Reddit's search function is so crappy that this is literally the only way I search Reddit. But yeah I do it for a lot of other stuff as well. For instance, today I searched for "black vinegar", and then immediately followed up with "black vinegar Reddit".


i wish someone would explain how to properly search on reddit. It cant be true that the search function is that bad right?


It is. The correct way to use the search function on Reddit is to go to Google and add reddit to your search string.


add site:reddit.com specifically. that way it's treated as a hard filter, not as a suggestion for the search engine gods.


I’m not too tech savy, this though is a quality of life improvement. Thanks.


Can do the same with filetypes. Useful when you need a pdf of a book or something.


I think you can do it like so: filetype:pdf


check out google dorks


I used to do this, but just "Reddit" works fine by itself now. I still use that trick for government webpages, since they are a nightmare to navigate and you'll still get a ton of non-government websites trying to charge you for a free service.


Yeah, except Reddit posts manage to completly ignore Google timeframe limitations. You specifically search about some problems of a tool and want to get recent results and Google still gives you 7 Year old posts.


> **Google still gives you 7 Year old posts** The admins apparently can’t fix this without Google: >Reddit is at risk of being deprioritized by Google's algorithm: reddit is inadvertently misinforming Google of post dates (which leads to inaccurate date bylines and breaks chronological search). Issue reported across this site. https://www.reddit.com/r/bugs/comments/g5ct70/reddit_is_at_risk_of_being_deprioritized_by/ > lazy_like_a_fox [A] 8 points 9 months ago > > What I think is happening is that **Google is mistakenly using a date from the section that shows more posts from the same subreddit**, but that's just my speculation. > > In any case, we want to fix this issue for you. > > We've reported this to Google. --- In the meanwhile, I recommend Pushshift **redditsearch.io** website, which is a faster and more customized Reddit search with date ranges. (Social media researchers created the Pushshift API to extend on the regular Reddit API) https://github.com/pushshift/api It’s useful for quickly finding posts or comments that contain specific keywords. It displays the full comment like Discord, instead of having to click “more” on every Reddit search result, or only seeing the partial Google meta-description with site:reddit. https://camas.github.io/reddit-search/ is another search based on Pushshift. (extra tool: **F5Bot** is useful for getting email notifications when keywords are mentioned. The cloudHQ “Share via link” extension puts all the selected emails on a single page so it’s easy to Middle mouse autoscroll).


Glad I’m not the only one who does this.


Site:reddit.com and put the filters on only results from the past 5 years, if you wanna be a real freak like me


You think reddit cares when you want to see answers from? Lol unfortunately for me, restricting results by time does fuck all because if you scroll down from any post there's "other recent posts" so even threads 8 years old are tagged as from last month according to google :p


You can also type `site:reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/` to filter by subreddit. It's how I find discussion threads on /r/manga and /r/anime


I couldnt imagine anyone doing it any other way lol


Try searching ‘Do any of you ever google a question and add “reddit” after the question because surprisingly reddit will get you straight to the answer rather than having to go through an annoying spammy website?’ on the Reddit search bar and see if this thread comes up. I tried it and immediately got a bunch on unrelated threads instead. Copy/pasting the thread title on Google brings this exact thread up immediately. Get your shit together Reddit.


Using the time filters really helps get you back to a lost recent thread


If you want stuff from a subreddit just type add reddit.com/r/the-sub-you-want-to-search to the end for more specific searches. For example when looking at stuff for violin I would type something like: Third position reddit.com/r/violin First the search terms and then you can search that specific sub.


Add site:reddit.com at the end of your Google search. That isolates results from this site only.


It case it's not obvious, you can also search with site:reddit.com/r/ to narrow your results.


>It cant be true that the search function is that bad right? Sure it can. It's not just Reddit, though: many, many sites have search engines that are horrible. If course, what this typically means is not that they're half-assed, but that they're carefully tuned to return results they *want* you to see. Amazon is famous for this, but Netflix, Hulu, really any big retail or commercial content site, they all do this now. The Google play store has an *absolutely ass-blastingly bad search*. I even use Google to site search the Google Play store.


It's bloody criminal that google of all companies doesn't have a proper search function on its own app store. And why can't i filter and sort results?!


It is. Search is so incredibly complicated. Just let google handle it instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.


and what's strange is, everything I try to look up with the Reddit search feature, no matter how innocent, 99% of the results are always porn of said thing! I don't subscribe to any porn subreddits & I don't even look at that much porn on here. WHY is it the only thing they assume I must be looking for??


I search the same, though if it's Chinese ingredients/recipes you're interested in, I might suggest adding "Woks of Life" instead. That site has step-by-step, yet concise, recipes. [The pictures just make one hungry.](https://thewoksoflife.com/visual-recipe-index/) The reason I mention them is their recipes link to summary pages for ingredients that explain the what and why. Often they recommend a style or brand, which helps me a lot when shopping at the international store. I absolutely love their recommended [mushroom flavored dark soy sauce.](https://thewoksoflife.com/mushroom-flavored-dark-soy-sauce/) My apologies for going off on a tangent, but [here's what they had to say about black vinegar.](https://thewoksoflife.com/chinese-black-vinegar/)


100% this!! I use WoL with google searches for asian dishes. everything else is followed by reddit!! such a great recipe site, too!


Why is reddit search so bad? This is a multi million dollar company why can't they hire some good coders.


Reddit devs are all too busy deliberately making mobile browsing worse to work on the search feature.


For show, google does it better and free why bother spend more money.


Coincidentally google sucks anymore and this the only way to get decent search results. I'm sure reddit or google will fuck it up so the possibility of decent search results trends towards zero.


google sucks anymore?


Yeah the results are not nearly as pertinent or useful as they used to be. Up until the past 3 to 5 years I don't remember having to go past page 2 for a result and very rarely past page 1. Now? I'm lucky if I can even get a decent result in a lot of cases.


Only always, I don't wanna read a 30 minute article to find my answer buried in a sentence 6 paragraphs in.


Yeah. And I’ll believe anything anyone says on here. That’s my problem. I’ll just quickly read and be on my way


Lol Same. Someone suggested eating 4x 5mg gummies as a recommended dose for a beginner. I'm glad my buddy stopped me from going along with that advice.


yeah, it's really bad when you take too many vitamin B gummies. you can even get a tummyache.


Sounds more like a gummyache. Amiright? Anyone ... *crickets*


You need to treat Reddit comments with the same level of trust as overhearing someone saying it on the street, no matter how many upvotes it has


*Baked chicken recipe* But first! Let’s tell you the entire history of the chicken


Don’t forget the long winded anecdote about how the author’s husband and son are both extremely picky eaters and her son has every allergy in existence but they all enjoyed this recipe so much over Christmas and the recipe comes from her great grandmother who immigrated from Poland and whose favorite flower was carnations so now every time the author sees a carnation she cries and…. … …


"My aunt's roommate grew up in the south of France" Fuck me, I just need to know how much vodka I can add until it's not Jell-O anymore, Sandra. PS your mommy blog SUCKS.


If it was the actual history of the chicken dish, I'd be happy but it's always shit like... "When I was just a girl of 3, my mother, who was a chicken used to make this recipe every winter when another of the flock died. I loved it when it snowed because I could go outside..." I stopped looking up recipes as a "fun/inspirational" thing and now go straight to trusted sites if I need something.


This. Plus; Getting every side or opinion on a matter. Getting straight to the point or answer. Or literally getting real world experiences. Edit: I didn’t mean literally every side or opinion. Also, this doesn’t always mean I WANT every opinion either lol.


Plus, someone will much more likely chime in with *some* kind of answer, unlike other forums where you see: 20-11-2006 03:07: "How do I fix [complicated thing]?" 20-11-2006 03:27: "Never mind, I figured it out." *no more posts*


Or 20-11-2006 03:07: "How do I fix \[complicated thing\]?" 20-11-2009 09:06: "I have this problem too; did anyone ever find a solution?" *no more posts*


Today it's: [Normal User] 20-11-2015 03:07: "How do I fix [complicated thing]?" [Official Support] 20-11-2015 03:08: "Hi, [Normal User]! Have you tried restarting your PC, reinstalling drivers, [every other obvious thing anybody should have tried first]?" [Normal User] 20-11-2015 03:15: "Yes of course I have. Is there anything specific I can try?" [Official Support] 20-11-2015 03:16: "Reinstall Windows then lol I have nothing else to suggest even though I'm 'official support'" *no more posts*


My favorite is: >[Normal User] 20-11-2015 03:07: "How do I fix [complicated thing]?" > >[Official Support] 20-11-2015 03:08: "Hi, [Normal User]! Have you tried restarting your PC, reinstalling drivers, [every other obvious thing anybody should have tried first]?" > >[Normal User] 20-11-2015 03:15: "Yes I have. And that didn't work. Anything else I can try?" > >[Official Support] 27-11-2015 03:16: > Hi Normal User, as it's been a week with no responses I've marked this issue as solved so that it will generate the most number of views possible while still being totally useless. I've also taken the liberty of marking my previous response as the solution even though it was completely useless, and will serve no purpose but to infuriate anyone who comes across it.


yes and then a new thread about the same problem will pop up later and an official support in that thread will link to this one saying "this problem has been solved in another thread" and check the new one as solved too.


I’m getting pissed off just thinking about this.


I added a response to a years old Reddit post that was still live the other day because it was still the solution to a new but similar problem.


[normal user]: hey I have this problem! Someone has a solution? [normal user 2]: what are your specs? [normal user]: where do I find it? [this threat has been marked as solved due to no response for over a week]


The fact that they close the thread prevents someone else to answer on which is generally the top thread in the search results because it had been marked as 'solved'. I had found solutions to 3 problems for my Dell laptop, and couldn't respond because the threads in which I was asking for solutions in the first place were closed, so all I could do was edit my first message I think.


I’m sure they have some “solved” quotas the support team has to hit. I recently got shunted by Apple to Google’s forum to solve my problems where these exact exchanges were happening. You know how more enraging it is to call a company for support and then tell you to look at the fucking support page that someone has made completely worthless and unsolved and unanswered?


Omg. Microsoft is the worst about this. I work in internal tech support and I'll often get calls about Microsoft Edge freezing up when they try to print pdfs. I'm like, sorry man, try Google Chrome. Microsoft has been totally useless on their forums and I have no clue how to fix it. And a lot of the things I look up have solutions involving stuff like registry editing which I'm not about to do on a company computer.


When regedit is the official solution, it should have been fixed by Microsoft. That's like going to get your car fixed and being told how to do it instead of doing it themselves.


I honestly don't think I've ever seen an MS post marked as being the 'solution" that has actually solved the issue when I've tried it. Microsoft forums are beyond useless.


"Thanks. I'll reply once I've tried that." *no more posts*


Those supports are honestly omega useless. I get that they can't know everything, but I swear they only ever point towards answers made by others, often subpar ones or ones that were already written in the thread. They're effectively paid to just quote others in response to issues that they've seen enough times to outline actual solutions to.


I've had official supports link me to empty threads and dead sites.


Don't forget the crank with a superiority complex who scoffs that you weren't aware to perform some unfamiliar technical detailed task, or go on an untraveled route deep through your systems that OF COURSE would be the root of your problems, you ignorant slut.


The internet has let me down so many times exactly like this.


If every website could have blunt, direct communities like this: [whats 4 plus 4](https://web2.0calc.com/questions/whats-4-plus-4)


I've also seen 20-11-2006 03:07: "How do I fix \[complicated thing\]?" 20-11-2006 11:20: "Try this: *image unavailable* *image unavailable* *image unavailable* *image unavailable* *image unavailable*" 20-11-2006 12:42: "Wow thanks! That worked perfectly!"


I've been having to research issues with a source control software that has a forum where staff reply to questions. I literally could not find the answer to some questions because they asked for logs to be sent over email, then closed the thread because the issue was "solved via email". Super annoying


20-11-2006: “I am getting a [complicated problem] every time I restart my computer…anyone got a fix?” _20 other people have the same question_ _no more posts_


This question has been answered in a thread from 2002. You could have just used the forum search




The most infuriating answers are “I don’t have this problem” And “Why are you trying to do that anyway”


The stack exchange special: "obviously X is a bad way to do it, just use Y instead" where Y is either completely unrelated, requires libraries that were maintained for six months about 4 years ago, or is an entirely different programming language


[Obligatory xkcd](https://xkcd.com/979/)


These days I like to make sure my posts are helpful, or at least not actively confusing to future readers. You never know if someone is gonna find your post while doing research on the Chicago Penguin Outbreak of 2021.


Same. More then once I ended up requesting for help here or some other forum. I end up editing my post or adding information on how I solved it. I don't want someone in the future to hate me because I solved the issue but didn't post how


Or the Amazon version... Q: Does this come with such-and-such accessories? A: I don't know, it was a gift for my grandson.


"Then why did you post an answer to the question, Martha?!"


My favourite is [Op]20-11-2006 03:07:" how do i fix [problem] on version1.5? 20-11-2006 11:10:"why do you want to fix it anyway" 20-11-2006 12:00" op you arw not supposed to do such thing you are a garbage person " 20-11-2006 13:00 "i hate (insert minority group here) they are tze root of all our problems 20-11-2012:" i know its old but I have the same problem was it fixed ?" 21-11-2012:" just install version 6.5


I like it because you're tapping into organic results from a real community, instead of ads and SEO. The botters and SEO people are coming on reddit too, though. It's a matter of time before they fuck this place up with hypermonetization too.


Unfortunately I think we’re already at that point for lots of things. I was researching which bed sheets to buy and found a Reddit thread that seemed helpful until I looked into the user and they literally worked for a bed sheets company. I think corporations are pretty aware of how many people want authentic opinions. It doesn’t help that the barrier to entry for creating a Reddit profile is extremely low


Happened to me buying a computer chair


The thing is, if we keep an eye out for that, we can downvote it, and it's ineffective.


It's the details I really like. So many times I want the anecdotal description of something. I don't want an answer, I want a *story* about someone doing something. I want the little things that trip people up, the things you don't ever think about and no one really knows until they've done it. It's so helpful for that in almost every regard. It's what you'll never get by writing SEO because those people are just looking for keywords and matching them. They aren't filling in the blanks.


Faster than you think even, currently reddit is pay to win in the bigger subs, so nowadays you need to avoid some of them also, just in case


Real world experience is great. You can also click on a profile and check a persons post history to validate that they know what they are talking about. I have tennis elbow and doctor said I’d most likely need surgery but I could also do PT and that might work. Google leads me to Reddit which leads me to a guy who had cured a severe case within 2 months by using a $20 tool. From there I read comments and run into a PT who exclusively details how this method is what he suggests and has worked for over a decade. Saved myself countless $$$ and the elbow is doing better. For all its downfalls, there’s a wealth of knowledge and a sense of community within Reddit which is really amazing.


I use reddit if I can't find the questions easily. That being said, idk if everything you listed is entirely true. Getting every side or opinion- depends, but not really tbh. Small threads with a few comments aren't going to have every side and opinion. There's also a plethora of cases involving mods banning people for random things not in the rules, such as disagreeing with them. Straight to the point also depends but usually sure. Irl experiences are cool, but often times redditors will make things up for karma, so its difficult to tell when someone is *actually* has a math PHD and is describing how they solved a problem or if they're a highschooler trying to get karma by paraphrasing things they vaguely remember reading about in their older siblings textbook 2 years ago. In terms of information gathering, we can think of reddit knd of like Wikipedia. Except reddit has less truth based/fact checking moderation, often less info per each thread/post, and less sources (usually people don't provide any source at all). They both have info on niche things, but reddit covers more niche irl problems and Wikipedia has more niche events, products, historical info, etc.


Yes, yes, and yes, except I'd be careful about whose opinions are being voiced on the matter. Reddit is mostly younger white American guys, and not only that but you're more likely to see the opinions of those who spend more time on the computer, or are more introverted, or have certain views concerning relationships or morals etc.


>Getting straight to the point or answer. Stackoverflow is pretty good at that


And it's especially good at giving answers that don't work anymore because the packages used in them have been changed.


Or watch a ten minute video that describes a couple of lines of code.


Yeah. Plus it's really easy to google stuff on Reddit. It's too bad Reddit Search sucks. For example: `allergies site:reddit.com` `golden sword minecraft site:reddit.com` `how can every book be a bestseller site:reddit.com` `buffalo shooter high school site:reddit.com` `where does drain the swamp site:reddit.com` `citi double cash vs fidelity site:reddit.com` `peanut corporation of america salmonella site:reddit.com` `retail shrinkage site:reddit.com`


Here's a tip, there's a browser extension called "discussions" , that gives back a search option under Google which oxides only social sites like root and forums, while excluding all regular sites.


Of course, I also do searches like that, purely as an alternative to reddit's literally useless search function.


I should start doing that because more often than not Google points me to Quora, and Quora users love to write a fucking book about everything and take forever to get to the point. “Why do people hate country music?” “Well you see back in the early Renaissance era if we look at the culture of Venice, Italy…”


And plus the thing I hate about Quora is now they are locking answers behind a fucking monthly paywall like seriously?


Who the fuck in their right mind would pay for Quora


They also start hiding the answers if you look at more than 3 questions. Extremely annoying. I miss yahoo answers.


How is babby formed?


Am I Pregant?


[Should I stop beating my girlfriend?](https://i.redd.it/c9w6chof00521.jpg)


I was really hoping that had a twist, but you never know with people.


The hell if I know, I ain’t paying no damned monthly fees.


Who the fuck in theie right mind would use Quora in the first place


I dicked around on it all day at school instead of doing work and got a bit of a douchey r/iamverysmart complex from it. I'm still pretty douchey, but at least I know how fuckin stupid I am


Wait, what? I know they make you log in, but they're doing a paywall now? When did that happen?


Yup it’s called Quora+ so like most answers are locked behind a monthly fee now, go and look at the site and most shit is paywalled now.


Well, rest in peace, Quora. It was kind of shitty while it lasted.


Thank god they make it harder for people to find useless answers tbh. I hope their site tanks.


And they start with arguing the semantics too lmao 😂 “Quora, how do I make a baked potato?” Quora writers: “*first of all,* we’re gonna have to **define** what a baked potato is. **Anything**, *if we’re being clear*, could be a baked potato on your definition. Let’s assume you’re talking about a plant that has the genetic line up of a potato and is baked in the oven. Well, *by your definition*, a shepherds pie is also a baked potato. That’s….”


TIL shepherd's pie is my favorite baked potato.


My favorite baked potato is vodka.


You got it *exactly* down, and why that site is my own personal nails on chalkboard.


Haha, can you tell I’ve been on there for a bit? 😂


My least favorite Quora author was a guy who tried to redefine 'healthy food' to mean 'food that can be part of a balanced diet', to which the answer is always yes. And so he answered every "Is X a healthy food?" question with a long form version of "Any food can be part of a balanced diet." When people ask if Fanta, white bread, apples, or spinach are healthy, reasonable people will give different answers, but not him. He was a popular writer on other topics so Quora boosted anything he wrote until I couldn't take it anymore and blocked him.


UGHGGh I hate it when they can’t just answer the question lol!


I also hate when their little flair states they are a professional in the topic they’re in but give these dog shit takes.


When you are an expert in something, it's fair to assume on a public forum that the other users are not nearly as knowledgeable and require some background information. It sounds like the issue is that the user was giving way too much background and in a pedantic way. Like just explain that you need a balanced diet and then point out that any food with sugar as the first ingredient is unlikely to be balanced itself and also require balancing with other foods. Therefore, Fanta is not "healthy".


That’s my point though, it’s just not a good take to go the pedantic route when it’s clearly not what someone is asking about. It’s okay to be a regular person while talking about your professional experience. It seems Quora doesn’t understand this. Not to mention in the above example they gave no insight, only, “Fanta is okay if balanced 👍” which didn’t really answer anything but state “moderation is key” which is just common knowledge.


Try countering with yes but what types of food are more balanced than others? And down the rabbit hole we gooooooo


the foods aren't balanced. The diet is. I haven't read the answer, but it is really hard to say whether or not a food is "healthy". Are bananas healthy? They contain a lot of vitamins. They also contain a lot of carbs. Which is probably not going to matter, but it does matter if you are on a low card diet. Is a banana a healthy breakfast? Probably, but are 3 bananas a healthy breakfast? What about dried banana chips? There are so many different factors to a diet that you simply can't just say that a food is healthy. There is quantity, preparation methods and even your own genetics can play part in that. Not to mention that "healthy" is really vague. For example broccoli has a lot of vitamin k. Vitamin K is only soluble in oil. That means you won't get any vitamin k if you eat plain broccoli. Does that mean that fried broccoli is healthier than plain broccoli? It is hard to say. The correct answer is "it depends".


Is cyanide a healthy food?


It is one of the most balanced foods. Eat it once and you'll never have to worry about unhealthy foods for the rest of your life


> they start with arguing the semantics too To be fair, there are plenty of people on reddit who do that as well. I am one of them.


> I am one of them. Do you mean you're a person on reddit or one of the people on reddit that like to argue semantics?


It depends, how do you define semantics?


The Carl Sagan methodology of answering a question.


The average Quora answer is often Q - "I have a fungal infection on my fingernail what should I do? A - "Infections are caused by malicious spirits draining your energy, you need to eat a spoonful of turmeric and a single date and this will lead to much happiness and eternal life" A2 - "Having researched fingernails for 70 years, I have come to the conclusion that they do not exist. Much like all socially constructed things, they are a product of weak minds desperately searching for meaning in endless chaos. I hate religion." A3 - "Hello sir. If hand is bothering, please be informed of extra skin which is \*unintelligible keystrokes\*. Please be more careful of who let inside medical care, of which I see Dr. Eshrdfkuhs who is and leading of area"


I'm gonna have to disagree with your example. More times than not it feels like they start with Adam and Eve and go from there.


In the beginning the Universe was created. This had made many people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.


What is it with Quora? Everything sounds as if it's written by the same person.


Marketers discovered Quora as a good way to drive traffic to their website. So they turn on some social listening tools and respond to any relevant questions to their product/service. Possibly why things sounds a little "PR" like


This might be some of it, but I think it's just that certain websites attract certain types of people. If a community tends to write giant detailed responses, new people to said community are going to try to do the same or risk whatever that site's version of downvotes is. Same reason people on Reddit tend to use at least reasonable spelling/grammar and get pissy when people link to crap news sites. Every online group has their own "rules."


Pretty much. I used to hang out on Quora a lot, and it does attract certain types. Such as the sorts of people who'd rather be writing Wikipedia entries, but they know that they'd get edited for not *quite* being sourced or NPOV.


Also a lot of Quora things are so random or specific. Like there doesn't need to be a Wikipedia entry for why Goku would beat Saitama.


Exactly. It's the same reason that excessively joking or otherwise 'reddit-like' behavior gets downvoted by people with enough karma to downvote on HackerNews.


And never use an emoji


so true. reddit is the same way so I'm surprised to see people talking about Quora like this. you can literally predict 99% of the incoming reddit comments just by reading the title of the post. 2,000 of them will be a terrible dad-joke that will make you cringe the hardest you've ever cringed, but will also have 50 dancing animated awards & 20,000 upvotes and theres an 80% chance it will be "I also choose this guy's wife"


It's so unreal to see everyone say the most obvious response to a headline as if they're the one person on earth who thought it.


lol yea. same with the jokes too. some people just joined reddit so the jokes are fresh to them, creating a never ending loop of said jokes for the rest of eternity.


People copy what they've seen to be successful in previous posts and enough of the time the up votes come from people who will upvo the same unoriginal crap because they think it's cute and other times it's people who haven't seen it before and think it's original


One guy simulated the entire comment section of HQG and it was pretty spot on https://www.reddit.com/r/HighQualityGifs/comments/77d9ou/the_predictable_threads_are_driving_me_insane/


Seriously. Quora responders are like news anchors - all have a distinctive inflection.


`%SearchTerms% -site:quora.com -site:pinterest.com`


Is there a function to permanently include a list of sites to exclude? It feels like to me, whenever I Google something there's a crappy site written by AI that only regurgitates the specs of whatever I am looking for rather than actually giving information. I'd love to be able to never see results from those domains again.


Also then in the related questions you see the exact question you wanted to know the answer for and it's really important...... But then it hits you with that "This question is only available for Quora+ members"


Lately a lot of answers in my quora feed are clearly written by AI's. They dont make much sense and never seem to answer the actual question.


I tried to be active on Quora like I am on Reddit, but it's almost like you HAVE to write an entire book for anyone to take your answers seriously there. It always has to be a story.


I dropped quora about 4 years ago after being there since like 2011 or so. In the last 5 years, good answers have been replaced by long bullshit stories with questionable opinions in it. Good answers been removed just because they are short and to the point and not bloated. Popular users getting to the top no matter how wrong their answers are (with tons of crackposts getting the spotlight) Some legit scientists (like Walter Lewin) been banned for not conforming to the clickbait quora format. Chinese and western wumaos doing pro-CCP propaganda. \-- This has become especially bad since like 2015 or so and even more after it the Chinese Communist Party has been using it as a propaganda platform without restrictions. I mean it was always a place where people used to post their inflated IQ scores (often from online tests) and ask if they were smart as a form of mental masturbation.


I stopped using Quora because I realized the site was full of idiotic 'intellectuals' who liked to pad out answers that sound smart but in reality are just aggravating and annoying to read.


My experience with Quora is where it has anything I have a passing degree of knowledge about, the answers I see are way off-base.


I was forced to stop using quora because it tries to paywall me now, What’s up with that? Any solution to this?


It’s easy :) whenever you get that annoying login page, go to the URL bar in browser (place when you enter address of website) and add “?share=1” at the end of already existing URL (without quotation marks). So, if original URL is following: https://www.quora.com/Why-should-I-use-Reddit It should become https://www.quora.com/Why-should-I-use-Reddit?share=1 and you can access page without login request.


Quora is my toilet reading


Sometimes I like those long posts 😂.


Sometimes, but not every time.


I just want one to start with, "Long ago in a distant land..."


"Why do iPhones still use lightning connectors instead of USB-C?" "Well it all goes back to this guy, Tsar Nicholas II..."


One huge trend I've noticed is many articles are now just sponsored posts or affiliate marketing. it's very hard to get objective advice or honest reviews. Reddit posts often have honest answers to what I need and can be very timely.


most first results aren’t even sponsored posts anymore, it’s straight up just the company of the product saying their product is the best way to solve any problem you have. It’s mind boggling


Or it's bot-generated content full of .


Do you need to **crap your pants**? We have the perfect product for you to **crap your pants**. **Crap your pants** is reviewed 5 stars! **Crap your pants** today! Don't miss out on **crap your pants**.


Im worried marketing fucks will invade reddit too, besides clearly marked ads. You know how some companies give themselves 5 star reviews?


Whenever I have those worries I just pop open a nice can of Pringles® and that makes it all better. Once I Pop, I Can't Stop.


That slogan don't lie though


You shouldn't worry that it will happen. ... you should know it has already happened, long ago. That ship has sailed, friend.


Sometimes it's easy to spot. I think it's gonna become more subtle and more prevalent, unfortunately. There's no incentive for it not to get worse.


you mean like those vague ratings and awards car companies give themselves?


Yeah, i really started to get suspicious about all these "TOP 10 xyz 2021" lists. These are absolutely plastered with referal links and often the listed positives and negatives are taken out of the authors ass or the most generic trades of the product.


I find this especially when searching for video game advice. The first 5 articles are clearly written by someone who hasn't played the game more than 10 hours, but reddit will have people who are obsessed with the game offering you experienced advice and even debating about how much information is useful to a beginner. Reddit users also tend to be more sensitive to spoilers in that kind of thing.


Yes all the time. Like it seems helpful watching an argument on the issue so I can see all sides of what I'm googling instead of just the first 4 promoted websites


Ad, ad, ad, unrelated bold homonym list, ad, next page


Or just things you know will require a very specific fix, like video game performance issues. Search: FPS stuttering [game] Result: 50 AI generated articles, each pages long, with deeply insightful hints like "update your drivers" or "run a virus scan". Search: FPS stuttering [game] site:reddit.com Result: top post "open [game].ini and add "setDickShader 0" in these three locations and save". Fixes the problem immediately.


*setDickShader 0*


Probably playing cyberpunk


Google has a functional searchbar and lousy content. Reddit has useful content and a lousy searchbar. It's a beautiful bit of cyber symbiosis.




And include /r/[subreddit] to get even more specific results. Also as mentioned in an older [LPT](https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/f7yg7i/lpt_if_you_want_google_to_return_only_very/): You can filter any range of years using "before:" and "after:" in any search. Much quicker than clicking through the "tools" menu and selecting a time frame by hand.


The time filter works maybe only half of the time.


I've noticed more often than not lately it will say a post is within the last year, but it's actually 6 years old with no new comments.


i think that the reactivation of the commenting function on old posts (when before it autolocked after 6 months) broke it


Yep. When I'm googling something, as soon as I type si, Google knows the rest is going to be te:reddit.com lol


Just add ",reddit" to do the same thing


If not every time, for sure when Google doesn't get me the answer right way.


Try adding "site:reddit.com" at the end. Works better. Also if you wanna get rid of results from a specific website, add a hyphen before it: "-site:forbes.com"


In this context, it's more intuitive to think of the hyphen or dash as a minus sign, as in subtract any hits that match this. You can use this with any of Google's advanced search operators, as well as any of the words in your search term. There's a well written article with lots of examples [here](https://www.spyfu.com/blog/google-search-operators/).


Need a script that auto adds -site:pinterest.com to every search.


Questions for video game stuff for sure


Scrolled til I saw this answer. I am honestly quite bad at video games, but I enjoy them. I've been trying medium instead of lowest difficulty. This week I started the first BioShock. Without reddit and some video game forums I would have lost it by now.


It's super frustrating when searching for more advanced stuff and all you get is stupid mainstream clickbait articles with things you already know. All I want to know is which enemies to kill in Doom Eternal to strategically progress the fight, instead I get a list of which enemies are the most dangerous. Gee, thanks, definitely didn't know that already.


Hell, I've even fixed issues in my Minecraft modpacks before from random decade-old reddit posts lmao


Some slimy corporations are starting to write the same articles you'd normally see on those spammy websites as a text post in their own Reddit profile. So even if you were to add "site:reddit.com", you might end up on some asshole's text post on their profile with a long ass essay that you'll need to read through. Reddit introducing the ability to post on your own profile was a fucking mistake. It'll come bite us in the ass in a few years.


All the time. Especially for my job in IT troubleshooting people’s issues. Every IT related article is just trying to sell you some software that claims to magically fix the problem.


step one, install random.exe step two


This 100%! I can't tell you how many times sysadmin has had the answer.


When I Google a question, Reddit is in the top 5 results.


Yup. It's like getting someone to Google something for you. I could do the research on my own... but, nah.




Quite often. I wish more people would do this before posting questions on Reddit that have already been answered.


But how am I going to get upvotes on r/askreddit without spamming thirsty, recycled questions? Next thing you’ll be asking me to post an actual unpopular opinion on r/unpopularopinion


I *usually* don't mind questions on r/AskReddit because different people comment each time, and they're usually stories or other opinions, which I find interesting. The thirst thing is absolutely a problem though. My problem is with this question, or questions on slightly factual subs like Eli5. I've seen this very question ("does anyone add site:reddit.com ....") thrice in the past month, and there isn't really much that's going to change in the comments except the proportion of people who say yes/no. And don't even get me started on some of the stuff that pops us on subs like r/Showerthoughts and r/TooAfraidToAsk. Also, if you want actual unpopular opinions, you should check out r/The10thDentist.


Always, more times than I'd like to admit.