Talk with your doctor to see if it's an issue. See an immunologist if your situation warrants it. Why haven't you done this months ago? My best friend had a bad enough reaction to j&j vaccine, the only one she could have, that she is seeing an immunologist this week after waiting months. The doctor actually wants her to come in even though she likely has covid (separate entrance, double mask, etc). It's that important to be vaccinated for covid.


I’ve never even thought about seeing an immunologist. Although I’m 18 now, my parents still make my appointments and do all that kinds of stuff. I’ll definitely tell them about it, we’re not very rich though and with all the doctor bills we have now idk if I’ll be able to. I feel guilty for not getting the vaccines even though I might not be able to even get them. Thank you for telling me about the immunologist!


I had both doses and gettin booster next week, felt totally fine beside the usual side effects like a soar arm and a fever for a few hours.


I got three doses of Pfizer and felt a little sick for about 8 hours and then went back to normal. No flare ups to report. ETA: a little sick being a headache and some chills and a sore arm. Definitely worth it.


I was fine with all three shots and didn't have worsening POTS symptoms! I imagine getting covid would be way worse than the vaccine considering my POTS onset was due to getting a bad case of the flu a few years ago.


Yes. Got both doses and my booster. I’m a cancer survivor among having pots and a plethora of other immune/ nervous system problems, Pots being one of the smallest. You will be fine if you get the vaccine and better off with it. Mind over matter, don’t want Covid when it could drop your blood pressure and make you dizzy for days. I felt crappy maybe 18 hours but not much different than I do on a day to day basis.


Thank you so much:) I was hoping people that get bad reactions to vaccines would share their story with me. You made me feel better about the whole situation, it gets exhausting hearing all the excuses my family members come up with on why I shouldn’t get the vaccines. I will 100% ask my heart doctor before actually doing it but Thank you <3




I have bad reactions to any vaccine, my pet scans make me sick, and boron makes me sick before scans too. It’s mind over matter, and I guarantee doctors would advocate for the vaccine. Less than .1% of the population actually has a qualifying condition, and I even have one called MFTHR which is a genetic blood pressure/thinning disorder that led to people having heart issues after the vaccine. Just had echo, halter, and other heart scans after the vaccine and am doing just fine. To each their own I guess, would you rather have your spine snap after you graze a rusty nail or take the risk getting your tetanus booster and maybe suffer side effects, to which if they’re e serious enough, uh oh, you get a check from the FDA/government. Pretty easy to decide for me. And if they want a doctors opinion…. Why come to Reddit?




So let them ask their doctor. You have an opinion just like I do. Jesus. Stay safe.


I didn’t have any bad side effects, just some soreness for a day. I was a little nervous about getting it, but much more worried about what might happen if I got covid without the protection from the vaccines. which kind of reactions did you have previously? like POTS-related vasovagal stuff or do you have an allergy?


I would always get really sick, like fevers, throwing up, chills, my heart rate rising, my oxygen decreasing, and I would go to the hospital in some more serious cases. It’s mostly just me getting extreme side effects.


with a documented history of needing the hospital for immunization side effects, I’d suggest having a chat with your doctor about getting some kind of plan in place ahead of time for what to do if you do have a reaction. there may also be something they can do preemptively to lessen the likelihood of you having a bad response. it doesn’t sound like it would be impossible for you to successfully get the vaccines, but I understand why you’re feeling wary!


https://ibendnotbreak.com/f/the-vaccine-1010-would-do-again The booster was like a milder version of vaccine 2 for me. I got it in October. I also have very bad reactions to some vaccines and wonder if I have immune system issues but I also figure that Covid would be much worse than any vaccine side effects or reaction so I took the plunge.


Thank you, someone else mentioned seeing a immunologist so I will definitely be doing that!


Why would that be necessary? Immune system problems have been a qualifier to get the vaccine, not an exemption from what I’ve seen.If you think you need one please go! I just don’t underhand why you’d wait, as it may delay your vaccination a while. To be white blunt, the people dying of Covid are unvaccinated.


I did fine. For my booster I did flu vax same time and felt awful for one day then slightly off the next. Worth it! I have one friend with other chronic illnesses who had issues with an apparent reaction from the first shot over six months ago. They are working with their allergist to try to get desensitized enough to get more and still recommend it to others. I have another friend who had a rather peculiar psychological reaction each time but it’s not clear why and it passed after about 12h. Compared to the problems I’ve seen in some people I know who got covid without vaccination, the covid death that occurred in our family before vaccinations became available, and the plight of everyone dependent on medical care which is being diverted to care for unvaccinated covid patients, please, if you are medically able, get the vaccine. It’s overwhelmingly likely you’ll be much better off for doing so, as will the community around you as others do the same.


i have gotten all 3 and while it gives me a mini flare for a day or two while my immune system adjusts i’ve been otherwise fine. no significant effects and it’s better than having the chance of catching a bad case of covid. especially because we are chronically ill that could mean a whole new book of issues and diagnosis’. definitely discuss with your doctor but if they think you can i would.


I got the vaccine! I'm 19 and got diagnosed when I was 14. my pots is moderate, I am able to go throughput my day, I've only passed out probably 3 times but that was when I was 14 and 15. my pots does affect my day and when I got my first a nd second Pfizer shots I didn't really notice a change in how my pots affects me! hope this helps


I got both vaccines and getting my booster soon. My first one I only had fatigue and my second dose I had the typical fever and fatigue. But I didn’t have any specific pots symptoms flare up. Good luck!


I got both Pfizer and the booster. I have no conditions that would cause a doctor to advise me against the vaccine. I had the standard reported reactions to the vaccines, just the most commonly-reported stuff. I’ve been confined to bed (and very ill) with a rough virus before. I was so, so sick for so long, and then I couldn’t get over it for 6+ months (post-viral stuff, I guess you’d say). I would rather have a few icky days with a vaccine than go through anything remotely like that again.


I had a POTS flare after both covid vaccinations (Astrazeneca) which lasted a few weeks. I had the booster jab at the beginning of December ( Pfizer) and had a horrendous POTS flare up which is still on going .


I got significantly worse after both vaccines and haven't improved at all. It's been a year and I'm housebound/some times bed bound. Having said that, I would personally still get the vaccine because maybe covid would have killed me.


I’m so sorry to hear about that:( I hope you can find ways to better enjoy life. I know it’s horrible being bed bound, thank you for telling me your story. I’ve had covid before because parents “don’t believe in masks” even though I’m high risk. I kinda just got sick like how I do when I have the flu


The only time I had issues was with the booster. (first 2 shots were fine) It triggered a flare up of POTS symptoms but only for a few days and if I had COVID it'd be worse so I'm very glad that I've been vaccinated.


the first shot i had a very bad reaction too, but no permanent side effects. It was bad enough my doctors said i couldnt get fully vaxxed but honestly. even though it royally screwed me over im really glad i at least have 1 shot. against covid we need all the protection we can get. i would probably just talk 2 ur doctor


I had 3 doses of moderna. My pots was not flared but my pain was. So far the mRNA vaccines do not affect me like typical vaccines do and I'm really excited about that.


I don’t have an immune system because I take pills that compromise my immune system so I just don’t have one. and I’ll be honest with you! Every single one knocked me down pretty hard, mostly because of the immune system. But I went back, and immediately got a booster once it became available to me. I’ve been boosted since august. and when I can get my next booster I’ll be first in line. Overall since I didn’t have an immune system my body was super sore and I had a fever. The body aches were terrible. Just felt down. The thing is if that’s my body’s reaction to a simple vaccine then I do not wanna know what it would be like to get covid. It’s just discomfort for about a day and you’ll be set. You will have worse symptoms and a worse time if you are to get one of the new variants. I think a few days with discomfort is a lot better than catching a variant rn. all those that are hospitalized and w severe symptoms are people who are not vaccinated so pls think about it!! and do it asap!!! We don’t want you to get covid again let alone any of the variants, we don’t want you to end up in a hospital the pandemic is pretty gnarly right now. Good luck!


I got all 3 (2x Pfizer plus booster). The third one I was achy for the evening. No other side effects (and I’m the queen of side effects). Since covid can cause such horrific long-term consequences (including POTS), it’s an easy choice to get it. I’d happily take far worse than what it was for a boost in immunity. I was ready to be really sick and it was actually so easy! Maybe with POTS I just am used to dealing with way worse, but I was pleasantly surprised.


I have pretty severe POTS and I don’t regret getting the vaccine at all. It might be a bit rougher than us than the average person, but that means covid would be too. I was out of commission for a day or two after the 2nd and 3rd doses, so be sure to get them on a weekend. Good luck, you’ve got this!


I think the vaccine gave me an onset of POTS. That and maybe POTS is a long term effect of my COVID infection in 2020 seeing that it can happen after a viral infection. Either way, safe to say that the vaccine is safe and shouldn’t harm you. I just personally miss life before COVID and all this vaccine madness.


I have ongoing POTs symptoms since the Pfizer booster - but no idea how it might effect someone who already has POTs - I think there may have been a post on this a couple of days ago which might be helpful!


I didn’t have POTS, got a Covid vaccine and 6 days later I developed POTS and Orthostatic hypotension. Can I say it was from the Covid vax. . No I can’t! All I can say is 6 days after Covid vaccine and now I havePOTS . 8 months later here I am going to Vanderbilt in 20 days to see if they can offer me something to help even more. They have a dysautonomia clinic


the vaccine is what triggered my POTS to surface. i think i’ve always had POTS because looking back things are starting to click a bit and make sense. but i got it in april 2021 and i have been disabled and bed bound since. but along the lines of what someone else said, covid could be worse for you. who knows what covid could do. it could make your POTS even worse than the vaccine. so talk to your doctor


Was healthy before the vaccine (Moderna) I got the vaccine and 3 days later pots symptoms started, got worse over the weeks and hasn’t gone away Doctor thinks it’s the vax that caused Pots


I got Pfizer and I had a normal reaction to the first, I was just extra tired. The second dose was very rough, I ended up needing IV fluids and having a big flare up. I do have hyperandranergic POTS and a few other conditions as well. When I got my booster I got fluids at the same time as the booster and had literally zero issues. I highly recommend getting a bag of fluids with your shots if you tend to have bad vaccine reactions