[Smackdown Spoilers] Adam Pearce makes a huge mistake

[Smackdown Spoilers] Adam Pearce makes a huge mistake


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Imagine being a grown ass man and getting F5’d out of your pants on national TV RIP Scrap Daddy


If only he got F5’d right out of his shoes like Michael Cole


Adam Pierce should know that suspending someone will only resort to your ass getting kicked. That's like Wrestling 101...


That’s why Sonya’s the brains of the operation


Even as a face Lesnar loves the beat the shit out of people lol Pierce is going to need a new suit


Borck must be pretty motivated, that was like the longest segment he's been part of in years lmao


Listen, I know some people soured on Brocks booking over the years but can we please have this Brock stick around? Holy shit he’s amazing.


You mean a character that isn't "Bro I do mma so like gimmie the title and let me squash everyone" You mean having depth to his personality other than stand there and let heyman speak while everyone says "It was a good match they looked good in defeat"? Yeah I'll take that. Brock was at the point where he needed losses to actually be entertaining to watch.


Being a babyface has seemed to inject a new life into him. He’s been a on cloud nine his entire return.


Just in time for another vacation!


Babyface Brock is a breath of fresh air love it


I'm so sad that we're most likely not going to see him again until the Rumble. He's been a lot of fun to watch since he came back.


Brock is absolutely killing it as a baby face in 2021, that’s just amazing to me


This has been my favorite version of Brock since Brock Party Brock, and I might like this version even more than that one.


Enjoy it cuz hes probably gone until 2022


I mean that’s 2 months till 2022 .. plus way better to have him come in sporadically to keep the hype


He will show up and win the royal rumble most likely. Which is silly cuz he could just walk in and challange roman and hed get the match anyways. But ya sure woohoo brock.


Let him stay off TV and then have him come out as #30 in the Rumble and scare the shit out of Reigns ringside watching The Bloodline slowly eliminate everyone. Then have Brock throw the Usos out, Reigns tosses Brock out from behind then brawl into the back leaving the last 2 guys in the ring to duke it out for the Rumble win. That way you can spark Brock-Roman for either Mania or Fast Lane or w/e the fuck PPV is in-between.


This is legitimately good booking. However i think vince sees $ in brock winning the rumble. In reality it should be used to get someone over like it did for McIntyre. Well see tho.


It will be November in 1 week lol, this is such a bizarre comment


What is? Hes wrestled once this entire year, and now hes gone again. Chances are he wont be back until probably the royal rumble. Idk why you think thats bizarre.


I mean, I know he’s not done much this year but it’s just strange to say “you won’t see him till 2022” when 2022 is right around the corner


I don't even care that took the first 30-35 minutes, everything about that from start to finish RULED.


He sold those F5s like absolute death. He even got his pants destroyed lmaooo


If Brock lesnar got near me I’d probably destroy my pants too


Adam Pearced


Brock disapproves of him using the mid-card as a human shield


I mean... how'd you expect this to end well, Pearce? lol


What did Pearce say? I didn’t hear!


How has WWE never made Brock an authority fighting babyface before? That was excellent


They have, just not in this current run. Before he left for MMA after Heyman turned on him.


Crazy that 2003 was 18 years ago


Wasn’t he babyface for like two seconds after mania 31 and that involved F5ing Michael Cole


Lesnar isn’t defined by face or heel, he’s just Brock fucking Lesnar. Love him or hate him, you’re still gonna watch him because there’s nobody else like him.


Unless The Bunny is on the other channel


I wonder if Cole was having flashbacks during this segment


They sent Adam out to do this to protect Brock from Sonya.


I couldn’t help but have a laugh seeing a grownass man like Adam. Get manhandled and ragdolled by Brock like that


A couple years ago, I was one of the people who really wasn't into Brock at all anymore, and I always groaned and complained when he'd win a title and leave with it, because it felt so repetitive to me. Now, since he's been back as a babyface with this new lumberjack look, Brock's become of one of my favorite people in WWE again. He's been so much fun to watch, and I'm genuinely sad that we're probably not going to see him again until the Rumble. I've really, really loved watching him in this babyface role. And, it seemed like he was really enjoying doing it as well. He just looked like he was having fun the entire time. I hope when he comes back (most likely for the Rumble), it's this same babyface character that we get.


Isn't this the same storyline they've told with Brock Lesnar since like 2016?


Yep, but it was 2015. Pretty much the exact same thing, even the champion was a shield member lmao


Brock getting “suspended” for assaulting a WWE official after a PPV until the next big show, a tale as old as time


You suspend Brock Lesnar when the show is over and he is on his plane back to the wilds of Canada


And here is the annual "Excuse why Brock isn't on TV until the next major PPV."


Thats exactly why I cant invest in this, sure this segment was great but this was clearly the excuse to have Lesnar off the show just so he can come back and main event Wrestlemania over everybody who was here during that time.


Listen to the reactions Brock has gotten, him main eventing is always warranted


Or they could give some full time guys main events and build them to those reactions and see if people come back to watching the show every week once the people who are always there matter.


That was really cool, but fuck that's lazy booking. Set up a match for down the line, so let's have Brock kill everyone and suspend him until we're ready to do the match.


Announcing that your biggest draw won't be featured on the show for a while right after failing a ratings war sure is a bold move.


Mccafee - that steel step is 200 pounds. Haha


What were the shenanigans that led to this?


Long short of it, Roman shit talked him after winning really dirty last night at the pay per view. He was already pissed and Roman calling him out made him go ape shot on him, the USOs and the locker room. It honestly was a great opening segment.


Who even announces suspension in the ring. Should have done it on Twitter like normal people.


I was a little skeptical of Brock doing a baby face run but man that was actually pretty damn good. When he had Adam on the turnbuckle all aggressive then backed off and started to straighten his tie just so Adam could feel a brief moment of relief and hope before he snatched him up like a rag doll.


His pants made a bigger mistake


Sounds like a depressed Shawn Michaels


Jesus Christ, Pearce is a dumbass. First, having his show being overrun by Reigns and his crew and now suspending Lesnar WHILE HE'S STILL IN THE ARENA?


MurderBuffalo Brock Lesnar is my favorite Brock Lesnar


Brock giving Darth Vader vibes lmao


My favorite part of this entire segment is Brock's music starting up for a split second and then immediately stopping when he went for the second F5. Made me laugh for some reason.


Has any wrestler in wwe history been suspended as many times as Brock lesner?


Steve Austin?


We’ve all been…there?


Bruh.... I love that a guaranteed winning formula for WWE is literally, "Brock Lesnar F5's everything", but the twist of him being a face made it fresh. Also, shout outs to Adam Pierce. I'm thinking getting F5'd out of your pants is a new level of F5.


People often moan about WWE's insistence on evil authority angles, but anti-authority still continues to get pops like this. Until it doesnt, I dont see why WWE would stop leaning into it


I like Farm Fucker Brock better here than Wreck-it Lesnar


SHOCKER! Brock comes back for his payday & immediately leaves again. LOL


WTF were those piped in chants?!


Hard to believe the crowd was so vocal through all of that first minute.