If you’re genuinely this bad at the game and you want to have a good time just play ranked and eventually you’ll reach the rank where your skill level is at and be able to play fair matches. Quick play has very loose matchmaking, it often doesn’t matter what level your account is, you’ll get diamonds and bronzes and gm’s in the same games.


>If you’re genuinely this bad at the game and you want to have a good time just play ranked and eventually you’ll reach the rank where your skill level is at and be able to play fair matches. 100% this


QP has VERRRY loose matchmaking. I'm currently silver, was recently bronze, and had a QP match tonight with a masters player on the other team. It was not fun.


Dangg ok xD thanks for this answer!!


Portrait borders doesn’t mean skill. You have people who play the game for 1000s of hours but still are silver or gold level. Try playing ranked - it’s more balanced than QP. You actually learn a lot by playing with people of your skill levels.


This is true, but I have to admit it's pretty annoying to play against diamond border (level 2000+?) hardstuck diamonds who kind of have a shitload of experience but still don't.


I would not recommend comp to the op since his laptop is dying and gets constant lag.


Yes her laptop is dying , i wont queue for comp bc i wouldnt wanna bring any teammates down haha


The other comment is right, play a few matches of comp, you might get placed in gold if you never played comp on that account but if you keep losing you'll go to your actual rank pretty fast (assuming it's lower than gold, because of what you said). Also, mute chat please until you get to your rank, it's not your fault those people have been hardstuck gold for 13 seasons but they're going to make you feel like it is if they notice the smallest mistake


Thanks so much for responding lol that last part made me laugh but yeah i definitely dont join voice chat anymore i cant take how toxic and straight up mean these people are like i already feel guilty about not being that good i think people are forgetting its a video game and not everyone plays that much 🥲 thanks friend!


So I'll counter and say if you like the gameplay of OW but suck/have bad HW Comp will make you more frustrated. The goal of comp is to get you to place where winning is a coin flip because you're matched against players of similar skill level so each match will be "sweaty." If you just want less sweaty fun in OW I'd explore Arcade modes.


Yeah i avoid playing comp due to the stress i stick with arcade and quickplay and im very happy this way but still people get mad but its very fun thanks for this advice


If you laptop is dying and you get constant lag, then you will be bad at Overwatch. Not because you are dumb, but because you will be at a technical disadvantage. You can't compete if your game freezes every teamfight. The people recommending you to play comp probably didn't read your body paragraph. They read the title and thought, "QP bad. Comp good."


Yeah i know i will be bad no matter what i literally cant aim sometimes bc the Characters are frozen in one place and my crosshair is somewhere else- thats kinda why i wont do comp because i just feel bad for anyone on my team i dont wanna bring anybody down so i play qp, but i can still be kinda good sometimes just takes a little longer to hit my shots but i also am dumb i dont know how positioning works yet. But yeah i get where they are coming from i feel like playing in bronze comp would be fun if everyones just as bad as me but i dont wanna go through then placements lol. Thanks for response friend


You might be surprised at the skill level in bronze. [This match was around 1400 SR](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXocHoRzL4k).