I have been doing this for years! no complaints. we initially started me on the continuous BC because my periods themselves were horrible, but it also really helps my POTS symptoms stay manageable since they’re consistent instead of fluctuating so much through the month.


I have for around 3 years and overall my symptoms of all my illness are so much better.


i do this all the time, i love my birth control haha


I’ve been doing it for years for my migraine and because I had really painful periods and it’s amazing! I didn’t have POTS when I started doing it but it totally got rid of the 6 days of migraine I had around my period.


I use continuous birth control to *try* to skip my period... when it works, 10/10 would recommend. When the BC fails and I have a 21-day period, it significantly lessens the symptoms and I'd still highly recommend it because of the relief it provides.


I've been doing this for nearly six months now, honestly not having to deal with my period on top of my POTS has been amazing


I do this. Sometimes I can still get mini flares during the few days when I would normally have my period but I couldn’t imagine taking the sugar pills again- I imagine the symptoms would be way more intense.


I’m on continuous BC because I have endometriosis but not having to go through the hormonal changes each month (which was seriously wrecking my body in many ways - from the endo to the POTS to the major GI issues I have) has been great. It has eliminated a lot of stress for me because I used to stress over ovulation because that’s when my symptoms were at their worst.


I HAVE to be on continuous birth control for my pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). I am lucky enough it stops my periods as well as the influx of hormones. I'm not sure if it helps with POTS symptoms for me, personally. I haven't been officially diagnosed with POTS yet, but my Dr suspects it. I was suppose to do a TTT in March, but job switching lost us the insurance for that. :( And I've only noticed POTS symptoms since August last year, so it's still too new for me.


My gyno said we really don't need the periods between when we're on birth control. You can if you want to or it makes you feel better, but they're not exactly necessary. I tried birth control, and wound up switching brands every year or so because it would stop helping my disabling cramps, and now I'm using an IUD. Last 2 day/day and a half with slight bleeding/spotting were miserably painful, but I had a touch of spotting recently without the same level of pain. You definitely don't need the full on periods, but I would try to consult with a doctor before you completely skip it just to make sure there's nothing in your own medical history that contraindicated it


I was told by my doc I should have 1 period every 3 or 4 months but otherwise stack/skip the rest. It kept everything in relative balance through my teen years up until I stopped BC for other health reasons.