is it just a coincidence that all of the civilizations that were destroyed by Celestia were all underground?

is it just a coincidence that all of the civilizations that were destroyed by Celestia were all underground?


Correction: All civilizations that were destroyed by celestia we have seen till now are underground. And we know none of them really vibed with celestia, which could be partly the reason why they went underground, in hopes that they will not be simply flattened by celestia with orbital death lasers or something. Which, to their credit, might have actually worked (sorta), and is the reason we even get to see those architecture in the first place.


Also maybe its because all of the buildings and structures above ground were annihilated by Celestia or the thousands of years without care. Underground structures are less likely to be destroyed and are much easier to preserve than surface ones.


They were scared of getting glassed


It could also be that they wanted to be closer to the irminsul trees or wanted to simply avoid Celestia's gaze


The irminsul tree is not part of any civilization. It’s a part of the world that stretches across teyvat. There are boughs that are above ground but it’s not related to civilisation


Ruins underground are more likely to survive.


I agree with this and would like to extend the theory: It is very easy to think that these big civilizations were above ground, too. Especially the underground murals on Tsurumi all depict crops next to the mountains, so it's very unlikely that this civilization was underground exclusively. We only see underground ruins because those are less disturbed by the elements or even new settlers who got rid of them to make space. Even the newest civilization on Tsurumi has barely anything else left but the ceremonial sites and ruins of stone buildings, some even build on destroyed buildings of the previous civilisation.


Were they really underground during their time? For all we know what we see as underground today may very well be their surface before since it was revealed that Musk Reef was once the peak of a tall mountain.


There's a theory that says originally they aren't underground, but celestia drowned them by sending a massive flood. Considering Araumi and Tsurumi, also Golden Apple Archipelago that involves a lot of water mechanism, it might not too far fetched


I think it's more that all that left of those civilisation is underground. And it's normal underground erosion less important so they last longer. Except for Khaenri'ah who is confirm to be totally underground


This leads me to think if Fontaine is next. Acc. to a general map of teyvat Fontaine should be west of Storm terror's lair or somewhere. Also Celestia is currently on top of them. Each time they are above a place they like to shit on that place.