22 years.... buy that filter a drink and salute it's service.


I think that filter has had enough to drink.


Filter, go home. Youre drunk


That's why I say hey man nice shot...of vodka.


That filter flow bypassed years ago, I'd love to drop the pan and open the valve cover and see how gunky it is.


Well, it is possible that car may not have been used for 20 years. In which case the filter is the smallest problem and might be fine...


True enough.


Depends on the number of oil changes and use since the filter went all "i'm one with the block and the block is with me"


Right? Lots of small engines don't have a filter at all. Just change the oil.


At thsg point it is probably just fully bypassing.


I bet it stopped being a filter in 2003. The bypass is wide open on it.


Cut it open when you get it off and show us the inside! For real, the bypass valve probably opens up all the time, now.


I will when we get it off with a screwdriver either today or this weekend depending on work schedules


Had to screwdriver off a few filters in my day. Always always a last resort and remember to use two of them. God speed.


I've only had to stab a couple filters because I didn't have my large tongue and grove pliers, but I've never used two, why two? I usually go all the way through until the tip of the screwdriver has gone through the back wall, but I still think pliers are the best answer. Least likely to tear the filter up leaving them with the base to remove from the engine.


Two screwdrivers through spreads the twisting load so you don't can-opener the filter in half. Agreed with large pliers, strap wrenches all the other ways first before the final screwdriver attempt.


They actually become more efficient over time, this filter is now creating its own oil and no longer needs changing.


Another 20 years and it will have gained sentience and began to raise its oil filter army to overthrow the humans who have forsaken them for so long


How do you know it's been since 1999? I worked at a Quick Lube place years ago and we had employee numbers to write on each filter so you could tell who did the work if the customer comes back.


Did you get it off?


Nah bro we couldn’t get it off with the tools we had and he had to go to work. Going back for round 2 today


Please make an update if you succed. We need to se what's inside


Chocolate cake I bet


Oh Double chocolate chunk, at minimum.


Straight [B&M](https://imgur.com/aLGJt5Y.jpg) canned brown bread in that bitch


When science goes too far.


Delicious, molassesey, science.


Didnt know this was an actual thing


I think at this point you should just drill and npt tap that filter and run lines to a 2nd remote filter.


Bro if we had enough money for tools and parts to rig up something like that we wouldn’t be driving a 1990 Toyota Corolla 😭


Gotta give these cars credit though. This is just scary and impressive that this car is okay. Edit: replace ‘okay’ with, ‘running’


Important distinction, that lol


I've seen someone stab a screwdriver into the side and use it as a handle/leverage to turn them off. If you are replacing it, may try that. e: i'm not a mechanic so try this at your own risk, per the comments below.


Yeah but what if it just shreds to shit and now this car has a permanent cockring?


"To shreds, you say?"


And how’s his wife?


To shreds, you say?


Only time I tried that, the filter just crumpled when I tried to turn it. Ended up cutting off most of the filter body, and then using a hammer on a flathead screwdriver to break the top loose. I was grumpy that day.




I was here to say this, I got some huge channel locks from harbor freight, and use the end of the handles for leverage, works like a champ!


This is how I change them on my mower lol.


My experience is the same as yours. If its really stuck bad, the side of the filter is not nearly strong enough to withstand the torque you have to put into it. You then just made it that for sure you can't drive anywhere till you get the damn thing off.


I used to be an oil change tech and the best move against crushing it was to get the wrench all the way up at the top where it threads on and get after it. There's more material behind it and adjacent to prevent crushing, and if it does, there's still the actual piece that threads behind the filter walls.


Lmao, same here. But on a company truck with my boss asking me wtf I was doing


If it's really stuck doing that will just make the screw driver tear through the filter. You can twist it all the way around and cut the filter in half, then you have even less material to grab and you've just successfully shot yourself in the foot. An oil filter wrench that increases tension the more you torque it is dirt cheap and will continue crushing the filter until it starts rotating.


I've done this a few times, I noticed if you can stab it near the base, at an angle so you don't strike the nozzle you can usually get it off with a quick tap of a hammer on the screwdriver end. It's not pretty. I think I fucked up like 3 filters before I perfected the technique. Source: I was the best lube monkey at my shop for 3 years out of high school.


Ta-aaapy tap tap


Engage safety squints!


Can't be tight if it doesn't exist.


Hell of a lot of truth being spoken right there!


One of my cars is a 94 Corolla wagon that I bought cheap for RallyCross... I love it so much that I tagged it so I can daily it. [Car tax](https://imgur.com/a/QHlgVr5)


I had a 93 Corolla Sedan for a while. I bought it for $1 because needed more work than it was worth. I have a hilarious memory SeaFoaming it in the DMV parking lot cuz I lived in an apartment at the time and couldn't do it there.


Woah that's awesome!


I've preached this my entire life.


Update us if you get it off pls


Such a tease. I wanna see what 22 years of sludge looks like coming out of that filter. Does it even have a filter element any more?


Same bro


How much mileage is on the vehicle? Cut the filter and show us too.


115k I will soon we’re gonna try again today with the ol tried n true screwdriver method


Before you try that, try a filter wrench with a folded piece of sandpaper on the inside. Instant grip on both sides.


I'm my years of working on cars I never thought to use sandpaper for grip. Thank you for this.


It was a brain blast I had after I punched my wife's engine block a half dozen times trying to wrench her Malibu's filter off. I didn't have room for a screwdriver if I wanted to!


This will save me from many engine block punches.


Anything that'll get you back to running the Teamsters, Mr. Hoffa.


Whatever you do next do it while the car is still warm.


You’d be way better off getting a proper filter socket or a set of filter plyers, that gasket it almost guaranteed fused to the mounting surface and just going to shred the filter with the screwdriver leaving you with less removal options and an undrivable car


When you get it off. Make sure to throughly clean the surface and install the new filter dry, no lube on the gasket. Then torque it to 200 ft/lbs that way the next guy can have as much fun as you are right now. Passing on life experiences are what it’s all about.


Hi are you the previous owner of my car? I have some fists to throw.


I am. I am the previous owner of all bullshit


Sweet I'm gonna give your phone number to this guy that bought that 80s model Jeep from you. He keeps calling me to find out what kind of brake fluid goes in it.


Tell him it’s the eco friendly model and you just add water. That should do the trick.


You’re an evil man.


Do you also cut zip ties at a 45 degree angle? /S


33 1/3 is optimal for slicing one’s wrist open rookie


When I see someone bringing an obscenely precise protractor to a simple zip-tie job, I'm running away.


Who needs a protractor, practice at home by zip tying everything around the house. You’ll know when you have perfected the angle.


I'm sure this is common knowledge in some professions, but I think it was a documentary on a cartel or something I saw where they cut the zip ties specifically to slice your wrists open if you try to break them off. Cool stuff!


Who do you think taught them?


Damn. Too bad my Nirvana vinyl is a 45…


> clean the surface Sounds good >Install the new one dry No don't do that >Torque to 200 ft lbs Oh it's a joke


200 ft/lbs + 180 degrees


It actually says 66. It's been passed down from generation to generation.


Oil filters are like condoms, you just rinse them out and reuse.


How many kids do you have?


Winky, flipper, stumpy, lumpy, flipper II...


I fergit. Lemme ask my cousin/sister/wife Brandeen.


out of all my cousins I could've married, you were my sister - cletus


[This many…](https://youtu.be/QDYF_nu2I4M)


What this rinse out nonsense? Just turn them inside out.


Don’t forget to shake vigorously


Turn them inside out and shake the fuck out of them.


hold up.


Yes to dry


...before passing them down to your children.


[Galactic Prophylactic](https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/popiel/2869153)


Not even 7am where I am and I've already found the risky click of the day. Thanks!


in fact, K&N actually made one reusable lol [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPF8nYfw674](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPF8nYfw674)


Dead ass thought you were on about condoms clicked it was very very disappointed


If K&N made condoms, the world's population would be twice what it is now.


Had a friend literally do this for quite a while. He bought a Lada and couldn't get filters anywhere (pre-internet) so he would wash it out with solvent and reuse.


They don’t change the filter, they change the car around the filter…


So this might get lost in the comments This happened on my 2010 Chevy, tried everything: belt, tools, ended up trying the screwdriver. Ripped the filter up so much so that we decided to just rip all of the filter away. What was left was the top of the filter with the little holes. Went to harbor freight and bought the cheapest longest pair of pliers they had. Opened the pliers enough to fit into two of the little holes and was able to twist it off that way. Was a pain in the ass - but it worked. [here are some pics](https://imgur.com/a/ChbZgL7)


not lost. you're a genius.


Former Toyota tech here: I've had to do something similar on Toyota canister filters. People tend to believe they don't need to replace those O rings, or that they need teed to tighten them with a 3 foot long breaker bar. I've had to use air hammers plenty of times. Sometimes they just crack or disintegrate. Once it decided to just shear off, but not come off. Wound up having to *very carefully* chisel and split it in 3 different locations to peel it out. Hardest I've ever worked for .3 lol


Dude same. I have to keep explaining to people about those! The o ring is on the side ya dingus! Stop over tightening them it doesn't aid in sealing at all.


And here I've been cursing my inconveniently placed cartridge filter on my 2010 Chevy all these years. At least the cartridge ones are just a pop and drop! I did have to screwdriver a filter off a '99 Dodge Neon once, had to use a breaker bar on that sucker as well because it seemed Thor himself had fused it on there.


Had to do the same time to an '88 Sedan DeVille once, and ALSO hammer (and destroy in the process) an undersized socket onto the rounded off, over torqued drain plug to get that off. Then call a buddy to give me a ride to AutoZone to get a new drain plug 5 minutes before they closed. Lol...not a fun evening.


Did multiple ones this way as well. Just twist off until it rips. Pop in 2 rods, bolts or a plier. Long tool on that and off it comes. Yeah its a pain but letting this on there since 99 shows massive lack of effort by everyone involved until this point tbh.


I've drilled through it on both sides and use two scredrivers to twist. Or a Punch and a hammer.


God that looks like a nightmare. Lot of cursing behind those pictures I bet


Whosoever remove this filter, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of a 1990 Toyota Corolla Edit: this little comment surprisingly blew up! I had fun scrolling through everyone's comments! Thanks everybody! And hope OP will keep us updated and get their Yoda fixed up!


So, immortality.


I think it’s just extra trade in value at Toyotathon.


‘Tis the season. Merry Toyotathon and Happy Honda Days.


A December to remember! And giant car bows.


“Surprise, honey! Here’s that new Lexus you’ve had your eye on, Merry Christmas!” “What the fuck, you just went out and bought this seventy-thousand dollar car without talking to me first?! What happened to sticking to the household budget? This payment has got to be more than our mortgage. I’m going to stay at my mother’s, you need to fix this, you impulsive jackass!” “But sweetie, it’s got a giant bow…”




This year when they give the discounts ya might actually get a car at msrp!


Maybe. When a new 4Runner is rounding 50k. Guess I’m staying with my 2010 Taco.


I'll take it


Let’s go places?!?!!!


Work, you're going to drive it to work everyday.




These three comments are the funniest shit I’ve seen this year.


Well, about 80 horsepower at least


And a dented left butt cheek


Strange women lying in engine bays distributing oil filters is no basis for a system of government…


Shut up you bloody service writer!


Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the dealership!


That oily tart


That well seasoned petrochemical bint.


How did you know he was a manager? He hasn't got grit all over him.


now you see the violence inherit in the system!


Inherent, not inherit.


I’m being repressed!




If your 1990 Corolla is getting repossessed you may have a problem.


Well you could say Dennis.


The art is in not removing the filter from the engine but in removing the engine from the filter, because if that filter has been stuck in place since '99 you'll get a better grip on the engine.


Which is apparently more powerful than the mechanics who failed before. I’d have that off in 30 minutes or less. You just need the right tools and technique. Might be mangled, but I will get that filter off.


Didn't say I had to get the filter off in one piece!


"Can't be stuck if it's a liquid"




Ze flammenwerfer?


You know what I meant Hans, try not to annoy me


*werfing intensifies*




The almighty oil filter strap wrench


I’ve crushed a stuck filter with a strap wrench. Screwdriver thru the side worked pretty well.


What happens if it tears and you don't have much of anything left to grab on to? I've always had luck with the screwdriver method but I'd be kinda worried about a 23 year old filter


Then use a chisel and hammer.


That’s just a screwdriver with extra steps


Barely looks like anyone tried to take it off. I dont see it crushed in from a giant pipe wrench or anything. If need be hammer a screwdriver through it. That gives ya something to grab on to.


Don’t push the screwdriver too hard it just starts tearing the filter if Superman torqued it on there. Penetrating oil, heat gun, let cool and use the screw driver and a filter wrench.


This is the way.


I went through a spree of like 5 cars in 6 years due to some bad choices and even worse luck, but the one thing I learned about car repair was that blowtorch is so fucking useful. I'm in the midwest and the number of stuck bolts, screws, and other bullshit can most of the time be solved with fire. Cant be stuck if its liquid.


You haven't lived until you've taken a blow torch to a stuck caliper bolt.


Whosoever can remove this filter from this housing shall be declared King of Corollalot!


I see a lot of "hammer a screwdriver through it!" comments that are obviously coming from people who haven't had that method fail spectacularly. If the screwdriver just can-opener's the filter, you are then stuck with a shredded filter that you still have to replace, and now much less surface area to work with. Try EVERY option before the screwdriver tip, personally I have had good luck with [these pliers.](https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-Slip-Joint-Adjustable-Oil-Filter-Pliers/479147579?fulfillmentIntent=In-store) Once you get a good grip with them you just need to smack the handle a few times with a rubber mallet (or something).


Can't believe it took this long to find this comment. OP - the only reason no one else has used the screwdriver yet is because it's nuclear and if it doesn't work you're in a much tougher spot. And if you haven't been able to get it off other ways, most likely the leverage required will shred the filter. I'd be planning on the screwdriver only as an absolute last resort keeping in mind the car is a brick at that point until you can get it's remains off. Best of luck!


Pipefitter's wrench is the perfect tool for this sitch


I've used those before, but I've had a much easier time with the filter-pliers when it comes to *really* stuck filters... they get more "bite".


I know the tight fit sucks but get the engine up to operating temp then wrap a leather belt around the BASE of the filter. Wedge a flathead screwdriver in the buckle and try that way. If that doesn't work, well, you probably know the saying. Can't be stuck if it's a liquid.


Rubber belt wrench? This just seems like a right tool for the job situation.


I have 2 of the large fabric straps for diesel filters. They're heavy duty but probably too big for a yota filter. But I've broken them and had to Jerry rig one with a belt. Also old bike chain makes a great grip strap


Actual strap wrenches are a thing. Works way better than a belt, and it pretty cheap.


They make a wrench you can bye for a few bucks at any parts house. If you pound a big screw driver through it that can work but can also turn into a bad day. Best of luck!


We already try the special wrench as well as one of the band tool things, the wrench can’t get a good grip bc the angle and the band thing just slips. We’re trying the screwdriver method tmmrw


The key is constant pressure, not pounding


Idk bro 22 years of grease and grime gave it that gorilla grip it’s been on there longer than either of us have been alive 😭


Awesome alliteration


Fuck, I’m old


If it makes you feel any better we’re still in high school


Check if theres a community college in your area that does engine classes. They might want to use your buddies car as an example and you get free work.


No they are just young.


I’m upvoting for “gorilla grip”


Cup wrench possible? Because u can attach along wrench so maybe that leverage will help ? Whatever u do with whatever dont squeeze around the attachment area .. Plz only use screwdriver as plan z. Can u maybe safley Jack the car up to create more room for ur tools? If u can jack the car and get some old tires under so u are absolutely safe ! Try engine warm to lower viscosity aslong as it means u wont burn urself. Run for a few minutes only. Try spraying some wd40 into where the oil filters gasket is.


Engine doesn’t run rn bc of unrelated electrical problem we think it’s just a wire came disconnected or a fuse or sum. The starter doesn’t do anything when you turn the key, stopped running over this past weekend and hes taking this opportunity to fix all the little stuff


If a 22 year old oil filter counts as the little stuff, I’d hate to see the big stuff.


Try sandpaper between the filter and the tool.


Please don’t do the screwdriver trick. If it’s on that good, the screwdriver is just going to tear up the can. Then you’ve got pieces of can still stuck on there and an inoperable car. It can turn into a bad day real quick. It may be a fact that you have to tear this can off piece by piece but let that be your last resort, be prepared for it, and have the tools and clean up supplies ready to go.


Degrease it. Then put rubber or foam rubber etc under a nylon strap wrench or strap clamp,




Legend has it that whomever can remove this oil filter shall become king of England


Just gonna throw this out there... Unless you know for sure that the car hasn't had an oil change for 22 years, I would bet you're mistaken on your interpretation of the number written on the filter. It's very common practice for lube techs to "sign" their filters with initials or their employee ID number. Especially at quick lube shops where they may have more than one person working on each vehicle (one changes the oil and another rotates the tires). Edit: plus, that looks a lot more like a 66 than a 99 to me.


Also might be 99 as in 99 thousand miles which wouldn't be too horrible since the car now has 115.


More up votes for rational people thinking about the significance of '99'.


That said I think that it's actually 66 based on the curl of the pen strokes. So if it's 66000 miles... might have been back in 1999!


>plus, that looks a lot more like a 66 than a 99 to me Of course it does, it's upside down. ​ /s


That's what I was thinking. Just writing the year on a filter doesn't really make sense especially because back in '99 3k mile OCIs were still pretty common which would work out to 4 oil changes a year for an "average" driver.


See my earlier post. That filter was an in-house brand at Advance Auto Parts sold by the case to commercial accounts, and they changed the brand around 2002 or so. That filter really is 20-ish years old at best.


I had one I could not remove and the screwdriver trick just tore it into pieces I ended up using a chisel on the rim of the oil filter and kept tapping it until it turned loose.


Hose it down with PB Blast and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then clean off the filter with brake clean so you aren't slipping around when you try to turn it.


You know, I thought I respected the reliability/longevity of Toyotas and Corollas in general, but now that I've seen a 30-year-old Corolla with a 12-year-old oil filter still running, my respect has reached new heights


12 year old filter? You arent in OP's math class are ya? Lol.


lol shit even more impressive!


I bought a car 6 years ago. Peugeot 106 with only 22k km from 2006. It worked and drove me to work everyday, that’s all it had to do. Then, when winter came a few years later it began stuttering and having troubles running stationary but while driving not really having issues. It got worse due to the point of when starting the motor couldn’t run stationary anymore and would just stop running after a few seconds. Called my garage at the end of the street, they would come pickup the car and take it in to see what it was. I did a bit of housechores in the meantime untill my garage-man (what are these people called in English?) called me, clearly had a hard time not to laugh while speaking and tries to be professional. “You’re not gonna believe this, it’s amazing. We figured that the spark plugs must’ve been the problem, checked it out and noticed that it were the original ones from the factory. These have been here and WORKING until now for about 15 years. We have it fixed already but gave us the best laugh in weeks!” When I came there to get my car we all had a good laugh for 15 minutes while hearing stories of all the other odd things they came across. Was a good time. I don’t have the car anymore because it started to fall apart a year after this but still served me well!




I'm running the originals in my 02 Camry with 163k miles on it. At this point it's a fun experiment and I'm not going to stop until they fail.


Channel locks