hostage exfil time out?

Once i pick up the hsostage the exfil chopper lands. I dont see a timer. Is there one? Will it wait forever? We killed an agro team during the mission and my compatriot went to loot bodies while i took the hostage to the bird. I was worried it would leave so i boarded it and it started a countdown at that point. He couldnt make it in time so we had to rush to final exfil and he died in the process cus we unfortunately got seperated. He was really mad and I felt bad. How long does the chopper wait if i just stand outside with the hostage does anyone know?




He went to go loot the bodies... That was his choice. Did he notify you that he is doing it, or did he ask you to wait? If not, then it's his fault. If he did ask you to wait and you still went on, then it's your fault


I asked him the move, no reply. Oh well. Almazrah is a dangerous place 😳




I don't think they can steal it, just kill the hostage and the chopper will leave.


Operators cant kill hostages. If the team that starts the contract dies then they will stay there till the gas gets them


But bots can. I wonder when you find a hostage (from enemy team; that they saved and left somewhere to get back to it later) and then you attract bots to go to that place... will bots also target hostage in such scenario, when there is no team that it belongs there?


I've never tried this, because it just occurred to me, but does picking the hostage back up cancel the countdown?