Tornado of Souls - Megadeth is my favorite by far and I consider it to be one of the best. I am no metalhead either and mainly play Country music on guitar. As to what goes into consideration obviously composition and technique, but also the feel of it. It used a lot of cool techniques like bends, sweeping and tremolo picking. You can see the harmonic/melodic implications as the solo outlines the chords especially during the fast lick/tremolo picking. Honorable mentions would be Stairway to Heaven and Comfortably Numb.


Heart. Crazy on you Intro


I fuckin love that one! I do prefer Megadeth thou but Heart were rippers too!


This. I was gonna say this lol


I think every Marty solo on Rust in Peace is amazing. Really nuanced , melodic and interesting. REALLY difficult to learn too! My fav Megadeth album.


My candidates: Riviera Paradise by SRV Watermelon in Easter Hay by Frank Zappa Comfortably Numb by David Gilmour Since I've Been Loving You by Jimmy Page Limelight by Alex Lifeson Since We've Ended as Lovers by Jeff Beck


It’s “under a glass moon” by Dream Theater


Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower”. Wide range of styles covered.


not a common choice but love Rosanna


Luke is a fuckin legend, first solo I learned on guitar


Maggot Brain


After hearing it on the radio today, George Harrison’s solo on Something is CRIMINALLY underrated. So simple, so clean yet so fucking deep and emotional. Can literally hear every note in my head. Brilliant


Can't you hear me knocking - mick taylor Killer tone. Beautifully simple and Mostly pentatonic with some other interesting spicy diatonic and chromatic tones too to add interest and originality. Dynamic and tells a full story with the just the right amount of repetition and progression. Pure perfection


That is a good one... There's a bootleg from Dallas in 72 I think where they REALLY stretch it out the interplay between Mick, Ian and Bobby is just fantastic


Im partial to Slash’s solo in Sweet Child of Mine… first part is kinda meandering and bendy with pickup selector in neck position then he flips pickups to the bridge position and kicks on the wah wah as the song gets rockin. Finishes with some nice ascending runs and numerous bends


Iron Maiden's Powerslave.


When played by Alex Skolnick


Also Paradise City Slash just murders that **** like half the track is him telling Axl to shut up with all the runs he's pooping off before he finally goes off. Whoever Matthew Sweet had on 'Girlfriend' kills it too Somebody else already said 'Since I've Been Loving You' Gilmour on 'Dogs' is fantastic Also that commie dude from AudioSlave's lead on 'Like a Stone' -super stylish And for me I always liked Hanneman's less on 'Seasons in the Abyss' But the best is Dickey and Duane on 'Elizabeth Reed' from the Filmore Eat record.


"that commie dude" tom morello correctly takes this as a compliment :)


Yeah that guy


Outro to as bold as love - J. Hendrix


Machine Gun- Jimi Hendrix live at the Fillmore is one of my favorites


Jon McLaughlin unplugged playing a nylon string with the tonight show orchestra. Can you imagine? Playing no amp with all those horns at this blistering, insane tempo? And playing living a shit out of it? https://youtu.be/Om6HDUKBbzE


Or the entirety of Willie the Pimp by Zappa song is like 8 minutes of him just going absolutely bananas


pink floyd - time.


Stairway denied?


Comfortably Numb, Sweet Child of Mine, and Hotel California are all high on my list.


Also I really wanna give a shout-out to alive by Pearl Jam. It’s not the most technical thing in the world and ive heard it a million times, but it’s still gets you AMPED


Was gonna say the same


8 miles high, RCA version. I want, just for one moment, to feel that kind of confidence.


Necrophagist Fermented Offal Discharge, it depends on what genre you are listening to


If you like melodic solos, and not just a fury of technical gymnastics, then almost any Santana solo is a magical listen. Alex Lifeson's little heard solo on *No One At The Bridge* is a beautiful hidden treasure, also.


Are we talking only studio versions? Also, best as in our personal opinion or what we think are the most commonly acclaimed? I would say if we’re talking studio versions and personal opinion I would go with Hendrix’s watchtower, narrowly over some other great Hendrix and srv solos. (Purple haze, hey joe, Texas flood, life without you etc.) If we’re considering live versions, there’s an epic solo in a specific live version of blue sky by the allman bros which is just outstanding. If we’re going by general acclaim, then probably either Clapton or prince while my guitar gently weeps, a few slash solos, zeppelin, white room, Duane in Layla, etc. etc.


I'm surprised nobody has said Free Bird yet


For a " solo" where no other instruments are playing Eruption by EVH, any of the live versions Not even the most technical by the player but Kanami Tono"s solo in Daydreaming by Band-Maid really touches me emotionally I will always have a soft spot for the lead by Buck Dharma on the song Astronomy on the BOC live album Some Enchanted Evening I have listened to more technical players; Buckethead, Mike Petrucci, Marty Friedman, etc. and certainly there are some great solos that have been recorded and that I have seen performed live by Paul Gilbert, Adrian Belew, John McLaughlin, so I know I'm not picking the most difficult leads technically, just ones I keep going back to for inspiration.


Or the entirety of Willie the Pimp by Zappa song is like 8 minutes of him just going absolutely bananas


Pink Floyd "Time". Just the whole song and the emotion added to the solo is perfect to me, it sounds sorrowful like the lyrics in the song and there's one particular single note bend that I consider [the single greatest note ever played on guitar](https://youtu.be/JwYX52BP2Sk?t=233). I know why people argue for "Comfortably Numb" but "Time" is the song for me.


Top 5 in no particular order as it depends on my mood Always Live in London- Richie Sambora Hold on - Yngwie Dust - Tremonti Tonight she comes - Elliot Easton Tender Surrender - Vai


Winter Madness - Wintersun


Probably not the best but the solo to Daughter by Pearl Jam has always been one of my favourites. The lead up to the solo is almost as good as the solo itself


My personal favorite would probably be Guthrie's live solo in Drive Home on a 2013 tour. https://youtu.be/xxDAjtPpWic?t=404 It starts at around at around 6:45\~ His solo here just has that perfect balance between feel and shred IMO. Add to that all of the usual Guthrie awesomeness and it's just **chef's kiss**. Another stand-out to me is Jump Start by Greg Howe. It's not really a "solo" but still one of my favorite guitar pieces


Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming - Steve Morse Get The Funk Out - Nuno Bettencourt And too much more to list. Those came in mind and gives me chills everytime.


Ahh Nuno.


Slash unplugged in front of the chapel?


Aqualung is too often overlooked


I said this the last time this question was posted: Larry Carlton’s work on Kid Charlemagne.


What I Got - Sublime


Too short to be called a solo but Mick Ronson's little fillers on Life on Mars are raw elegant tasty simple blips of perfection


Kirk Hammet's solo on Fade to Black


Definitely not the best but [Dry Ice](https://youtu.be/kmsqg3Aevlo) by Green Day is really good


Might get hate for this, and I don't know a lot of more "classic" music or solos. But Berries Alive has a lot of really great ones. I'm not generally a solo guy, a lot of them feel like the dude's just jerking off with his guitar. Charles has some solos on their newer records that I can really feel the emotion in.


"Kitty's Back" Springsteen, "Cliffs of Dover" Eric Johnson, "Don't Take Me Alive: Steely Dan.


Best improv solo is Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies machine Gun. The opening bend is just so epic. I know there are so many technical solos that are better. And I agree on a lot of those. Marty Friedman’s solo work on Rust in Peace album is epic. So musical.


Isn’t it a pity.. George hits that slide solo in one take while playing live with an orchestra. I can’t imagine how intimidating that had to have been. 🙌🙌