I was a 36G and their tri top got me passably flat in anything but just a t-shirt. Way better than GC2B if you have anything of substance to contain. I found the tank version rolled up unless I tucked it into my underwear, which wasn’t comfy. The tri top stopped high enough that wasn’t an issue.


They work a lot better than GC2B and they last way longer ime, I'm like an F cup idk it's hard to measure a saggy chest


I like them. I use the model 997. It also compresses my stomach a bit


I had one for 6 years, wore it to top-surgery. Best binder I had ever bought. I think I wasn’t considered big, but I have a friend who is and they say it works well. Underworks uses stretchy material on front and back with an extra layer so it can flatten yet be breathable.


Thanks for the info, y'all. The pricing is pretty reasonable, so I'll give it a try next paycheck.


So I was a 48 H when I started binding with underworks. So far, it’s been the only binder that has worked for me. gC2B’s panel was too short. Because I’m still squishy I prefer the tightness on the stomach too with underworks. Everyone here recommends the 997, which is great, however the 996 binds just as well and has a more comfortable liner inside instead of the super rough scratchy stuff. I’ve gone from a 2x down to a medium with them and I highly recommend for larger chest.