Pov you're a lucio rein main


I feel like most people's preferences basically boil down to this (is the map good for your hero main). There are definitely maps that are more balanced in general though.


Then theres me. Dont have a main, main everything, hate all maps equally.


Which means you also love them equally


Jokes aside, this isn't far from the truth. I lack the conviction of some about this game, and kind of just enjoy it without overthinking it too much. I come here for the drama.


I play a lot of heroes decently, and I still think Ilios Ruins is the one I groan about the most. Everything is one big open pit with short objects as cover, then realllllly high, high ground that only some heroes (snipers) can both access and make use of regularly. At this point I'll sometimes just leave a QP game if I'm loading into Ilios and I don't feel like playing ruins.


He can’t be a Lucio main cause Havana is in c teir


Yeah I feel like push isn't the problem it's the maps.


Fully agree. I actually like playing on Esperança. New Queen Street is really bad and Colosseo is completely awful (in my opinion). If future Push maps are more like Esperança (compact, with lots of different routes/spots, interesting fight locations, and appealing scenery), then the mode could actually be fun even though it has issues (which, to be fair, all of the modes do). As it stands, you have an automatic 66% chance of having a bad match when playing Push, without even factoring other players, hero picks, your day, your performance, etcetera. That makes the mode feel pretty miserable.


Man, if only they swiched push to be more like payload race...


As much as I like payload race, it would be a complete shitshow in Overwatch. Overwatch is a team game; TF2 is a game with teams. Overwatch is extremely dependent on roles, sticking together, and working cooperatively. Payload race barely works in TF2 (matches are often disasters) which is a much more individual-focused game.


Yeah, but at least they're fun. It doesn't necessarily have to be exactly like payload race. Think like 2 push bots each with their own progress. Splitting the team to defend against them pushing while also defending your own push. Possibly making it to where in certain instances you can push the other team's bot back to help on halting progress with out actually losing the progress. Really the main seperation here is what the tank would defend.


The main thing about Payload Race in Overwatch is that it’d be impossible to actually make it actually balanced and engaging in a competitive setting, so it’d have to stay in Arcade. A mode with multiple objectives will never work super cleanly in Overwatch due to the way they game is designed (especially with 5v5 and Role Queue). Capture the Flag is similar in that it has multiple objectives. I know people that like it despite it not being balanced around being a competitive game. Payload Race or Bot Race could be a neat mode for Arcade. I don’t know that I’d play it, but I’m sure some people would enjoy the hell out of it.


I mean I love ball and would play illios exclusively if I could.


Damn bro guessed it


Lucio/rein mains hate havana and love rialto.


If they ever take Kings Row out of the BS "rotation" I probably won't even play that season lol


Introducing Kings Row 24/7 in arcade


MAybe people would actualy play arcade if that existed


Not as long as arcade is open queue


What, you don’t like GOATS with tanks that are even harder to kill than in Overwatch 1? Or let me guess, you don’t like playing a comp with 4 DPS and 1 Support? How unreasonable of you.


I never played Overwatch 1, but I can imagine how dumb it was fighting 3 tanks all the time.


Four tanks, actually, since Overwatch 1 was 6v6. It was complete ass. Teamfights would go on for like 3 or 4 minutes without a single pick. GOATS was extremely boring. Role Queue was a very smart idea back in Overwatch 1. I think the shift to 5v5 was also a good decision.


It being 5v5 and it looking more FPS focused without all the shields everywhere is what made me try out the game in the first place. That and the dogshit ranked system and wallhack meta in Apex.


Comp game mode, all kings row. Please ActiBlizz, listen to us at least once.


But once it comes back, *it will feel like brand-new!!* /s


My drive to play is hanging by such a small thread. If they remove Kings Row from rotation that thread snaps.


i think i've gotten kr in comp about 4 times out of \~70 games


I would literally play rein zarya 24/7 on kings row if I could, it's the best map and the best team comp imo


Numbani is S tier for me. Damn I miss it


First point is my favorite winston/genji playground


New push maps and circuit royale/shambali are a good example why this game needs more counterplay against snipers. Feels awful man.


I love the new push maps, but Colosseum really is too good for long ranged heroes. If they could've done a steeper curve in the area around the Colosseum itself, it would work a lot better. Maybe take out some of those glass panels on that side area in the middle. Or just make the barrier itself wider maybe.


Shambali is just too big. It doesn't feel like an OW map to me. Too many really long lanes with plenty of sniper positions. It just feels wrong that most chokes have like four different ways for defenders to get sights on you.


Isnt it the same as Circuit Royale with a re-skin and a few changes? The payload actually follows the same path.


Holy shit, you're right i never noticed that!


I also dislike that map. I'm not sure what's super fun about pushing a payload down a long lane into a sniper nest. But I would say what makes it more tolerable are the sniper nests aren't closed rooms for the most part. It's mostly open and makes diving more simple since you can rocket, dive, and bomb from more angles instead of a window. I think the last point they swap and Circuit Royale turns into closed rooms and windows and Shambali opens up. They just aren't very fun maps to play on either side imo. EDIT: The maps are also not symmetrical. The details that make them different make Royale barely better to me. More often am I able to score all 3 objectives on Royale than Shambali.


Took a mate of mine with like thousands of hours in other FPS shooters, stuck him on widow, got circuit Royale, and fucking rolled their team. Guy didn't know the map, or how the game worked.


Ive only seen the attackers win two times in the many times ive played shambali it its really bad


I would like to see Blizzards internal info on that map. In my experience it is very rare for a team to complete the map. First and third are both tough points to crack


I have not had that experience at all. Sometimes my team can't hold, and sometimes my team can't advance. Of course the opposite is true where sometimes it's just a steamroll sprint to the top.


I'd rather play Circuit/Shambali than suffer 24/7 Reaper/Junkrat on Dorado.


Shambali doesn’t feel like it has as much of a sniper problem as circuit Royale and Junkertown do. It is heavily defense sided, though.


Just remove the one shots and im fine, set a maximum % of hp allowed with 1 shot, idk leave us with 1 hp at least as long as we can react Edit: the dislikes lol, these widow players just want easy kills


That won’t even help you against Junk, Sigma, Roadhog, or Cassidy’s 1-shots as they are all combos that still take you out instantly.


I mean, they tweaked Hog's oneshot in a pretty reasonable manner, Sigma telegraphs his like he's Samuel Morse, and Rat (Lord, never thought I'd ever defend that PITA) at least has to dump a fairly important cooldown for it to work. Cassidy's sticky is still one of the stupidest changes they've ever made, and I only defended Rat up there because his pocket nuke requires more aim than Cowboy Curtis'. I do think the literal one-shots are worse than any of those, though. Watching a kill-cam where Hanzo was spamming at Orisa until Mr. Ping decides the guy standing ten feet behind and three feet below her was technically visible is never fun.


Agreed, I think there needs to be adjustments to all of these. One-shots aren’t fun to play against. Whether they are true one-shots or instantaneous combos, if there is no chance for counter-play, it sucks the fun out of the game.


I've been saying this about Widowmaker for years. I'm ok with a sniper character. I just think she needs to be more selective about her targets. 90% headshot damage to a non-tank would be perfect IMHO. She can't just one shot kill you, and it forces her to have more team play (as in, shooting people her team can follow up on, or shooting people her team has already hurt) Fun: "oh shit! Aww man I couldn't get away in time" Not fun: "do do do do walking back from spawn.... Well now I know where the widow is... Guess I'll fucking walk back again..."


Screw Oasis, Rialto deserves more recognition tho


I fucking hate oasis.


City Center 🤮


Soldier on my team never understands that standing on the highround by the trampoline is the smartest position. Mfs always try to flank on the left by the cars while enemy hitscans are uncontested on highround


"Welcome, to Rialto."


Oasis should be in cheese grater tier. Move Dorado up to good ass maps Move Shambali down Move Blizzard world up to Would play exclusively


"Welcome to, Blizzahd Wahld"


Blizzard world mid section is ass though


Yeah, Blizzard World starts and ends well but is pretty bad in between.


I fucking love being trash at the game because It's only at shitter elo that headshot alley exists on BW, where you can wipe a team as Hanzo on def by standing on the right of the point and slinging arrows non stop vaguely at the entrance


I need a Kings Row, Rialto and Eichenwalde playlist


Is Hollywood out of the rotation rn? Just noticed that haven't played it at all lately


Yup, Watchpoint too just so they could put shitty ass Blizzard World back in 😔


What’s with the rain? They took the colours completely out of the map


Nearly all the weather or time of day changes have been for the worse


Oasis in daytime saved the map for me


Ilios at sunset isn't that bad


Watchpoint is dogass so I’m glad it’s out.


Worst attack spawn in the game. You just roll out into an open fucking field


Might be a hot take but Rialto is S tier for me


This isn’t a hot take, it’s facts. Rialto is an amazing map.


Rialto is peak OW1 nostalgia for me - that and Petra. Opening music is also great.


See, I didn’t play OW1 but I’ve been playing OW2 a lot and so far, Rialto is one of my favorites. Got to play Petra in the Olympus mode and it’s a great map too


Only important facts are, push maps blow and f*** Busan


People don’t like Busan?


I like two of the three Busan maps but I can't stand Meka Base.


Meka Base is my Favorite, but that relies on the playstyle my friend and I use. He plays Brig and solos the tunnel, I play either Rein or JQ and dominate the upper floor. We are unranked tho, I am guessing if we go ranked this shit would not fly anymore.


Most likely not but ranked is full of the "meta" comps anyways after gold, unranked is so much more fun


Yeah nobody really goes in that tunnel unless it's overtime.


When I play Lucio on Meka base, everyone seems to go in the tunnel. Not like I'm angry at the free boop kills, tho.


i like all of them alright... but downtown is kinda... eh... lots of steamrolling on that map for some reason.


I'd pay for a battle pass if they removed Busan


If im in a 'just one more game' kinda mood and the map is Busan, i'm no longer in a 'just one more game' kinda mood.


In QP I basically just quit out of push maps unless it's backfill. I don't know if I just hate the maps or the mode itself, but every match is an absolute joyless slog of silently cursing everyone who ever complained about 2cp lol


Everyone hates dorado but it's one of my og faves. I think it's the night time


Paris is so bad you didnt even include it lol


Sad if this is how you got delivered the news, but Paris is no longer in the game (custom games only)


Neither is Numbani but that's on the list


But paris was removed numbani just isnt in the map pool.


You can and probably do play paris a lot in deathmatch. That’s way more than the times you’ve played numbani in ow2


Numbani is a hybrid map and hybrid is still in the game unlike 2cp / assault with paris


Oh that's right. Why they hate on 2cp? :(


Idk why, in my opinion it was the best game-mode with the best maps :(


I feel like really epic battles happen on Hanamura and volskaya final point


Tell me about it! :D


The game mode is just shitty in general, or atleast with 2 tanks. Now that the game is 5v5 it might be alright


It’s no more shitty than Push is tbh. Funny enough though it’s in a decent spot in arcade. And often has two tanks. It’s open queue so comps end up usually 2 tanks, 2 supports and one dps. You can do one support sometimes especially with a good support. And honestly seen some no tank comps that were very competitive. IMO two things that really shine comparing Push and 2CP are one the timing. You can usually have a good feel if a game will be competitive or not. In push, if it’s not you literally have to wait out the clock. Very few games end because bot reached the end. At least in 2CP a bad game is over quickly. Also backfilling into push is pointless. At least with 2CP you might have a chance to comeback. Second the maps just few better. Heck even Paris and Lunar are more interesting to play than Colisseo and Canada map, at least in my opinion


Bad design, that’s why.


Numbani is just outside of the map rotation it will be back, Paris wont.


It was the prettiest map though :(


I personally love watchpoint. Except the middle section. Fuck the middle section.


Controversial opinion, but I love Esperansa. It gives me hope that Push can be fun, sometimes. Really hate the other two maps though


I’ve had some of my favorite games on colloseo, I think it will age like a cheap wine tbh. Not too good but can surprise you at times


Yeah I feel like push isn't the problem it's the maps. Esperansa is a blast


I like colosseo :( *Ana main who likes sniping down that long ass corridor*


walking simulator zzzzzzzzzzzzz


There's a good fight at mid. You die. The second you spawn in you hear "forward spawn unlocked" That's when you know it's gonna be a fucking long ass walk.


You should be able to tp to forward spawn if it is unlocked


That's a big idea


Imo a lot of the backlash to push is the community needing time to learn how it’s played and the designers learning how to make maps for it. I think the mode and especially esperanca will age well, maybe better than koth.


Agreed and just gotta say I hate the retro active love for 2cp. 2cp was so fucking awful


>Esperansa The only times I've had even remotely close push maps is Esperansa, the layout just seems to give both teams a better chance for comebacks instead of it being a literal steamroll after the first fight's decided.


Esperansa has the best "middle point" of the push maps IMO. Feels like you can approach it in a bunch of different ways even if it's small; on top of decent second and last points. New Queen Street is also good I think, but it's too open and the high ground too strong. Colosseo blows and the bridge part is a clusterfuck.


I jump in as Sombra every time in this map. I love it


oh god, really?? i enjoy toronto’s push map the most—the other two I’ve had such horrible experiences with ://


Be honest. Are you a ball player


Nah, Lijiang would be at the top in a category of its own.


king's row is overwatch's magnum opus of map design, It's fun on both attack and defense and when playing you can tell that no matter which role you pick, It's still balanced. with the recent maps I've seen from blizzard, i doubt we'll ever have a map like kings row, and its kinda sad.


I get it some of these maps do suck and are annoying.. But it's really not that bad. Some of you are forgetting the nightmare that was Horizon Lunar Colony and how often that damn map came up in a queue.


Should've put names of the map too, cant recognize many of the maps from just an image.


Top. Eichenwalde, kings row, illos 2nd: circuit, Hollywood, New York, monastary, lijang, oasis Middle: who cares Bottom two rows: every push map Conclusion: op doesn't like push maps and seems to really like hybrid payload maps compared to full payload maps, and also really likes control point maps


Not op. Everyone thinks queens street suck ass, coloseum is better cuz its not as big. The 3rd one is as bad as queens street. Long. Boring road without fun places to fight.


How do u not recognize the image but u do know the name wtf?


That was me, I was like where is Esperança? And then I just assumed it was that unidentifiable one at the bottom


Skill issue


aint no way you have circuit royale that high


facts, such a shit map lol


Fr i fucking hate that map.


Widowmaker mains would lol


It is really fun as widow, I’m pretty bad with her but on this map I stomp. It’s miserable against a really good one though


And my team wondered why I switched to Sombra on that map yesterday.. I was trying to get to the widow killing us all! Even though I'm not specially good with sombra. Seriously this game has some people that lack the reasonable thinking for countering situations and heroes ._.


Ilios is an audible groan for me, same with Busan, Nepal down to depends on the match, Midtown and Circuit Royale are down in *pretty good*, Rialto should be in Good Ass Maps. Don’t necessarily agree that route 66 has an awe full portion. Dorado, Junkertown and Numbani are solid.


Illios is terrible, I can’t believe people would actually rate it with kings row


It’s literally just a gimmick map, and when it comes to actual gameplay and balancing, it’s horrible. Everyone just likes booping people in the hole and off the edges. The map *looks* cool, but holy shit, it’s so bad.


whaaaaat, you definitely aren’t wrong about the boops but i always have some of the most fun games on Ilios because of that. You gotta expect the unexpected… until i play Well against a Hog 1 trick, then i couldn’t agree more


“Until I play against a hog one trick”. Everyone plays hog on illios. Everyone plays Lucio on illios. Pharah as well. The gameplay on illios, particularly well, is stale and lame, it’s the same thing every time. If we removed the well, so it wasn’t just a shitshow of people trying to get enviro’s, the rest of the layout of every map of illios is absolutely awful.


I’m with ya. Can’t stand it.


God I hate ilios


Illios well is the worst map in the game, and i played my fair share of hog/phara/lucio on it. it's so bad, but many seem to like it, i don't know why


Dont quote me out of context but I think the hole should be half the size


Imo hole should be twice the size. Fuck it, no point for anyone, just lucioball


But it's so funny out of context!


Finally some ppl with good taste, I cant believe how many ppl like Illios, that well map its a Hog/Lucio hell.


Been boopin' most their lives, livin' in Lucio's paradise


I am a lucio main, but I agree its not that great unless you have an escape ability. If you play a hero without the ability to get out of the hole it just becomes a game of “lets hug the border of the zone and have difficulty chasing down half the roster because I dont want to get booped” I find the other 2 illios sections are a lot more enjoyable/fair.


Nothing more annoying than wanting to get on point but you just see that fat fucking hog sat there waiting for the next poor cunt to dunk


It's really not bad. Most characters either have abilities to avoid being booped, escape the hole if they are, or if they have neither, are longer-ranged heroes that don't really want to be on the point anyway. The only time it's truly shitty is when both tanks are hog and one is clearly better with the hook. Being on the side with the worse hog is pretty much the worst tank diff you can experience. Other than that, it's a fun point


It's because everyones playstyle HAS to change, if you don't focus on the well and play around it, you end up inside it. Keeps people on their toes and I think it improves the average players gameplay.


Came here to hate on illios


Ilios and Nepal are the best maps!!


Agree. I don't mind ruins but lighthouse and well are just so annoying. I usually play a flying hero so I don't die to some random knockback


Tf you saying about Junkertown? Fucking amazing map


Just give me back Hanamura 😪


Ilios in the highest tier tells me you are a psycopath.


I really don't like Parasio. Idk why, like since the first day I played it. I wanted it to grow on me but it didn't.


Yet another map where a good sniper will absolutely ruin the match. There’s just too much high ground.


fuuuuck circuit royale all my homies hate circuit royale


Yeah it's shit. 2nd point especially.


Disagree. Circuit Royale is the shit and I don’t understand the hate it gets.


You’ll understand the hate it gets once the game devolves into the enemy’s widow/sojourn vs your widow/sojourn, and yours lose the duel every time. On other maps you can go dive or rush them down. On circuit you might as well boot up some solitaire and wait for the game to end


I don't hate the map but I definitely agree with this, there needs to be more options for flankers to get to snipers/supports. The first point is literally a straight line so you can't do much. Meanwhile route 66 has 3 options both at the middle and end of the first point. Same with Dorado.


Idk why, but I LOVED Ilios in OW, but I absolutely despise it in OW2


Esperanza is probably my favorite. It isn't perfect, but better than any other map both teams can get into action so much faster. Circuit Royal is easily my least favorite map. It is the kind of map that makes me thankful they rotate out maps occasionally. Can't wait for it to be out.


When I think of playing overwatch my mind always goes to Route 66 or Hollywood


I wish King's Row wasn't a 1/1000 chance to appear


Why do you like Circuit Royal? Genuine question, that map is awful to me, outside of third point there's nothing at least decent about it


this is objectively wrong on some of these


Redditors when they see an opinion




Isn't it just that Push game mode sucks ass in general?


True, but I think there is absolutely potential there. The maps are trash and there needs to be some kind of comeback mechanic. It’s just roping or getting rolled at the moment.


I just don't understand why the winning team gets a forward spawn.


push maps bad! updoots please


I like new queen street the best of the push maps. It has lots of pockets and cut through spots and high places to jump up to. I hate Colliseo cuz you push the robot under the bridge right by enemy spawn and it just gets stuck there usually just past that part cuz it's such a bad position to team fight in for the attackers


Illios can burn in hell.


Esperança is the best push map easily, prob A tier


I would swap shambali and dorado tbh


Nah that new temple map is the worst. Feels like I’m actually climbing a mountain with how defense oriented it is.


Swap Oasis and Watchpoint and we have a deal


everything >>>>>>> blizzard world


I was so excited for new queen street as a Canadian I was excited to play on a Canada map and... it's just push. And imo just not a fun map to play on either, wish we got something better instead


Lijiang tower on 🔝


I couldn't agree more with this post


Busan sucks fucking ass


I hate capturing point A of Numbani. It’s a long ass walk from respawn, can we not all go four separate routes??


Idk why so many people hate new Queen Street I happen to like it alot


Disagree, esperanza is goated and NQS is alright. Fuck colosseo tho.


I hate the ending sections of Colosseo. As a support on the section under and up to the bridge there is no way to play safe and not get flanked by enemies coming from spawn on the final push. Being constantly flanked as a support is a struggle on all push maps but is especially bad on that section.


Esperanza > colosseo >>> NQS for me, esperanza is indeed pretty good.


Colosseo is way too big and expansive. I often see whole matches where nobody gets a forward spawn.


Decent except Esperança is actually one of the best maps dont @ me.


Midtown is the most overrated map ever.


I agree with push being the worst gamemode but I actually think New Queen Street is the best of the worst.


As a support player that doesn’t play Lucio much, I fucking *despise* illios. No thank you. The map is so awkward and uncomfortable, particularly well, well is a terrible map in my opinion.


\> Ow2 map list \> Numbani is included what did OP mean by this?


That it's out of rotation and will most likely come next season


Gibraltar should be higher and Ilios way lower Also idc what anyone says Eichenwalde blows


Odd as far as push maps go Canada is the only one I kinda like. Hate the rest with a deep passion. I like that middle bit where you can easily get to the other side. Rome and and the other one just take SOOOO LONG to get anywhere I’d tear my eyes out if I were playing someone without a movement ability.


Ilios up top is insanity


Honestly. The map is so insanely overrated. It’s just got the gimmick of environmental kills, and they’re an instant dopamine hit so everyone loves it. But the map is hell for anyone that doesn’t play hog, Lucio, or pharah.


The problem with push is that it feels forced. Like in the past 20 games, at least 8-9 have been push, which is nearly 50% of the games. Where it should only have a 15% chance of being played.


I’m more of a Route 66 type myself, but I respect this