[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Finish to Smackdown Women's Title match - Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks

[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Finish to Smackdown Women's Title match - Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks


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"Those ropes don't obey the laws of physics at *all*."


I understood that reference..


Do you remember that old movie Empire strikes back?




What does Cole mean that it doesn't matter? While you can't be disqualified in a triple threat, it's still not a Falls Count Anywhere. Using the ropes mean you're not technically in the ring so you wouldn't be able to complete a pin that way if the referee sees it.


Commentators/Fans that have watched wrestling for 20+ years somehow still don't understand this very simple concept. It's so weird


Thanks! I just asked that question a few minutes ago before I saw your comment.


This bothered me as well. The whole point of grabbing the ropes is to leave the pinnable area. Rope breaks should absolutely be a thing in triple threat matches unless it’s falls count anywhere.


LOL. they just change the rules for the ropes whenever they feel like it. Triple threat always used to stop a pin when the rope was touched because the competitor broke the plane of the ring and made the pin no longer valid. Has nothing to do with the fact triple threats are no DQ.


Really fun triple threat. Lots of fun unique spots I haven’t seen before.


That was a clever way to get that win.


Immediately among the best women’s triple threat matches ever


Absolute banger of a match


Disappointed this match ended in a rollup, but I guess that means big time Becks is working me lmao


I mean to be fair, it was a dirty finish, and not just a standard pinfall roll up. edit: I guess some people are saying that wwe does not do rope breaks in no dq matches, I remember way back sometime they did, but I guess they do not now, huh that is something.


Sometimes they do as it counts as being out of bounds


Wasn't it Punk who moaned at fans years ago for continually getting this wrong? "It's No DQ, not no rules!" Now, I don't know which is correct anymore.


Sometimes they do have rope breaks sometimes they don't. Most No* DQ no. But Rock vs Stone Cold one of the most well-known No* DQ matches had rope breaks


I hate to be that guy, but there's no such thing as a "DQ match." Its NO DQ. As in, there can be NO *DisQualifications*. I shudder at the thought of a Disqualification Match. First person to break the rules wins?


No a DQ match would just be a normal match


Sure, if you like being misleading, pointlessly labeling things, and not adhering to any semblance of logic. So, yeah, thats totally on brand for WWE. In fact, wouldn't an "Eye for an Eye Match" imply both people losing eyes? This deadass has me a little stressed. So, is a "No Ladders Match," a normal match? Or does it not imply that everything BUT ladders are permitted? In a "Tables Match," it surely is necessary to use a table to win, but not in the theoretical "Disqualification Match?" Just admit you say "ATM machine," so I can sleep tonight.


Yup I do just like I say smh my head




It's Becky special move. It's called the Lynch pin.


i hate that i love this


That’s so her it hurts


That is her finishing move on big PPV matches


Yep, She won her first 1 on 1 PPV match with a roll up(Lynchpin) vs Mickie James. Won the title vs Charlotte at HIAC 2018 with it. Won both titles in the WM main event with it. Won her 2nd WM match vs Shayna with it and now won with it tonight.


It's the most dangerous move in pro wrestling pal


I believe you mean "the most devastating move in aaaaaaalllll of sports entertainment"


Does anyone else feel this didn't bode well for Bianca?


Yes! I actually came here to see if someone had some insight as I am watching Crown Jewel now. It looked like neither of the other two worked well with Bianca. But I'm also an intermittent viewer these days so maybe I just don't know what I am talking about.


Yep, Becky and Charlotte are going to swap belts unless they have plans on an unification for Survivor Series.


That’d be the most underwhelming way to resolve this possible. And unifying the belts would do more harm than good.


Which is why WWe is likely to do it.


Great match, it’s so important the young girls & boys in the crowd got to experience these 3 ladies have a high profile match


Awesome in-ring work by all three women 🔥


Excellent match. This PPV has been fantastic. Just don't fuck up the main event WWE. You're this close.


🤣 🤣 🤣 Yeah right


Banger after banger after banger today


Cole just because you can't be be DQed in a Triple Threat doesn't mean you can pin someone in the ropes.


Amazing bell-to-bell - Sasha is always the common denominator in every top-rated WWE women's match.


That was a damn good tripe threat. Some new spots that i didn't see before


Those fucking outfits lmao


Becky should petition to be exempted because she’s The Man.


I didn’t watch the show and I heard about them wrestling in bad T-shirts, but holy shit! Did the Saudi government say they had to be 4 sizes too large? It’s illegal for women to wear clothes that fit over there? That just looked god awful and made then all feel super small-time and amateur.


The point is to make them look awful


> Did the Saudi government say they had to be 4 sizes too large? yes, it mustn't show the figure by sharia law


Right? I forgot women can't show much of their own skin over there.


The women should just flat out refuse to perform at these ridiculous shows, fucking embarrassing state of affairs. What's Vince gonna do, fire them all? Khan would snap them up in a heartbeat.


Anyone who wants to stay home already can stay home. Thing is, you don't get paid for not working, and Crown Jewel is probably the biggest paycheck of the year, competing with Wrestlemania. Wrestlers should get paid when they can. Wearing some bulky clothes for a five figure or six figure paycheck? Go for it. If you stay home, a co-worker will get it instead.


Well the up side is you get show you have morals and not fill your bank account w blood money.


Yep really takes you out of the match. Outside of course being a reminder they’re in a country that devalues women, they also just look like children play fighting at a slumber party.


Good call by Cole there pointing out "it doesn't matter, it's a triple threat"


Can someone help me with this rule? I know you can’t get disqualified for it when it’s no DQ, but doesn’t the fall still have to happen inside the ring? Like if Belair put her foot on the rope wouldn’t the count stop? If not, wouldn’t it be falls count anywhere?


You’re right, but that requires WWE to follow logic.


You wouldn't be disqualified for putting your hands or feet on the ropes during a pinfall in a regular match either. If the ref catches you, he or she would stop counting or reverse the decision after the fact. No DQ has nothing to do with the fact that the ref didn't stop the count in this situation. In kayfabe, he just didn't see it.


This is why they make triple threats 1-fall, instead of an elimination format, so they can keep the storyline hot.


It is complicated. WWE tends to change the rules a bit from time to time. But in your example, the ref could make the decision Belair is making an attempt to stay in the match and accept the foot on the rope.


It does matter in a triple threat. Even though the match is no-DQ, the fall still has to take place in the ring. With Becky grabbing the ropes, she is 'out of bounds' so the fall shouldn't count. If this match was falls count anywhere, then yes it wouldn't matter.


No, that's a shitty call. Triple threat means nobody can be DQ'd. Doesn't mean the ref can't stop a count for illegal tactics.


It’s funny because Byron did what should be the reaction . You call out the heel for cheating. But because WWE is backwards it’s always ‘do what you can to win’. I don’t understand why you would have triple threats be no dq.


Yeah it's very stupid. They're terrible at giving heels actual heat.


This match fucking ruled.


Fucking ring attire is an embarrassment


That dirty rotten Becky with the rope assist, great match, contender for moty in my humble and unremarkable opinion.


Lol look at what they’re wearing ffs.


Quite a few botches but I don't mind one bit. Good match.


Charlotte and Becky are def trading belts LOL


Fuck it Title-Unification at Survivor Series


Don’t worry Sasha hopefully will win the SD Womens Title from Charlotte. I think Becky will hold Raw Womens Title until Wrestlemania (would like Morgan to take Title from her)


Someone actually decisively beat Charlotte in a feud. Highly unlikely.


Becky showing us all what she said when she came back. She's smarter now and more dangerous.


Still feels like they really screwed Bianca on this. She had the belt right up until Becky came back, then Vince said "Alright, fuck off, real champ is back. Your turn's over." I think she deserved to win a lot more than Becky did.


Bud Vince turned Becky heel for Bianca and the feud is still going to continue on RAW. Bianca chasing makes more sense. If the feud isn't ending why have Bianca win in a 3 way?


Y'know what would've made even more sense? Not having Bianca job to Becky within five minutes of her coming back and instead having Becky win it at Crown Jewel. Then it'd at least feel like they don't consider Bianca a fucking joke.


So I have not been watching for a while, but if Becky is the SD champ and Charlotte is the RAW champ, would it not stand to reason that the feud switch from Becky to Charlotte or did they say they would switch belts or something?


feels so whack seeing them throw t shirt on top. honestly cant believe they agreed to this shit lol


I'm sorry guys, I'm out of the WWE loop. Why are the woman dressed like that? Aren't the gears weird? Is ist something related to a gimmick?


Saudi man. They don’t like women much there.


Great match. The finish makes me fear that they’re just going to swap the belts, and that’d be so lame. Also why pin the actual SD woman here?


How does pulling up on the ropes help pin someone? All it does is reduce the weight the pinner puts on the person they're pinning.


Next thing you tell me rolling over in the Figure Four does not actually reverse the pressure onto the other person.


Better leverage usually. In the situation there it does seem kinda awkward, though I just glanced at the clip. Seems like a solid finish to me.


Am I the only one to have the problem where vids dont play at all


The OPs video didn't play for me either. Tried in two browsers.


Were fucked bruh


Gotta love the kids marking out in the front lol


Liked how all the girls put their own individual stamp on their outfits, Sasha especially good


It’s great the ladies have such a high profile match on these shows now.


I feel like Becky did more moves than shes done before.


Triple threats still have rope breaks for pins because the fall stops being legal when it's outside the ring. Same with submissions - you can't tap while holding the rope, but the opponent isn't forced to let go. That said, am I misremembering or once upon a time triple threats weren't no DQ either?


is the t shirts so they dont expose their hotness to Saudi? im just guessing here


The really got to showcase Bianca's freakish athleticism this match. Why throw around just one opponent when you can throw around two?


Becky obviously heard about Emma quitting this week and thinks she's got what it takes.


Can they not find a better fucking way to end a match other than the surprise small package? This is why I stopped watching. I'll keep up through this sub and the sheets, but my goodness. I feel bad for the roster as they have a really great roster. But the booking is just atrocious.


Best evening gown match I've ever seen


They look like they're at a PJ party 😂🤣