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Learn that the path your going down leads to death and be glad that wasnt you. Im sorry for you and your friend that this has happened. I remember when one of my friends od'd and its sorta unreal. Please be careful and do not end up like him because just like you care for him, others care for you and you dont want to inflict that kinda pain in your loved ones lives.


Very well put.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Been going down that path same as you my friend, and it's a dark one if you don't monitor your own process in it. Good friend girl of mine intentionality ODed a few weeks ago on Halloween. Videocalled me while doing so. And to say goodbye I guess. At first I was like wtf are you doing?! Go puke and call your mom and send me your location so I can call emergency services. But she didn't want me to. She said whe was feeling really relaxed and chill right at that moment while she hadnt since a long time. And eventhough she had beautiful future plans like ticket booked to go to Japan after the weekend, she didn't want to live anymore. I think I kinda was in shock but had some kind of weird peacfull feeling about it so I made her laugh by bringing up some nice memories and than just told her that it's all okay and she should probably just turn off the light, close her eyes and go sleep. In a weird way i was hoping it was not real or something and thought that I'll just speak to her the day after. But the next day her little sister called me to tell me she passed away, and that she wanted to thank me since she saw the nice words I spoken to her sister on her phone and that I was the last one to speak to her gave her comfort in some way. What I'm trying to say is, there is nothing that you can do to undo what happened. But you can find comfort in the thought that some of your friends last moments where in company of a friend like you. Also, be there for the family if that's possible, tell them great stories about you and your friend and let them know how the last moments were if they were okay. Don't blame yourself m'n there us nothing you could've done. Besides that, there is no other way than to try keep moving forward. How harsh it may sound, the world keeps spinning. And lingering in a negative thought vibe over the happened situation will only cause sliding off into dark thoughts, overwhelming negativity and depression. That is not the way to honour your friend. The true way is to celebrate your life and acknowledge that you are happy that you knew him or her. And make the best out of your own life in memory of those we lost.




Screw you dude, let me know how you would react in such a situation. You don't know me and/or my friend or the situation. I did all I could, shout at her, told her to go puke out the pills she took, call her mom which was near, send me her location so i could go over or call the cops she was somewhere in a big city an hour drive away from me. Nothing worked and besides that she tried it before and wanted this. Not that I need to explain this all to some random troll here, but screw you. She told me it was alright in such a peacefull manner, if I did anything else she might have gotten upset and hang up the phone. She told me it's okay and she just wanted me to say goodbye.


Help some people in your life, or help yourself and stay healthy. Best regards and sorry for your loss


I'm sorry, that is very sad. But you have to accept that it wasn't your fault and you couldn't have done anything to know or stop it. It's okay to feel this way, but don't let it control your life and keep you down.


They could start by not doing drugs with their friend that could kill them


Get outta bed and move on with your life because there’s literally nothing you can do to bring the dead back to life, that’s what you should do and I don’t mean don’t grieve but like seriously you can’t bring him back.


I’m sure the xans make that easy to say.


😭😭 very ironic


Wtf, why is this upvoted?, why even say anything at all? I get what you’re saying but the way you worded that just doesn’t sound very helpful at all


Yeah, comes off as uncaring "help, if you can't help then do no harm"


Take a shower and do some cleaning around the house


I'm so sorry for your loss, OP. 🫂 If staying in bed has helped you these past two days, thank yourself and your body for keeping you safe. A nice shower or bath will help you clean yourself and begin your grieving process.


Gotta learn from HIS mistakes. Don’t gamble with your life


Some of the best must die in order for rest to learn how to live


Hey I know you don’t know me but I just wanted you to know god loves you and know your not alone live your life for them do what makes you happy and keep improving your life also if you can try to help people close to you that struggle with the same issues have a blessed and happy thanksgiving


Realizing that it is a really stupid Idea to use unregulated (Street) Drugs?


This sure helps op


The User need to realize that Drug abuse is deadly, what else can I say? Spec. with Drugs where no one know what is inside, how much (if any) of the Drug is inside and how clean the production of it was. The change of the Mindset is needed and it will help the Op.!


I think this whole post shows that they understand drug abuse is deadly


oops wrong post






Posts like these make me so thankful I haven’t given in on “taking more” everytime I wanted to while I was high. Always had the right people to talk me out of it. So sorry about your loss, truly it is devastating and I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Just know this is not your fault at all. Take it as a lesson and don’t ever let it happen to you please.


i’m sorry for your loss. i went to bed in the next room and woke up to one of my closest friends dead from fentanyl in a fake oxy pill. it doesn’t ever hurt any less, but you learn to cope with it over time. therapy really helped me, and getting sober helped a lot as well


Nothing. There's nothing you can do. This is the sad reality of the life we live. Even if you get clean you will still be cursed with this shit, You'll still lose friends randomly. the only way to curb it is to move away from drugs. To make new friends who don't do them, otherwise this is going to continue to happen. It's heartbreaking the first time, heartbreaking the second time, and so on and so on. If you don't already have one, get a narcan kit. Get more than one, when you use one your not going to restock before your next dose. I knew a guy that od'd and his wife narcanned him and then the very next day he fell out and she couldn't save him.


I'm sorry to tell you this, but there is little you can do for your friend now. But that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do for yourself. I'm a recovering addict. And one of a handful of folks still alive from my usage days. Just over the last 2 years, I have lost 4 friends to overdoses, and more still from health complications as a result of chronic drug abuse. Others died years before. The ones who aren't dead are in prison. I'm literally the only person from our group still alive and not in prison. You're going to feel guilty for a long time. If it's not guilt for feeling somewhat responsible for your friend's death, it'll be survivor's guilt. But one thing I pray you will remember is that feeling guilty does not mean you ARE guilty. Your friend is gone. You are not. And yes, it could have been you too. But it wasn't. What's important is the decisions you make now and going forward about how you're going to live your life. Think of this as a new lease, a wake up call, or whatever you need it to be to get you in gear to clean up. Because you don't want to leave your loved ones behind wondering what they could have done differently to save you. Please also consider seeking professional help. Whether it's for getting yourself clean, for working out the trauma of your friend's death, or both. Get clean. Get in therapy. Live a life your friend would have been proud of.


Best friend died in my arms, not overdose but diabetes. I know how u might feel, i will feel guilty for years to come. I knew smth was wrong and i reacted too late. He was breathing when they took him but he later die. Words can't describe how dark this period of life will be and how much we miss our fallen boys


Hey. Having gone through something similar I just want you to know that I know how you feel. This was not your fault. It happened because of choices he made himself. I know it hurts now. And to be honest it's going to hurt for a while. But that's okay. That's normal. It's supposed to hurt. It's part of the process. Allow yourself time to grieve the loss of your friend. It will get easier with time.


This happened to me with an ex girlfriend. I would stay a few nights a week at her house and one night I called in to see her after work just to say hi and let her know that I was staying at my parents that night (who had just moved back from overseas, hadnt seen them for 6 years) and i would see her the next day. She took an overdose of heroin that night and died. It was 25 years ago and I still feel guilty every day all these years later. I'm so sorry Katie.