[PWG Spoilers] The Forbidden Door makes waves

[PWG Spoilers] The Forbidden Door makes waves


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Don't ever talk to me or my son again.


Malakai Black and his large adult son


The Dominik Mysterio effect.


For a moment I thought danhausen roided up


They are pokemon evolutions.


*shocked Pikachu face*


You only get Danhausen if you trade with a friend while he's holding the jar of teeth item.


Just inject the sacks of human cash right into his bloodstream?


*bloodstreamhausen* *


Hanging out with your cool tiny uncle who inspired you to get all those tats and who's only a few years older than you


CM Plump


Goddamn, I was just thinking about this quote in reference to the post about 2point0 & Daniel Garcia & Danielson, then this is the first comment on the next post I open. Reality is weird


Sounds like you want a taste


Malakai Black and Brody King won the tag titles tonight. One member of the team is signed to AEW, the other to ROH. Together they make up the team of “The Kings of the Black Throne.”


It's such a smart thing that they can have "All Elite Wrestling" be this place where their talent can just go be champions in other companies. Malakai might not be touching their own belts anytime soon, but he can still be presented as a guy who is a champion among champions.


It’s one of my favorite things about talent being allowed to do other companies. AEW wrestlers going out there and collecting belts is a great way for a lot of these companies to get more eyes on them. It’s just so good for the ecosystem of indy wrestling overall, you never know who you’ll see pop up on a local scene.


The workers get to work, which they generally enjoy and gets them paid more. AEW gets workers who are happier and who look like badasses, and some of those workers might make some fans that start watching AEW to follow their new favorite wrestlers. The smaller companies get some new fans who start watching their shows to follow their favorite wrestlers. Some of the indy talent gets to work with some world-class superstars like Mox and Black, possibly catching some eyes and earning a tryout for either AEW or other shows down the road. Literally everyone profits here.


I've always thought that AEW should be pushing the fact they are the home of elite talent. Everyone there should theoretically be able to be a champion somewhere else. My one big wish is to have an annual tournament to crown a champions champion from the likes of AEW, NJPW, Impact, ROH, AAA, GCW, NWA, etc. Kind of like the Champions League meets the G1


Perfect time to introduce a gift of the gods style belt. Each promotion has a medallion, when you beat someone in the tournament you take whatever ones they've collected until 1 person has every promotions medallions and is thus champion.


The Forbidden Championship. Completed belt gives a shot at a top title in any org. I'll need that ASAP.


There used to be a similar thing in Japan called the J Crown, which was when you collected 8 promotions’ junior heavyweight titles.


And it led to the coolest presentation ever in Ultimo Dragon and all those belts


Praise the Lord, I just ejaculated in anticipation!!!


i loved that ~~belt~~ title so much


The opening of the forbidden door, in a way, has a lot in common with the territory days of the NWA. Everyone had their hometown champions, heels, and faces. But from time to time you have talent exchanges to mix things up and give stars a new matchup. The only thing missing is that elite, top level championship that exists at the top of the entire system.


On a smaller scale I always felt WWE should have brand champions and one male and female world champion who takes challenges from each show. That'll likely never happen, and nor will my dream of a true world champion


That was the original WWE champion in 2002.


This could be the Owen Cup.


Hell, say you have to hold a title somewhere to get into the Owen Cup. ROH, AEW, NJPW, AAA, PWG....


So you’re saying it’s a … Contest of Champions…? r/comicbooks leaking!


It's called All Elite Wrestling for a reason. So they're taking the best of the wrestling industry out there and giving them a showcase on their show.


Which is perfect! Every sport is more interesting when you have a champions league and then super leagues below it like the Premier League or La Liga. The NBA has become so much more interesting with Euro ball becoming more competitive.


Yea but NBA players aren't playing both NBA and Euro EVER (the contracts pretty much prevent anything beyond casual play at Rec leagues unless you void the contract due to injury)


They play Olympic, FIBA and Global games. Some even have two ways with G-League which is still the NBA but it would be the equivalent of NXT to Raw.


yea but it all falls under NBA jurisdictions. I don't know the specifics but it certainly got adjusted after PG in 2015. To me I feel the WWE is more about controlling marketing since the contracts seem so easily voided. AEW has allowed the talent to seek outside opportunities in several fields. May only take one injury derailing a PPV to see a different side of all this


I feel with their roster they could last minute patch up most anything and not have a completely fukt PPV due to injury but I may just be stanning a little too hard with that thinking tbh


Okay I'm an American so I have a dumb question. Is the champions league all the winners, and runners up from each European league?


Correct! It's the top ranked teams from each of the European national leagues essentially.


Wow, that sounds awesome! So what is considered amongst international fans the best league? The premier league, or is it Spain's? I know bundesliga is good, but from what I read the same team usually wins? Soccer (football) has grown so much here in the States. Major League Soccer has the third best attendance out of all our big leagues. I don't follow it too much, but I'll be honest. I'm a huge t20 cricket fan lol. There aren't many here. Actually we have a 20 or 30 million cricket fans according to a survey, but most are 2nd, and 1st generation Americans. We are getting a pro league in a few years. If they market in our major cities I think it could take off. Alot of baseball players I think would pick it up because it's all the best parts of the sport but constant.


Historically Spain's La Liga and the UK's Premier League are considered the top flight The former due to being able to pipeline in promising Latin American talent and the latter due to moneyballing talent across Europe. Midtier is fairly firmly grasped by Italy, France, and Germany.


So in the UK league under premier league, do those players still make millions? Or is it like minor league sports here where it's a middle class salary if they're lucky. My guess is they make more than minor leagues here since teams can move up levels. I always thought it was cool how teams can drop a level. It would be cool to have here, but it wouldn't work here because of how pro sports are structured.


The division under Premier is the English Football League. The teams that can move up to Premier like Norwich City will pay million pound salaries. A middling EFL team like Blackpool will pay minimum 100 thousand pounds to their core players. The salaries being paid by top Premier League teams are in the hundreds of millions while the lower teams are just tens of millions. So yeah, well above American minor leagues.


>he can still be presented as a guy who is a champion among champions. Yuuuuup. It doesn't just put over Black as a guy who's championship caliber, but also the other companies too because their champions went toe to toe with AEW's guys and held their own, they're also really talented.


Which is why I'm so happy that AEW is a thing and is doing quite well: they're elevating the entire wrestling business as a whole. Guys like Mox and Black are pretty big deals and having them appear on shows like this benefits everyone even if they're not in AEW. A big reason why I've grown to intensely dislike WWE is how they dismiss a wrestler's past achievements, basically implying none of that mattered. The only noticeable exception in recent history was Styles. This pretty much hurts the business as a whole.


Before it was kind of a powerplay. Nothing else matters until you're in WWE. But now it makes them look kind of small. There's a whole world of matches once you leave Vince island.


Absolutely! I just wish they would make more references to these events, if not on tv, AT LEAST on their YouTube channels. Feels like such a waste that Kenny beat some top Impact talent and most people will never have a clue about it.


It works really well with the whole sports presentation too. Like if you’re in some MMA promotion and you also are a kickboxing world champion, they’re not going to ignore that fact. They will use it to hype you up.


Holy fuck let’s goooooo!


that's a sick team name


Thanks Excalibur


Consider this a preview of what The House Of Black will look like in AEW in January (when Brody's ROH deal expires).Now go ahead and picture Butcher,Blade,and Brody going for Trios titles....


>Butcher,Blade,and Brody going for Trios titles.... hunnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhh


Don't stop I'm almost there.


Super Dragon silently building a team to take over.


How the heck are they gonna be in PWG and not have their tag team be called the Tattooed Love Boys?


This is a timeline I'm happy to be alive for.


Brody going to AEW next year.


ether that or RoH joins in on the fun. PWG has always been the united nations of wrestling though so who knows.


Yoooo. Imma need that Gresham v Danielson ASAP.


Danhausen vs Punk too while we're at it


Danhausen, Darby, and Sting v SuperKliq. Because ya know it’s wrestling in 2021, and it’s all just a fever dream so why not.


I... give me... when... I can't... Stinghausen...


If they ever get the rights to Halloween Havoc - they wont, but if - this would be the Main Event.


Papa Khan has spoiled us all rotten.


At this point if you told me you wanted to book Roman, Mickey James, and Matt Cordona vs Okada, Don Callis, and Steven Amell for the IWGP Trios championship at Wrestle Kingdom 2022 I'd just assume it were possible.


you want to watch the world burn don't you


Oh yes, Danhausen Vs Pepsi man would a very good, very evil matchup.


Winner gets Pepsi man's monies.


Danielson said as much recently, zero chance that doesn't happen somewhere. an RoH homecoming though for him would be the best thing ever.


Bryan vs Homicide Bryan vs Gresham Bryan vs Lethal Bryan vs Jay Briscoe Bryan vs Bandido Bryan vs Tracy Williams Bryan vs Deppen Holy shit I feel like I could go on for days.


I might cry if that happens


Whereever it happens, it should be at somewhere where it can be seen live on PPV or streaming service.


Shouldn't even be that much of a barrier. At minimum, AEW could simply use him as a heater & an occasional tag partner for Malakai, thus keeping him strong so as to not diminish whatever ROH has planned while still building his name to a larger audience & possibly drawing new people in to watch him in ROH


They'd be insane not to open their door for a Danielson / Punk appearance. And next level talent like King, Gresham, fuck even Danhousen can start spreading the love. It's only a benefit to everyone.


I don't see Punk going back to ROH. Danielson, maybe... but that Gresham/Danielson match could take place outside of ROH.


No, the Gresham-Danielson match has to be for the Pure title


Well Gresham doesn't have the title anymore.


We’ve witnessed Sting wrestle former two time CHIKARA tag team champions 2point0 live on TNT. Is Punk appearing in the promotion that launched him on a road to stardom, a company he still name drops to this day that far fetched?


If ROH joined in on the fun they would’ve done it by now I don’t see ROH ever sharing talent like we see with AEW, NJPW, NWA or Impact


Imagine both of them as House of Black vs Lucha Bros, with some god tier singles matches too.


I'm really drawn to the idea of the Kings of the Black Throne (Malakai alluded to this name on his Instagram earlier) vs Butcher and Blade for some reason. I just feel like they'd be really complimentary and all that heavy metal beef in the match up between Brody and Big Butcher. I'd like to see it.


I love that name, maybe House of Black can be the faction and that can be the tag team. That match would also be sick for sure, it works really well aesthetically.


Give Brody his own stable in ROH. Have KOTBT be a cross promotion alliance between The House of Black and Brody's stable. That way, when it falls apart like all wrestling alliances do, you can have the two factions go to war with each other.


He has his own stable now with Deppen, Dickinson, and Homicide.


VLNCE UNLTD (violence unlimited)


I’m so glad you wrote it because my brain couldn’t remember how they spelled it.


I'm ready for House of Black Hollywood vs. House of Black Wolfpac!


But that would destroy the old trio The Butcher, The Blade, and The King.


There’d be about 3 square inches of untattooed skin between the four of them


His goal has always been Japan so I imagine he'll be looking at either AEW, for the convenience of staying in the US but also the allure of possible New Japan excursions, or if he was given the opportunity he might want to just bypass them and just sign with New Japan. Either way, more Brody pls


I am clueless how he isn't a bigger name already.


brody in the house of black would be pretty cool tbh


I'm telling you. Black, Brody, Butcher, Blade & Abadon.


Black, Brody, Butcher, Blade & aBadon*


Pokemon evolution




Me: [No one like super 90’s goth metal shit. ](https://imgur.com/a/HjFqyBU) Malakai Black: Unless that super 90’s metal goth shit is dope as fuck. Me: Fuck… that’s true.


The wonders of having companies work with each other.


I feel at some point we can look at Tony Kahn as a genius he knew that WWE being closed off and even resentful towards the Indie scene was an opportunity to turn the tables. It's pure genius, he is turning the whole inde wrestling world and connecting them one by one. With AEW at the core it will turn WWE from being the place to go to a lone country with no allies.


This kind of stuff has been happening on Strong since the show began. Brody is a big part of it. This doesn’t surprise me at all.


If Brody King comes to AEW, they will have… * Brodie and Brody (Lee/King) * 2 Cages (Christian/Brian) * Brian, Brian, and Bryan (Cage/Pillman jr./Danielson) * 2 Adam’s (Cole/Page) * 2 Page’s (Adam/Ethan) * Daniel, Daniels, and Danielson (Garcia/Christopher/Bryan) * Chris and Christopher (Jericho/Daniels) * 2 Jacks (Evans/Jungle Boy Perry) * 2 Anthony’s (Bowens and Ogogo) * Colt and Colten (Cabana/Gunn) * 2 Jakes (Hager/Roberts) * Jon and John (Moxley/Silver) * Mark, Marq, and Marko (Henry/Quen/Stunt) * 4 Matt’s (Jackson/Hardy/Lee/Sydal) * 3 Lee’s (Brodie/Johnson/Matt) * Max and Maxwell (Caster/Jacob Friedman) * 2 Nick’s (Jackson/Comorroto) * Cassidy and Kassidy (Orange/Isaiah) * 2 Shawn’s (Spears/Dean) This is the true purpose of the forbidden door. Am I missing anyone?


There's also Kris (Statlander) in with the Chris/Christopher. Maybe add Christian to that list too. Riho and Ryo (Mizunami), although Ryo isn't signed. Alan & Allin (Angels & Darby)


3 Page, pretty sure DDP works backstage.


The List of who OP won’t be updating: * Adam Page * Ethan Page * Diamond Dallas Page * Paige * Moxley


Paige isn't in AEW.




Sorry, let me fix the List: * Kenny Omega * Kenny Ortega * Kenny Shields * Kenny Chesney * Kenny from South Park * Moxley


Also Rickey Shane Page (RSP)


I keep telling people turn them into a stable called The Term Paper because it had a ton of pages in it. Their tagline "Time to get graded." Don't forget that Adam Page used to be a teacher and DDP teaches Yoga.


Would you add Christian to the Chris and Christopher, or is that a stretch? Also not sure if you count broadcast team, but they have 3 Alex's (Reynolds/Abrahantes/Marvez) or at least 2 Alex's if you only count those who wrestled (though Abrahantes only wrestled a few matches and under a different name) Edit: why the downvote, I'm right.


Meanwhile, in WWE: "We have to change Adam Cole's name or people will think he's related to Michael Cole and they'll get confused."


Inject this into my veins please.


That is a highly illustrated tag team




Hope he get to wear the belt on AEW TV.


Super Dragon would sue


Doubtful. Has the GCW World Champion worn his belt on TV?


House of Black stable here we come


As great as the Attitude era was this is my favorite wrestling timeline. The predictability isn’t weighing me down anymore. Anyone can show up almost anywhere at anytime


Just curious, how was the Bandido vs Richards match?


It was good but everything paled in comparison to the trios match from the first half of the show


Sweet. It seems like PWG always have great Trios matches.




His eye looks absurd by the day


I like the idea of AEW being a hub of other wrestling promotions and having an A list cast they send over to feed them.


lil bro, big bro energy. Can't wait until Brody King becomes the champ in ROH or ends up in AEW.


I remember when a local show would have big names from the NWA/Smokey Mt./AWA/WCCW. AEW seems to be great place for talent if want to work elsewhere. Between them, ROH and Impact there is ton of talent able to work how they want.


What belts are these?


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PWG_World_Tag_Team_Champions Previous champs were vacated due to signing with WWE.


is that Mike "The Rock" Davis?




Let's see if Brody starts using the "House of Black" in ROH or do you think Brody is AEW bound?


Neither, I think it's just PWG


They look like a perfect fit, let’s hope Brody can be “forbidden doored” down the line.


Obligatory comment on any Malakai Black post: anyone else think he should switch to pants? The gym shorts do him no favors.


I love the shorts on him. It also makes perfect sense since his fighting style is heavily influenced by muay thai so him having muay thai shorts is great. People keep saying this, but I loved the first time he appeared with shorts, then he changed to some awkwardly small trunks, and I'm glad he is back to the shorts and I hope he sticks with it.


The martial arts connection is fitting since the Netherlands are known for their big K1 and MMA exports (Aerts, Schilt, Hoost for kickboxing alone).


TIL I knew that Black was highly trained but wasn’t aware the Netherlands had such a history in combat sports.


If you're interested look into Dutch style Muay Thai.


I just think that the shorts draw attention to the fact that his legs are–and let’s all be honest here, alright?–on the skinny side compared to his upper body. I’m not saying the shorts are against his character or anything, just that they do not match his body type very well. Just my opinion.


Longbois haterz incoming.


Why does Black look like a dog though?


Holy Hell


I went to that show. The finish was awkward as hell. It just happened


Flamita had blood coming from his mask, I couldn't tell where it was coming from exactly. I think they had to call an audible and change the finish.


Did they have a tag team finisher?


They basically used their own finisher at the same time. Black hit Taurus with the spinning roundhouse and Brody hit the ganzo bomb on Flamita. Brody then pinned Flamita for the win.


Brody King is a big scary boy. I want to see him vs Wardlow.


Kings of the Black Throne


Mike the Rock Davis with the tag belt? Let's go! I'll give!


I've seen Brody King live once and he instantly became one of my favourites. The guy fucking rules.


Is it possible to watch PWG online somewhere?


I don't think indys count for the forbidden door.


If he stayed in WWE he would never be able to wrestle for PWG. It should count. Being in AEW has opened the door for Black, Danielson, and Cole to wrestle in PWG.