Whats the deal with HOOK?

Whats the deal with HOOK?


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he's hot


Mostly a meme.


He's mostly a meme because he doesn't talk, hasn't wrestled and barely does anything.


He's basically that one gag from the Simpsons when the mob was fighting the Yakuza and that one guy was just standing there.


Excalibur: "But JR, that little one hasn't anything yet!Look at him.He's going to do something and you know it's going to be good." Tony: "We have to go to the back where Alex Marvez is standing by with members of the Dark Order." *As soon as they cut to Marvez* Hook: "HHIIIIYYYYAAAAAA!" Crowd: "THAT WAS AWESOME!" JR: "By God! What did we just see?" Us at home: "Aw..."


I mean, I don't think it did well in the box office but it was definitely a cult classic


Think about it this way. AEW has all these 2nd generation kids that are put in positions to lose a lot.... except Hook. He's instantly in a major faction and is really protected.... there's something going on here.


Could also be read as a sign he isn't trained up enough to even have a match yet. I like your reading better though.


But him being untrained and shit is good! Always time for the young ones to get better.


He's trained in the best secret wrestling dojos in the world. His skills match Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and that's just on his off days.


Have you seen the secret footage only shared on the most underground wrestling sites of Hook vs Omega and Danielson? He runned circles around them. There was a time where he made triple 900ª Panama Sunrise to BOTH of them, AT THE SAME TIME!!!!


Heard he was drunk one time and did a variation tnat he now calls the Tequila Sunrise.


He's studied all the AJPW tapes and written down move for move them all in 6 different languages, his skills are better than the four pillars combined when not even at 80% healthy.


Recently found out that Hook is actually Taz’s son. From Taz’s Wikipedia: “Senerchia is of Italian descent. He married Teresa Smith, and together they have one son, Tyler (born May 4, 1999), who is training with Cody Rhodes to be a professional wrestler. Tyler has made several appearances in AEW as part of his father's stable Team Taz under the ring name Hook.”


Wait, he's being trained by Cody? Fuck Hook. /s


That was actually how Hook joined team Taz. Cody talked shit about Taz's own son was training under him. Hook turned on him the next week


Iirc, Taz choked out Cody at one point for that


they bring it up all the time how did you just find out they’re father and son haha


We were all born to be Hookers. The sooner you accept your lot in life the sooner we can move on.


Mostly a meme right now but people have turned less than he has into successful careers. Someone clearly sees a decent future for him.


Hook is basically the Wrestling version of Chuck Norris, but unlike Chuck, Hook does nothing.


Sounds like you're not a HOOKer! Don't doubt HOOK, he'll tap your ass out!


Ohhh... thought you were looking for a date


Mostly a meme at this point but I have a feelings it’s going to evolve into real pops once he starts wrestling






I’m ready for him to actually do something 🤷🏽‍♂️