took me 2 min to figure out what I was looking for……. I think you’ll manage


Yeahh, took a hit and felt nothing at all lmaoo. Added 3x that and now I fuckin feel it goddam


Good shit lol I was going to say, not if it's that little lol


Glad you did that, came down here to tell you that you should just take one fat glob, like 5 of that little piece you posted, and see where it gets you if you're already a weed consumer and used to being high


Some times you need to give it a couple minutes. Many times I’m like “I don’t feel a thing” then right as I drop more in the rig. Oh shit there it is.


Personally I’ll save you for the future, if your tolerance is high from carts please do your best to do a tolerance break before you’re not too far in with dabs! You can reset your tolerance and then do dabs about that size or a little bigger to get you RIPPED!! I need to do exactly what I just explained I dab about pinky nail size now from dabbing uneducated for 2-3 years. And now it’s hard for me to do a T break


I took a tolerance break for 4 days and a dab that size would kill me haha


Yes haha dosage is important in everything…


Same G. Same…


Certainly not


No such thing as too small you can always take more but you can't take less so imo I would stay at around the size of a grain of rice if not smaller until you get to know your set up. Just depends on potency and your method and Temps and all that trial and error as a beginner type stuff. But coming from carts, a size as you pictured shouldn't be very strong.


Finally, some good advice.


Lol x that by 4


Do a dime size n you’ll be good for 4 hours max


Ayo you probably right. I took like a penny size and it’s been, fuck idk how long but I’m fucking zooted. This has been a life changing high. This has been my BEST high. Ima take another 5 dabs and see where I end up


I know you've just been baptized in the beautiful heavenly light of cannabis concentrate, but try to take it easy. Trust me I burn through about two grams a day on the weekend and about a half a gram on the weekdays. Flower is worthless to me at this point, and carts take a quintuple sesh just to get my basic groove in the right place. ..... My point is this: *WATCH OVER DOING IT* And not because you'll get too high...you may, but sounds like you won't with your well stated question about dosing, and your conservative approach to adding more. So, that said... The Real Reason: because you'll blow your tolerance levels and you'll just end up spending a lot more money than needed, and discovering that smoking a 5 gram joint just smogs up your lungs with smoke, and gives nearly no lift anymore.


I like to alternate smoking bud and dabs to avoid this


yeah during the week I'll try and stick to using my Pax during the day and save the dabs for night time


Very Smart. I started doing half dose day tolerance "breaks", but I'm missing my lower intestine, and the missing pain mitigation from the high thc doses makes it tough. On the flip side, I don't want my tolerance dropping too much because it takes a "day changing" hefty dose of THC to become effective with some of the scar adhesion pain that I deal with. Nothing under 250mg-300mg THC per 2x daily dosing interval even begins to help with pain..... And because it's my colon that's missing and gastric ulcers are also on board in my small intestine, I can't take NSAIDs aspirin or basically anything other than Tylenol...or opiates, so bring on the hash rosin, live resin, edibles, and RSO. Any doctor that still wants to play around with the idea that this isn't truly medicinal, and in my case life saving, because I can't take the stabbing pain and brutal cramps.....and I need to have some remnant of appetite to eat because I'm missing my lower intestine, which reeks havoc on my digestive tract and causes it to try and operate in reverse......those docs need to come and sit with me for a couple of hours and talk about my medical history at the age of 58. The fun part about all of this is that I'm a veteran and I also have PTSD and when I go to the VA I get to look at my medical record, and where it says I have a "substance use disorder" ( medical cannabis card) What they're telling the public in the VA press releases, giving us these hamhanded tidings of how they're helping veterans and how they're noting that cannabis could be beneficial for veterans PTSD............ #NONSENSE...... In truth..... now that I've told the Department of veterans Affairs that I have a medical cannabis card, I'll have to go to a non-federal medical facility to be treated if I break a limb because they will not give opiates to medical cannabis patients. *First person to jump in here from the Dept of Veterans Affairs and chime in and say that I'm wrong it's going to have to know that I too, worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Title 38 adjudicator (Title 38 contains EVERY law and edict regarding the affairs of military veterans...EVERY ONE)* ... Don't even try to say that I'm mistaken (I apologize for going a little off topic here and kind of taking command of this is my own kind of subpost but this is a weed thread I use weed all the time and I'm a veteran and I've heard a lot about weed out of the VA lately and I felt like I had to announce some of this bullshit, and lowkey bitch because it pisses me off..... It should piss off every American actually.... *Well, maybe not the tangerine sycophant freaks*


I was high until I started reading this *takes another dab*


Try rolling a nug with sappy dabs into a ball, wrap it with a wood then put that sucker in your bowl piece (poke small holes for airflow at the top) Astral projection of a high :)


Oh I like that idea lol


The oil in carts and shatter are basically the same thing with the same drug. Just in carts its THC, in shatter or other solid concentrates its THCa, when you heat THCa it becomes THC. So its the same thing pretty much, you get a fresher conversion of THCa to THC in solid concentrates in my opinion so they are better. But its still THC in the end, same high.


Prolly not. Hit 2 of those sized shards in one dab. Should be good.


If you shove that up your fart box it’ll get you right 😚🤌 #JustBoofIt


Dab for ants


Sure, Shatter is dope. Hard to say what your tolerance is, but if properly made Shatter will get you plenty high - go slowly and “feel” the Shatter hit - find your comfort level.


Probably not 😂 if you're a cart fiend


double it, and then double it again.


Lol no


Yeah didn’t even feel it


“Bought” a fleck


I got 1g, just took off a very small piece lol


Aghhh lol was gonna say hope that was CHEAP 🤣


I don’t think shatter that small is even purchasable lmaoo


Legally no haha


Carts are hella strong nowadays.


I just ripped a .5 of shatter in 20 minutes


Woah cool guy




The whole slab


Oh don’t worry I took much, much more :)


First time😏 ENJOY


Depends on you tbh


Lol you be going to the moon girl


Nah not that much. Maybe a little more.




Yeah, imma say no. lol scoop a hit off or break


I don't know about that amount but shatter should be better than distillate carts for sure. Distillate does nothing for me personally. But sometimes when I'm traveling I will grab a live resin or hash rosin cart.




Do I have a problem ?


If you hit that at the right temp with a lower tolerance to thc im sure it would be a decent dab, just wait till your taking half gram globs just to feel something tho, dabs raise your tolerance a lot


Nah I’d say add a good amount more


Oh that 1/50th of a gram lol you'll be fine


I think it depends of the user