It can take years. This doesn't mean you aren't going to look like a man.


Puberty takes years. Beards take years. Body hair takes years. Muscles take discipline and working out for a long time. This stuff is slow. Look at 14-year-old cis boys. They almost never have any of that. That’s where you are developmentally. Puberty is a slow process.


Is your dose right though lol? Seriously though, I know all the comments are saying it takes time but a year and a half of continuous use is a long time to not have much in terms of changes so I understand your frustration and I’m sorry you are going through this. I’d be jumping out of my skin too. Even though you say your dose is ok, which I assume means you are in the normal male range of 500-1000, something is not right. 300 is low. 400 is still low, I don’t care if the chart goes that low, I know how it felt when I had low T and my stupid doctor was like “you’re in male range so I won’t change anything” and my T was low, man. So I’m going to ask, have you changed anything about the administration of your medicine? I have known lots of guys who don’t process the gel well, and even though their levels are good, don’t see changes. So they switch to injections. When I was on a biweekly injection schedule I had issues too so I worked with a (different, not stupid) doctor and changed to weekly. I’ve also known guys who say it’s been a year but were microdosing the first 6 months or took a break for 4 months or take finasteride too, things that would obviously inhibit progress. I’m assuming none of those apply here. If I were you I’d change the kind of t or schedule, maybe doctors too if he’s not concerned. I hope this gets better for you.


Assuming OP didn’t read this yet, but you make good points here. There are things that can slow process and OP needs to talk to his doc and provide us more info if he wants better advice.


Others are Right, T takes time. You can help it out though by working out, doing voice training, etc if you aren’t already. Some guys use that facial hair stuff that helps promote facial hair growth. It’s really a marathon, not a sprint


Think of it like puberty. 1.5 yrs on T is basically a 13.5 year old boy. Most 13 year olds wouldn’t pass as adult men, even if they were really tall


Id say more 15-16


I am a year on T this month. I can grow sideburns and I am stronger, since I lift with a personal trainer like I did before T. My body fat hasn’t really redistributed. I can’t grow a beard. My cis older brother couldn’t grow a beard until college, so I don’t expect that any time soon. If you quit now, nothing changes for sure. If you keep going, you keep progressing, even if it is slower than you’d like. 3-5 years is the timeframe my endo doc gave me for results. But you do you. We can’t decide for you.


I mean I wasn't seen as male until after 2 years on.


Puberty takes years. Just take one day at a time and not worry.


Dude - I’m still seeing changes and I’ve been on T for almost a decade. Plus you probably have body dysmorphia, which sometimes means you literally can’t see the progress in the mirror. Take progress photos EVERY DAY and ask someone else if they see a difference. Lastly, get a trans friendly therapist if you can. We all need one. This shit is hard without support.


Think of it as another puberty, your previous puberty didn’t take 1 year to completely change you, did it? No, T won’t either.


I didn't change much for over a year except voice. Then BAM. Now I have an entire wardrobe of extra small and small mens clothes that won't fit and some neat sideburns and the beard is...doing a goatee thing, sort of anchor shaped. Working out helps stimulate muscle growth.


It took years for me to have any visible changes. My voice barely dropped in the first year. I didn't grow facial hair until 4 years in, and it's still patchy even now. I don't put on upper-body muscle easily, as none of the men in my family do. I still fit into most of the same (men's) clothes I wore pre-hormones.


It took a solid 3-5 years before I was passing consistently. Shit takes time