Why can't I dye my hair purple?

Why can't I dye my hair purple?


It's a mixture of lack of skill and the fact that black hair is very hard to lift, especially if it's dyed black. Could you provide a pic of what your hair looks like now?


But she got to strawberry blond! So it is not the lift, unless they burnt the crap out of it.


I wonder if the hairdresser tried using permanent or semi permanent dye? I had the same issue OP has because I didn’t know you’ve got to use a filler first. I ended up using some pravana vivids on there and that took just fine.


do you have any photos of your hair? a photo of your natural color, a photo of what it looks like after bleaching, and then the two attempts at purple? i’m not a professional but i have a hard time seeing a hairdresser getting you as light as strawberry blonde if you’re hair is “too black” but not purple.


Agreed. I have a professional colorist for 7 years and have spent countless hours watching him do mine and mentoring others and I’ve never seen them fail, even with black hair. To be fair, he is a color magician and is the best of the best in KC, but purple should easily cover strawberry blonde. Maybe try a purple “consumer” brand just to put over- unless you hair is trashed from bleaching and, damn I hope not, a good colorist knows how to do it gently- but a dark purple may deposit on it. Maybe test a strip but it’s hard when the colors are uneven and I think that’s why we all would like to see it! Many of us are not professionals but have been in the game pretty long to tell if a bleach job ruined your hair :)


If you're currently strawberry blonde, purple shouldn't be a problem. Could probably just wash your hair, dry, and slap some color on it yourself if it's already strawberry. I'm a fan of Ion Brights, in the color Radiant Orchid myself


I like the Ion Brights as well, but two of my friends can't get them to last beyond literally one or two washes, so YMMV


The reds don't stick around long for me, the purples/blues/greens tho? Hahahaha, I probably still have some super faded blue in my hair from a year ago if I look hard enough, tbh


Agreed, I can't get lighterpinks of Ion to stay, but have had lots of luck with blues and greens.


If you can go strawberry, you should be able to go purple. If I were you, id buy purple rain from arctic fox, and dye it myself right now. Semi permanent colors arent damaging, so you can take your time covering your strands, I leave mine on for three hours, longer if I forget. Do a strandtest first, if you are worried. But purple is a common and easy color to achieve


I wouldn’t buy Arctic fox because the owner is a known animal abuser, but I second buying a semi permanent and putting some purple in yourself!


whaaaaat??? that sucks. since when?


Is there a reasonable alternative to AF as far as cost and consistency? I fell in love with the brand but have been hearing about the owners antics and I need to find an alternative.


Iroiro has really good quality, and I havent seen any controversy yet lol. Im using the last bit of AF I have (cause Im not wasting it) and then Ill be switching to them. I have 2 friends that use it, and they say it smells and feels better and the color payoff is equal, if not better (I do know their blue doesnt bleed/fade nearly as bad as AF Poseidon, which was a NIGHTMARE for me)


I'd say that Iroiro is even more intensely pigmented than AF, in my experience, especially in the purples. (Which is good, because they're small packets!) It does smell nice, too.


I dyed my hair blue with iroiro and I diluted it and it’s STUCK in my hair :( I’ve used pravanna and splat and never had this problem. I guess it would be good for op though if she wants to keep her hair purple for a long time or she’s going to dye it back black after.


Another iroiro fan I can dilute their purple and it will still come out crazy pigmented!


Punky Color is miles better than AF.


Yes, the punky color in violet is my absolute favorite purple that ive tried and ive tried quite a few different brands. The extra plus it that it smells like grape kool-aid. Ive never had another color smell so nice, my hair smelled like grape for days after coloring.


I like the Joico colors, they last longer and doesn't stain as much in the shower!


I used the Joico Color Intensity line for years, always got good results!


I can second punky color, any shade. Good stuff.


You can do lime crime too! They have a purple that looks really cool.


What color is your lifted hair? If it’s orangy or yellow that may be why purple is looking magenta.




Yeah my hair is very dark brown and I successfully managed to get pastel pinks and purples on my hair at home


You say purple but do you mean lavender? Because purple isn’t hard to achieve. But lavender is. I have lavender hair and have super super dark hair normally. It took me a long time finding someone to do my hair correctly but I did find someone. And now I’ve had lavender hair for over 5 years. I say keep looking. But strengthen your hair the best you can while you are looking


This is the comment I was looking for. “Purple” is vague as heck when it comes to hair color. Lavender would probably take her more than one salon trip. Her hair would need to be inside a banana peel white to get lavender. 🤔


Yes. It just takes so much to get it to lighten. My colorist actually breaks a rule to get me that light. She uses 40 which they don’t really allow there. But the first few times to do it safely she did a lower volume two weeks apart to get me to the light I needed. We found later that my dark hair is also coarse enough to use 40


I've been going to various hues and shades of purple for years, even without lifting on brown hair (my natural is between a 4N and 5A.) Joico purples have been my favorite, I haven't tried arctic fox yet but hear and see amazing results. Make sure to dye it when your hair is clean and dry, no product. You can blow dry it first, but remember to use low heat since you're not using a heat protector. Once applied wrap it in cling wrap. Wrapping in plastic wrap will keep moisture in and allow the color to permeate your strands better. Plus you can leave it on longer and not worry as much about drips or messes (hard lesson for me lol) Try to reduce washing after dyed, use a dry shampoo and see if you can reduce washes to 1 or 2 times a week. This helps the color last. - I'm not a hairdresser. I've made a ton of mistakes and had to learn to fix them.


Seconding Joico. Both Indigo (more blue) and Amethyst (more red) don't require hair to be that light. My hair is naturally very dark but is lightened to dark yellow, and these shades work great. I'm not a fan of Arctic Fox. I find it washes out of my hair very quickly compared to Joico.


Indigo is my favorite of their purples, I've recently been lightening to an 8 or 9A and adding some cobalt and clear base to get a lilac. Though that washes out pretty quickly due to being pastel and on slightly damaged hair. I get maybe 2 weeks of it, where as I get 2 months from a solid coloring with indigo.


I have daaaaark dark hair and my ends are always dyed purple (going on 5y). I had a professional do it twice (once initially, and once after cutting off 6inches of hair), then after I just use Overtone purple deep conditioner twice a week to keep it bright. Low maintenance and easy. I think you just need a new person to give it a shot.


I don't have a ton of experience but I do know that my personal hair only takes certain dyes. I've gone to hair dressers who use ion brights and they just dont stick to my hair. I started having my hair dresser just bleach my hair and then I dye it at home with arctic fox :) Good luck!!


Iroriro purple...very very purple. I just dyed my hair with it. It’s a blue based purple. Check my profile I posted a pic of the color.


If you are having trouble getting light enough, after the bleaching, you need to use a high lift tube to boost you the last little bit. I then use Goldwell Elumen. If you want the color to become permanent, you apply the color, wrap your hair in plastic wrap and add heat for 55-60 minutes and then rinse. It will not only become permanent, it will stay in your hair until it is cut out. Additionally, when I send clients home, I send them home with custom conditioner to use for 5-15 minutes 2-4 times a week depending on how strong the color is. I mix the color with conditioner in a 50% color to 50% conditioner. I then charge them $25 for it. With very dark hair, sometimes, you need to bleach twice and then use a high lift tint to get blond enough. However, purple should saturate strawberry blond hair completely. I have 35 years of experience.


Black hair is actually really, really dark red. When lifted, it turns orange. Orange is on the opposite end of the color spectrum from purple, not the exact complement, but enought that dyeing purple over it will neutralize all of the blue tone in the purple, leaving you with a red. if your hair is lifting to a very orange color, they won't be able to get that out without several bleach sessions and several toning sessions. Your hair dressers are worried about frying all your hair off in the process


Also it will cover ginger cause mine was too.


I have very dark brown hair and I love dying my hair purple. But I have to do it in stages. I have to bleach 2-3 times with a week between, then tone with wella 18 twice (a week after last bleach), then I finally go purple. My favorite is N’Rage. It lasts sooo long and it will tint my natural hair so it’s easy to do a “shadow” root with it and extend times between bleaching.


Strawberry blonde should take purple fine. I like the ion colors from Sally beauty. The tanzanite is my favorite. I usually put in the permanent color for staying power and then throw the semi permanent over it for depth and shine. The permanent stays forever but it looses vibrancy after a few weeks.


Purple is a different color spectrum than red. Just because your hair can take red and blond doesn't mean your hair can do purple. My hair is black. I tried bleaching because I wanted purple, and it didn't work. I tried multiple purple dyes, from semi permanent like AF to permanent, and none of it worked; they turned my hair into various shades of magenta, red wine, and ugly blond (thankfully no orange). My hair loves the warmer shades of color spectrum. I finally gave up on purple and went pink, and my hair absolutely loves it. I'm using semi-permanent, and yet the color lasts easily two months. Hair color and color spectrum is a specialized study that takes a whole year in trade school (as opposed to everything else in hairstyling world that takes less than a year). I would research and weigh carefully whether going purple is that important, because hair and scalp can get permanently damaged to the point of no return.


i dyed my hair purple today haha last time i tried to dye my hair it didnt take the color on the roots i just bleached but it did take the colour on the part i got done at the hair salon. today i bleach my roots and the parts i had bleached before which didnt take the colour. and even though i used very diluted red& turquoise dye(i wanted light purple) and it wasnt necessarily "good" dye it turned out pretty well wishing you the best of luck!! :) edit: forgot to add my natural hair colour is as close to black as it gets


As everyone here is saying: Your hair lifted to blonde. You can put put purple onto of that super easily! A lot of my favorite semi permanent colors are: Manic Panic, Lunar Tides Hair Dye, and Artic Fox (although I'm not going to buy from them again since there's allegations of the current owner being a horrific person to her employees). I've heard good things about some of the other brands mentioned in the thread but don't have experience with them. Though before using any semi permanent dye, make sure to only wash your hair with shampoo before letting it dry completely prior to dying! Afterwards you'll only want to rinse with water then condition.


If you're strawberry blonde you could go a mid-dark purple. [Lunar Tides](https://lunartideshair.com/collections/purple) do amazing shades and come out incredibly pigmented.


For a time I had purple hair. I maintained it myself by combining magenta and blue coloring shampoo/conditioner on bleached blonde hair. And, the magenta always "took" far more easily than the blue did. The blue was a struggle, even though the pink went on easily. I don't know the chemistry behind it, but I have told myself that the blue colour was larger molecules that needed bigger pores to soak into. Am also a painter and can confirm that different pigments behave differently: in their opacity/coverage, density, and unique reactions with other pigments. Ultramarine blue refuses to mix with burnt sienna if it has enough medium to move around in. Something of this nature is happening in your hair. But I am not a hairdresser so it's really just a guess.


My hair was strawberry blonde and I was able to dye it purple at home. My only issue I had was that because there was so much orange in my hair that the purple faded to hot pink fairly quickly. I mixed some purple dye in with my conditioner and started using that every time I washed my hair and that helped slow fading.


Do not do as I do. I am after results and often willing to sacrifice the health of my hair but I have a lot, it grows fast and it's my choice. I am only commenting to say that it is possible. ​ I have very black, thick, hard to dye, native hair. I have done purple before, it's actually the hardest color to get my hair to take. I do it at home. I have no training other than years of trial and error. I did not do my whole head only streaks. I had to bleach it with 40, 3 times to get it light enough to take. I try to spread it out over a weekend. Once i only did 2 times, it was a brassy blond/brown. I put the purple in and it just turned right into a dark brown. :( So 3 times gets it an almost crayon yellow to light yellow. However it's enough for manic panic purple to take. ​ again my methods are terrible and i am an amateur, but it IS possible.


Splat! purple for dark hair. It will turn your shower purple and drip off when you get sweaty but it works. Purple is just like on the box. Lol salty hairdressers.