[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Finish to Universal Title Match - Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Finish to Universal Title Match - Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar


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The Tug O' War II: Electric Boogaloo? With that finish, I have a feeling Brock's not done with Roman as of yet. Though, I do like that Heyman threw the belt in the middle of Brock and Roman.


I loved that Heyman threw it evenly between them. was such a perfect shot of those two with the belt exactly in between them. Especially when he shouted "YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT!". I hope Heyman never leaves, he's the closest to Freddie Blassie or Heenan we'll ever get.


Wasn't the deal he signed supposed to be like 6 matches with Roman?


6-8 matches over the next 18 months. Not just 6 matches with Roman lmao.


Wanna bet?


Yes he will have at least one handicap match or something agaisnt the usos


18 matches with Roman over the next 6 months. Got it.


It is May, 2022. Roman has just defeated R-truth for the Championship, because this is the only Roman match that had not happened. Even Charlotte and Becky lost to him in a Triple Threat match at the previous PPV. As Roman stands over Truth's body, Brock's music plays again... then out of nowhere, Danhausen comes out and kicks Roman's ass. It's Roman v. DANHAUSEN. FORWRESTLEMANIA!


You son of a bi- nope cant say that, no swearing I'm inhausen


it absolutely will be just Roman though


Absolutely sickening lmao.




Where did you hear that from


Meltzer reported it was 8 matches and only speculated that some of them were going to involve Roman




Heyman’s face is the selling point here. Can’t tell if he’s shocked that was enough to put Lesnar down or that title wasn’t intended for Roman


Or he's scared that Brock is going to come after him.


Or that Brock failed and his still stuck with Roman.


Roman isn't losing that title until Bron Breakker gets called up


You spelled Tony D'Angelo wrong


Ayyyy! I'm champing here 🤌


Gabagool>>>>Pineapple Roasted Pork


Tony D initially trying to win over Paul initially with bribing and taking him out to dinner "Ey Paulie, try da veal"


I'd love it if the build up includes things like abducting Paul or the Usos and throwing them into the trunk of a car. Old school mafia tactics and all. Roman: "Where's Paul?" Tony: "He, uh, is a little tied up at da moment. Mite as well fuhgeddabout it"


Roman: Where the fuck are Jimmy and Jey?! Tony: Oh uh, I've heard they've been getting fitted for some cement shoes then gonna go for a swim in the Hudson River, allegedly.


Tony wouldn't say that. Tony would just say he sponsored the Usos' vacation.


y'all really can't spell Malcolm Bivens


You mean Malcolm BIVENS?


Did somebody say Andre Chase???


No! Nobody said Andre Chase!




Or until Steveson is ready


Bron gotta call him SMOAJO in his Steiner voice at some point idgaf




“You ain’t the samoan Joe my uncle rants about?”


I mean, Xavier is KotR and he does have two dudes on his side that can back him.


He'll be a filler challenger and that's it


The fucking balls to call back to the tug of war spot


It's the greatest stupidest long term booking ever.


We’re doing compelling storytelling here


And you guys say WWE doesn't reward fans for paying attention.


generally they don't but it is nice/satisfying when they do and I'd like to see them do it more.


The wrestlers tend to care. People notice callbacks in matches all the time.


Sorry, what does this mean?


On the go home Raw to Mania in 2015 Roman and Brock did a tug of war with the belt that was really fucking corny


They played an early production version of his song here. Listen to it as he's about to walk up the ramp. It plays the old theme which is actually the backing track to the whole song. Pretty cool


They've been doing that ever since he got that song, idk why they use that version as his exit theme


Really I never once noticed that?


yup if you check anytime he wins a match, around 30-40 secs after the song plays you can hear a sequence that doesn't normally plays in his entrance, and also those weird noise thingies that play in the intro of his old song are way clearer in this version


WOW! Cool to know, I'm gonna check it out. Wonder why they do that?


too lazy to change it probably


Paul's face post match is awesome. This is so intriguing


*Uh oh I told Brock he’d be holding the title…*


*But that’s also what I told Roman too…*


*Thank God I played both sides, so I always come out on top*


I don't think you should tell either side, because if you tell both sides, and they both know, then you're not playing anybody


*well... what should I do now?*


He’s getting an interrogation tomorrow and it won’t be pretty


Roman will hold that title until WM 39




And I’m here for it


But whose side was he on?


Anyone else super bored of the USOS angle? It’s like every match is 3v1


200% my biggest annoyance about WWE's heel champions having an entourage is that they'll be several defences deep into their reign where their buddies will interfere to help them win, but then challengers will still just keep coming at them on their own without any sort of anti-interference stip. It's just silly.


I think its still funny that JBL held off Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker, Booker T and Big Show with heavy outside interference and then at Wrestlemania he decided to give his goons the night off and got beat by John Cena in like ten minutes. Cena only got to dethrone SD's top heel and become the new top babyface because JBL decided that this was night he wanted to play it fair.


Happened in '04 with HBK and redacted vs Triple H. Evolution was too busy celebrating their win over the rock and sock connection.


This. It's *the* reason that factions need to be more prevalent in WWE. It's nonsensical that faces always seem to lose all of their friends when they go up against a heel faction.


That's why I'm looking forward to Survivor Series. Big E is bringing royalty with him.


Aka the Evolution era


They've done a lot to kill my interest in Roman's reign.


It was so good in the beginning but since about the Cena match it feels like its more then run its course.


They also haven’t really done anything g over the past year to make me care about who beats Roman. There is no fave in the company that has been built into a credible, or even likable, challenger. It just feels like the NWO, where there was no real plan to actually make them lose, so they just keep doing the same stupid interference angles to keep the in a perpetual zombie state.


After this, who the fuck is left to beat Roman? In this run he's beaten and kayfabe retired Daniel Bryan, he beat Bryan and Edge by pinning them at the same time, he beat the Demon, he beat Rey Mysterio, he beat Cena. Even if you wanted to build up a babyface to take him on, he's beaten most of the prime candidates to do that, too. I guess now that Drew is on Smackdown they could go in that direction? But McIntyre is coming in cool after losing the title to Lashley, and they already ran Drew vs Roman with Roman going over clean. I don't understand why people keep watching, to be honest. It really just seems that the plan is Roman is champion forever and beats everyone, The End.


That’s exactly it…I know they are planning for the Rock or something, but at this point, who cares? It’s an obvious marketing hot shot gimmick and it’s not like this will help anybody get over in WWE as a face or as a legit contender. It just makes everyone look weak and shitty.


The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing that would draw me back to wanna watch Roman's story finish up would be if Bray came back and won as The Fiend. A return of a full on no selling, no pain, no damage Fiend that just demolishes the Usos and beats Roman clean is all that would make me care at this point.


Goldberg lol


Heel Roman is the same as Face Roman, the only person who gets elevated is himself. There is nobody who has come out of a feud looking better or being taken to the next level.


They just aren’t interesting anymore since they became Roman’s goons. There’s no depth to them as characters now.


Did they ever have character though? Always been a bland tag team


They had that amazing HIAC with The New Day. Plus that awesome moment when they forfeited so Kofimania could happen. But yeah, I usually found them pretty bland. I'm 34 though, so grew up on the Dudleyz, Hardyz and Edge and Christian. Then there's DX, Brothers of Destruction, Radicalz (why did every plural for that short period end in Z?). I mean hell man, we got spoiled. Maybe Vince just doesn't care about tag teams now, since I'm struggling to think of one outside of New Day who are treated as anything other than bland filler.


when they were first doing the bloodline thing and there was infighting there was character there


Yes. That part of Roman's reign feels very repetitive now. I wish they had just done the Heyman angle and left The Usos out of it this time. Roman could've still used the title on Brock and won without their interference.


Reigns could've done a low blow on Lesnar to get him to drop the title and then take him out with it. It's still fits in Reigns' heel character to cheat and he would look better for not needing the Usos.


I wish they'd bring Naomi in and transition the Usos into a storyline with her. Let them still be associated with Roman, but in their own story.


It was great at the start but so saturated now


Everyone’s poo-pooing the Usos run-ins but I believe this is part of the long term story telling. When Rocky returns, one of the angles/questions will be who is truly the head of the table/the true leader of the bloodline? Similar to how they’re doing Heyman with Brock/Roman. I don’t think the Usos have forgotten what Roman has done. I can easily see Roman losing everyone. The Usos, Paul and the belt and left with nothing. That’s good story telling


They don't do enough to take them out of the equation often enough. Like the occasional steal cage match or whatever but otherwise it's a foregone conclusion they'll interfere and, yeah, it gets to be pretty predictable. Roman should be able to win on his own more often.


Sucks they separated him from Big E and the New Day and Bobby and the Hurt Business, an evening of the odds could have made for a great feud.


I think it's about 50:50. It's fine. If he wins clean it's usually people complaining that he's burying the other person.


They didn’t interfere in most of Romans matches after WM


I'm unbelievably sick of the Usos. The way they say "Oos" after every sentence is like nails on a chalkboard.


It's the same as saying bro


It’s not ‘Oos’, it’s ‘Uce’. Just say you hate how some cultures speak to one and another.


Oh no a Heel using his allies to win a match against his biggest threats. Roman beat Cena and DB clean, didn’t use them against Big E and Lashley either — they really only break the Usos out for bigger threats who need to maintain credibility heading into another feud like Balor and Edge


Yeah that’s fine but it’s nearly every time. Be nice if the face brought some friends or a banned from ring side just to spice it up.


Look at how AEW is booking The Elite. Christian had Jungle Boy and Luchadauras as back up. I don't understand why Wwe baby faces have no friends to help when they know Roman's goons will get involved.


Omega goons help him in title fights a lot too. And Brock is a loner. Edge is a loner, cena was a one off. This comment doesn’t make sense


Yes Omega does have goons but the baby faces eventually bring their own back up. After a year plus of Roman having Uso interfere, you would think the baby face would bring some friends too. It makes no sense.


But the if the babyfaces keep losing because the heel champ always has backup and they don't, that makes them idiots


Exactly. I don't care if Roman cheats to win, that's fine. I just wish it wasn't the same exact form of cheating every time lol


When it's every match, it gets pretty boring. We are over a year of this now.


yep it ruined Shayna's reign in NXT as well, doesn't matter what happens when you have two people who interfere in every match.


He beat Cena clean, He beat DB on Smackdown clean. It doesn’t happen every match


I guess I just dont understand the endgame here. Roman wins and then what? It can't be Roman beats everyone on the roster and holds the title forever.


Watching the crowds responses to Roman, his in-ring wrong, merch sales, promos, you ride the Roman Train until fans get sick of it and it sure as hell aint right now. Roman is the top wrestler period for any company right now. They are going to ride the hot hand until its not anymore.


Why not ? He’s the biggest draw in the company. You keep building up credible challenges to him until you’re ready to pass the torch


Right. The Usos interfered which leaves things open for a rematch.


I mean, people have (rightfully) been killing NJPW for booking EVIL like this too.


Yeah when it happens so many times it's fucking boring.


Well of course it's logical heels would use whatever resources are at their disposal to win. When it happens all the time though it does start to get tiresome.


Doesn’t happen all the time. Beat Cena clean, DB clean, beat Big E and Lashley clean.


Yeah true that. I guess the fact the Mania main event had Uso interference probably makes it stand out a little more.


It's pretty stupid when he's pushed by all commentators as THE MOST DOMINANT CHAMPION IN HISTORY, yet requires interference in almost every single title match


T-that's the point. It's been like this forever: Heel has goons help him win against strong opponent, everyone's safe.


It doesn't work so well when they try to present the heel as some dominant force when he's been shown time and time again to be incapable of winning on his own. You can't play dominant monster and chicken-shit coward at the same time.


As soon as I saw Robinson's dumbass standing right in the path of the F5, I was like ugh, but as far as fuck finishes go that was definitely one of the most entertaining! Great performance by Heyman all night


Heyman throwing it in the middle was a smart move.


Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Edge, John Cena, Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar... the Chief is racking up quite the list.


Not just Finn, DEMON Finn.




Christ, this list makes Reign of Terror Triple H look like a transitional champ.


Who’s going to beat Roman?




Lets go!


" If gredgex Loses,We Riot!!!"


Wasn't this match changed to be a NO DQ? Did they forgot about it? They announced it


They changed it back to a normal match before the show started.


Dude, Paul's facial expressions are some of the best story tellers in this business.


It's talent to toss a belt into the ring exactly in the middle. Sounds so simple but too far to the left or right and an entire storyline is blown. Imagine if he tossed it right on Roman and turned around....


Great, now Roman's story stays in exactly the same place for another few months


Drew McIntyre will dethrone Roman Reigns. It’ll avenge his Survivor Series 2020 loss to Reigns.


Seriously, more Uso run in crap!? Why can't he just win without this!?


Like at WrestleMania and SummerSlam and against Bryan on SmackDown and a bunch of other huge matches he recently won without them?


Erm I think you're remembering mania wrong


Because the WWE doesn't know more than one way to book heels.


Honestly screwy finish or not that match was fun as fuck. Genuinely a damn good PPV. Shame its in Saudi.


Must not be much of a shame if you still watched it.


Ya fuck those fans who have nothing to do with all the bullshit that goes on there.


The government is literally paying for the shows lol


??? Its not the fans thats the problem lmao Saudi crowds are always energetic. The problem is the deal with the Saudi government because its clearly a deal to make Saudi seem more progressive.


They've progressed enough to let women appear with full body suits! They're almost caught up to the 20th Century!


It's more taking money from people that endorse the bullshit


Something tells me we’re getting this rematch at mania next year


Left enough room to still question Heyman’s allegiance.


Usos ruin another match.


once again, big boi needs his lil cousins to win. sad.


How were people not expecting a screwy finish with the "Whose side is Paul on?" storyline that had been built up for this match? We all knew something screwy was going to happen with Paul getting involved, we just didn't know what it would be, or who he would do it for. Of course it wasn't going to be clean. I can't believe people legitimately thought he just wouldn't get involved after everything they built and it would end clean lol I will say, I wish it had JUST been the Paul stuff without The Usos getting involved because I'm tired of them being the ones to always be the interference. It should've just been Paul throwing the title in the middle and let Roman use it on Brock and that's it. With all that said, I thought the match was great. Besides the WM31 match, it was definitely my favorite match they've had together. I feel like it could've gone slightly longer, but maybe they're going to do a rematch?


>I will say, I wish it had JUST been the Paul stuff without The Usos getting involved because I'm tired of them being the ones to always be the interference. It should've just been Paul throwing the title in the middle and let Roman use it on Brock and that's it. Agreed. That feels wasted and three of them sold it well.


An Uso interference finish? Creative really pulling out all the stops here


As expected, this resolves nothing.


Just curious, can Paul Heyman be nominated in the oscars? The dudes game is levels above everyone else in all of wrestling right now.


Great match, lame finish imo.


Yeah. So bored of the same finish every time....


Roman's heel booking is just as boring and drawn out as his babyface booking was.


It is just the heel version of Cena.


Sooo, HHH's Reign of Terror? (sans boring long-winded 20 minute promos every week of course)


Traded the promo for a 10 minute entrance


It's getting more and more like reign of terror HHH.


Heel or face, LOLROMANWINS is inevitable.


Loved the match, not a huge fan of the ending but the crowd was definitely into it!




Usos again every match zzzz




We are entering 2003 Triple H territory with this title reign.




Ack-AH knowledge-AH me-AH!


You say that but who is credible enough to beat him.


I actually like it. Good old fashioned title belt to the face. Haven't seen it in a while.


Roman’s reign has had some inconsistency when it comes to finishes. Half the time he doesn’t need the Usos to win, the other half he does. Either way, still the best thing going in the company right now.


How original


Roman reigns having that type of run Bob Holly wanted for himself. And spoiler, it's about as exciting as Holly's would have been. Who is going to take the title of roman?


The show was great. I wish they would let Roman win the matches on his own, without needing the Usos to save his ass constantly. I have no problem using shenanigans to win but he needs to be winning on his own to make him look stronger


Heyman is such a good actor in this role. You don't get as many managers that can perform that well. I was expecting at least a spear after hitting brock with the title.


At this point, the only way Roman loses the title is by him getting injured or going to another brand.


A pet peeves I have is the ref comes right after the illegal stuff has happened to count the pinfall. 😂🤣. A better thing would have be lil naitch just regaining consciousness to count the fall.


*Ahem* I liked the finish Thank you


they really can't stop themselves from doing fuck finishes can they


Why would they do a clean finish when the entire storyline for this match has been about "what side is Heyman on?" They pretty much spelled out that this was going to have a screwy finish, we just didn't know if Heyman would screw Roman or screw Brock. Not once did I think this would have a clean finish with this specific storyline.


"Of course the world title feud that was based around the manager would end in a bad finish. What did you expect" Ah yes, how silly of me.


wow thats so crazy, roman won again due to the usos trash edit: who has WWE built up in the last while that can beat roman?


Weak-ass finish to obviously build towards a rematch later down the line. At least WWE didn't pull off something incredibly stupid like Heyman helping Brock or something.


That finish was way too overbooked imo. I’m kind of bored with the Uso’s at this point. It’s just the same shit with them every time.


The problem with this finish is we saw some big kicks outs earlier in the show so this made Brock feel weak. Good match though!


Constant Uso interference has made every Roman match play out exactly the same and has killed any interest I had in Roman’s title run.


Fucking yawn. Has there been a more boring reign?


If it was no DQ, why did they need a ref bump at all? If it wasn't, why did the new ref, who ran to the ring while Roman was using the belt as a weapon, not DQ Roman?


It wasn't No DQ. It *was*, but then they changed it before the show started. It was very odd.


Okay. Then, my new question is, a ref running to the ring must have seen both the Usos interference and the belt used as a weapon. Why count 3?


This wasn’t a no DQ match.


Then why did the new ref, who had to have seen the Usos interference and the belt used as a weapon, count the pin?


Until the new ref enters the ring, the new ref doesn’t have the authority to call for the bell and declare the disqualification. Everything with the Usos and the belt happened BEFORE the new ref entered, which, by WWE logic, means the new ref didn’t see the infractions.


Nothing says “star worth feeding every baby face to for the last year and a half” like needing a screwy finish every single time it gets interesting


The Usos with the Young Bucks finish here


I dont really care about the Usos run in buts its the coincidental new ref coming in when Roman goes for the pin that killed it


Yawn, god damn they managed to make Brock even look weak to Roman


Roman matches have the feeling of a legit boxing match. Energy of the crowd like a Fury/Wilder more than another wrestling match. Acknowledge him ☝🏻


Could not agree more. This was a hyped big-match feel main event