I hate deliveries when they just order a large coke


Ah yes, the world’s most expensive Coke


That happens when the original order was missing their large coke in the order so the delivery company gets another delivery person to deliver the missing item.


No delivery app does that. A lot of times, it's a person trying to scam the delivery drivers (and so they order the cheapest item).


What's a junior chicken? Is it a McChicken but a different wrapper?


Basically a tastier, spicier chicken patty! Try it!!


😢😭😭 we don't have it at our store


It’s like the American McChicken but has pepper in the breading. Canadians have a McChicken but it’s a full sandwich and uses a quarter bun and slightly bigger chicken


American Mcchickens have pepper in the beading too, is it just more?


It might just be an American McChicken then. Our McChicken doesn’t have pepper and is thicker so we got the Jr. instead


I just looked it up, I guess it’s grilled chicken?


None of the stuff is “grilled” or “crispy” it’s just however long it’s cooked in the vats (deep fryers) the only thing actually grilled are the meat burger patty’s on the actual grill


we had grilled chicken that cooked on the grills…?


it’s a smaller McChicken it’s litteraly in the name mate


I know this is old, and maybe you figured it out already, but in america, the McChicken *is* the small chicken sandwich. The "crispy chicken sandwich" is the bigger/full sized chicken we have. So no, it's not a "smaller McChicken" in places that don't have a "Chicken Jr" (and thus a large McChicken) on the menu.


Me too.


Canadian McDonald’s for anyone wondering, the sandwich is the famous junior chicken, it is essentially the American McChicken


ngl looking at this just makes me so glad i quit


Same here


mmmm burger


Had one today where there were 10 bags needed (like 500 euro delivery) it was dead quiet so we decided to accept it. First guy shows up, and instead of hanging on for us to call deliveroo (one of the delivery companies), or requesting more riders on his app (something only the rider can do with this company without phone calls being made), instead, he walks away shouting "how the fuck you expect me to carry all tha". Second guy shows up 5 minutes later with a plan, he's going to do shuttle runs, 2 bags at a time, deliver 2 bags, come back, deliver the next 2, come back, and do this 5 times (the fries would've arrived 30 minutes after the burgers, and the drinks 30 minutes after that). We told him he wasn't doing that since the customer wouldn't get their food properly and I told him the manager was talking to deliveroo to get more riders (we were looking for 8 guys since all the bags were full), at this point he went to leave and one of my colleagues shouted at him not to walk off and eventually shouted "get the fuck back here and be patient" which is most out of character for the guy and luckily there were 0 customers in the store (mid way through the 2nd half of the world cup final). Eventually my colleague and I go to the manager to fill him in on what's been happening with the delivery guy trying to do shuttle runs, while we're in the office, this new person (3rd day) was pressured by the guy into giving him 2 bags, he took them and said "I'll be back for the rest" even after my colleague and I both shouted at him to get back, but he was gone. Eventually, we got the 8 other guys to collect the rest of the food 15 minutes or so after the first guy, but deliveroo said there "isn't much we can do" and "if we block him from doing deliveries, he'll just make a new account with a fake ID". Deliveries are a pain, this is just 1 or many examples of delivery guys being rude, abusive and downright stupid towards staff, they're a pain, everyone hates them. Customers can get a FULL REFUND because you either ran out of or forgot SALT or KETCHUP, a full refund on a 50 euro order cause someone forgot ketchup...


How do you even get McDelivery?? I'd be interested because I can't use their deals for Uber Eats orders.


The McDonald's App should have McDelivery built in and works through doordash but that's how it works in Canada