[Rampage: Grand Slam Spoilers] Aftermath of Men of the Year vs. Jericho & Hager

[Rampage: Grand Slam Spoilers] Aftermath of Men of the Year vs. Jericho & Hager


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Jericho sold that like death, the way he lay there all twisted up.


I dunno about selling, that knee connected.


It was all thigh


Look closer. Maybe rubbed the thigh. Jericho sold it well but you can totally see him spin out of it.


That knee looked awesome.


I mean...the one Jorge did on Ben Askren right after the bell rang in their fight look savage as hell and literally put out Askren for minutes. It was brutal. Not surprising a worked version of it from him would look good.


Oh completely and that's a lot of trust from Jericho there.


Probably because it actually hit Jericho, he was bleeding after taking that


I thought he bladed


It’s just a coincidence that they did a full frame replay before cutting back to Jericho bleeding haha


Also if it was legit it’s probably Jerichos nose that would’ve been busted rather than his forehead


People don't just bleed from the middle of the forehead like that.


Sometimes if they have enough scar tissue they do. [Nate Diaz](https://i.imgur.com/FRUzgDE.jpg)


Shibata did He also had a hematoma too, but he was cut dead in the center of his forehead


He was cut on the hairline, it’s just an inch or two above but it makes a huge difference.


I'm not saying Jericho didn't gig, because he did. But you can absolutely get hit in the forehead and get split open. It generally happens closer to the eyes, or in the scalp area... but anywhere above the eyes can split open if you get hit the right way... even more so if you have heavy scar tissue from years of gigging.


Foley said that Terry Funk knew exactly how and where to hit you, that he could open you up hard way with a single punch right above the eye.


Yeah, it is right above the outer-half of the eyebrow. I was never able to figure out how to do it (not for lack of trying), but that is the Sweet spot.


Junior dos Santos caught my attention the most, looking really hyped and happy to be part of the show.


It seems pretty obvious that this guys are into it and that makes it really likely that we can get something good out of this.


I'm sure that even if they don't get pro wrestling they must really enjoy the crowd reactions.


Yeah, all of them looked like they were enjoying themselves. PVZ and JDS both looked real happy, and you could tell Masvidal was loving that shit.


Paige looked like she could easily slot into the roster...if you exclude her poor looking moves lol.


Im happy for Paige cause she's had a bad run of losses in Bare Knuckle after getting cut from UFC. She should definitely be considering an avenue in Pro Wrestling, not sure what she could do but anything can happen. I think Masvidal has the most potential if he wants to do some pro wrestling stuff. Guy has a lot of swag. Also can talk spanish and english.


I think Meltzer said recently that JDS was thinking about getting into wrestling, but then had second thoughts when he saw the standard of the Young Bucks/Lucha Bros cage match. People were talking to him and telling him that he wouldn't be expected to deliver a match like that.


that really seems like a Jds thing to say


Sucks that he has to be a heel though. JDS is one of the really good dudes in fighting sports.


Say what you want about mma guys in wrestling and how hard it is to suspend disbelief, but the least believable thing about this whole angle is JDS being a heel. Dude was almost on the level of Steven Thompson in terms of niceness.


I remember JDS went to a show with DC once and fell in love with it. If AEW could get DC I'd fucking cry with joy.


Yes please! seems DC hasn't been introduced to AEW yet he still harps on about wwe constantly even after what they did to his boi cain.


Masvidal is a very big name to be working with them. AEW have generally done the sports celebrity thing quite well so far with Shaq, Mike Tyson and now him.


I think it’s good that they’re getting some big names, but MMA guys coming into wrestling doesn’t do it for me personally, and I’m saying that as a huge fan of both AEW and UFC. I just find it harder to turn my mind off and suspend my disbelief when guys I know are absolute killers start bumping and selling, and obviously being able to get lost in it is a big part of the enjoyment. It’s the same problem I have with Brock a lot of times, as he reminded us all of when he gave his infamous receipt to Strowman a few years ago.


It's not like we haven't seen these guys get laid out before.


I'm fine with multiple guys coming, outnumbering the wrestlers and protecting Lambert from an ass kicking. What I don't want to see is the MMA guys being booked into 20+ minute matches. Masvidal has the look though, with the right booking. It could completely shit on Velasquez vs Brock


Bring cain into AEW. Put a mask on him and let him do the cool lucha shit he was doing before wwe. They fucked it up completely, probably on purpose.


Different environments and different rules. It's why Riddle/Punk/Nakamura/Suzuki are better in the ring than a cage. And why Brock is money because he fucks up anyone in both. /Regal


Riddle was very good in the cage, only reason he quit was because weed was banned, he got disqualified because he tested positive for it, and he did not want to give it up.


Riddle would have been on a 5 fight winstreak in the UFC if it wasn't for cannabis rules being nonsense at that point. He was a real prospect, and in a legit division.


>And why Brock is money because he fucks up anyone in both. Well used to as far as one of those go... When he was winning MMA fights, he was largely fighting less than stellar competition and overblown middleweights such as Couture. All in a division which was "the division" for random knockouts by freaks with meh technique or bad physique. He hit a pretty big wall with the Velasquez and Overeem fights.


Also Brock tested hot for PEDs with USADA so not sure why this guy discredits Riddle's career.


Suzuki was a former world champ, and founder of Pancrase. I’d say he was pretty good at MMA.


Pancrase lol


maybe it's just the circle I'm in but I don't know how much of a crossover there is between wrestling fans and UFC fans and it always feels like wrestling is trying to force it... like I literally have no idea who any of these people are. again I could be wrong but it feels like two different audiences. I think a lot of wrestlers are MMA fans but I don't know how much that translates to the actual fans in my circle and experience wrestling fans tend to be more nerdy and like comics and video games and stuff


like literally the first time Dan Lambert came out and they said he was with American top team I thought it was some kind of reality show or something


I think it’s OK right now because their heels. If they were trying to push these guys as white meat baby faces it would never fly because the audience would except him them because they don’t know who the fuck these people are for the most part.


I thought that was hella fun to see JDS and arlovski get in there and throw some worked punches. It makes pro wrestling look good that MMA guys want to come in, have fun with it and try the 'fake' stuff. Masvidal was a perfect fit because he already has an over the top look and character. And bryan already does his move.


Also their punches. As usual when a mma fighter tries to fake punch, look terrible.


I love them both too, they just don’t mix well most of the time. Wrestlers pretending to do mma stuff sucks. And mma guys trying to do wrestling stuff sucks. (Most of the time)






I would disagree with the Mike Tyson stuff being done well, but agree on the rest


Masvidal with a running knee and Ben Askren just started crying but he doesn't know why


[He wants royalties](https://twitter.com/Benaskren/status/1441603399670108163)


[Masvidal agrees!](https://twitter.com/GamebredFighter/status/1441605872753410049?s=19)


Wow this exchange was surprisingly wholesome and put a smile on my face


Wrestling/MMA crossovers getting me feeling hella good man.


man are they gonna get Masvidal to work a match? That'd be pretty cool


I'm rather surprised that Dana even *agreed* to this!


Dana White: "Fuck Vince McMahon".


He's pals with TK.


Tony introduced him to TEW


Nah WMMA 5.


Is 5 out? I skipped 4.


Literally playing it now, Minoru Suzuki is a primadonna, refusing all my matchups because the opponent isn't a big enough name


Lmao is this a shoot


It's a work, brother


Ahh damn much love brother HH


Dana, unlike vince, actually more or less treats his dudes like independent contractors. Not excusing the shit ufc payouts but they can do their own thing for the most part. Masvidal even promotes his own promotion.


But he doesn’t tho, they can’t go fight in other promotions. Also the example of guys like GSP essentially being shelved by their UFC contract.


That's because they sign exclusively to fight for UFC but are allowed any business venture outside of actually fighting. Thus why the OP comment says that Dana does actually treat his guys like actual independent contractors, because this is how they should be allowed to work.


Meltzer always say that if thru any court ruling UFC fighters are not considered independent contractors, then it would also apply to WWE since they are even more restrictive.


I personally feel that was more valid pre-Reebok deal (now venum), but I see your point.


Yeah but that's the only restriction, and it's not like these guys are, for the most part, looking to fight in other promotions so I don't really hold that against Dana too much.


Honestly huge respect to dana for that. We know what happened when punk asked vince if he could walk chael to the ring.


Masvidal vs Omega, call it the V-Trigger Match


I'm surprised. Masvidal was always one of them guys who I thought would genuinely believe wrestlers meant it when doing promo's


Masvidal stood in front of me for this whole match so I saw it coming, but he was dressed cool as hell so I didn’t mind.


we're getting masvidal vs jericho arent we


This whole thing actually came off better than I'd have thought. We're also probably getting MotY vs Lucha Bros, which should be great.


hey im for it personally


They'd agree on a lot of things.


Can't wait for THAT podcast


Winner releases the kraken


Fuck it! Let Masvidal win. I don't remember if he can cut a good promo but I'm sure he can get carried to a good match.


masvidal is a pretty good promo, in fact some may say hes a better promo then he is a fighter.


Will be the most money half of that ATT crew earns in a single night too lol


Yeah right. 😆 Doubt AEW is paying any of them close to $500,000.


Lol. You think any of them outside Masvidal and JDS get paid more than basic? Even PvZ only got 25k a fight in UFC and she was the eye candy draw. UFC fighters get shit. Their friends get even worse.


Paige got 400k for her bare knuckle fight. Arlovski gets $350,000 per fight....other dude is in Bellator getting $50,000 a fight. Doubt AEW is matching that when most guys on their roster aren't getting that in a year.


Meanwhile PNP coming out two mins later as if their stablemates didn't just die a gruesome death


It's New York, they grew up here, sometimes your friends just get violently attacked in the streets, you learn to live with it.


I can see this as a Santana promo


I mean, they *were* in Warriors gear. They expected to lose some friends on the way to Queens.


That's an awesome idea for a cinematic match when you think about it, or just a tongue in cheek thing in bits and pieces over an entire show like when Chris Jericho and Christian lost their clothes.


Stadium Stampede 3: Faction Warfare. 8 or more factions of four members start outside the stadium and fight their way to the middle of the ring in the center of the field losing members along the way. Last faction standing wins title shots for the World,TNT, and Tag titles.


And also staying in the back as Sammy and his best friend get dismembered by Miro


They had a match with the Tag Champs against two of the highest ranked teams in AEW in their hometown, while their friends are important to them, the lojg term success of the Inner Circle was at stake here.


Where was the rest of the inner circle?


Inokiism AEW! BOM BA YE!


I miss proper Shinsuke.




Never seen Masvidal before, he has a very handsome yet quite hateable face.


u/iampaigevanzant, AMA please?


Damn she is very active....




Great MMA crossover. Doesn’t bury the MMA guys (necessary) but doesn’t make Jericho/Hager look weak at all needing an entire MMA gym to beat them up.




Man I thought Masvidal was just gonna hang out and not get physical since he's still an active high level fighter. Plus how he was dressed. That knee was amazing.


Lucky Jericho, getting his ass kicked by PVZ


When I was young, Plants vs Zombies kicked my ass too. He'll get better.


Inner circle fucked around, found out


That running knee was sick! Kudos to Masvidal for nailing it and Jericho for selling it. Dos Santos and Arlovski are both former UFC Champions, but both pale in comparison to Masvidal when it comes to popularity. If he chooses to carve a career in pro-wrestling, Masvidal could be a star in the making!


I know it will never happen in a million years, but I would die of happiness on the spot if Jericho brought out Fedor and/or Overeem as his mma muscle.


Well yeah, but practically, Jericho can just bring Usman instead and watch Jorge nope the hell out of there :D


Overeem ain't gonna happen, he did an interview recently with Helwani where he called wrestling "gay", came off as super ignorant. Fedor would be something else though. Like Minoru Suzuki, but with no emotion what so ever. Just murdering people whilst looking like he's thinking about what he needs to get from the grocery store.


On one hand. Yes give it to me. on the other hand. Fedor might look like somebodys dad if he came out in a pro wrestling setting in his sweater. On the other hand, i don't care, just give it to me!. fedor and cro cop please!!!


Yeah, the speed he went at it and the slide right after was so smooth. Masvidal kicks ass, and the rest of ATT's crew in AEW does give them a bit of legitimacy (as I'm fairly familiar with JDS and Arlovski back in the day, but not so much to be completely knowledgeable).


Real fights are too violent for me so I'm not familiar with any of the MMA guys except for Paige. That being said, that was a surprisingly good ambush/invasion! They looked legit


I personally do not give a single fuck about MMA (so I hadn't heard of any of these people outside of Paige Van Zant), but Masvidal's running knee looked **ridiculously good.** Hopefully it just looked real and wasn't actually real.


That was cool. Out of all these fighters I think Masvidal, Paige Van Zant, and Junior Dos Santos have the charisma and look to potentially do some good work. Arlovski would make a good henchmen too.


Arlovski has more charisma than he gets credit for, he also "acted" in a Universal Soldier movie, and by acted I mean he fuckin' mauled people, it was great


I look forward to the many 'I don't know these people they can't possibly be relevant' takes that will come from people on this sub who also didn't know Bad Bunny


To be fair, Arlovski, JDS, and PVZ are all pretty washed up. ​ But yeah, Masvidal is a big name.


I think PVZ could make a go of it since she's athletic and has a good look. But lets be real ... never made it far enough past prospect to be washed lmao. I agree with JDS and Arlovski. They both look big and tough enough to be credible henchmen if they learn to bump and feed. Mas is undisputedly the crown jewel of getting ATT in. I think the rest are kind of just there to add to the idea that ATT is full on invading AEW. Living props I guess haha.


If there's anyone from ATT that should make the move to pro wrestling, it's Kayla Harrison. Looking at her next to Paige last week, it seemed to come so much more naturally to her than it did Paige. 95% of Paige's airtime thus far has been her pointing at the crowd.


Oh I could not agree more tbh. She’s actually got prospects in MMA still though, doesn’t she?


PVZ is making loads of money from Only Fans. There is no way she becomes a wrestler. Even her bare knuckle matches will be few and far between.


That will dry out sooner or later more than likely. There's only so many ways you can show your tits and ass until you start looking for something new.


I mean she just seems to like the wrestling crowds and the attention that she can get as a wrestler. Also I think any normal human being would rather just do wrestling than those bare knuckle matches if It's for money, those shits are barbaric.


How big is this Masvidal guy everyone is talking up? I quit following MMA a long time ago so Arlovski felt like the biggest deal out there to me personally.


He became one of UFCs megastars after the fastest running knee KO on Ben askren. It was a pretty neat moment


He's a big draw for the UFC. Not quite on the level of McGregor where everybody in the world would know him, but a big enough deal that several of his PPVs have done over 1 million buys. He's lost a few fights recently, so moving into wrestling while he's still got a decent amount of his starpower is a good move for him. If you want to understand the appeal, googling Masvidal Super Necessary should do the trick. He's definitely got the swagger and look for wrestling if he takes it seriously.


He's the biggest deal out of all the MMA fighters in this segment


Masvidal is one of the top 5 money draws in the UFC. Capitalizes on the “gangster” persona similar to Diaz Brothers


If you look at his w/l record it's not that impressive but the UFC hyped him as one of their baddest dudes after he KO'd Askren. He's lost to some sub-5 p4p weight class guys in the past but is always entertaining and has massive KO potential. He's also a pretty good promo and his story of coming out of the Kimbo Slice fight scene in Miami is pretty sick. He's one of those dudes who fights like he foregoes the honor of "being there" and wants to fuck you up. for anyone trying to get into MMA I think the American Top Team (ATT, Dan Lambert's gym) thing is really cool. It really does work like factions like in wrestling. The Tyron Woodley, Robbie Lawler, Colby Covington, Masvidal storyline is ongoing today and it all spawned out of their stints with or against ATT. My favorite was Dominic Cruz (now a full time commentator) vs Team AlphaMale (Uriah Faber, TJ Dillashaw, Cody Garbrant, and some others I'm forgetting). piggyuback edit for Sakuraba being the Gracie killer. Those mathes are amazing and Saka was a pro wrestler beating juijitsu dudes.


Huge. They made a fake title just for him and nate diaz, and the rock was the ref.


He's a mediocre fighter but he gets pushed by the UFC like crazy. They even made up a dumb little title belt for him to carry around that means nothing. In terms of drawing power he's probably top 10 in MMA right now though


He's definitely not mediocre lol what the fuck are you on? Overrated? Sure. Mediocre? There literally isn't any 'mediocre' fighters ranked in the UFC, let alone in the top 10 of one of their deepest divisions. You've got a massive misconception over how many tiers there are of fighter in MMA if you think Jorge Masvidal is mediocre. Masvidal would clown on the guy that would clown on the guy that would clown on the guy that would clown on the guy that would clown on the guy that would clown on the guy that would clown on you if you trained full time for 5 years, and that's probably being very generous to you and assuming you're decently athletic and don't have to also get fit.


I was pretty clearly referring to the level of talent within the MMA orgs, obviously Jorge or any professional fighter will clown an average guy, myself included. That said in terms of the talent within the big name organizations, he's a guy who got a fluky knee over a well past prime and over hyped Ben Askren (who with competent reffing would be winless in the UFC) and a win over prodigal gatekeeper Nate Diaz and managed to turn that into a massive push. He doesn't beat top level opposition, but he was gifted back to back title shots (despite having absolutely nothing to offer in the first match) and a toy belt to parade around with so that the UFC could finally take pictures of him (or Diaz) with a belt that they could never earn normally. Heck even all that aside, I'm irked knowing that if he sticks around, he's going to be treated as the big deal of the MMA faction, despite Arlovski and JDS being more threatening looking, more talented, and more accomplished fighters.


Other guy seemed like a really miffed Mas MMA stan lmao, u correct though in terms of on his division Masvidal was never really more than a big draw with never beatinh or having good shows with people undebiably more skilled than him. Usman exposed him twice and that killed all his hype after that.


Tbf Usman is running through that division like a buzzsaw and might be the p4p best active fighter. Losing to him isn't really being exposed, it's being beaten by the very best. Masvidal is a legit top 5 in his division and is very entertaining. His run of wins Vs Till, Askren and Diaz were impressive performances. Masvidal Vs the right opponent would still sell. If Nick Diaz wins this weekend, them two could sail past 1million ppv buys


Lmao real shit Masvidal has sold PPV numbers that modern pro-wrestling would dream of selling


The MMA fighters vs a rapper aspect should matter, at least initially. Granted they should hope to do as well.


I'm one of those people who had/has no clue about any of these people, but I've got to at least figure they're here for a reason.


Paige is such a smoke


If AEW could convince PVZ to do an extended run with them, I think that would be a huge shot in the arm for their women's division.


Paige vs Leyla sounds sick as hell


That was really fucking good. Arlovski looked great, whoever got that double leg on Hager looked great and thar running knee by Masvidal was * *Chef's kiss**


I was a fan of this and good to see the MMA guys get involved. It will be interesting to see if any decide to cross over fully. Dos Santos seemingly is loving being involved. Masvidal would make a great heel.


That Masvidal knee looks cool as fuck especially him landing on well his knees.


i'd imagine this is all leading to some sort of match,wonder if pvz is going to face someone.


Masvidal!? That knee was INSANE Also, Paige Van Zant vs Leyla Hirsch when?


Didn’t TNA already do this equally as poorly? With ATT as well if I remember right


Was it just me or is Jericho looking in way better shape? He was impressive this match


They were lighting Hager up there for the first few seconds.


Good thing that they went after Jericho and not CM Punk. They wouldnt stand a chance.


The weird part to this is you have Santana and Ortiz coming out right after for their match when they and Sammy could've easily helped here and make it a super brawl. It was cool when America's Top Team slowly started to trickle out but there seemed to be some confusion as to who would jump into the ring first and beat up on Jericho and Hager. It felt discombobulated and lost some heat Could've been executed better


Did Jericho blade or did he actually take a UFC knee to the dome and get busted open lmfao


I really don't like mma guys in wrestling. They're always booked as stronger/more dangerous than wrestlers, are usually awkward as fuck and ultimately bring nothing to the show.


I’m getting a vibe of a possible NJPW vs UWFi element here


Big difference is those guys were pro wrestlers playing MMA, these guys are MMA fighters playing wrestler. The former makes it a lot easier to put together some great matches. Still, I get what you’re saying and I hope they’re able to transition this into something great because it’s definitely fun to watch it grow and these guys are all marketable to a big audience.


More of Lambert's team plz


I saw this from an mma site on Twitter and had to come here to check it out. I haven't watched wrestling since like 2001, but this was pretty entertaining. Also lol to everyone calling it a running knee 😂




How do you mean?


Keep masvidal and his conspiracy theory bullshit far away from AEW please, thanks


I mean, the dudes he beat up literally in this segment aren’t exactly angels either.


Brian Cage in shambles


Jericho not exactly a beacon of hyper intelligence is he...


None of them are really mainstream 'stars', as in I think Jericho is more well known than anyone else in this angle. But it'll get some crossover appeal and attention. I'm surprised it took so long for Masvodal to throw a knee in a wrestling ring though. The Askren deal was over 2 years ago now. Crazy.


Masvidal sucks but it's undeniable he'd make a great heel. Overall this whole thing seemed so awkward, maybe with less MMA dudes on there and more focus on just a few of them, it was all so awkward and crowd killing to watch. Keep Masvidal and lessen the amount of fighters that they have and it'd be a better segment. Edit: Huh guess Masvidal has a lot of fans here, ah well dude built his brand well to make him better than he seemed


Man I just can't find myself to give a fuck about Lambert, MOTY, or any of these MMA people as I don't really know them or care about MMA. This does nothing for me and I'd rather it not be on my tv personally.


If they got masvidal to agree to a match they'd be insane not to make huge angle out of it. One of the true MMA draws.


Sure, fine.. More power to anyone who enjoys it or anything to try and get more eyes I guess. I personally just do not care.


have a cookie.


I don’t like any of this. I don’t care about MMA, but I know every MMA fighter could kill a wrestler in a shoot fight, and putting them in the same ring destroys my suspension of disbelief and elevates neither group.


I guess every Brock Lesnar, Matt Riddle, and Lashley match destroys your suspension of disbelief, hmm?


So sick and tired of men of the year and mma cronies. Waste of tv time.


Jericho is batshit insane.


HHH going to be fuming when he finds out PvZ is in AEW with JDS. He was trying to convince those two to work NXT for years.


I don't follow MMA so these guys might as well be my local mailmen


The guy at the end is Jorge Masvidal, who holds the fastest KO in UFC history (and one of the fastest ever). The bald Mexican is Junior Dos Santos, a firmer UFC Heavyweight Champion. The woman is Paige VanZant, UFC's attempt at getting a smokeshow draw who sadly lost one too many times to get quite there. And then you've got Andrei Arlovski, who is also a forker UFC Heavyweight Champion. Basically you've got 3 absolute weapon fighters (Masvidal less so but he's a god tier shit talker) and the eye candy who also happens to be a strong fighter too.


I only recognize Dos Santos.


So the payoff was seeing the 1st aew champ get beat up by some UFC guys? That was garbage, and I really hope that was the end of it (we all know it's not 🤮). 1st match/segment that gave me straight wwe vibes in aew.


> the 1st aew champ What is this qualifier? Weasel language to try and make this seem more outrageous than it actually was?


Um. Ok. UFC guys come and beat up aew tag team. Still stupid as hell. Will never understand trying to mix MMA and wrestling. Everybody just comes out looking like hot garbage.


I see it as elevating Men of the Year, the MMA guys didn’t enter the ring until Page and Sky told them to, so it seems that they’re leading this thing alongside Lambert, instead of them being his underlings. And 6 guys should always beat 2, it would have been WWE if Jericho did a superCena and beat them all.


Am I watching wwe? Because this segment was horrible.


American Top Team, the most punchable faces in MMA. Especially that twat in the suit and the chick.


jericho was thrown off a cage, what’s a few punches to the gut or a knee


thats like saying because you survived a car crash punches shouldnt hurt anymore.


The kayfabe behind this is pretty brutal. Jericho just got picked apart by a group of MMA fighters. Like IRL there is a good chance they kill him especially after taking a full on knee to the head.


My biggest takeaway from all of this is that Paige VanZant fucking rules and I want her in AEW even as a heel manager.


Is this going to lead to a Ken Shamrock appearance in AEW?


Is PVZ going to get into wrestling? Of that MMA crew she seems the most apt or excited to get involved.