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The bag clearly says not for human consumption


That means i have to eat it and the bag too.


but the op never said he intends to consume humans, just some dirty lsd


I think he’s not trying to consume the bag.


These guys are all jokers. Fill your bathtub, take your PC in there and sit in inside. Come back out and check the tab. If it isn’t clean yet, unplug the computer and plug it back in again. Make sure you wear a faraday cage. Have a great trip!


Don’t trust this silly man, OP needs to put it in a bag of rice and see if it turns on the next day smh…


Yes. Don't put your PC in the bath. Trust me. I know.


Man I am never asking a question on this sub ever 😂😂


idk man, it says "Not for human consumption"


Definitely not. It says not safe for human consumption.


It says not for human consumption not that it's not safe 🤷‍♂️




Nah man that's definitely oxidized to a dangerous level, at best you'd get a bad trip. If you want, just send it to me, I'll get it all tested thoroughly, free of charge 👍 Just shoot me a DM bro, I got you.


Or he can just buy a couple years worth of tests for like $20-40


He’s joking that the guy should send it to him so he can just take it instead lol


can you link me to some, ive never had luck finding kits under 100


I have the $100 kit but it’s like $20 per reagent you can buy a 3 pack for $40 wimscilabs.com


thanks mate


I don't know if you are joking or not but I took it and yeah ut wasn't a great trip


Lol yes man I was joking 🤪 I don't want your weird dirty L, I'm sitting on vials, gels, etc. I'm good 😊 Have you used this source before? Is it an RC? Do you have testing kits, and was there any test to the paper? Edit: I see I'm blind and that's 1C LSD, have you tried this lysergimide before, from this source? Every RC lysergimide I've tried I haven't been impressed. Nothing beats good ol' LSD-25, imo. Just get some L my dude.


How does one begin to look on the web for such a classic. My plug up and vanished… and everyone I’ve talked to is asking over double what I used to pay :/ Halp pls


Could always order Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or morning glory seeds as they contain LSA, which is LSD cousin. You most indeed will trip. Look into it


It's free-range acid, man. Synth'd without any hormones, antibiotics, cages, or competent chemists. It's bound to be a little earthy-crunchy, since patchouli has probably been used as a solvent, but as long as it's not completely BROWN ACID, you're gtg.


Nah the sign clearly says not to consume it


Read the package buddy it's not for human consumption lolz


That’s the disclaimer every RC package states to bypass laws, is it not?


Install the sarcasm dlc real quick and return to post


This whole thread needs a s/. You’d be surprised the amount of genuinely dumb questions posed everyday on here but thank you for the humor! Carry on


Hey people! Looks like my post received a lot of answers ahah I decided to took it, I mean... There was only one way to find out if it was good And looks like it was :) But it was a weird trip, almost no visuals and I couldn't think straight, totally strange, it was neither a good or bad trip, just a weird one :/


Sounds pretty old and weak if it was all pretty in a labeled bag but still dirty and barely did anything. It could have been something else entirely if it had a metallic taste.


No taste


Glad the problem has been solved 👍


1P can be like that


I heard if it's bitter then spit it out immediately. Can anyone confirm this?


Sometimes bitterness can be from the ink in the blotter. The best way is to test your tabs. But if it tastes extremely bitter like you chewed up a aspirin then 100% spit it out.


If it’s bitter you should swallow it. Nbombe gets neutralized in stomach acid.


Is this true?


Yes, but don’t take my word for it. Google away, cub scout.


I’ve had bitter tabs before and I was fine stomach hurt for a little bit but remember this is a story from a stranger on the internet and might not apply in all cases


Depends on how badly you want to trip. Bitter means it’s not LSD. In my experience all of my WoW bitter blotter was a DOx with trips lasting 12+ hours, and after the initial first trip I knew it wasn’t LSD. My dealer was a juggalo and swore it was LSD but later admitted he didn’t know what it was. I had a lot of it and enjoyed it thoroughly despite it being sold to me as acid and basically being “fake acid” it was still a psychedelic and the trips I had were rewarding and fun. NBOMEs weren’t around then though, and I’m not a person to eat a lot of tabs all at once regularly so not much risk back then (circa 2006-8). If it’s bitter - don’t do more than a tab unless you can guess with a reasonable amount of certainty what it is. I’d be willing to bet that NBOMEs are rare these days and that LSD prodrugs are probably the norm which means most blotter would probably be safe. You never know though. However - really the only drugs I know of that would be on blotter that would be dangerous is NBOMEs. They’re not really in favor anymore and RC labs definitely won’t be selling them because of their volatility.


This is the correct response. The bitter spitter things mostly came from the 25-x series - a series of 2C-x derivatives that were active in micrograms instead of milligrams. Drugs like 25-I, 25-B, and 25-E were being sold as LSD. They were causing people to have seizures and sometimes would kill people. Blotters were seriously overdosed and there was little information on them. Those drugs are phenethylamines, not lysergamides. It's literally a totally different family of psychedelics. People just believed it was acid because it fit on blotter. LSD and it's analaogs are tasteless or have a very subtle taste. Sometimes it's just the ink on the blotters. The DOx series was also bitter, and very stimulating with a structure more similar to an amphetamine. But the DOx series had been around since the 60s and people knew what it was. It also seemed to have a better safety profile than the 25-x series. I never had anyone try to sell me DOC, DOM, or DOB as LSD. They usually had vials of it and knew exactly what it was. Sold as is. 2009-2015 people were trying to pass off 700mcg-1.5mg thick blotters of drugs like 25-B NBOMe (dangerously high doses for some people) as LSD, and lots of uneducated people took it thinking it was acid. Then would say they had "bad acid" when it was actually totally different drug. Like imagine having someone give you a pressed "xanax" bar and it's actually bromazolam and fentanyl. I remember arguing with this dude in 2013 who was selling 25-B NBOMe as "acid" I told him "acid is specifically slang for LSD" and he said "acid is an umberlla term for anything that fits on blotter and can make you trip." An educated friend said "real acid might give you a scary trip at worst. The stuff you're selling will put someone in the hospital." The kid selling 25-B was like 17 and didn't really know shit about pyschedelics. He eventually stopped selling it, apologetically, and asked where to find "real L," which was scarce in some circles in those days Lots of seizures in the underground rave scene back then. A handful of us knew what was up and were literally running around raves educating people and getting them access to clean psychedelics. So glad those days are over. It's pretty easy to buy clean shit online these days. I don't even buy from street dealers anymore. Don't ask me for links to sources.


How is it easy. Or I’m 100% retarded, probably protarded, postarded… most likely pretarded


If it’s bitter it’s spitter!


Most likely, if it was in your mouth for any length of time, you at least got a partial absorption. If it tastes bitter it doesn’t matter if you spit it or swallow, however, if you swallow the saliva present in your mouth upon tasting the bitterness, that saliva will go to your stomach, thereby neutralizing the Nbombe, in your saliva. If you bring the spit up towards the front of your mouth, you will absorb some of that saliva. You would ‘t get a full dose if you react immediately. Should be fine either way, but I think less would get into your blood stream if you just swallow.


Can you read? It says not for human consumption, so no


A lot of people keep saying this but I can't tell if they're being serious or not. There is 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, ETH-LAD, LAD-52, AL-LAD, LSZ, probably a couple others I'm forgetting. I'm not a fan of lysergamides at all, but I have to admit that they are physiologically very safe, all of them. The "not for human consumption" label is so that it can legally be sold on the clearnet as a research chemical without the vendor (who likely purchased a bulk supply from a legitimate lab in Europe or China) being sued for being a drug dealer. As far as the law is concerned, they are selling products for analytical research, not drugs. But the truth is that these products bind to receptors in the same or similar ways that the classic scheduled drugs do. The "not for human consumption" label doesn't mean it's dangerous. It's probably cleaner, safer, and cheaper than what you would buy on the street, and a lot of vendors get their stuff tested before selling. It. It's a label to protect them from a lawsuit and run a legitimate business that gives people safe access to research chemicals.


It says right on the label "not for human consumption" you silly goose!


Don't take it. You must send it to me so I can tell you its potency. Trust me!


You don’t need more than half the hits so send me a half and I’ll test it for you. Honest injun!


If you eat it and die it’s not their fault they tried to warn you


Test it. It's easy and cheap


A little dirt never hurt anyone


microbiology is an important study


Probably schmutz just soak it in a lil alcohol and take it that way if ur worried about germs.. I’d appreciate that lil guy right there. We won’t be seeing many psych rc’s for a while


What do you mean by that last sentence?


Research chemicals


I know what an RC is.. I meant the “we won’t be seeing many” part.


Google lizard labs bust. They were the biggest supplier for those tabs


Oh man is that why the only vendor i know stopped shipping outside of their country?


If it just happened in the past few weeks, then probably yes. I know a couple vendors made that change immediately after the recent seizures.


Yeah I ordered from them a month and a half ago, got it in a week. Then I went to see if they had anything new last week and they said they stopped shipping to the states. I guess they’re just avoiding legal issues.


Yeah, majority of the issues are due to shipping to countries where most of the products are clearly illegal, such as the USA.


If their still in operation then no. Some vendors chose to ship only within their customs because it is riskier to send to other countries with customs and things being searched more often


Shit. Their site even said none of their packages got seized ever. Maybe it happened then.


Huge W


The FBI and other LE organizations busted the only reliable RC lab in pretty much the entire scene (just about worldwide) since Vice did a documentary about them a few months ago. So yeah unless another one pops up, which is difficult especially with making the lysergamides we wont have any for long time. Law enforcement always fucks anything that imposes on their agenda of making anything good in the world go by by


Some lab got screwed over I saw.. Hold on


1D is still available in europe ig


Send it my way I’ll lyk


What part of “harmful” and “not for human consumption” do you not understand


lol that’s so they can sell it


i order from the same vendor haha


I'm finally getting up the nerve to try this out. I can't seem to download Tor. Not even sure if that's the right one anymore. I wonder if there's a guide anywhere that might help?


You don't need Tor for RCs... heck... you can just pay via credit card or bank transfer on most legit vendors including OP's vendor


dont use tor, use i2p. sites are always down on tor.


If u find out let me know




Second this would love to get some


Up to you id probably slam it


Its not for human consumption bro


it is dirty by capitalism


Eat it. Or I will.


Well it does say "not for human consumption"


Yeah of course, only for research purpouses ahah


They always do. For obvious reasons


I would say wash it first under the tap for 10 minutes. It will clear all of the contaminants off


So LSD is contaminant too?


Usually no, but maybe the dirt colour is the LSD reactivating with the natural cobalt in the atmosphere




The good thing is, if it’s ergot growing on there, you won’t have to worry too long.


If it was ne id probably eat it. I would hope the company you got it from is a good lab. Swim has seen sheets were there wil be a dark stain in the bottom corner. Seen at least 3 sheets like that. People get conscerned so swim eats the dark spot and what do you know, it was definitley a hotspot. But it was more of a dark stain that just looks a little dirty. Maybe message the company or somethin. I have a feelin its just like dirt but its from a research facility so who knows what weird stuff goes on over there.


It's been a minute since I've heard the swim reference


Who tf is swim?


Someone who isn’t me


It stands for ‘someone who isn’t me’, people used to be concerned telling stories on the internet so they’d refer to themselves as swim


Some one who isnt me.


Wait.. what?


It’s an acronym meaning “Someone Who Isn’t Me” or SWIM


It's a way to get around saying "I did XYZ" "Swim did XYZ" It's basically so someone can't screen capture your words and use them against you, I never said *I* did that. Swim told me about their story ;-)




It's PsychedSubstance's other YouTube channel. If you're not familiar with PsychedSubstance then I highly recommend looking at his content, he's all about some harm reduction and drug awareness done the right way


Does he do kratom and get divorced with his wife and loose his kids only for his wife to come back and they say to him he can only do drugs some night in their terms. But instead he does them every night?


Not exactly, I think that just paints him as a junkie. The information he is spreading has almost entirely been centered around helping prevent drug-related issues and overdoses. He has helped countless people be safe with these potentially harmful substances, provided trippers with a safe haven to share experiences and knowledge, and helped destigmatize these chemicals and the culture surrounding them. So yes, that's the guy you are referring to but he's not just someone who does drugs. He's a human with emotions and issues just like you. Please don't tear down his image simply for amusement.


Yeet. Being human is difficult sometimes


He has definitely helped me learn about psychedelics in the past


Ok so your life is just perfect then or what Joanna?


Feels like it


Where do all these packages come from? Wtf am I missing out on here.. lol looks good to me be safe man, enjoy!🤷🏻‍♂️


Where the fuck are they selling/handing these out for “research”??


fr please someone pm me




literally EVERYWHERE for YEARS and YEARS… just recently they started cracking down a little but its still fine as long as its not banned federally or state wide for you




shut down


Test it


EU? or US? and i mean i see no reason to doubt it is what it claims to be but thats why you buy reactive agents / test kits is really my only suggestion 🤷🏼‍♂️


my body is the reagent test


He juh like me


lmao thats how i do it with shit i trust or know wont give me precipitated w/d (ie tabs etc, just not presses)


Kits will Not react with 1CP


1cp Tabs are labeled


Yeah they say 1cp-lsd on them


Better safe than sorry


It looks like mold. That looks more black than brown to me. Might ruin your research


What's mold?


That packaging is weird asf where in the world can you buy acid if you’re over 18?


welcome to the rabbit hole of research chemicals! is there a drug you want to do? you can probably find a chemical with 1 tiny change for sale on the front page of google




lol wut


Its a research chemical, who knows. U shud always test too


Idk doesn't look worth the trouble to me. But I am the same guy that'll eat food off the floor and say "it builds immunity" 🤣🤣


its okay my tabs got a bit yellow after some time. im pretty sure it should be fine


I don’t know, it isn’t going to kill you. Let me know how it was? Next time I’ll do it with you.


No you won’t


if it is from a reliable site you will have a wonderful trip. What it says on the label, not suitable for human consumption, is simply to be able to sell it for "research" purposes. What about the stains, could it have been exposed to moisture?


I store it in a cardbox and I don't think moisture was a problem


Looks good to me...normal tabs turn brownish if they're exposed to a lot of light and color so maybe same thing here...?


Maybe mold


It is obviously decaying cockroach piss & eggs from about 2 weeks ago


Can I get company name ?


How can I get this so formal ?:D


Welp. Better toss it out i guess


Did you eat it




This looks indeed suspicious. Maybe ask the company


I think it was good when I received it, now its like this...


Ahh. Then don't consume it. I found a tab in my wallet once and ate it. That was dumb


Dind't felt anything?


Felt confused as fuck for several hours and had stomach pain. Pretty much what to expect




Why what?


Chicken butt




Why what


Chicken butt.


What's on second.


Who’s on second?






Looks like 600mg of fent


The labels: 🚫🚫📛👎🛑🙅‍♀️ This guy: 🧑‍🦯


Can’t really tell by a picture/by looking at it only way to know 100% is to get it lab tested. Otherwise get a reagent.


Is this in the states? I read about legal LSD analogues, is it easily to locate?




"glory days" old acid was littered with garbage up through the 90s, not to mention the countless options you have to test the purity or if it's real or not


Like in the glory days you knew for sure it was LSD...


I always know my lsd is LSD-25 lol speak for yourself


It’s 1cP-LSD, an LSD analog, basically indistinguishable from LSD, and it’s legal in most US states and easy to buy online. I only buy research chemical lysergamides and tryptamines now because I at least know what I’m getting. And shit, some of them are even better than the classics. 5-MeO-MALT is def one of the most enjoyable and intense psychs ive ever tried and I ordered it on the clearnet lol


Oh no it looks a bit dirty. Throw it in the trash immediately and throw your phone in the trash as well.


You havin a bad day there bud?


Are you having a condescending day ?


He’s not, but seems like you are…


Ah yes, the herd…


Ah yes the “self proclaimed outcast”


Outcast? Legendary burn bro 🔥


Hey guys let’s avoid any hostility lol seems silly to be fighting with people on a sub dedicated to a compound that promotes peace and love 💀


This guy wants peace and love? GET EMMM!!!!!


Oh fuck..I done did it again


They both took a step back when u said this. Very proud of this sub for once 👏


Or they have yet to reply 💀😂 but regardless let’s take it as a W for now lol