“We believe in supporting creators so we only sell original games, not cheap copies or fakes.”


The only issue is that cheap copies / fakes are also made by creators too. But those cheap copies/fakes are normally made by professionals that steal ideas and try to undercut the original creators. > **We believe in supporting indie-game development and give proper credit where it is deserved.** *We only host games developed by original creators, and not to those that copy/steal ideas to produce cheaper knockoff versions.* If this can be coupled with a statement to how they can be supported, that would be great too. > *65% of every purchase from our store goes directly to the developer(s) of the content, compared to .* /u/Slow-Werewolf, if this suggestion is helpful, award /u/JungleBoyJeremy instead of me. I was just ponying off their idea. Support the original creator and all that. ;)


This one is good.




And I’m a Marketing Executive. Just in case they need validation. But put a comma before “so.”


you wouldn't steal a car...


Or would you...?


Buying knock-offs? Knock it off! We support creators. Buy original, buy here.


All right, I let go of the gold, This guy win!


Did I really win?


Ok, "let him win" would've been better


>This guy win! I'm confused. I was just responding to your reply above to my original comment, and asking if I really won.


Not for now but you will


Sorry, didn't realize you weren't OP. My bad.


[Name] may not have a Monopoly but we have Scruples, and refuse to Risk our Careers. Our all original games are our Life, not Sorry copies.


omg i love this


I’m so glad! It was fun.


Discover the best in original, authentic games that support creators and deliver incredible experiences.


The Real Deal


If a competitor's prices seem too good to be true, ask yourself why that may be. We only sell originals so you know you will get the quality experience the game (and gamer) deserves. Leave piracy for Captain Jack Sparrow and shop with us for original quality games.


**ALL ORIGINAL GAMES, NO CHEAPER KNOCKOFFS** no one is going to read a paragraph or understand a phrase that could mean a million things without context.


“Why do Creators love working with us? The same reason customers love shopping here: we’re committed to supporting original, genuine game designers. At our store, you’ll only find the highest quality games, crafted with care by authentic artists and delivered directly to you. When making a purchase through us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best, while also supporting excellence in game design.” Ask a question, get them hooked. Make sure to tell the buyer WHY they care about you doing this; people are inherently a little selfish, so if you can make it clear why it matters to them, chances are it’ll stick better. You selling only original games means the consumer gets better quality experiences as well; market that!


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Support creators by buying originals! Copies and more sold here!


"Take the original, not the deepfake, even if it costs more, it supports who you are consuming your content from!"


Im Not trying to be a dick but why wouldn't people just buy stuff on steam? Genuinely curios


we sell board games


Ah that explains it. Good luck with your store.


"Authentic games for authentic gamers! Or do you wanna be called a fake? " "Free your mind gaming with a free consciousness of buying original."


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"As a company that aims to provide those games of the finest quality, at a fair price for your playtime joy. However, as a fair company our understanding of the industry, in this case, outside of the mainstream companies is to give you access to these classics of tomorrow, meanwhile, allowing that the makers of them, to have some financial return in these times. Not only in crisis but as a monthly guarantee, so that they could make even greater projects, therefore, your enjoyment will be satisfied. Being this last sentence our greatest triumph, that's your happiness."