You should use Dark Crystal Glass Clear. Warm it up and steep your banger in the warmed liquid. A quick wipe after and it will be like new. Stuff works wonders!


You warm up the cleaner?


It’s actually so good I couldn’t believe it


Right!? I use it instead of iso after dabs too!


I thought I was the only one who did


Does it evaporate at a higher temp than iso? I feel like one of my main unknown costs is how much iso I go through because of evaporation(I'm assuming like 1/5-1/4 of the bottle wasted by the end)


I'm pretty sure iso and Dark Crystal have a similar boiling point. As long as you wait until your banger is below 300 degrees (some say 200), then the evaporation you are speaking of is actually a part of the cleaning process. As the cleaner bubbles up it is actually lifting any stuck dabs off of your banger so that you can then easily wipe it off. Make your cleaning products almost as important in your mind as taking dabs at all. That way your rig/quartz stays clean and so do your lungs! It is a must.


Really? I have some- heat it super hot and still have trouble getting the burn marks that are down the stem


I heated mine up, dunked the banger in there and let it soak for a bit then I was able to get the dark parts off using a qtip to scrub


Ah I gotcha. I’ve only been using it for hard to reach burns- like down the stem or I have a Diamond knot that’s hell to clean..


Yup, I use a small Pyrex dish (containing banger) inside of a pot of simmering water. All that may not be necessary, I think you can directly heat the cleaner, it's all natural organic and food safe.


Can you pour some into a rig with a lot of reclaim and make brownies with it?


I do not think that is a good idea. It says on the bottle it is not a solvent and what you are asking is a solvent method.


After you dab wait till it cools off a little and use the dark crystal cleaner it’s awesome. You will be shocked. Then you can use iso after if you want.


So we're just going to ignore that it looks like The Scream


It’s a bear quartz glass?




You're looking at it upside down


I also thought it was scream lol


Bro just heat it up to really hot it will burn it off


Dark crystal you'll thank me!!


Just heat it all the way up and burn it away. It’s a bear quartz. It can take the heat.


No thanks.


i second this, i have 3-4 bangers that are all high end, if you have good quartz it can take it and as long as you’re not doing it excessively your quartz won’t degrade really. i have a 3 almost 4 year old evan shore that still looks flawless and i’ve done this to that banger over 10 times at least.


Don’t listen to these dummies, don’t use heat to clean, that’s how you get ‘devitrification’.


If you have black burnt on bits you just gotta heat it till it all carbonizes off.


I use a piece of a green dish scrubbie soaked in iso when I need to do heavy duty scrubbing. I use tweezers to hold the scrubbie. You can use way more force than a glob mop or q tip


Yeah I have a wood sticker from the raw cones that I use for more pressure. Does the green scrubby ruin the glass? I don’t want it to be all cloudy from it.


Not at all, it’s not hard enough to scratch quartz. It won’t leave a mark.


I use long wooden/bamboo skewers, the things they put kebabs on that look like long thick toothpicks. If you really want to get in that crack have iso and salt in the banger while using the pointy end of the stick to grind salt into the corner and that black shit will come right off


When I have this happen on bangers, I just simply heat the banger and wait until it is warm and NOT HOT. Then pour some 91%+ ISO in, if it makes a minor sizzle noise this is perfect. Then, while still warm, I q tip the fuck out of it. Pour out the dirty ISO, give it one more wash with some more clean ISO, and you should be good to go. I also mildly torch the banger after I have wiped it down to burn off any residual ISO but that is just a result of my own neuroses.


Okay I’ll try. I’m always nervous I’m gonna have the iso burst into flames lmao. So I normally wait for it too cool completely and then I use my finger and an iso pad to wipe the inside. That was working well for me until I tried this wax.


I do this every day, even on expensive bangers. Give it like an even 10 second maximum heat, wait like 30 seconds, then pour in the ISO, of it sizzles, add more to cool it. It will not burst into flames as long as you don't touch a flame to it and don't have the banger scorching hot. I actually have a "banger hanger", which is really just a station with a small bowl of ISO and a wooden toothbrush holder. I just toss in the bowl while still warm, remove after a few minutes, wipe down the banger, and just put in one of the holder slots to dry.


Thanks for the advice. I normally q tip after every use when it’s still hot. Like right after and normally everything is loose enough to one right out. But I was playing the forest and forgot then went to bed


definitely this! ive worked over a spot with 10 clean swabs to eventually see some spots disappear without a scorching (careful not crush stem or break the joint with too much pressure!) 😄🙏☮️


Do not scrub with anything if you wanna keep the finish


This is a repost of the nut sack sweat mark nice try


Dunk in iso, qtip before usage.


Idk if it’s true or not but I heard you don’t wanna touch that bucket area of your banger with bare hands. I guess the oils from your fingers stick to it and when heated to those high temps. It fucks up the glass /shortens the lifespan of it. Maybe lead to chazz ? No bueno I’ve heard. Again I just heard that through fellow hashheads


yes, ideally handle from the joint or stem only (or iso immediately to remove any oils). i use kim wipes (lint-free tissues) for spot cleaning with iso after first mop up with LA High Life swabs (ie blue shop towel pieces, which soak oil up very well!?)🙏☮️


Burn that shit


burn it


It’s a 40 dollar nail lol torch that shit off


torch the shit out of it


Torch that bitch


Distilled water helps