[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Finish to Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg

[Crown Jewel Spoilers] Finish to Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg


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Unpopular opinion - That was a hell of a match. Hid the weaknesses of Goldberg and made both look really strong. That jackhammer was awesome and nothing looked sloppy. Great finish and Lashley walking away still gave him some credibility after Goldberg 'avenged' his son. Both got decent offense without it dragging on too long. I loved it.


I agree, unpopular opinions are brilliant because they bring light to the unexpected, which is exactly what this match was. As you say, it hid the weaknesses of Goldberg and WWE and both parties in the match did a great job with the tools provided. It was great to see Goldberg seemingly addressing all of the negative feedback that he’s known for getting in recent years, too. For example, it wasn’t just a 2 minute finisher spam match, all three spears were great, the jackhammer was proof he most certainly can still go with strength, he sold his knee wonderfully, cardio much better, etc etc. I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied to see Goldberg being used properly, and not only that but to be totally surprised with that end spear. Like, what the actual fuck?


Lashley beats Drew. Drew beats Goldberg. Goldberg beats Lashley. The circle is complete.


And Big E is gonna beat all 3




And Big E is gonna job to all 3. Ebb. Flow. 50-50.


Drew also beat Lashley, and Lashley also beat Goldberg, so now we’re just waiting on Goldberg to beat Drew.


> The circle is complete. Wait, who is the master now?




Creepy paper


Never would have guessed I would see a What We Do In The Shadows reference in here today! Fu-cking guys!




Robinson Caruso!


I’m human now, *It’s been one week since you looked at me…*


*oh ya, we fucking* Nandor getting laid like crazy!




You wank your way, I’ll wank mine (takes on a way sadder meaning if you’ve watched the latest)


Have not yet, am watching crown jewel since I was at work when it was on




I don't dislike Gail!


Fucking guy




I'm my own master now *guitar riff*


Kevin Dunne cut away MID PINFALL. State of your fucking production decisions, mate.


I said this during the Mansoor/Ali match. Why are they so hellbent on cutting to the crowd during the match especially during pinfalls?


Somewhere in their contract in paragraph 96, section B, there’s a clause that says: WWE agrees to display crowd reactions every 45 seconds.


Every 45 seconds? Those are rookie numbers.


No no, he meant every *4 to 5* seconds, you just misheard him 😏


You missed the decimal point


The worst thing is, the cut is so quick that you don't even register the reactions.


It wasn't even a good cutaway. Medium shot of a bunch of people standing around.


"What's going on over there? I can't see past the ramp, and the big screen just has a shot of me asking "What's going on over there? I can't see past the ramp, and


I think it was because he was pinning him by one hand choking him lmao


Kevin Dunn SUCKS


Bucky beaver motherfucker


His big rodent teeth must have chewed through the production wires


Bucky beaver motherfucker!


Kevin Dunne's shitty cut during Goldberg squash during Saudi Arabia Crown Jewel is like trio of worst wrestling shit ever. Like you can just roll this on repeat and see AEW ratings grow exponentially. With every pointless camera switch, every botched spear, and every prince oily dismember show.


Kevin Dunn is NOT the director. He doesn't call camera takes. Dunn can be Blamed for Lots of things but not the camera takes.


Kevin Dunn is the Executive VP of Television Production. So yes, we can still blame Bucky for the camera work.


Functionally that's like blaming the CEO of a grocery store chain because your local store was out of bread. Dunn runs the entire television production has influence Im many places. He is not and has not been calling camera shots for more than a decade. I despise the man and his lack of creativity. But he isn't running camera or calling shots. Blame the fucks under him by a few rungs for mistakes like that.


He could say two words and fix it. He chooses not to.


In a way, he's still responsible, because he is responsible for their performance and keeping them employed. Either this is what he wants (or what he is told he wants from Vince) or he's letting it happen by not getting it resolved through performance conversations with those that do make the "in the moment" decisions.


That finish was really good. Didn't expect that at all.


Goldberg managed to have a passable match. One of his better ones in fact. He could retire now and go out reasonably well.


Only if the retirement match is against Big E. They gave Xavier his KOTR, Big E needs his childhood dream match too.


1 year left, 2 matches


Probably in the top 5 matches of his career. Disturbingly.


Nothing amazing but that was probably the best Goldberg match since Lesnar at WM33




No, he won
















Yeah that was probably the best he can do, lol.


Regardless of his wrestling ability Goldberg looks phenomenal for his age.


He still has one of the best badass action figure looks in the business.


He looks absolutely incredible now. He looks much better than he did during his last run.


It’s like you can absolutely tell when they call Goldberg 3 days before a major show compared to a 6 week build up.


Maybe he should try modeling then? Or am I the only here trying to watch actual wrestling?




At least the match didn’t suck


What a rub for that young kid!


Lashley attacked his kid. It would stupid for goldberg to lose.


That's not even what happened though. Goldberg's dumbass kid attacked lashley from behind post match. Dude fucked around and found out.


I mean, it was stupid but he was trying to save his dad from Lashley pummeling him with chair shots…so I mean….like, if you love your dad aren’t you going to try to save him, especially after the match had to end due to your dad getting injured. It’s one thing to hate Goldberg, which I do along with everyone else, but let’s be reasonable here.


If they wanted some sympathy on Goldberg and Sonberg, you have Lashley beating the shit out of Goldberg and the son dive between them and beg him to stop. Or attack after begging to stop after stepping between them, that gets heat and sympathy when Lashley crushes him then. Jumping the rail and getting cheap shots Lashley makes him a punk who deserves every bit of the ass whooping. It's ong Goldberg to make sure his kid knows to respect the business and not jump into their world (Kayfabe wise).


That definitely would have been the better way to handle it, but kayfabe wise, it still doesn’t make Goldberg or Sonberg heels for handling it the way they did. There are a million ways it could have been booked better, but at the end of the day Lashley still beat the shit out of Goldberg after the match ended, a heel-move, so Lashley is still the bad guy in this scenario. It’s just that WWE books this kinda shit terribly and uses the wrong guys, Goldberg, to book this shit with.


Cool, thats not how goldberg saw it. That was his motivation to beat lashley this match and he did, which is fine not everything has to be about giving rubs to "young" guys if its story works. Lashley will be fine and they can end this feud now.


>Cool, thats not how goldberg saw it Bruh nobody said goldberg is smart


The story didn't really work though, Goldberg was supposed to be the babyface but there was a major disconnect between how he saw things(and presumably how we were supposed to see them as well) and how the story actually unfolded.


Didn’t his son save him from the beating Lashley was giving him with chair shots after the match was over and he was injured? I think it’s pretty obvious that Goldberg should be the babyface given that circumstance. Put anyone fans like in that situation and they would be the babyface. It just so happens that Goldberg isn’t the babyface because he is old, played out, and annoying to a lot of fans and will get booed. There wasn’t anything wrong with that story except it had Goldberg in it. How do you really see Goldberg as the bad guy in that situation, if you take away all bias and look at what happened in that ring?


I’ll tell you why, because people are too hellbent on focusing their energy on ripping into Goldberg and continuing their cynical cycle against him, even if it means unreasonably going against a fairly straight forward storyline and ignoring genuine logic, let alone the fact he actually had a more than respectable match for a 54 year old.


Yep, will literally do Olympic mental gymnastics to justify hating on the old dude. I don’t want to see him on TV either, but like him or not he is the babyface of the story. I don’t understand how you can justify Lashley being the babyface other than simply hating Goldberg.


Exactly, these people are literally sabotaging the enjoyment of the product for themselves by choosing to unrealistically hate Goldberg just because he’s involved. I bet you that these are the same people who ironically hate on WWE for literally having so many illogical storylines in the first place but hate when it makes sense? If everyone had it their way then it wouldn’t be enjoyable for that individual, but what do we know.


I see your point but Goldberg's son did jump Lashley so the whole 'how dare you do it to my son' story doesn't really work like they intended it to. And you're right, Goldberg does not have any of the makings of a good babyface in 2021 and that alone makes it very foolish booking to have him go over someone who was carrying Raw till very recently.


It's also stupid for Goldberg to be going over anyone in 2021. Legends exist to put over the new generation


Bobby Lashley is 45


What a rub for that young kid!


Thank you. This sub man lol. Goldberg beat a 45 yea old on a show paid for by mark government officials that aired at 9am pacific. It’s not a big deal


Meh it depends. Can't have legends lose every match to put over young talent. Doesn't make them look like a credible threat (Yes yes I know that they really aren't). I think Goldberg going over Bray was horse-shit but I don't mind this that much. Because if you think about it, it really did take Lashley beating up Goldberg's kid (kayfabe motivation) and then being speared off the stage entrance to lose. But I will add that Goldberg should not be used as a wrestler any more at all. It was fun from Lesnar II to Lesnar III, it's not now.


Then give him wins against up and comers. Cm Punk so far only beat young guys who have yet to peak. Neither bryan nor punk has beaten a proper main eventer in aew yet and at least these two are wrestling full time and can still very much go in the ring. They book themselves into a corner with Goldberg going over Lashley. That match doesnt have to happen if Goldberg is going over. Yes, lashley is 45 but lashley very much is currently at his peak, hea still gonna be there full time for a few years, bill is not.


Then give him wins against up and comers. Cm Punk so far only beat young guys who have yet to peak. Neither bryan nor punk has beaten a proper main eventer in aew yet and at least these two are wrestling full time and can still very much go in the ring. They book themselves into a corner with Goldberg going over Lashley. That match doesnt have to happen if Goldberg is going over. Yes, lashley is 45 but lashley very much is currently at his peak, hea still gonna be there full time for a few years, bill is not.


Lashley is fine calm down


sting hasn't lost a match, Just because he tags doesn't make it any better after having as many as he has now.


Who does he tag with again? Another legend and they beat every younger guy? No?


I mean it's not like he's putting anyone over other than darby.


Right, okay, so basically anyone above a certain age must mandatorily lose without exception, even if that means going against a logical outcome? Sure, because if that happened with every superstar then I’m sure the term ‘rub’ would still hold relevancy. Or are you trying to make another point?


Heels not going over doing heel shit is a reason an old face should win?


Goldberg's kid jumped the rail and walked into a wrestling ring as a "fan". He deserved to have his ass kicked. Kayfabe or not he stepped into the wrong world and got what was coming to him.


Yeah, but like, they wrote it that way and I'm pretty sure they didn't have to?


No it wouldn't. Heroes fail all the time. Bad guys win all the time. Plus, he's old af. If anything, trying to defend his kid and failing makes him more sympathetic than this dumb shit. But WWE is getting paid millions for this, so they definitely don't care.


that vein on Gorg's right arm, looking real fucking tight


3 times the tables, 3 times the pain


When I was young, the tables definitely worked like damage multipliers to me. I'm not sure why I was that naive, but when Jeff Hardy would Swanton through Bubba Dudley and like, 4 tables, I saw that as the equivalent of a gunshot. My gf started watching wrestling because of me, very first table spot she says, "Wouldn't that hurt less since its breaking the fall?" Me: " 🤨 "


That finish was great


Ok, that was great. Goldberg is a magnificent destructive (and now murderous) babyface. In slam bang amazing shape for ANYONE, at any age.


That was a great finish tbh


The 90s in me loves seeing big Gooooooldberg win


Big Bill, ya lookin' good baby, lookin' jacked. #WWKD


Turned into a shitty action B Movie halfway through. I loved it


Action B movie like Eye of the Tiger, starring Gary Busey and Yaphet Koto?


If I'm not mistaken, that's the movie where they dig up Gary Busey's dead wife and drag her coffin around his house with motorcycles. I always got strong Big Boss man vibes from that scene.


Damn, Goldberg is jacked this time around. Those abs are wider than my gut.


I do not miss Michael Cole


Better to have Goldberg win at this show where this crowd isn't full of fantasy bookers that would shit all over it. It's okay to entertain people sometimes, does it mean he needs to always go over? Of course not but it was a fun finish and the Saudi crowd ate it up.


Fair play to Goldberg for doing that spot to be fair He still kinda sucks though but I didn't expect that from him


Cool finish, but I could care less about this match. Oldberg utterly destroying both Lashley and the Hurt Business is just dissapointing, but WWE is being paid millions for this show. So what do I know?


Saying you could care less, means you do actually care. What you mean is, you couldn't care less.


Personally I couldn't care less. Goldberg winning does nothing for the general good of the company excluding appeasing to the oil money.




Say what you will about him, but I still love Goldberg. He’s by no means an in-ring technician but he’s never marketed himself as such. He shouldn’t ever be competing for titles either, so this match gets a big thumbs up in my opinion.


Y’know what? The crowd loved it, and the finish was good. I can’t hate Goldberg for that.


Lol at Goldberg's face when he sold the spear for a sec before pinning Lashley


I wish these "black crash pad" spots would just fuck off. They are so ridiculously unbelievable.




Man that was sick


I was promised death. Why is Lashley alive?


Damn, I actually liked that match. Haven't liked a Goldberg match since his stuff with Brock Lesnar 5 years ago. I'll give him props for his conditioning this time around.


SRS: [“I mean you can't kill someone with a pinfall I suppose”](https://twitter.com/seanrosssapp/status/1451248094310543365?s=21)


It was a good match. Goldberg is a beast at his age.




I don't even hate Goldberg or anything. But this is just sad. What's the point of this? Lashley beat Drew nearly clean at WM. He deserves better than this.


Old man Goldberg also nearly beat Drew at the Royal Rumble so they're actually consistent with that.


Wtf.. Goldberg, part-timer, beats Destroyer Lashley? Why.




How in the holy fuck was this a burial?


The person they like didn’t win so that means he’s buried


Losing one match = being buried, duh. Completely ignore his dominant title reign please.


Because he lost to a really shitty wrestler who is older now, and wasn't great when he was young. A guy that this sub, and others, and a few live crowds Ive seen(I only watch PPVs from WWE) have disliked. He lost in the blow off where Goldberg likely won't be on tomorrow, but he will. And he'll either A.) Complain or not accept his loss, looking like a loser B.) Start a new feud as if nothing happened, making another star that there's no real reason to invest in, since stories exist in a vacuum and characters don't progress or C.) Not be booked. Down vote me please, but WWE booking style AND match production is so trash that I'm literally showing my partner these threads in shock. Everyone is praising this show, downvoting any criticism. This match, the 3 way, and the HIAC especially. She and I watched the show and had completely different feelings. Why do people in WWE sell like they aren't athletes at all and are easily winded or knocked silly by very standard exchanges? Edge vs Rollins was boring mostly, and then when the "spots," happened, I just started to fall out of it. Seth stabbed Edge in the eye with a small metal pipe. No blood. Edge isn't blinded. He's just continuing his trend of completely playing brain dead with his ScyFy channel acting. Like, man's goes comatose from clotheslines. THEN I watch Seth Rollins learn to tie his shoes for what seemed like 2 straight minutes. The worst "spot?" Edge has Seth in a crossface, assisted by a socket wrench thats in Rollins Mouth. Seth is clearly lucid, screaming from pain, even sticking out his tongue. That's when Edge has an idea, so naturally he let's Seth go, and Seth literally just is knocked out now. No more screaming, the instant he's let go, Seth is OUT. Maybe thats nitpicking, but I feel like most of the match was really cringey and oversold. A line from commentary: "Seth Rollins just took TWO inhuman impacts!" He got pushed off the turnbuckle like many humans do. Then he kinda slid down through a table but mostly landed feet/butt first. What the fuck is WWE? Who tells Edge, "Yeah man, that thing where you stare off into the lights and clench your whole body, ya know, you look like you're either gonna snap and put the dogs in the enclosed pool area or pass a turd the size of Japan? Yeah, thats good shit, pal."


Braun went from going over Goldberg to fired so there really is no upside to a Goldberg feud.


The Allmighty JOBBY Lashley! Lol.


Good and fun match. I expected for Goldberg to win


I knew Goldberg would bin but what a freaking let down after the year Lashley has had. Goldberg sucks and needs to retire his old ass


Okay, props for taking that bump, but Goldberg was literally running at 3 mph. Please hang it up now


The finish ti the match was great


Wonder how Lashley recovers


Wait, no hold barred and falls count anywhere are different stipulations I guess?


Yeah. No Holds Barred = No DQ, anything goes, but you still need to pin/submit in the ring. Falls Count Anywhere now means you can win the match anywhere. I guess theoretically you could have a falls count anywhere match that isn't No Holds Barred.




I get that no one here wants to see Goldberg win (and I'm no fan of his either), but young guys beating him (ala Drew McIntyre) means nothing if he doesn't win once in a while to maintain his kayfabe credibility. He's not taking any title, not beating anyone's streak, just a blood feud with a feelgood ending... I'm actually okay with that.


That finish was a bang, great work Oldberg!


I'm so happy for Goldberg! He deserved this win so much, after working years in development. Finally a new, strong face.




What’s your wrestling definition of buried?


Anytime someone loses their buried according to this sub


This sub said Bianca was buried like 2 months into her main roster run.


I love realism in pro wrestling, but sometimes I wish we could go back to kayfabe still being alive and almost nobody knew backstage jargon. I feel like the subreddit is 50% wrestling and 50% behind the scenes going ons. Sometimes it feels 70/30 in favor of backstage things instead of talking about actual wrestling. To each their own though.


Tbh idiots misunderstanding the word buried has been a thing since the 90s brother.


Losing 3 on 1 to a dude who has an injured leg and is 10 years older than you


Maybe not buried, but the former WWE Champion losing to a injured 50yo man is not a great look


Goldberg's yearly burying continues


I love seeing this sub have a meltdown anytime Goldberg is cheered


Only caught the ending, pretty cool ending.


A Goldberg match that didn’t suck. Wow


If you’re gonna have Goldberg win, that’s one hell of a way to do it.


The camera cuts are for the Saudi princes... they need to show the rest of the world how much FUN they are having there, and why don't ya just "come on down to Saudi'


I am fairly certain, this was a popular dream match some years in the past, in these areas


Alright. Can we be done with Goldberg? Like...forever?


Best Goldberg’s looked since that 2017 feud with Brock. Honestly I know the finish might not be popular, but they had a good story to tell, and a very good match all things considered.


You just couldn't have a perfect show eh?


you really never know with Goldberg, thought he brought it really well today, went way longer than his usual 3 minutes, and looks in better shape than guys half his age! fun match


Goldberg is going to the chiropractor the moment he gets back to the states


Ironically, that's one way to end a Goldberg match safely vs him possibly slipping in the jackhammer again.


He hit a jackhammer earlier in the match and it looked fantastic.


Big E vs Goldberg should happen either at Royal Rumble now, right? The Meat vs Meat match Big E always wanted? lol I just hope before Big E gets to RR that he also wins against Roman Reigns on the champion vs champion match at Survivor Series.


There's a special irony for a bunch of people from the UAE screaming for someone named BERG. He looked absolutely terrific though for someone his age. Probably his best look since his recent comeback.


Was the crowd really that dead? I've only seen finishes to a handful of matches (on here) and the crowd is flat AF for all of them.


Q: What is Goldberg's appearance and win rate at these Saudi Arabia shows? It feels like he's been booked on every one of them.


Goldberg rocked his head on that table during the spear. The look on his face after the bump!


This would be a great note for Goldberg to go out on and be retired forever


Props to Bill. This match was fantastic.


Jesus Christ he’s champion again? Lmfao.


Lashley hasn't champ for weeks ya knob.


Oh so even more reason for this not to have happened lmfao. Right on.


They both just kinda stood there until Goldberg lightly jogged towards him.




"This Crown Jewel won't be as shitty", they said. Glad I didn't believe for a second. People actually wasted bandwidth to steam this shit.


Don’t know what show you were watching. I thought it was the best PPV of the year.


I LEGIT forgot that this match was even happening.