[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Bianca being the StrongEST

[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Bianca being the StrongEST


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If this was a 2K game, she could do it with no arms


Nah, if this was a 2k game, Bianca would have picked her up with her tail and whipped her around the ring nonstop.


And then floated up to the top of the arena while Sasha and Becky spin around on their heads at ringside.


Sashas core must be made of titanium to be held up like that with no movement


The fitness levels for the top tier talent in the women's division is no joke.


You can see that she's holding herself up with her hands, right? That's how gorilla presses are usually done.


Yeah, but she still needs a core to balance. The arms only do so much. This is so fucking impressive on both ends.


That's just fucked


I think Bianca has case for being the best pure athlete in the history of women’s wrestling. She’s ridiculously strong, flexible,can do acrobatics with ease, and never runs out of gas. Just a tremendous all around performer


Apparently according to some Lash Legend is more athletic. Just think about that for a second


Former WNBA player, that’s insane. She’s definitely one to watch.


I don’t know if I’m ready to handle someone more physically impressive than Bianca is. I can barely comprehend Bianca as is lol


You may very well have a point. At the very least I've never seen someone as strong as her who can ALSO do a 450 (come to think of it, I'm not sure I've seen someone like that for the men...maybe Lee or Dijak?).


Brock Lesnar was hitting shooting star presses in dark matches before he debuted on the main roster.


Ah, yes, Brock. Talk about a freak athlete.


Cesaro did some top-rope stuff, just not a 450 because he’s really tall.


Better than Charlotte, by plenty.


I can't believe they have to dress like that


They are dressed like that girl in high school who wore something inappropriate so the vice principal gave her an ill fitting tshirt to wear for the rest of the day.


Spot on!


I wish the men would have dressed up like that to for solidarity.


I really like that idea


They could have said no & stayed home like some other people. I thought they looked fine anyway, what they wear doesn’t impact their ability to put on a good match.


It isn't ideal but they're helping make progress at the very least. From 0 women matches to 1 and now 2 on the same night over there, 1 being almost 20 minutes.


20 minutes with a hot crowd who were into all 3


The way they chanted to Sasha's theme gave me goosebumps


Not just two women's matches, but Jessika was over there to referee as well!


Money talks.


I’m honestly just glad that no one threw bottles at them.


That's a fun little trick. Hope they keep using that.


Bianca is so damn good


aaaand drops Sasha right on the titties. Unappreciated how much that bump hurts.


Okay, I know Sasha's not the heaviest, but holy hell that's impressive.


She is the BestEst!


Female Cena with that crazy strength


That spot was so sick! All her spots were pretty sick. She's just great.


She held Sasha up in the air with one hand, just incredible.


Sasha's arms are on her shoulder, it's exactly the same as her holding her up only it's strength from Sasha




This still an incredibly impressive feat of strength from Bianca especially in maintaining the base to assist Sasha in remaining stagnant


You still need to keep her stable, and I’d like to see you carry something that’s over 100lbs over your head with one arm, with it being stabilized on your shoulder or not.


Yeah this is still VERY impressive but I think people underestimate just how much of this is on Sasha. Not only does she have to balance herself but she also has to prop herself up on Bianca's shoulder. I wouldn't doubt that Sasha could do this with many of the women who can do that move.


I don’t think there’s more than a few women in the industry who can maintain the kind of base required for Sasha to remain still. That’s an incredible amount of upper body and core strength to pull this spot off


I would wager at least one woman from each major North American promotion could do it. I am going to add in NXT to the list, as I feel like it is different enough still to count as a promotion of its own. AEW - Kris Statlander NXT - Raquel Gonzalez Impact- Jordynne Grace I wasn't sure about ROH as I am unfamiliar with most of their roster admittedly.


That’s a very small list of performers


Well, I did say I would list one from each of those. I could add to it, I'm sure if I sat down and thought about it. If I included backgrounds? Such as gymnasts a such? I am sure the list gets bigger. Just to put it into perspective? I was going back and forth about adding Nia Jax to the list... Because I'm pretty sure she has done this before.


Ya still gotta get all the weight up there and hold it. Balance helps... but she's still supporting about 30 pounds shy of half the world record for the applicable women's clean and jerk.


What is she, the female version of Brock Lesnar????


Juat think, if rhe "powerhouse" Nia Jax tried this in Bianca's place, we'd be sending hopes and prayers out to Sasha as we await the medical news.


Anybody remember the similar spot HBK and Bulldog did a few times? HBK would be all curled up though.


OH THATS WHY THEY CALL HER THE EST I’m so fucking stupid agh




Well, they're women, in Saudi Arabia. So they're wearing morph suits that don't reveal any skin and oversized t-shirts. As expected.


Wait, I'm out of the WWE loop. Why are the woman dressed like that? Aren't the gears weird?


In Saudi Arabia they have to cover their bodies. It's not their normal gear. It's especially rare to see Sasha in something that doesn't show her stomach.


Aaaah, got it. They're in Saudi Arabia, didn't know. Seems fair.


The spot was stupid as all hell and makes no sense, but that was pretty cool


They couldn't come up with better ring attire? Shit looks like they picked girls from the audience at random for a sleazy mud/gelo wrestling contest except they happen to be 3 competent wrestlers and there was no mud/gelo