sent back to developmental. Booker T came out in chains to a man dressed like Colonol Sanders, later pretended to be from Harlem. He then was featured in a skit with Vince dropping the N word. Big E and Lashley both played on the angry black man stereotype, then Big E and the new day switched to preachers with a touch of Black minstrel included. The Hurt Business basically insinuated they had hoes that followed then around and featured MVP who came is as a negative cocky black athlete stereotype. Shelton's golden standard gimmick after the team angle break up was a stereotype. Naomi came in as part of a motown funk group for goodness sake. So Ember Moon and somewhat Cedric and arguably somewhat Lashley, have avoided being given negative, offensive or stereotypical gimmicks. So three...of how many? My main critique that is that WWE constantly makes race a central point around their non-white wrestlers, often playing into stereotypes. In Hit Row, it's not necessarily a negative stereotype (rapper) but they still behave in a stereotypical rapper fashion. That's fine, but I would have preferred them prepare them for wrestling more and then push the gimmick to the moon.


Hell, there are some people in this sub who don't think Sasha Banks or The Rock are black wrestlers because they are mixed race.


Not surprising whatsoever. Demographic of hardcore wrestling fans certainly skews a certain way.


They just can't connect with Hit Row for some reason? I wonder why?


Just not relatable enough


I just can’t put my finger on why though, hmmmmmmm


We know why, they'll tell us it's not it...but we know why.


they're attractive and successful and make money I relate more to a dinosaur with a tarzan partner


No no that too, but it’s something else Something a bit more *obvious*, you know?


oh *oh* they have friends!


I don’t qwhite get it. I’ll do some more research


Funny thing is, I'm a suburban white dude, and I dig Hit Row.


8/10 times black-adjacent stuff is shot down as “idgi”, “doesn’t connect with me”, or “omg cringe” in the live threads. It’s gross as fuck.


And 10/10 times people will call those who don't like the gimmicks of black people racist. Not everyone likes rap.


The NXT Facebook page was always exceptionally cruel to Bianca, but look at her now. She's one of the few women to reach and hold Horsewoman-level status outside of the Horsewomen. They were dicks to Hit Row too. So I hope Hit Row does well, not only because the faction is money, but also to rub it in the faces of the haters. Racists are dumb.


To heck with those haters in the live thread


Is anyone allowed to just, not like it?


not a regular wwe watcher but i do watch some clips on here just to see whats up. i thought this was rather...cringe and i dont use that term often. guess im a racist now.


I was reading the live thread and was wondering if we were watching the same thing.


WWE threads in SC are all toxic


Man, *I wonder why*


Your first mistake was expecting the live chat to be anything other than a cess pool


They'll be crying themselves to sleep when all these guys are stars and Top Dolla is world champ. I have to remember who the demographic half this sub is and that's why they don't like this group. But thankfully most fans worldwide aren't like that.


[Thank you, Brother Vince.](https://i.imgur.com/7QH9W3O.jpg) We got the Hip-hop Akatsuki.


Need Tian Sha in hit row asap


'When the money speaks nobody checks the grammer'


I love Hit Row hope they do well on SD


B-Fab : "Cut the music" Kevin Dunn : \*Did not cut the music\*


Ffs... Michael Cole with a "It's money time..." right out of the gate. Prepare yourself people.


Man, I think they are awesome and could go far. Wishing them the best because you never know on the main roster.


The 2 3.55mm cables coming from the xlr output of that sm58 are making me die inside.


Hey maybe they're just using a REALLY shitty mic lol


Mildly-good pop considering that they're in Wichita, Kansas. Still don't like that WWE wants to push the unproven big man than the established singles wrestler of the group.


It's one report. And that report did not play out tonight as it would've been Swerve and Adonis in the match.


And they referred to Swerve I believe as the Star.


They said B Fab was the star. Swerve was the ring vet.


Exactly what I said in that thread. Typical SquaredCircle overreacting. I have no idea why the community continues to take insiders as gospel when they've been wrong so many times. Take it all with a pinch of salt or just wait until it plays out.


Vince loves big meaty men slapping meat.


Did he really fucking say “It’s money time”?! Just fucking stop


I’m excited for these guys on Smackdown.


HIT ROOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Hit Row are awesome.


I’m black and this gimmick has always been lame to me.


never seen em before, happy for young stars to keep rising but.....these promos remind me of the new GTA online characters in the latest release. They get nuclear heat in /r/gtaonline


Same and same; do like Swerve's in-ring talent though.


> but then explaining their names to the very details was really lame. That's what didn't work for me. Seems like they really dumbed it down for general audiences.


I mean a lot of people here ain't the brightest lol. When people say they don't understand the gimmick(they're rappers, simple) it kinda makes sense that they take time to explain themselves on their debut


Sometimes I think people are watching a completely different show. To me, Hit Row just comes across as another corny rap gimmick. Just like Tony D’Angelo… it’s been done to death.


See D'Angelo has the crowd loving him after 2 matches so he has time to grow. Hit row didnt do much in NXT


Grow into what? An even bigger stereotype? This is what I don’t get. The character can’t go anywhere. The crowd likes him because a good portion of wrestling fans, particularly those who watch WWE, are older and stuck in the past. If he got called up to the main roster and got put into a feud with Big E, for example… c’mon, it would be embarrassing and cringe-y. There’s no way around that.


I think it's just being an adult that makes these guys cringy. Maybe kids like them though. Personally, i think their act seems very forced


Kid’s like anything so that’s not a good bar but that’s true. For all the shit Cryme Tyme gets their charisma felt natural and were actually funny.


Slight tangent on that I think. It's the experience that comes with being an adult. If you grew up when Run DMC and LL Cool J and Public Enemy first hit the Hit Row entrance is simply boring. Most of the under 25 won't have the frame of reference and have been taught, as seen in this thread, that any dislike of blacks must be racism.


I think they have personality and some of the promo was reallt good but then explaining their names to the very details was really lame. And B-Fab isnt very good in the mic,the other ones make up for it and their overall synergy is pretty good .I dont think its lame but the material given here just doesnt seem like the best.


They remind me of The Wiggles or something.


it is a lame gimmick, i agree. sometimes tho these gimmicks are lame coz the wrong people were working them. at least, to me, swerve and b-fab look legit. top dolla and adonis neaten up the group. in nxt they really pushed the "we're a family" thing and in their shoot interviews they talk about legit being more than friends but a little family and thats what i think really makes this group. aside from that they can promo. they look very fly imo. they're not hood, but they taste like hood to me and i'll eat that up. i like em. i think they're worth a second look at. again, i usually hate this gimmick.


First time seeing them, I’m sure they are great wrestlers but that rap was corny af


She said cut the music and they didn’t Lmao


I hope Hit Row just make a HIT of a main roster run, They just hit different


Fine. I’ll say it. Their promo was trash. Sounded like this video. https://youtu.be/9UAC2qkcrDY


Thank you Vince for leaving these gems alone. Let this cream rise to the top


Wow very impressed with their presentation, they came off like total stars. Credit where credit is due. Please follow through though WWE


I give them two months and you wont see them anymore.


That was different. I like different. Let's have more different


Thought they were boring in NXT. Don't seems much better on SmackDown. Lame stereotypes and subpar wrestling. But yeah, fire people like Wyatt and fill up the void with this crap....


i love my folks


Top Dolla looks stupid AF. He looks like an over grown third grader who just started listening to rap over the summer


Rapping in shorts over yoga pants doesn’t help either. If they want to make him Suge Knight, he’s gotta dress the part more.


What the fuck was this shit, have they always been this cringe? Damn.


Hit Row came across as corny to me. The entire act feels like its a bunch of white writers in the back trying to come up with what they THINK Black culture really is. It reminded me of every white dude I ever worked with in advertising that moved to NYC and would dress in all black cause thats what they thought a NYC advertising worker would look like. Their entrance music is good but them talking over each other kills it and to Black people they're coming across as corny try hards. Now I'm hoping that's cause the WWE isn't giving them enough leeway for them to let their real personalities shine through. Right now they feel like New Day when they were trying to do the Black preachers act. That was AWFUL.




If you didn't know, now you know.


IDK what the hell it is but a gimmick where the theme keeps playing while they monologue always wins me over (GYV as well in NXT for instance). Some folks are saying they should cut the song out entirely but I'd prefer they fade to an instrumental until they're done with the promo, then fade back over to the full song for the rest of the entrance.


I feel bad for people who saw Hit Row for the first time this week. When the team debuted in NXT there was something very organic about their presence and chemistry and you knew whoever produced their entrance was either a real hip hop head or followed instructions really well. The camera tilt freeze frame like they're making an album cover was so specific. If you knew you knew. Than NXT 2.0 comes out and everything's a little bit brighter and instead of the subtle camera tilt, the camera is zooming around like "looook they're so craaaaazy and hip!" It was clearly produced by folks who did not understand the image they created. Smackdown looked like more of the same. It just doesn't click. It's also possible that they're just not meant to be on the big stage. It's hard to keep an underground hip hop vibe when you're officially on a mainstream brand. I dunno. I see a lot of potential being wasted. I imagine Swerve and Adonis tag teaming against the street profits for like a year while top dollar is separated from the team like Big E was. Mean while B Fab rots with Naomi in catering.


I didn’t LOVE the promo some of the lines didn’t click for me but I think they’re going to get over. They’re different and stand out plus the merch won’t hurt their appeal. The live thread for this was god awful some of ya are soo ignorant


That is not good. Crowd dying by the second.


Damn that gotta be the coolest most modern thing WWE ever did. I actually like Hit Row on the main roster way more than I did in NXT.


Put an S in front of Hit Row and you have my feelings on that.


For as much hype NXT fans put into these guys. This was very meh


WTF is this shit!


That was good, I liked that a whole lot. Whole bunch of them looked like stars right off the jump.


I don’t get the gimmick. They just like money and nice things? Is that it? They otherwise seem to speak in non-sequitors and it didn’t really seem like they were saying anything of substance.




The disrespect to The Social Outcasts


Barely any reaction from this group.


They're new to the main audience. But they were starting to come around. And they will be over in no time.


Not the greatest city to debut a hiphop stable in…


Why’s that? I used to live in Kansas, pretty big hip hop scene when I was there.


They could’ve easily debuted them in any of the cities in Cali they’ve been touring in for the past few weeks. And yeah the draft wasn’t official until after crown jewel but guys like Austin Theory have already debuted so it’s not like that would’ve mattered anyways.




I very much enjoyed that


“Hit ROH?”


That was pretty awesome. I think they each represent their own energy and their own charisma, and honestly I think they should be immediately booked as cool babyfaces, I think starting them off heel would be the wrong move.


Bruh they’re so lame and I like Scott too. The bars are trash and toothbrush for combing the eyebrows gtfoh… I hope it gets better.


The bars WERE trash. They can do better.


These guys are gonna be stars. Just feature them regularly and you’ll be printing money.




Never heard of those guys but man, all 4 just oozed charisma and I definitely want to see more. Do they do this entrance every time? Or say different things


Last year, Adonis was wrestling on the wrong side of squash matches with Dejournette Troy, and wrestling for a while on 205 Live but was no where near ready for the spot. Happy to see him finally appear to be thriving in his role, he really found some charisma. Also this was a really fun promo


The way she says Hit Row is so good.


That was exactly what it needed it to be. Just like on NXT, they'll be over as fuck in no time at all.


Top Dolla fears Sonny Onoo


Unfortunately they'll be probably broken up in 6 months or less !remindme 6 months


“Top Dolla” finna look like “Top Burial” on the main roster pretty soon.


They’re so damn fun


Bro why was their music still playing in the background wtf


If they don't get a good pop the music will cover it up, but it wouldn't make sense to say "Cut the music". My guess is that it was a last minute decision by Vince to not cut the music.


It was so annoying to see it overlap their promo. Especially after bfab said to cut the music


Sooooo wanna be Acclaimed? I’m all set WWE, thanks though


Yeah, cause The Acclaimed are the first rapping wrestlers of all times.


*cricket* *cricket*


I see they borrowed Christian's catch phrase. Coincidentally, ranked at #15 on WhatCulture's list of worst catch phrases of all time. Lol. These guys kinda remind me of The Wiggles.