If the vaccine were as dangerous as they say

If the vaccine were as dangerous as they say


Every antivaxx person I see on fb knows several people who have stroked out and died from the vaccine. . . 🙄Yet, all of my vaccinated friends and family, who know so many other vaccinated individuals, don’t know one person who has died from the vaccine! Not 1!!! They’re insane. I decided. Seriously.


This is so true. My antivax relative tells me about all the people they talk to and each one of them knows someone who got vaccinated and was immediately rushed to the hospital for brain swelling, died on the spot in the CVS, was paralyzed immediately, etc. I know several people who are vaccinated and their families and literally nobody has any of these things happening. She also believes that all the people hospitalized for covid are really there because of "vaccine injury" instead. Everyone who received the vaccine will be dead in 2 years. I can't even understand how these people can believe a fraction of this stuff.


Saw a person I know on Instagram linking to people who supposedly shared all the people they knew who died after taking the vaccine. ITS ALL BEING SUPPRESSED DONT YOU GET IT! /s There’s only anecdotal evidence!!


You mean that you don't believe their story about their cousin's friend's neighbor's son dying after getting the jab? How callous, you sheep. Stories like that should make you think, hmm? /joking


I know. Damn me for not believing these intelligent people who spend their lives educating us sheep. . .


They think it's a conspiracy that's being hidden by democrats/the media/the boogeyman. Because they're rockeating slugass stupid, that's more reasonable to them then the truth. Also they always tell me about how their family member or friend passed away, and when I press them on that, there's never any truth to it.


This is exactly what they think. When there is very little evidence for something, it's because "they" are in on it too.


Flat earth logic


Ya man, I deal with these absolute assend fall off the bell curve fucking morons all the time. It's upsetting.




Good fucking Lord.


What about the deaths in 2020?


r/fauciawards Look at all this evidence! Wake up sheeple!


There are a couple of subs where people try to point out the negatives, but a lot of the hardcore antivaxx ones got quarantined


Certainly they wouldn’t quarantine just redacted Facebook posts of pro vaxers who died regretting the vax shot


Haha yeah there aren’t enough of those deaths anyway…last I checked, about 1,507 vaccinated people have died from Covid. They seriously act like it’s a number with 3 commas or something 🙄 none of them want to accept that sometimes people can have allergic reactions, too. It’s for the greater good. But that’s just too advanced thinking for them, eh?


Lol where are the tens of thousands of GoFundMe's?


Liberals have insurance because they're pussies who take things too seriously.


When you are invested in conspiracy thinking the lack of evidence for a conspiracy is evidence of the power of the conspiracy


They are being SILENCED BY BIG TECH! /s


The answer they will give you is that the right isn't as evil as the radical nazi left, but the real answer is simply that there are so few vaccine complications that the sub would have zero activity lol


Don’t encourage them. They have plenty of stories they heard about their mother’s uncle’s son’s friend’s girlfriend’s cousin whose testicles shrank from the vaccine and they died.


There actually was some troll a few days ago who did announce such a sub. I couldn't be bothered to remember the exact name.