Is my EGR valve toast on my 91 Suzuki vitara

I have a 1991 vitara g16a and if i spray penetrating oil onto the EGR valve diaphragm the engine idles higher. Doesn't this mean that the engine has a vacuum leak there? Will the problem be solved if i just block off the EGR. Moving the egr valve does nothing right now and it does not move when the engine is given more throttle. The car has a bad idle problem, could it be caused by this?

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A 31 year old EGR is probably not working. They don't last long normally. But specifically on that car id check the tps. Test the voltages, find the correct values somewhere online. I had one of these I couldn't fix because that part was no longer available.... 15 years ago. Didn't want to bother trying to trick the computer or reinvent the system.