Mix reclaim 1:1 with mct oil and fill capsules with resulting thin mixture


noted, thank you


I actually just made some the other day! I have 00 (double zero) capsules and I found they fit 0.5ml pretty well with some room to spare! I had alil over a gram and wanted to make about 10 capsules so I used alil under 4mls of coconut oil and the gram of reclaim plus a small amount of lecithin to help it mix together evenly I bought 3ml syringes with no needles on Amazon which help a lot when it comes to filling the capsules! I think I got 100 for like 11$ which isn't personally bad for me because I make CBD capsules too an can go thro a few while measuring different ingredients and then also filling the capsules


I threw my reclaim in a batch of brownies and that was soooooo good