She's using the PA system to quit her shitty Walmart job

She's using the PA system to quit her shitty Walmart job

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That girl getting a shoutout and her name blasted on the PA for getting her the job, while her recruit is out there doing this. LMAO


Yeah she finna lose her job too lmao


This was posted over a year ago .. painted a big red target on her friend's back for hiring her bitchy butt .. not to mention *"If you hate that many people at work .. mayyyybee .. just maybe the problem is YOU"* .. this would be funny as a prank .. say those things over the intercom and not even work at Walmart and all of the blue vests are staring at each other for a week


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My girl friend got half the waitresses to quit with her the other day after the owner refused to hire anyone to wash dishes, answer the telephone for take out orders, and do prep work (among other things). He expected the waitresses to find the time (in a very busy restaurant) to do their job and these extra responsibilities that they barely even get paid for. The waitresses warned him during the winter that if this summer was anything like last year, they needed to hire more staff. Welp, they're definitely hiring now.


Little known and even less enforced fact: An employer taking a tip credit for an employee's wages CANNOT use that employee as a non-tipped worker. In other words if you're paying a server $1.80 an hour and expecting that server to make up the rest of the minimum wage doing tipped work, you can't tell that employee to answer a phone, do dishes, take phone orders, do prep work, etc. That's defined under federal law a wage theft and has some teeth. Just so you know. ​ EDIT: The DOL just issued new guidance on this and essentially a tipped employee can do non-tipped work but: >An employer of an employee who has significant non-tipped related duties which are inextricably intertwined with their tipped duties should not be forced to account for the time that employee spends doing those intertwined duties. Rather, such duties are generally properly considered a part of the employee’s tipped occupation, as is consistent with the statute. In other word: A tipped employee may do untipped work that is necessary and concurrent to serving - but past that you're stealing wage from someone. [See here](https://www.wagehourlitigation.com/dol-compliancerule-making/dol-issues-new-tip-regulations-will-2020-be-the-last-year-of-80-20/) The DOL also changed and clarified the guidance on tip pooling. They can't force a tip credit employee to pool tips with non-tip employees anymore. [See here](https://www.laboremploymentreport.com/2021/03/24/the-dols-tipped-employee-final-rule-what-is-taking-effect-and-what-is-not/)


I got some words for my boss...


Go the distance, be an hero! (seriously this is likely to backfire with most state's "at-will" employment laws) - present them with a printout of the relevant Federal laws - with a QR code linking to the actual laws - with a signature & date line at the bottom for you both stating it has been read & understood - and a second copy for yourself, of course If you are in a single-party recording state, start a hidden camera before having this conversation as it's likely to be one you'll want to remember. and of course notify your local Labor Board of this with as much supporting documentation as possible :-)


Never understood how people let “at-will” state employment bull crap fly.


Because people are brainwashed into thinking it means they have “the right to work” and that it gives the employee more freedom. On one hand yes the employee can walk away at any time for no reason. On the other hand the employer can do the exact same thing without giving a reason, effectively bypassing every anti discrimination law


Serious question, but can't the employee walk away anytime for no reason regardless?


Not in the US (Canada, specifically a province where after probationary period of 3 months they can't let you go without just cause), but technically yes. Professionally however that's a really bad idea unless you have an opportunity that needs you to move into the new role right away. And in my experience most employers or at least the worthwhile ones anyway are understanding of those types of situations.


Be an hero!


I’m curious, at my old workplace servers were made to deep clean as part of their side work everyday, especially if it was slow. Is that considered wage theft?


Do they receive tips for deep cleaning?


I think this is going to be eye opening for a lot of people.


If they were still paid their same hourly rate as when they are serving, then it is wage theft. An employer can have two, separate pay rates though. One for serving and one for any non-serving work. The non-serving rate has to be at least minimum wage. It's a huge pain in the ass to do things that way, but there is a legal alternative if that's the route the owner wants to go.


That’s how they do it with delivery drivers. In shop they make $10.30 (minimum wage) and when they clock out on a delivery the pay rate changes to $5.15.


Good thing it's super easy to hire employees these days, yup, shouldn't be any problem there. I love how many places that treat their staff like shit are finally having to eat some of the shit they've been feeding for so long.


I live in a summer tourist town. Every May-June you can walk downtown and see probably 80% of restaurants with "Help Wanted cooks and servers" I could probably apply to 30 places in person within 30 minutes and receive offers from 25-30 of them lol. I cant imagine how its gonna be this summer


Is it not summer already where you're at? Southern Hemi?


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I worked at Wal-Mart as one of my first jobs starting out. Cushy af working in the pharmacy as a teenager compared to my other friends. I continued working there through college. Shitty management, shitty people. Some were okay, but man, management were dick heads. They generally do not care about their workers. Had a cashier with cancer who was having chemo treatments and they did not want to give her a stool to sit on to rest while doing her job and gave her a hard time about time off for her appts. Fuck Walmart. ​ I got a very "stern" talking to for using the PA to call for management after I and a customer had waited 30 minutes for them to show and multiple calls to the fitting room for them to page management. I finally got on the PA "Management Needed at the Pharmacy. 5th! TIME! WE'VE! ASKED!" DGAF I was beyond irritated. It got them there though and the customer taken care of.


>They generally do not care about their workers. Had a cashier with cancer who was having chemo treatments and they did not want to give her a stool to sit on to rest while doing her job and gave her a hard time about time off for her appts. they were probably promoted. i think walmart likes ruthless managers like that, from what i've read anyway.


Thrive on them, worked at one of those hell holes in college and the department supervisors would get the jobs by being spinless and doing anything the assistant managers said.


I was working at a grocery store, a local one, and went to an interview to work at wal-mart because it was like a dollar or two more an hour to work there. I worked produce at that current place and was interviewing for that and told them what I did, which was basically everything except unloading the trucks. At the store i was at, my main job was keeping everything looking nice and neat, restocking everything through out the day, taking down stuff that was too rip or rotten, and helping customers who needed help. I was mostly always walking the floor or doing stuff in the back. Fun Fact, Bananas are the most popular produce. Everyone just grabs them when they see them. i bet most dont even eat them, they just grab them. No idea why. Anyway, I'm interviewing for wal-mart and tell them I've never unloaded anything from the truck, and the store manager and produce manager look at me with this disgusted look on their faces and go "oh...so you really don't know anything about working produce, huh". And I'm like...dude, I can stack fruit like no one's business. I learned about vegetables I still never ate just so I could help customers find them. I learned how to use a freaking pineapple cutter machine by myself just to help out a lady who wanted to hand out pineapple slices to her son's baseball team. I can do a lot of stuff. Nope. Not good enough. Wal-mart didn't do any customer related stuff. Just unload stuff into the freezer, put stuff out in the store, resist hanging yourself when you get home. When I left the interview, I just ignored all the calls from them. No way in hell I was going to work with such shitty people. Made me appreciate my other grocery store job even though half the managers there were pricks too, but they were wal-mart bad at least. And the other managers there were actually decent people. I'd say only two were shitty and one wasn't even my store's manager, he was some asshole they moved around I assume because no one liked him. He made the other asshole manager look like a saint. but thats another story. Working for walmart seems like it'd be nothing but assholes and then i'd probably be more of an asshole than I am today.


Bananas are a quick source of potassium. Lack of potassium is fatal to humans. My ex wife almost died from lack of it. Also, Kroger does that. Hire you for something completely different than what you applied for it. They wanted you to unload produce trucks, not work produce.


My friend has a natural potassium deficiency and has to take super high Rx strength chelated potassium every day. Maybe that's a common thing.


For me, bananas are one I grab a lot because they're so damn cheap! Like 50 cents a pound or something. You buy plums and they're like 4 bucks a pound


I used to work in the meat dept. at Walmart years ago. Employees from frozen, meat, dairy and produce had to unload the trucks when they came every day. It was always daily because they were perishable goods and all came on the same truck. I was the only employee in my department that realized that they came in at 2pm and always made sure to have my lunch break at that time. It wouldn't be bad if I only unloaded for my department but because no one in frozen had employees there when the truck came they had the other departments unload it. The process would take forever because of temperature and quality checks that had to be done before taking anything to the coolers and freezers and finding a god damn pallet jack. Add on the truck drivers being impatient and talking shit to you the entire time while doing the checks because they want to hurry and get on to their next stop. Also FIFOing all the pallets in the freezer was incredibly time consuming as well. Fuck Walmart.


It seems like most (not all) managers everywhere are by nature assholes. The job rewards treating other people like parts, not people. I worked at a large organic food store and the managers treated people like garbage too. Retail is awful.


How were you able to work in pharmacy as a teenager may I ask? Do you need a certificate or something?


I don't know what it's like at Walmart, but at Target there were always a couple employees in the pharmacy that were just regular workers with no certifications. Basically their job was to run the pharmacy cash register, and use the computer system to look up insurance and stuff like that. Basically the simple tasks so the actual pharmacists/pharm techs didn't have to be bothered. All it really required was some extra HIPAA training.


Not so much bothered but really why pay more money for another licensed technicians when you can pay less for a regular cashier. Frees the techs to work filling the RX and the pharmacist to counsel and take calls.


When you’re studying to get your Pharm tech license you have to work in a pharmacy to get your hours done to qualify for the exam. I’d imagine they either did that or started working after they got their license. I think you have to be 18 to get the license but can be 17 to get the training stuff started. I just remember it was only offered to seniors at our high school so they could get their license the same year they finished the school portion of the program


Don't pay to go to school to get a pharm tech license. Depending on your state, most large corporations can hire you without a license, and you've got a certain amount of time to take the test.


Yeah...my mom worked there and left on short term disability for cancer surgery and chemo. She *was* a manager. When she came back, they progressively cut her hours until she was no longer full-time and then ineligible for benefits. Fuck Walmart.


I’m not sure but I don’t think she liked her job.


No need to jump to drastic conclusions buddy.


Yeah we need more context friend.


I'm honestly starting to think I should apply to Walmart. Heard great things about it.


for real, I heard the managers are really nice and all the employees are hygienic and respect women.






Plus who cares about a reference from a grocery store anyway. If you're getting another retail job, they don't care about your past experience. If you're getting a higher level position, they *also* don't care about retail experience. So either way, it doesn't matter.


Old school managers care about past experience but I dont think many of them are left now.


I've been a retail manager for some years now and I've never once had anyone call for a reference, that manager would have been smarter to just not say anything and let the employee leave.




Maybe he was a Mariophobe


It was that manager's last ditch effort for a pathetic power trip.


It’s Walmart. So makes sense. I hated my time there


She definitely wasn’t fond of that big lazy bitch Chris Price.


nah but for real - Chris Price is a big lazy bitch


Can concur about Chris Price


Fuck Chris Price, we all hate Chris Price


Can confirm, Chris price is lazy Source: loudspeaker at Walmart told me


Shout out to Chris Price!




dude i work cap 2 too and it sucks ass. Get no respect and the supervisors and management treats you like a child. My supervisor also puts a target on your back if you actually do well at the job making so many good workers quit within the year i have worked there, and management doesnt do shit about it even though there has been multiple complaints. Also im glad im not a woman because most of my team are deranged perves stating all the fucked up things they would do to a random woman if they could get away with it with no shame at all. Honestly im out on leave and dont think i will go back to that cesspit its depressing.


Gross, sorry. What does cap 2 mean?


fuck if i know, but its basically unloading the truck and stocking shelves


Cap 2 is the second shift.


Plot twist. She doesn’t work there


She does. Source: I work at Walmart and all the terminology is 100% accurate.


What's cap 2?


The second shift stocking team


Those poor bastards


few things in life are as dull as stocking


I honestly prefer stocking shelves to cashier shifts. I like being able to move my legs a bit more.


I mean as somebody who got intentionally demoted from cashier to "Cart Crew" as a teenager, I agree. I'd rather push buggies and load groceries in the heat than deal with the crap cashiers have to put up with.


It's the one where Bucky comes back with a metal arm.


“Racists” “Perverts” “Pricks” “Cap 2”


I worked on Cap 2 for three months before I gave up and started looking for another job. It's brutal. Overnight stocking was so much easier but Walmart changed everything around in a bid to save money on labor.


I switched from overnight to Cap 2 to have more time with my kid. Only lasted six months and to this day I'm still not even sure if it was the right decision. Edit: For clarification, I was in an abusive situation that was only made worse by that choice. Of course I wanted to spend more time with my kid.


Funny, I did not hear the message echoing in the background. . . as if she just picked up the phone and started talking.


Audio picks it up. There's practically no delay on the com system, but I listened closely and I can hear it over another speaker. Helps to have headphones on while watching this.


Well now I am putting on headphones


Helps to not have pants on, too.


Found Larry from Garden Centre


I hope you don’t talk to your daughters like that


Step daughter.


Whatcha stocking over there, step daughter?




By any chance, are you Jimmy from Sporting Goods, Joseph the cashier, or Larry from Garden Center?


Fucking Jimmy. Always Jimmy.


Ok headphones are in my ass, now what?


Bend over


Yep, checks out


Cheeks out


Thanks, I could not tell for sure. .


[bruh just look it up online, here is a tweet from a different angle](https://twitter.com/laurynfleurs/status/1323036981165727747?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1323036981165727747%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnextshark.com%2Fwalmart-employee-calls-out-racist-pervert-coworkers-before-quitting%2F)


So much better after seeing that this truly happened


There's always so many people who claim everything is fake. It's fucking exhausting. Crazy things happen in real life. Sometimes those things are caught on video. Accept it


Man, just because I never get a chance to share this story I have to tell it real quick. It's the first "No fuckin way" memory that comes to mind. I was bored at work one night tossing a new ring into the air and catching it. Something caught my attention mid-toss, and I guess I barely moved anything other than my head because as I looked away the ring landed right on my middle finger. I obviously freaked out at the chance of it, and tried babbling to my coworkers about it but not a single one of those pricks believed me. Not particularly exciting but at the time teenage me thought it was dope, so thanks if you took the time to read it. Here's a cat tax, [dubbed the council of Mo's](https://imgur.com/a/Z5FRyS5), to ease any possible disappointment.


I’ve seen a video from someone else shopping in the store and reacting to her over the intercom. Let’s see if I can find it. Edit: [Here ya go.](https://mobile.twitter.com/laurynfleurs/status/1323036981165727747)




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Here is the [video](https://twitter.com/laurynfleurs/status/1323036981165727747?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1323036981165727747%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fnextshark.com%2Fwalmart-employee-calls-out-racist-pervert-coworkers-before-quitting%2F). Someone else in the thread linked it.


i can literally hear it tho..


I can hear it... They're definitely a deference from her 1st words before she is on com.. The com system has no lag, plus cellphones on speakerphone nowadays cut out extra background sound.


At one of the grocery stores I've shopped, I've watched a cashier make an announcement into the intercom phone, and the message doesn't get broadcasted out until a few seconds after the cashier hangs up the phone. It could be that kind of setup here.


yo if any of you guys ever do this don't ever fucking give props like she did to Areola. those people still have to work after you leave and putting a spotlight on them like that is basically painting a target on their back edit: nipple


Was.. was her name really areola?


Shoutout to my girl NIPPLE and my boo ERECTION love u PUBICBONE hmu


Not you vulva, you hairy mound






I legitimately had a classmate in high school who's name was Areola. She worked at the Albertson's up my street so I got to giggle at her name tag every time I was there. I'm 36 now and still giggle about like a school boy when I think about it. And fart jokes.


Pretty sure it was Ariel


What a titilating name


Is that the breast you can do?


Yeah but her parents spelled it Aireaghohlaugh


The best/worst thing you can do over the PA if you're quitting, is to announce a 50% off sale on everything in the store for the next 30min.


I could see with Walmart getting the cops involved and trying to charge u with some kind of theft/fraud......not worth it IMO


I don't see how that would be fraudulent since the customers wouldn't get the discount at checkout. It'd absolutely be a fireable offense, but since she's quitting I imagine she'd just get banned from entering the store. *Maybe* threatened with civil litigation, but I don't see how fraud or theft would come into this.


That's the thing about working at Walmart. No one wants to. Management knows you don't want to be there. They don't either. It's a shit job. Our HR lady was walking new hires around and my coworker I was with at the time was literally yelling at them to leave and don't think twice because it sucks and she said,"hush. They aren't supposed to know that yet." He never got in trouble. We would tell customers in front of management how horrible it was and they wouldn't care because they know anyway. My point, nothing is gonna change.


i work in a grocery store - walmart sounds like if you took all the worst aspects of my job but somehow made them worse. it's always seemed like an awful place to work where like you said, people working there literally don't have a better option or else they wouldn't be there.


Yup. You put up with so much shit there. I worked in Sporting Goods and I started about 2 weeks before Walmart announced it was going to stop selling handgun ammo. For about a year and a half, I quit in January, I still had people coming in daily to bitch about it. Most knew already and would have a smile on their face before asking for 9mm ammo or something. They just wanted to start something. I also got a lot of threats. By the end of my days I was really losing my filter but they needed me so they wouldn't fire me. One in particular was a guy who said,"well how bout I come back here with a big gun then huh? You gonna be scared then?" I just looked him in the eyes and calmly said,"I'm here everyday. I'll be waiting for you. I'm sure you won't make it any worse than it already is." His wife dragged him away. Good times.


>Most knew already and would have a smile on their face before asking for 9mm ammo or something. They just wanted to start something. that and your other example. people that do that stuff to frontline workers, as if they own the company they work for or are included in literally any decision that gets made by the company, are the absolute scum of the earth. any time i have witnessed it, i want to violently shake the person doing it and yell at them "you are not talking to the owner of the store, this is a 20 year-old making minimum wage, you gigantic dumb piece of shit" sorry for ranting but that's the one thing i hate most about working with the public.


Oh no need to apologize. I love when people shit on asshole customers. They don't treat you like humans a lot of the time. I had a couple of old ladies once who were pissed I didn't know something that wasn't in my department but the way she tried to get my attention pissed me off. She snapped her fingers, made a kissy noise like you do to a dog, and went,"yoo-hoo!" I told her I'm not helping her until she addresses me like a human. She didn't like that. Another customer walking by did though.


The second people snap or whistle is the second I become Helen Keller.


Pretty sure she said Ariel


Came here to say this.


working retail with jobs like this, i can confirm there are some skeezy as fuck dudes who work in management positions that hit on teenage girls. worked in a grocery store and would se a couple managers constantly making inappropriate comments to the young female cashiers. i can absolutely believe that what she is saying could be true.


There was a middle-aged manager at a big retail store where I worked who would have pool parties at his house for the employees... until he got caught using hidden cameras to record the girls changing into their swimsuits. They arrested him at work.


I would like to hear more of this story. Who caught him, and was he confronted immediately?


Its been years and I heard the story from someone else. I want to say someone saw his computer and there was a folder open with the video files, girls' names and preview images visible, and they told a girl they recognized who then went to the police. Police searched his house while he was at work, found the cameras and computer, then went and arrested him. Never heard anything about a struggle, just that he was led out of the store in handcuffs. It didn't seem too far fetched for the guy, he was middle-aged, single and really overweight. He also used to bring lots of liquor and bartend for the 16-24 year olds so they would invite him to parties. One Halloween he dressed like Ron Jeremy with a "I <3 Lesbians" shirt. Not that the rest of the store was a bunch of angels. Everyone was sleeping around, partying, and gossiping about each others' business.


Yup. I worked at Sizzler at age 15, manager was always saying gross stuff to us.


Heeeey Shooter! Wanna go to the sizzler and catch some grub…?


Shooter. You said we were gonna be friends.


“I like my steaks well done”


What a monster


I can confirm this is true working anywhere


This is discriminatory against racist perverts.


Excuse me! We prefer to be called "Pigmentally Over Stimulated". It's a curse, please be respectful. Gawd, it's 2021 people!


Cancel culture rearing it's ugly head yet again


She use them as a referral?


"Mom? Mom? Where are you, mom? I'm lost." \- Tom Green


[Link for the uninitiated](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFNrz8goEhs)


Who's coming with me, mannn! JAN!!!


I feel like she shouldnt have shouted out her girl for getting her that job if she was gonna make a scene


the only problem I see with this is that her future employers might see this video and not hire her


This video will get lost in the sea of other "I quit" videos even if it takes off. She'll get her 15 minutes and people will forget about this by tomorrow.


i've already forgotten about, er, whatever it was


Same. I'm so far down in the comments now I don't even recall what color the cat was or what sub I'm in. Which website is this again?


You don't think after the next 5 or 10 years employers will be able to just add a picture into a database to identify any media that might suggest someone isn't who they want working for them? I think that's almost inevitable.


There's already software that literally predicts a person's behavior just by how they type on platforms like LinkedIn. I have absolutely no doubt this will be a thing in a few years.


“Nobody wants to work anymore since they get all this FREE money” reality is…after 2 years of the bullshit everyone went through…a wage that doesnt even cover rent or food leaves you seriously debating what you are trading valuable units of your life for while getting sexually harassed at work.


I work at a Walmart, while I respect her for venting and quitting. I can garauntee no one was paying attention to anything she was saying, unfortunately.


After my first 6 months at Walmart I literally just tuned out the speakers. Haven't heard them in years.


I work the same position as her, it's tough. Having shitty coworkers would definitely make it tougher, so I can see where she's coming from. Thankfully my coworkers are all nice enough


An adult used ‘stinky’ as an insult. Fucking instant classic


That’s a good way to get your friend fired


Fuck Corey and Trevor, fuck Jim Lahey, FUCK THE MOON!


This was at a Wal Mart in Lubbock, TX. My sister-in-law worked with this girl and said she was quite possibly one of the worst and most dramatic employees she had ever seen. Doesn't make Wal Mart suck any less, but it's weird knowing the actual story behind this was retaliatory for disciplinary action and causing drama. Edit to add: I don’t really care if I’m not believed. This is just what I was told by someone who worked with her. For all I know my sister-in-law could have had beef and not liked her. The moral of the story is, there’s always info missing so don’t take things at face value. And to those asking for proof: what the hell kind of proof am I supposed to have? Me and my sister in law standing next to a long gone employee with a time stamp? Get real. Seahorses forever.


> most dramatic employees she had ever seen. Non-dramatic people don't quit like this, so it was pretty much assumed that was her character.


No I can't believe this obviously obnoxious girl should be an over dramatic employee


Honestly, I had this thought. She reminds me of other drama filled people I've worked with. They always were the persecuted ones in their own minds. Since I didn't have anything else to go off though it's like, "I dunno, maybe she's right?" But your comment makes me think my intuition was right on the money with this one.


Exactly. These people tend to be the worst employees. If you have a problem with everyone, you're probably part of that problem.


Underrated comment here. I worked for a company that had a someone go "viral" post termination with their post-job videos. The story seemed to align with what people would believe and upvote indiscriminately. Internally they were known as a perpetual trouble maker who made baseless claims. The employee was termed for things they claimed others did. Remember, there are 2 sides to every story and in a lot of disgruntled employee cases, both sides can be a POS


I've left a couple of jobs before that were toxic but just walked off. It makes me think that there may be a number of sides to the stories given the long list of shoutouts. And this could be staged considering that no one cut off or took the PA away.


I walked off a job once, and they had the nerve to call me and say that I should do the honorable thing and give two weeks notice. Lol


They don’t give two week notice when firing or laying you off, so fuck giving employers a two week notice for quitting. Good luck and Godspeed.


Giving two weeks is one of those unspoken corporate rules they try to get you to follow, like discussing pay. Talk about your pay openly, this is a way to find your value at a company, and quit when you want to. Don't give a 2 weeks, they wouldn't for you. You are just a cog in the machine to them, so they are just a machine you extract money from for your effort.


If you get punished for talking pay, that’s a huge NLRB violation.


Looks like the garden section, might not have been anyone around who cared enough to take it.