I was abstinent from all drugs and alcohol for most of my NEET life, but this past year I've been drinking a lot and taking some painkillers (mostly Solpadeine and co-dydramol). I don't know what it is about this last year in particular (I have been a NEET for around 95% of the time since 2015 and nothing really has changed in all that time), but I often find it hard to get through the day without being a little bit drunk these days. I tried weed a few times, but it just gave me panic attacks and intense anxiety, so I quickly stopped.


I've been drinking a ton of absinthe since 2019. Idk what it is, being drunk or high just makes me happy.


I dont do drugs and don't like alcohol or smoking so that saves me a lot money. I prefer to spend money on things I can keep.


Yeah I been drunk relly offeten..going to AA soon. its not NEET, my girfrined broke up with my so I start drinking more.


I go to AA it's a good way to socialize and meet positive people. Sober since July 17 2021 I went to medicaid ghetto rehab


Looking from outside, I would say you have a problem. But you will know better them anyone. It can be hard to admit sometimes. I have some beer once in a while, but I really have to watch myself with weed. If I have it, I will smoke nonstop until it ends. So I try to get small portions and stay sometime without any.


I smoked weed for fifteen years and I was mostly NEET 2017-2020. Developed CHS last year and had to quit smoking weed but I still occasionally use edibles. After quitting weedsmoke alcohol quickly took over as my drug of choice and this year I've struggled with it a bit. Mostly it's a financial problem as simply can't afford to drink 4-5 beers a day. I've considered becoming a wino because there is some really cheap ok wine out there lol. Regardless, in a doctor's appointment the other day I promised to take a couple weeks off booze to see if my CHS improves and I'm already noticing how much money I'm saving. It might also be worth noting that I used to abuse coffee but cut back majorly on that around 2016. What's really important is the fact that one of my parents was an alcoholic and some folks swear that if a parent is an alcoholic the child will grow up to be *like* an alcoholic whether they drink or not. I can't verify this but it is worth noting. If you grew up with alcoholics at home there are likely support groups I believe they call themselves "ACA" (adult children of alcoholics) but none of my doctors or mental health workers have heard of the org. Still might be worth looking into but most importantly consider harm reduction like drinking non-alcoholic beverages around the same time you'd have your first drink. I was drinking in the afternoon a lot but I've taken to making a pot of rooibos around 1-2 PM and drinking that, which kinda takes up some time that I would spend drinking alcohol. That brings up another point and it's worth noting how drinking kills time like nothing else. One of the hardest things is finding new activities to take up the time you would spend drinking. Honestly, I recommend gaming. I know I went on and on a bit with this but you've raised a really important subject that speaks to me so I thought I'd share some of my own thoughts. Good luck on your journey.


I smoke weed all day every day. That's it.


Weed is pretty comfy so I don't blame ya


Could this be why your head is full of fuck?


I get drunk a couple of times a week, though I find the older I get the longer it takes to recover. Never done anything harder but that's because I don't know any drug dealers.


37 year old NEET here. Alcohol huge contributor to my long term neetness, sober since July 17 2021. I go to AA. I was a neet drunk for years.


Haha, the only reason I’m alive anymore is drugs. A lot of it is escapism, but I’ve also had some very positive experiences from things like lsd, shrooms and mdma. But I also kinda don’t give a fuck about my health anymore so I can go crazy with the crackhead drugs too, I recently tried meth, heroin and many others, I’ve done more than 30 unique substances so far. When I’m incurably mentally ill, life has fucked me over and I couldn’t care less if I live or die, why wouldn’t I indulge in drugs? They’re basically cheat codes for life, they give me confidence, pass the time, make things more fun and have shown me thing’s truly indescribable, given me otherworldly experiences Alcohol is one of the worst substances I’ve used out of the 30 something I’ve done, but it’s legal and easily accessible, so I dabble in it from time to time (like right now)


Meth and opiates will greatly reduce your life satisfaction in the long term. Do not do them again! Psychedelics, weed, MDMA and dissociatives are all amazing, though and can give you cool experiences, stick to those : )


Mate the whole point is that my life satisfaction is basically nothing. if u look past the ‘meth bad’ stigma, as long as I’m not getting addicted, indulging in opioids or meth every now and then isn’t really any worse than doing a dissociative or mdma. If anything, mdma has a much better chance of ruining life satisfaction with how it can fuck up ur serotonin


Just be careful mate. Those two substances are very hard to do only once and a while and not get addicted. Addiction can ruin your life and make it still much worse than it is. Good luck though, take care of yourself : )


I've tasted at least 5 types of alcoholic drinks and disliked them all, so I don't drink. Drugs since childhood I consider it unthinkable (unless any medicine I have to take in the future is considered a drug)


i’m not addicted to drugs but sometimes i smoke weed(like yesterday for example). about alcohol i hate it due to stomachache everytime i consume few drinks and i think that normal cigarettes are useless because they only harm your health without any effects(also they taste really bad). i never considered hard drugs because they cost a lot and i don’t want to become a toxic.


I wish weed was legal in my state. I use CBD to numb my pain.


Being 23 doesn't make you immune to having an alcohol problem. But only you can say if it's a problem or not.


I used to drink but now I just use pot in addition to sleep meds to help me get to sleep, and it's still broken. *lol *


I don't drink/do drugs because of the cost, I don't want to burden my folks more than I already do. It's also why I count calories to make sure I eat the amount of calories I need to maintain my weight, vs eating too much. It's also why I take cold showers so I don't run the water bill high. It's why I don't have a high end PC/a lot of electronics, so I don't use much electricity. I pirate everything I have for $30/yr, so I can consoom content on a budget