Low temperature dabs have my lungs feeling brand new. Two years ago I started investing in proper dabbing equipment and stopped smoking flower, it’s been a great decision.


i’ve been slowly upgrading my stuff and i quit smoking flower as well (unless offered lol) and it’s helped a lot but i didn’t know if there was like a kinda reset for ur lungs lol if im gonna be doing dabs for pretty much my foreseeable future,, i want my lungs to last 😅


Stop smoking for a week. Every 6 months. That shouldn't be hard my dude. Edit; unless you are literally using it for medicine.


I ain’t met a single mofo that said it easy to quit. Hats off to you sir


You save a good bit that week. Lol


Thanks for pointing that out. The medical peeps need a shout out now and then. If I do not dab within 10 minutes of waking up, I am vomiting. I while I do enjoy the effect, I honestly would rather not HAVE to do this every time I wake up. The choice really is pretty easy though. Vomit or dab. I would rather the latter. Sometimes, I have to endure the prior. But hey, it's the only thing that will work, so let it keep on workin.


Glad you at least have SOMETHING that works for you. Take care :)


What's causing your vomiting? I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago, and someone told that the vomiting was actually withdrawal symptoms from not getting my daily dose of dabs. So I quit and wen track to flower for a while and that stopped happening.


Woot!!! We found the offending nerve! the Vagus nerve is out of sync. A Gastric pace maker surrounding my stomach will cure my vomiting! It will expand my life, and allow me to leave my apartment for recreation for the first time in four years. Very exciting times :)


Thata really great. I am happy for you!


It is a complication from a failed Stem Cell transplant. The chemical they use to destroy your immune system, Melphalan, can have really severe GI side effects or complications. I am also on permanent chemo for Multiple Myeloma, and that does not help.


You fw psychedelics?


Aye. Avid traveler.


Getting a temp tech and only roz consumption at 510 has been such a nice change up 🤌🏽


Cardio training/exercise has been proven to increase and improve lung health. I recommend getting and staying active while also dabbing at a lower temp. You’ll have your lungs back in no time. You just have to power through that initial cardio period of feeling out of breath. If you’re already doing cardio, please disregard and carry on lol


This. I am an every day dabber and occasional flower smoker who also cycles and runs. I can feel a difference in my respiratory system when I’m not consistently working out. Anecdotally, cardio seems to be a difference maker.


100% .. I’m also asthmatic so I have a lot working against me lol. My lungs can absolutely power through massive globs when I keep up on my cardio. Not placebo. Real life shit, the cardio matters.


Every once in a while ill take a super hot shower. The steam helps you caugh up a lot of gross shit and you feel much better after. You can also turn the faucet sink on hot and lean over it with a towel draped over your head. Same idea, just inhaling steam to help your body purge lungs. Edit: I shower every day, i just dont turn the temp up wicked high usually.


Yea, hot steam, sit in a sauna, chill and breathe deep, should cough up some of that Rez/lung butter.


Look into the Airphysio lung device. Been considering it myself.


👀i’ll check it out!!


Cool please update if you do end up trying it out!


Check out ‘breathing gym’ on YouTube. We used to do these exercises in my highschool band 😂


I'm pretty sure your lungs are trying to do that themselves, constantly, without you asking. Whether that means giving them a little bit of time every day, or a longer period more sporadically, that's all that's necessary. Also if you allow yourself to just cough it out all the time you're doing damage to your lungs and throat perhaps more permanent than the reclaim/resin. Obviously you can't never cough, but just being mindful to not let yourself if possible will help your lungs/throat from constant use


i cough quite a bit but lately i’ve been trying consciously to control my breathing after a dab so reduce my coughing and it’s helped tremendously honestly


I use my nebulizer (I have asthma) before my dosing pretty frequently these days. Helps tons!


i’ll have to look into one of those then!! i’m pretty sure i have asthma 😅


When I switched from smoking flower to vaping flower I coughed up so much resin and tar the first week or so and felt so much better after, but I don't know how much of that you'll get with taking dabs. But vaping flower is always another slightly more healthy alternative to smoking if you're looking for more of those.


i don’t smoke flower that much at all,, but i’ve been wanting a little vaporizer just for those rare occasions i want some flower. i did notice that doing dabs is better for my lungs personally and that’s why i switched to dabs amongst a bunch of other reasons


I feel you completely, that was exactly why I switched to vaping flower, I just didn't really have access to dabs at the time. Now I get dabs and flowers because I like to vape flower at low temps for the taste and different terpene and cannabinoid profile highs, and take dabs when I wanna get really high.


Tbh you have a point. A few years back when I was in college we had some expensive program on our computers that could access tons of scientific studies and I ended up coming across a small dabbing study. To sum it all up a "daily heavy" user came in and had acute lung pain so they did a few x-rays and found (I cant remember the scientific word) some air sacs filled liquid/vapor/water whatever it is. Either way they ended up see similar results in a few other people. I'm sure there were a million variables to it though and no other studies have said otherwise but then again how many studies are actually being done about dabbing effects 🤷‍♂️


I’ve heard sea moss can help but I’ve never actually tried nor have I done any actual research on it but I’ve heard of some interesting results, i guess it’s really healthy and helps with congestion and all sorts of stuff


You’re feeling unwell after dabbing ? Better look at the quality of your concentrates my friend. I been smoking concentrates for years and feel fine. My lungs only get stressed when I smoke flower.


i don’t feel unwell i just figured since the inside of my rig gets all that reclaim in it and i got to clean it after a while,, why not do that to my lungs too (if that’s possible) lol


True that I guess


You are right this is a very high thought lmao. I agree with another, low temp helps me feel like new again. I know thats not really the case but it seems to be much better.


Not necessarily a tolerance break but more of a reset, if you smoke all day every day then try to put smoking aside for half the day Like I wake up at 5 am for work, get home at 3 pm then don’t smoke until about 6 then smoke from 6-10. Has helped me with breathing issues and consistently brings my tolorance down


Try going for a run or doing something that gets you breathing really fast and you’ll start coughing stuff up. It works for me all the time. After I spit a cpl times I feel good as new lol I know it’s gross but it really does work for me.


You already know the answer: no