"Many build improvements" is putting it lightly. Building is now so much easier it feels like a whole new game. Between zooping and the new building collisions they've removed a ton of frustrations and now anyone can build big cool looking factories. Signs are also a big deal, as it's easier to keep track of everything when you can place down notes. (and very useful for multiplayer too!). Honestly ever automation game should have signs/notes, they always start getting more and more complex as you progress and you need to be making task lists for yourself in order to not lose track of everything and not get distracted from your goal.


This seems pretty exciting! My biggest frustration with the game earlier was how tedious it was to try to organize a larger base.


Yeah I had the same, but I've been playing the experimental branch this weekend and I was blown away by how much stuff I got done (and how neatly organized it was!)


I am too spoiled with SMART now that zooping feels like a huge step backwards. Throwing down 1k foundations in 10 seconds instead of 30 minutes saves my sanity.


Yeah but it's still nice to have it as a vanilla feature. Also does SMART do diagonal building? 'Cause zooping does, and those new stairs are amazing for getting up to high places.


It does diagonals, circles, vertical, sloped. With things like ramps, it automatically snaps to the correct anchor points and can be projected quite far. I mainly use it for building massive walls and foundations. It also copies production belts, splitters, and mergers.


I figured I'd just put SMART back in, but I don't think I will. By limiting myself to 10 foundations at a time at a quick zoop, it's actually changing the way I make buildings from just being a massive square of foundations that I've plopped down with SMART.


This is why the devs have refused to implement something like SMART. Limiting how fast the player can build is intentional.


Problem is, I got a beefy machine, and even my framerate plummets when I lay down a massive platform. Any bigger and I could easily crash the game. Which is fine for a mod, they all come with a "use at your own risk" sticker. But you don't want something as part of vanilla gameplay that is gonna be straight up unusable to people with weaker PCs. Zooping is a fair compromise, it's still 10x faster than normal, and won't kill the game.


Does it now have easy fast way to build for example 10 power plants or 20 manufacturing machines in neat orderly rows? Total freedom to place machines is kind of nice but it gets very frustrating when I try to build neat rows of machines.


Build them on foundations? Foundations lock buildings to an orthogonal grid.


I still need to carefully place every single machine or they are bit out of the row. It is fine with few machines but when I start to build tens and hundreds it quickly gets very annoying. I am waiting for them to implement strict grid locking system for machines before I play it again. It just isn't fun to build when things get big.


If you hold control they are snapping to a line.


It has been while since I played but if I remember right it is still easy to snap them to wrong lines so it takes few seconds each. I want to place new machines on neat row about same speed as I run past them.


Yeah it can be bit finicky in my opinion too, though on the other hand it's not too aggressive to hinder snapping on other lines either. Not sure how it could be improved, maybe if the zooping would work for machines too, but I don't think it does currently, nor if the developers would implement it. The fastest way to make a long row of machines I found was to place one, run to the other end of the new row you are making and look back at the one machine you placed. Then just hold control, verify that the orientation is correct and keep klicking.


No, the multi thing is for foundations/pathways/walls/etc. That said, building machines is easier too, thanks to relaxed restrictions on their hitboxes. And in general they're not too hard to build in great numbers if you use foundations.


You can hold down CTRL to snap what you build but there's no option yet like with SMART to just throw them all down at once.


I’m so bad at games like this, but never played this one. Definitely tempted, but I truly feel like I’ll just get frustrated and feel dumb before I ever chip away the whole iceberg.


I feel like the game is pretty accessible. You start by doing everything by hand then automate things one at a time as you unlock things. Later, research tiers are super well made. Difficulty slowly goes up, but whenever you unlock a new mechanic (liquids, byproducts, whatever, etc) difficulty goes down then starts building up again. There is no base defense, nodes have unlimited resources. I feel like the pacing is super relaxed and number crunching is completely optional.


If it goes on sale soon I’ll def scope it out


It's on sale currently c:


Oh fuck


It definitely helps to look at YouTube videos on building iron/copper/concrete factories. I use to use this website that had a calculator on the most efficient way to create 48 reinforced iron plates a minute or something, and I also used some mod that allowed me to fly so that I didn't have to build stairs and shit.


> It definitely helps to look at YouTube videos on building iron/copper/concrete factories. I use to use this website that had a calculator on the most efficient way to create 48 reinforced iron plates a minute or something But that's the entire point and fun of the game...? That's like someone saying they're not great at sudokus and saying "oh that's fine, just plug every one into a solver and it's easy!"


If playing it that way makes it fun for them then it doesn't matter. I used to calculate everything manually before switching to a calculator and I have more fun now because it saves me time and the fun for me and my buddy is just working together on a big task.


I mean, looking up the numbers individually in game and doing the math to get the ratios isn't exactly thrilling gameplay.


Is it possible to have long belts without horizontal "steps" where they are attached to something. I thought this would work great with beams. Not sure they implemented this?


You mean longer than the length restrictions? No, that is still a thing and will likely continue to be a thing. In my experience building previews in games consume a lot of CPU and when you are previewing something super long your computer will start to chug. I imagine the length restriction that forces you to build section by section is there to prevent that.


No I mean the places where two belts connect have always been horizontal. Which makes long inclined belts look silly with all those steps. If it was possible to attach them to beams at the angle of the beam, that would eliminate the "steps".


Ooh you mean the supports? No, they haven't changed that. And you're right, long inclined belts do look a bit silly. I often use lifts -> flat belts to avoid inclines.


This sounds cool. I could never click with Satisfactory like I did with Factorio and I think the building was a large part of it.


They have done an excellent job with this game so far, I can't wait to see what the final tech levels are.


Do we have any idea when 1.0 is being released? I started on update 3 and finished a few weeks after update 4 completed. I'm really excited to play through 1.0 with SAM ore and the other trinkets doing stuff. I honestly want to play update 5 but also don't want to potentially burn out me or my buddy that plays as well. I am also super excited about the final tech tree, I hope its some sort of world alerting tech or maybe a low orbit space station.


I didn’t do much in update 4 so I started a new game with update 5 a few days ago. It really is an awesome update, however, I would argue if you played update 4 and are concerned with burn out, wait till update 6. We don’t have any idea what will be in it but a lot of update 5 is QOL things, wonderful but not worth a whole play through for imo


Ah for sure! Appreciate the heads up!


The only thing we "know" is the map they´ve given us with future planned changes. [LINK](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/satisfactory_gamepedia_en/images/f/f7/Biome_changes_U5_through_release.png/revision/latest?cb=20210814105752) Which are probably at least 2 updates in my eyes, if we add the unfinished and story stuff i would expect at least 3-4 updates, where the 4th *could* be final release, but i wouldn´t count on it.


That link comes up as a blank image for me.


Might be referring to [this.](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/satisfactory_gamepedia_en/images/2/28/Biome_changes_after_U5.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1000?cb=20210916173919)


Another blank image.


Strange. If you go to [https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Future\_content#1.0](https://satisfactory.fandom.com/wiki/Future_content#1.0) its the image that says "Biome changes planned up until 1.0".


Excellent, thanks.


Remove everything after the .png in the links. [Or just use this one](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/satisfactory_gamepedia_en/images/2/28/Biome_changes_after_U5.png) I think it's some mobile vs desktop fuckery that causes links to behave like that.


I doubt it'll be that much longer. Their original road map only had 5 or do big updates until 1.0 with the "story" release. Plans change I know but in their videos they have also said the map won't really be changing much at all from now on. A few caves would be updated and stuff but not much else. Having a mostly final map sounds like a close to release kind of thing. They'll without a doubt keep updating it a lot, but the 1.0/story release will be 2022 I'd bet on. I'm not playing it until that update comes out.


The coastal area in the north is going to be completely redone according to their map and some other biomes have some minor bits they’ll redo. The final tech levels all originally depended on mk. 6 belts but they are having trouble getting them working in engine. So depending on if they can fix that or not some things still may change.


Played the experimental version with this content up to the final space elevator products - This version is really amazing with so many quality of life changes that it almost feels like a new game. The cosmetics are also really great and with some work you can make your factory look like a real life factory - which is really awesome.


with train collisions I can finally complete my favorite pass time I did in factorio ram my creations and laugh like a child




I can't wait to see what Josh from Let's Game It Out does with these in his overcrowded bug-testing world.


Haha yes please. I wonder if he can reach his hell platform with this update.


Is there an end goal yet? Like Factorios rocket?


The story and goal of the game isnt being added untill the final version. Though they've said that it's finished internally


I hope there is challenge of some kind. I doubt it could be like Factorio but the bugs in that really helped keep it interesting.


There are a bunch of special items that you collect that are flagged as placeholders for later which strongly suggest they're part of a story.


There's a final batch of goods you send up in the space elevator and you will be rewarded with a gold coffee cup. Its a placeholder though, as another tier is planned i think


There will also be a story added to the game in 1.0 as well.


Getting to the rocket in factorio is basically completing the tutorial lol


Sure, the real fun starts in optimising how many rockets a minute you can start. But not knowing what you are optimising for like in Satisfactory, the game loses a lot of appeal.




That's not the end goal, it's one of the first things you build.


Been a while since I've played (maybe 9 months? Think it was just before experimental for update 4). This looks like a good excuse to get back in!


The game caught my attention, as it is a Factorio but way prettier, 3D and with 4 players. But as far as I know, looks like that the game has no "challenge" (please notice the quotes before anyone starts being pedantic)? Resources are infinite, there is no combat, and I guess that building space is infinite as well? Is this game focused more on the relaxing side, with no fail states? Like a full sandbox that you can do what you want at your pace?


It's much more focused on exploration and base design/logistics than defense and survival like Factorio. It's basically split between Factorio and Minecraft, but with a little more direction than the latter. There *is* combat that takes place between the player and and handful of alien creatures, but if you clear them out and build a basic structure where they were, they won't respawn. The building space also isn't infinite, as the map is fixed rather than randomly generated, but it's more space than the average player would ever need. Death isn't a huge deal, and your base can never be destroyed by NPCs, and there are no fail states (unless you make your spawn point so radioactive that you die as soon as you respawn). --- It's possible that they'll add stuff like finite resources and enemy waves in the future, but you're right in that the only challenge of the game is locating and bringing back resources to your base(s), as well as building complex parts to get to the next tier.


Yes resources are currently infinite. I'm not sure if they're planning on changing that, but I doubt it. There is a little combat, but it's pretty shallow. Building space isn't infinite exactly, but there are no laws of physics preventing you from making 5 mile long floors 1000ft in the air. Most people are going to play it because it's relaxing and can be done at your own pace.


I don't believe there's any plan to change from infinite resources, that's part of their core design. I could maybe see them experimenting with alternate modes or something down the line, maybe. I think that'd be a major detractor for a lot of players though, in line with your last note.


The map is a handcrafted, streaming open world with different zones/biomes you can spread out to, kind of like the map in an MMO like WoW. Resource nodes are infinite, but you still need the infrastructure to supply your factory with different raw resources. Resource nodes are often guarded by enemies (there is some rudimentary combat, although your buildings are never attacked by enemies) or placed in locations that are otherwise challenging to reach. You might need a bridge for trucks to carry coal, or you may need extra energy to pump water uphill. The game is relaxing in that you set your own pace (and enemies do not gain territory), but making progress can be a rather challenging puzzle.


The challenge is more around navigating the 3D space to build an efficient factory. If that isn't enough for you, then yeah, the game might not be what you want right now. I can spend hours optimizing stuff and planning how to transport resources between bases and sorting out input/outputs.


> looks like that the game has no "challenge" You make your own. For instance, one of mine is: "Deal with cave of spiders without having to change my underwear after."


Each resource node is infinite but you will be forced to explore the map as you continue to get more resource types that are needed for more things (as well as just getting more nodes to get more throughput). It is definitely more focused on building but it can definitely be a challenge to try to optimize your factory which is where the fun is.


Yeah, ressources are infinite but you are threshold limited. You cannot go over a certain cap of ressources per seconds. So ultimately you have the same kind of need to expand like Factorio, but you don't have to worry about sections having to be removed.


I found automation and power management way more challenging in Satisfactory. Although there is combat, it’s pretty trivial. I guess you could call it overall more relaxing with more freedom to build what you want. I find it much more enjoyable than Factorio, personally and the base building is far more satisfying. Can’t recommend the game enough.


I Iove both games, but Satisfactory wins for me. Being able to really walk around in my builds can't be beat.


I love them both!


If you want a factorio but way prettier and with finite resources you can try Dyson Sphere Program. It's got multiplayer mods for that too.


It currently falls flat when compared to factorio unless you into spreadsheat calculations or minecraft like building. There just really isn't a meta reasoning to doing what you're doing. That will all change with the story implementation. Right now the game is a sanbox. Just imagine you deleted the rocket from factorio and the infinite reasearch. You can still progress up the tech tree for the sake of doing so. There isn't bitters to kill your base so there isn't a time pressure. We will probably never get the blueprint feature (the devs seems to openly hate this concept) while all the factorio players are begging for it. As far as I can tell the people who fell in love with this game aren't the people who played factorio. Since you've already experienced a lot of the mechanics the 3d factorio can fade pretty fast when you realise there isn't much point to doing what you're doing unless you set your own goals. My bias is I played 2000 hours of factorio so I can't help but always compare this game to it. Like the parts you produce in factorio have purpose but in satasfactory most of the parts only have the purpose of feeding into another recipe. I think the story mode will give the parts purpose but in early access it doesn't. Factorio did have that in early access.


To add to what someone else said the real challenge is getting everything to work. In factorio it's fairly straight forward save for when fluids get involved and reactors. But in satisfactory the path to making everything work is way more complicated. Many things you manufacture produce multiple ingredients you need to account for. Multiple recipes for the same thing give you many ways to optimize and plenty to juggle. The real challenge in satisfactory is the factory but the designers were very clever in making it complicated. An obvious way is how uranium actually generates radiation that can hurt you. It seems like a small obstacle at first but when you have a shipping container full of your mined uranium you will notice quickly that it's actually a significant issue when you start feeling it's effects further away and stronger. ​ Also the hand made map is extremely well designed, a master class in world design.


The difficulty comes from the different planets and learning to manage your ever growing factory and remembering how it works as it expands.


I can't get it to work on Steam and its quite frustrating. Once it patches to early access it does the startup crash.


You might try uninstalling and reinstalling.


Are you using mods?


My computer is quite literally a potato and it runs great, far better than most games


I'd double check that you have no mods installed and if it's not that verify the game files. I've noticed Satisfactory has the latter issue more often than with most games for some reason.


Train collision eh does this mean I can get run over by my own train?


You could always get run over, but up until now, trains would not collide with each other. You could have multiple trains on the same tracks and they would just phase through each other. Now they crash.


Oh hahahaha


Oh what, wasn't that planned for next year? What a nice surprise today


Debating getting this but also looking at factorio, which is better ? I'm playing Riftbreaker atm and loving it


Both are time machines, both are very good. Personally I prefer Satisfactory because of the 3D aspect, makes it way more interesting to actually build stuff.