Why do new phone OLEDs burn in while old ones don't?

Why do new phone OLEDs burn in while old ones don't?


I think it has to do more with the use. Most burn ins in smartphones that I've seen are the keyboards in people that text a lot.


I use my phone way more than him especially since I've had it for 4 more years than him. Maybe it's a brightness thing. I thought maybe old devices didn't have the problem.


It is likely brightness related. I had an S8 which burned really bad in a short time, but so far my S10 seems unburnt. The S10 limits brightness more, even when outdoors in overboost. If I set the brightness to 100% on both phones (manual, no overboost), the S8 is much easier to read in the sun, even with it's burn damage.


Well that sucks lol


Also, probably higher peak brightness in newer displays.


Yea but burn in on oled is cumulative and so it doesnt really matter how you use it just that the pixel is wearing anyway


> it doesnt really matter how you use it Static images vs moving images, low vs high brightness make a huge difference. 2 phones with identical hours could have vastly different burn in.


How old? My Galaxy S7 flat is burnt in. I can notice the burnt app icons on a white screen, such as Chrome's.


Been using it daily for 6 years.


Galaxy note 4 only goes up to 330-350 nits, Galaxy Note 9 is twice as bright at over 700 nits.


I think it can go to 700+ nits. But I think you're right. I only keep it at like 20% brightness


Everywhere I look on the internet it says the Note 4 can only get to 330 to 365 nits range at MAX brightness. This might be why the Note 4 doesn't burn in as easily.


https://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/11/make-the-display-on-your-samsung-galaxy-note-4-brighter-for-better-visibility-in-sunlight.html Seems like it only hits above 700 when using auto brightness in direct sunlight. Which I rarely use. So I think you're right about the brightness difference.


Every single one of my OLED phones have experienced burn in particularly on the status bar. Starting from Droid Incredible, Galaxy S3, OnePlus 3T. He could use his phone a lot more than you do. I average 4-6 hours OST daily probably.


I definitely use my phone a lot more than him. Especially since I've had it for 4 more years. Maybe it's a brightness thing. So weird.


Brightness and contrast tend to have the biggest impact on image retention. I specifically tune down the brightness a bit and use dark mode whenever possible.


My experience has been exactly the opposite, and I would venture to guess that since you're comparing your device to someone else's, that this is a use/brightness related thing, not a age of the screen thing.